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Religious Leaders Continue To Speak Out Against GaGa's Judas Video WITHOUT Seeing It First!

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The uninformed hate continues!

Over the last couple of weeks, there's been outrage over the music video for GaGa's new song Judas (above), and it hasn't even been released yet!

Now, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights Bill Donohue has spoken out against Judas once again:

"This is a stunt…Lady Gaga tries to continue to shock Catholics and Christians in general: she dresses as a nun… she swallows the rosary. She has now morphed into a caricature of herself."

Thanks for the input, Bill.

As we said before, why don't you wait till the video comes out before going against GaGa like this? As of right now, all this hate is seriously unfounded.

Have U formed an opinion about GaGa's Judas music video yet? Or will U wait till it's released before doing so?

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134 comments to “Religious Leaders Continue To Speak Out Against GaGa's Judas Video WITHOUT Seeing It First!”

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  1. 101

    I can't say that I'm looking forward to the video. If she wants to provoke and shock using religion she'll hurt the feelings of a lot of religious people, and that's just bad manners.

  2. 102

    Re: JerseyBoy – I'm sure he'll care.

  3. 103

    Why don't you or anyone else report that the Catholic League is a league of one guy, just Bill Donohoe, and he's got a bloody big mouth and a lot of antiquated opinions. He loves to hear his own voice, and he loves his name in the media even more. Why are you concerned with the opinion of one lone catholic versus Gaga?

  4. 104

    With so many nasty skeletons in the closet, the catholic church needs to shut up.

  5. 105

    God, Perez, you're just as much as a joke as she is. You attack anyone and everyone that would dare to do or say anything that may be seen as homophobic and then you stand by and be completely ignorant to someone attacking religion. I was raised in a religious family and while I have since taken a step away from my church (the final straw was when they chose not to recognize gay marriage) but I get that it's really important to some people. To them, this kind of song is just as bad as a song attacking homosexuality. And while I hardly agree with everything the church does, they have a right to their beliefs just as much as you have a right to yours.

    Lady Gaga is clearly looking for controversy, so I'm not quite sure why you're so upset she found some. And this time, I think she's gone too far.

  6. 106

    Re: oxceranoid – Not sure if you were also responding to me when you said "as far as comments go as treating us like we are special in some way" in reference to how gays are treated, I never mentioned gays or any "minority" group getting preferential treatment from her. I'm all about speaking up for human rights and commend her for that, but her message is being lost in her medium of trying to use every controversial but now predictable, shocking-without being shocking, out of the box hairbrained idea she can think of.
    You did make a good point in that she is does represent the current voice of our subculture: She's robotic, unoriginal, uninspired, oversexualized without being sexy and is desperate for attention, which is exactly what North American culture has become.

  7. 107

    Apparently ignorance isn't bliss since these idiots are still pissed off. Lol.

  8. 108


    This is not a "Hate" thing. I hate you because my thoughts, convictions, and beliefs are different than yours? No. He is speaking FOR what he believes in. The last time I checked that was a right of ANY of us who live in the United States.

    This is not about hate… This is about Lady Gaga doing the same tired routine and trying to shock the world and cause an uproar… *yawn* This has been done so many times that its tiresome. The fact you think everything is against The LGBT community is laughable. Why not try to think a little bigger… Think about what some of us think? Or what some of us feel? I would have to say that the "world" you choose to live in is VERY different from the real world or even "my" world.

    Very disappointed, Perez… Very disappointed…

  9. 109

    You can't go around and make fun of peoples religions and expect everything to be okay
    this is insulting and rude
    shes out there preaching how you should respect people(which i do)
    but here she is disrespecting millions of peoples religious belief.

  10. 110

    Lady Ga Ga is not doing anything that has not been done before.

  11. 111

    I think more people should protest this untalented hackerella being shoved down our throats every six minutes because she wears crazy clothes. Honestly, no matter what time period, pop music is complete crap.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    If you want some peace, avoid bringing up politics and religion.

  13. 113

    This is just awful. I am not a catholic but I am a strong Christian and this is really dreadful. I avoid all of her music and have never ever seen a music video of hers and I don't plan on changing that now.

    She needs to remember who she's messing with. I don't mean the so called religious representatives but she is straight blaspheming God and Jesus…that's dangerous.

  14. 114

    Re: biana v – No i was speaking in general on that part… But i don't see how she is predictable. No one knows for sure what the Judas video will be like since it's not even out yet. She's an artist, performer, songwriter and musician so she is gonna express herself how ever she wants to… She uses metaphors to express her creativity and thats where people seem to get lost because they don't have the brains to decipher it, and end up calling her such things as being robotic, unoriginal, uninspired and unsexy. ;)

  15. 115

    Is she singing about judas' ass? lol… What happened to gaga she used have fun songs you could dance to. This song is just annoying and her voice is way to much edited.

