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Nic Cage Returns To Work Without Incident

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Nic Cage Not Affected By Arrest

Apparently, Nic Cage returned to work after his run in with the cops due to a domestic violence arrest. He returned to work, ready, on time, and without mention of the goings on from the weekend.

Like nothing happened:

A rep for the film, "Medallion" tells us production on the flick has NOT been affected in any way because of Cage's sloppy domestic violence arrest early Saturday morning … and today, things seemed completely normal.

Not sure what else he could really do, though, he had a job to do, and having people bring it up at work seems like the right path to pushing into him into more trouble, which would probably manifest as production delays and on-set turmoil.

Dude needs to control himself, though, because ANY kind of domestic violence is not cool.

Do U think that the production should have made a fuss about it??

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Nic Cage Returns To Work Without Incident”

  1. 1

    Why are you the only one reporting the story like this? Hm…..

  2. 2

    It's a private matter and should have been kept out of the media to begin with. But then again, you guys have to tear people down to make yourself look better.

  3. 3

    Oh, get off the frickin' horse already. It was NOT domestic violence — he was pulling her arm to go somewhere else and he was sloshed. I abhor domestic violence and would not write this if I thought for one moment he did something like that. He did not and people like you should get off it already. Jeez.

  4. 4

    Get a grip Mario. This isn't news or comment worthy either one. Get off his back and stop this crap…

  5. 5

    So what. Who cares? He's human. Humans make mistakes. Why make a big deal out of a drunk and disorderly? He has alot of financial problems right now. Leave the poor guy alone.