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Brooke Mueller Refuses Drug Test! Charlie Sheen To Challenge Custody Agreement Next Week!

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Guess she really did fall off the wagon. Such a shame. Her poor kids.

This week, Brooke Mueller sent up some serious red flags about a possible drug relapse when she was spotted at a pawn shop trying to hock some high ticketed items and was acting, in a word, tweaked. Sources close to her insisted that she was just helping out a friend, but to make sure, the courts ordered she undergo a mandatory, random drug test yesterday to prove she hasn't started using again.

We've just found out that she never showed up for her drug test and even worse, she spent the last couple of hours before the test frantically searching for a way out of it. According to sources, Brooke was on the phone with every friend she ever had, desperately trying to find someone who would provide her with drug-free urine to pass off as her own. On top of that, an anonymous drug-dealer came forward shortly after she refused to take the test yesterday to claim that he had just sold an "8-ball" of drugs to Brooke.

And the pieces all fall together…

Whether she was hyped up on something or not is irrelevant at this point. Since she refused the test, which we don't know why you would do if you weren't high, the court finds her guilty by default and on Tuesday, she will appear in court to discuss her future options as her twin boy's guardian. Also expected to be in courtroom that day - Charlie Sheen, the boys father. No doubt, he will take this opportunity to regain custody of his children. The plan for Charlie, according to source close to the situation, is to " ask the court for the temporary custody of the boys if Mueller agrees to enter rehab. Charlie is concerned for Brooke, but his first priority is the boys and their safety."

Sounds like they would both be a lot safer without either of their parents, who clearly can't keep it together long enough for them to even make it to their next birthday!

This is really such a shame. We're so disappointed in both of these people and their total disregard for the hell they are putting others through. Sad, sad, sad!

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24 comments to “Brooke Mueller Refuses Drug Test! Charlie Sheen To Challenge Custody Agreement Next Week!”

  1. 1

    Sad. Just another broken home with both parents dysfunctional, and two little boys are the victims. Rich or poor doesn't matter - these children will pay the emotional price for the rest of their lives.

  2. 2

    It like a sad chess game played by lawyers with the kids as pawns. I guess this is what money and drugs reduces a family too. On a side note, you can tell that Charlie is coming out of his psychosis that was caused when he stopped using without proper detox. His behavior and actions are mellowing out. I hope those kids have their own attorney and psychologist advocating for them.

  3. 3

    Of course some "drug dealer" came forward and said that. I highly doubt the dealer who is selling coke, and probably trafficking high volumes of it and selling it to many rich people would come out to the press and say "oh yeah, hey, i sold her that" then again maybe he's that dumb.

    poor kids

  4. 4

    Both parents?? Charlie is still clean and doing what he said he would he do. She was the one who was all high and mighty and had the twins taken from charlie's house by cops. She should have never put her children in that kind of situation if she wasn't serious herself.

  5. 5

    How SAD for those poor kids….

  6. 6

    Keep trying Brooke! Do it for your kids.

  7. 7

    Oh shut the fuck up, an anonymous drug dealer came forward……puhlease!

  8. 8

    So none of her friends could provide her with a clean urine test? NONE? Oh the company you keep, Brooke.

  9. 9

    At this point you have to ask, what about her friends and family? Why is nobody setting up a serious intervention, Paris Hilton, her parents? We can all judge and say harsh words, that is not the solution. This is so serious, for her future and her children, she needs help, not enabling. Like Lindsey Lohan, she may only learn from hitting rock bottom and the consequenses of court order rather than a desire to truly get well. Sometimes tough love is the only anwser!!

  10. 10

    Re: Soapwitch – maybe her friends refused bc it's illegal and unethical, not bc they are high too


  11. 11

    Re: BELLA blue – ,permanently, who sounds stupid?

  12. 12

    Brooke's mom has the kids, right? And she lies and stays in denial of her daughter's problem. Why doesn't Martin Sheen and his wife of decades demand custody of those little kids awhile. At least he KNOWS his son is in trouble and has tried to help, and they actually have several other children who don't suffer from drug abuse and mental illness associated with it.

  13. 13

    I can't really see Paris Hilton leading the Intervention Brigade, when she was just busted for cocaine not too long ago, and Brooke's mom seems BROOKE is the one that wanted these mandatory tests…..guess she should have been a little bit more careful what she wished for. Charlioe hasn't refused any drug screens (urine or blood) JUST SAYING……

  14. 14

    After so many times at rehab, it would be tempted to say she is a lost cause. She needs to change her inner perspective and find a place in life that grounds her. Shame of it is that having kids should have done that. Poor kids — both parents are not winners.

  15. 15

    neither brooke or charlie are capable of raising the kids. and while everyone thinks they should stay with brooke's mom, i think it would be a bad idea cause she seems like an enabler by covering for her daughter, aka a dina lohan 2.0. i must say, after seeing the 20/20 interview, who would ever have thought that the goddesses would be better at raising the kids than brooke or charlie?

  16. 16

    in court
    refusing to take a mandatory drug test
    equals a positive/failed drug test
    so she might as well have taken one!
    the poor kids-addicted mom and sometimes addicted irrational dad
    sad to say them may not have much of a chance in this life if they continue to go betoween the 2 of these individuals
    someone stable needs to file for permanent custody and save the boys

  17. 17

    It disgusts me that you assume that Charlie is a bad parent. You do not live in their household and you are an outsider. Charlie has stayed clean and continued to take his drug tests. This whole "I am going to be nicer" act is total BS you are still just has evil as always. It's obvious how much you dislike Charlie because all you ever do is bash him. Grow up and realize that there are two babies involved and their father has not been proven a bad parent.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is one better than the other as custodial parent? At least he's supposed to be clean.

  19. 19

    That's really sad. I hope she doesn't try to overdose!

  20. 20

    Why didn't she call Charlie? At least HIS urine would have been clean and she could have passed the test. Once a loser, always a loser I guess. Charlie's winning. Not sure about the kids though :-/

  21. 21

    Charlie's not a bad parent? Do you remember him trashing a hotel room in New York with a hooker hiding in the bathroom because he was so high on coke and his daughters by Denise Richards were at the same hotel? Oh, please! Neither one of them is capable of taking care of these kids. What about Martin Sheen and his wife? I think they should get custody. The poor kids! I'm so sick of self absorbed parents!

  22. 22

    screw her. if i was charlie sheen i would fight everything to get the kids back. brooke is nothing but a crack head. i mean really your hanging out with Paris Hilton? The most infamous person to drugs? especially coke? so what charlie has a few porn stars here and there that his sex life. but a mother should be ashamed for doing a reality show with a snow bunny.

  23. 23

    Give them youngins' to Denise!

  24. 24

    Fuck Perez, she's an addict!! She gains and she loses, that's the way it goes. It's horribly sad that those kids have her and Charlie for parents but that's the way it is. How about some support instead of condemnation.