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26 comments to “Facebook Deletes Gay Kiss Pic, The World Responds With Even More Gay Smooches!”

  1. rcs says – reply to this


    ummm I'm gay and a good percentage of my friends are gay and I have yet to see one picture posted…and with how late you usually are, I'm going to guess my friends have had time…another mountain out of a mole hill…

  2. 2

    I actually miss the days when bullying wasn't the hot trend, and you were a two faced biased pig faced hypocrite. Although you're still and always be a hypocrite. This site was some what more interesting.

  3. 3

    BTW Perez, if you gays are so POWERFUL, why do you have to whine about every little person or organization the steps on your MIGHTY toes? If you were as strong as you say, you would let the gay movement run it's course. Your coverage of it weakens it. I am straight but my girlfriend has gay friends. We hang out with 7-8 gays all the time.. guess what? They hate you Perez and wont even give you 5 seconds of thought. When I mention you, they tell me to shut up and move on. I hope money makes you happy, cause it's all you are going to get out of this life.

  4. 4

    I see, so straights can't kiss on FB but gays should be allowed? Sounds like equality to me. Stop trying to be so special and you might be accepted as EQUAL. You have no right to break the rules because you are gay.

  5. 5

    could you go back to reporting hot gossip, not repeatedly pushing your agenda.

  6. 6

    The only thing that concerned me about that picture was, who the fuck was Christian Clarke kissing?
    it was a picture from Eastenders for fucks sake!
    doof, doof, doof, doof, doof doof doof.

  7. 7

    When will you people understand that Perez doesn't REPORT anything. It's a gossip site… HIS gossip site. Do you think he's going to respond with a post singling you out so you can get some sort of fame? Because if that's not the motive, I'm not understanding the bashing of him, his "agenda" or his sexual orientation.

    He's a gay man, of course he's going to post about stuff like this. Duh!

    To quote one of my favorite gay characters of all time, Gay Perry:

    "Look up idiot in the dictionary. You know what you'll find?"

    Have a nice day children :0)

  8. 8

    You know, I never had anything against gays until I started coming to your site, Mario. But you are so anti-straight you've pushed me toward it.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Re: CLMspartan

    Um, no.

  11. 11

    This is why no one likes gays. If someone doesn't agree with you. You instantly use the only and very tired comeback "ignorant"

    Then you turn right around and pull stupid shit like that. You basically throw a temper tantrum when you don't get your way.

    That being said, You are in someones private business. You are on their property. They have the right to remove you for just looking at them wrong. Because its theirs. Don't like it? Tough shit.

  12. 12

    This isn't showing your "power"

    Its showing straights that you're a bunch of crybaby pansies. Not helping your cause.

  13. 13

    I have always been indifferent towards gay people…until you started posting all this gay agenda BS. I'm all for equality, but I'm beginning to get annoyed. You constantly cry for equality, but in reality, you want gay people to get special treatment.

    I hope you know you're hurting the gay cause.

  14. 14

    I have yet to see my newsfeed "flooded" with pictures of gay couples kissing. Perhaps it's not as big a deal as you'd like it to be.

  15. 15

    Re: Christina Valenti – He knows. That's why he does it. Remember he used to say whatever would get more comments. He would condradict himself so much people were leaving his site. So he (said he) turned a new leaf, but still wants the hits. So now he directly angers the people here thinnking that he is being smart… His numbers are still dropping but we idiots are still giving him the only thing will ever truly love him… Money.

  16. 16

    They remove pictures of heterosexual people kissing all the time. of course they cant get them all but its not about wether or not your gay. im all for gay rights but you take it a bit far and keep pushing its. its getting tiring.

  17. 17

    Why would they do that? Isn't The owner Rosenchild or what ever GAY? He looks like a MO. He's kinda Queeneey.

  18. 18

    if kissing classes as sexually suggestive content then they're well within they're rights to remove a photograph of anyone kissing, regardless of their sexuality. stop making out like you're being picked on. this is why a lot of people find it so hard to accept homosexuals. its all the whining and moaning that comes with it!

  19. 19

    but the pic where my fiancee and I french kiss stays since months - hypocrites

  20. 20

    Seriously? WTF is wrong with the powers-that-be over at FB? First they delete accounts containing nude art and now same-sex kissing? I’d never have pictured Fuckerberg as an uptight prick (OK, not true) but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t operate his network that way. FAIL!!!

  21. 21

    gay kisses are kinda gross…

  22. 22

    Re: marieclare89Re: CLMspartan
    Um, YES. Thanks for a voice of Reason, CLM! To everyone else, please ask an internet dictionary what the definition of a blog is.

  23. 23

    Re: Mad Dog – OMG. Tell me about it!

  24. 24

    Re: MoreISay

    I stand corrected. Look above all the way to the top of the page. What does it say? CELEBRITY JUICE!
    Not celebrity/must-talk-about-everything-gay-cause i'm-homosexual-myself-blog.

    Not sure if you noticed but he's been doing this A LOT lately. Ever since he felt like he had a voice about the gay bullying. Something that he was doing for a LONG time, but still does it, just in a different way.

  25. 25

    i have nothing against gays or homo's or lesbians or whatever the hell you prefer to be called in this ridiculous PC game… but that's just gross i don't care if it's a man-man or man-woman- or woman-woman. that much ^ PDA
    is just disgusting. have some tact if you're going to fight for your rights that's cool but don't make a stupid spectacle of yourselves making it easy for others to judge. that just makes the fight so much more difficult than it needs to be. i mean really. show some fucking class you idiots. making subtle and lovely gestures is more embraced than to guys slobbering all over each other. GROSS!

  26. 26

    Re: NookiesWA – sorry 'babe' but it backfired.. that was the point… now there's pics of guys kissing all over the place… which is hot in my opinion… better than your boring life FOR SURE