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Charlie Sheen's Ex Back In Rehab

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Can't say we didn't see this coming.

After sending up some serious red flags last week and refusing to submit to a drug test, Brooke Mueller has gone back to rehab. She reportedly spent much of last week on a binge and as her ex, Charlie Sheen< /a>, intends on dragging her to court to regain his custody of their two children tomorrow, this was probably a preemptive strike.

Those poor boys. While we think it is essential for Brooke to get the help she needs, we still can't help but feel a little angry with her for not putting her children's needs before her own. We're very disappointed.

Get help, Brooke. And this time, maybe let it stick.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Charlie Sheen's Ex Back In Rehab”

  1. 1

    Charlie is a BRAIN dead LOSER who might as well go back to crack because his behavior is NO better and as for BROOK it's probably only a matter of time before she tries to POND her boys for crack money….

  2. 2

    Hey Perez, I totally get why you and a lot of folks are upset with Brooke for falling off the wagon. Especially because of her little ones. But, keep in mind that she is an addict. I've had a lot of experience in this matter so what she needs now is support and love. Yes, we are disappointed in her choices of late but you can really see that she is trying and at least she has a great support system in her parents. I hope Charlie just steps away from this and doesn't go to court for the kids. I believe they are with her parents right now and that's exactly where they need to be. Be strong Brooke! You can beat this. Much love!

  3. 3

    Re: Dawn Ball – I agree - it's easy to judge but it's not our place to do so especially when not familiar with addiction - I am not clear on the subject myself but from what I understand it scares the hell out of me

  4. 4

    Let's not fool ourselves here. She's doing the same thing I used to do. Go into rehab to avoid losing a job, going to jail etc. She's probably not really serious about quitting; she'll have to hit bottom before she gets to that point. I used to go into rehab and lie my way through. Thank God I'm clean now some 12+ years

  5. 5

    Those poor boys. This is a prime example of why some people should never have children.

  6. 6

    Figures, so much for you touting how she should be the ones with the kids, fucking idiot. Maybe after rehab, she can get an upper lip implant. Nothing less attractive than a woman with thin lips.

  7. 7

    Drug addiction is such a horrible thing. I feel badly for those kids.

  8. 8

    I think it's sweet that you assume she gives two shits about her kids. Those kids were nothing more than the insurance policy to keep the money rolling. Just because some one can give birth doesn't mean they'll ever be good parents. She would rather suck a crack pipe and Charlie is the same. Just give those kids to Brad and Angie. At least they would get to travel.

  9. 9

    This chick needs to GROW THE FUCK UP! Get clean, stay clean, and be a Mom to your kids! Esp. since their Father is fucked in the head right now!

  10. 10

    Give the kids to Lindsay Lohan. She's probably a better influence at this point

  11. 11

    Re: crazygravy – Well said. Sorry, but all this 'love and support' talk, keeps letting this stuff go on. She needs tough love; someone IN HER FACE. It's NOT OK, and she needs to know it. It's the only disease you CHOOSE to be afflicted with. You need to decide you're 'done'. AA/NA (funny that's it's FREE) is better than rehab, since you answer to other addicts, not docs that have never been in that position. Speaking of which, when is Charlie going to 'go thru it'? He's next to fall off the wagon.

  12. 12

    I don't buy it!! She can cry all she wants, boy who cried wolf. The only thing that will get her clean is rock bottom. Too many enablers, she has repeated this cycle for years and years. God willing some day she may get well, long after she has lost all her childrens childhoods, something that can never be replaced. It is just hard to feel sorry for someone who has everything and throws it away ruining all in her path with no regard. At this point the only concern should be a good home for the children.

  13. 13

    It's part of the illness of addiction. Relapse is most certainly part of the recovery process. You should know that recovery obviously does not happen over night. If you look at the evidence and research into what happens with those who have addictions illness you will see that this is a step in the right direction. Keep going Brooke! You can do this.

  14. 14

    Holy meth face! Christ, someone take those kids away permanently!

  15. 15

    This is just sad. She is doing something because she looks like she has aged 20 years in this photo. Or, is this a bad picture?

  16. 16

    Those boys have a rough road ahead of them with the parents they are stuck with. This is a woman who married Charlie Sheen!!! She has lots of issues and looks doubtful she will overcome them.

  17. 17

    I don't feel bad for her. Her kids are probably better off being with any but her

  18. 18

    I have been sober for 13 years, bullshit with this Rehab Revolving Tail. Either you use the Tools that are given to you or you dont. I dont buy into this is a "disease" yeah an allergey. You as an addict have the option to put your drug use in remission at anytime. A disease is these young kids with cancer that Do NOt have a choice. As Charlies Mom wrote she was in rehab 13 times before he even met her, she has 2 arrests (mug shots avaliable). If you cannot get the strenght derived from your children, than forget about ever being a mother to those boys. It is a CHOICE TO PICK UP!! Those children should go to Denise Richards, her children are blood related to those boys and she is a great mother. Brooke is a looser who chooses drugs over her kids. That is NOT an option. She is done.