  16. 116

    The Pope said "I don't hate it, but don't lurve it. I'm only here for costumes! They're faboosh!"

  17. 117

    I have to agree to some extend. Gaga is always raving on about equal rights for everybody, and equal respect, but apparently that doesn't extend to people with religion. Thanks, Gaga. You've lost a little monster.

  18. 118

    wow! she really went on and released the JUDAS single with the upcoming CHRISTIAN HOLY WEEK CELEBRATION this April. now a lot will be chanting "Judas" all over. Metaphorical or not, BLASPHEMOUS! call people idiots if they are not convinced its metaphorical. But this is a POP SONG! Understand that not all people are digesting things metaphorically especially CHILDREN! This is so IRRESPONSIBLE! now i wonder why you Perez question us of hating her so much!

  19. 119

    Re: shortdork24 – I can't believe you even pulled that card. Yes, there have been cases of priests molesting children - Which is AWFUL I know - but that DOESN'T MEAN THAT EVERY PRIEST IS A CHILD RAPIST and that parents shouldn't trust them when sending their children to church. I mean, that's just ignorant!

  20. 120

    Re: mastoro – They do. They have never supported it, but have condemned it. They just tried to hide it for a while.

  21. IVIV says – reply to this


    2 thoughts: The story about what the video was to be about broke HERE. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't what the video is about at all, it could be just another marketing strategy by perez & her team to get people to WATCH the video, just to see what the big deal is about. Or, the video really IS about this, which releasing what it is to be about before it even premieres by giving the controversial story to Perez, once again promotes the video, gets it press, & makes people interested in watching the video which gets her count up. Either way it's a marketing strategy lol a "stunt" just like these people are reportedly saying.

  22. 122

    I strangely enjoy the song even though I'm catholic lol, but that being said i can understand why the uber catholics are taking this ever so seriously, ironically I'm studying Judas motivation for his betrayal atm in my RE GCSE lol. All in all it's just a song there's been many more offensive in the past, the Catholic Church just wants to kick up a fuss as per usual it's their favorite past time xD

  23. IVIV says – reply to this


    am I the only one who read the actual quote? It's about how she's already tried to shock the Catholic Church & religious community in her Alejandro video where, he even states the example of her dressing as a nun & swallowing the rosary. He says she's morphing into a caricature of herself…meaing she's already tried this shit before & now she's doing it again. & the lyrics of Judas alone would back that up, not even taking the supposed storyline of the video into consideration. Which, at this point, makes it exactly what he said…a STUNT. open your eyes.

  24. 124

    What he's saying is not unfounded… she DID dress like a nun and swallow a rosary in her Alejandro video. Also, he is clearly talking about the lyrics in the song… while adding that with the fact that she's playing Mary Magdalene in her video for Judas. Doesn't seem like a stretch to me, at all.

    And "going against" Gaga - the horror!

  25. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: chels468 – you have very good points!

  26. 126

    If Catholics/Christians are offended by her song then don't listen to it. Welcome to America, it's her right to sing about what she wants whether it's a stunt or w/e. This is coming from someone who is for human rights, not a Lady Gaga nut.

  27. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: stickrat – "wonder what she'll do next
    marry sean penn
    join kabbalah
    star in "swept away"……………hahahahaha this made me laugh so much!

  28. 128

    Re: Voivode – i will go there.. bcuz theres more n more every yr coming out in the media about that happening. I personally attended a church in my community and did my confirmation there then few months later that church is on the news about a priest molesting a little boy. whats gaga doing harm to? no one so everyone needs to leave her alone. typical people to hate on anything thats not the same as every one else.

  29. 129

    I heard the song for the first time today and I was not impressed. She sounds like a dying cat in parts of the song. I like her older songs much better. She now just sounds like she's trying to make people mad.

  30. 130

    Re: Rebecca Vettese – Loves it!

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pffft. Controversy marketing. It's been done before.

  32. 132

    I love Lady Gaga but u shouldn't disrespect anyones religion/beliefs. It's very disrespectful. Shock value but at the cost of disrespecting peoples religious beliefs. Even if you aren't religious u have to agree that mocking/being disrepectful of others beliefs is wrong.

  33. 133

    Gaga is the biggest devil worshiper,and this song shows it i loved her but she is doing the most with this song i refuse to support her music,i mean come on she worships the devil!!!!!!!

  34. 134

    You don't need a music video to go against a song, the song is offensive to a religion if it was against Muslims it would be a totally different story everyone would see why it was wrong, offensive against religion is took to easily nowadays and because of who she, people redeem it to be okay, GaGa is nothing on most musicians, but because she wore a horrific meat outfit people think she is fantastic and above everyone else, reality she is a fame whore. Judas is not only one of the worst songs I've ever heard and offensive to my ears but also offensive to my beliefs!

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