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Donald Trump Challenged To Show 'Certification Of Net Worth'

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Most likely in response to Donald Trump running his mouth on any media outlet he can get on about President Barack Obama's birth certificate, CNN's Eliot Spitzer has challenged the real estate mogul to show his "certification of net worth".

There's a taste of the Trump's own medicine!

However, both "certifications" are really, completely meaningless.

A) Barack IS our president (whether anyone likes it or not) and shouldn't have to respond to some rich dude taunting him to prove his citizenship.

B) How much money Donald Trump is worth doesn't prove whether or not he can lead a country, just the amount of campaign contributions he will need.

We know how much people like to distract each other from the REAL issues by making a big deal about birthdays and bank accounts, so we are a little anxious to hear Donald's response!

Do U think Donald Trump should prove his net worth or do U think that is as silly as Obama having to prove his United States citizenship?

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75 comments to “Donald Trump Challenged To Show 'Certification Of Net Worth'”

  1. 1

    Spitzer lost his political career due to his STUPID behavior with prostitutes. Donald is too successful and smart to respond to this jackass.

  2. 2

    i'm totally pro Obama but I think yes, he must show proof of citizenship… not only citizenship, he needs to show he was born in American soil, so he's able to be a president. Obama should not have anything to hide, he should offer such information to the public voluntarily if it's all good.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    You have to be natural born to run and become President. Is there also some stipulation that you have to show your net worth to a bait and switch news head to run and become President?

  4. 4

    Mario you're a fucking idiot!!! You're Liberal Piece of shit

  5. buck says – reply to this


    this guy Obama can't show is birth certificate because he applied and got into Occidental College ( his has sealed his college records as well ) as a foreign student. If he provides his birth certificate it will show that he committed fraud.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Do you think before you post to your blog? Obama should be required to show his birth certificate. And the fact that he refuses sends up all sorts of red flags. As far as Trump is concerned why does he have to show how much he is worth? Are any of the others doing so?

  8. 8

    I want to see certification of where the Donald's hair line begins and where it ends…

  9. 9

    ya know, Im a big fan of Celeb Apprentice, but Im really SICK TO DEATH of hearing the same shyt from Trump every day! Guess this will be his platform, lol! Keep on doing it, b/c it will end up back-firing on his entire party! I saw his interview with George Stef - a - whatever his name is, and Trump was a complete dik!

  10. 10

    I'm so fed up with Donald Trump and his offspring. For him to go after Obama for what is it now, three years, about this "invisible" birth certificate shows Donald has serious mental challenges. Plus the way he goes around razzing the earth and doing bad environmental practices (i.e., eroding the land for golf courses, not considering eco-friendly construction practices) really shows how arrogant and out of touch with reality he is. You're fired, Donald! :P

  11. 11

    Who writes this shit????

    Your President(Obuma) will spend more money for his campaign then he cut from the budget that they are fighting about!! But you want to Donald's acct, nobody cares about the money Obuma will spend to win his re-election. Sad days are coming… Do you know he spent over a million dollars to keep his B.C. from being seen!! Just like woopi getting all over Trump for talking about his B.C. liked she saw it. Did any of you big mouths see for yourself???? But you KNOW he has one from the USA???

  12. 12

    And your a tipical republic, insults others that think different, go to walmart buy more guns and be afraid of everything, forget about education , more guns and insults others

  13. 13

    Dont be jealous and haters!! THis is how you all sound with the BS you guy's spew out about everybody who has everything that you dont. The Venom!

    Fact: Success is uncommon there for it won't be enjoyed by the common man…

  14. 14


  15. 15

    although i am not totally in support of donald trump's presidential aspirations, i do agree that obama is being suspiciously protective and secretive of his birth certificate. releasing the "certificate of live birth" and attempting to mislead the american public to think that that is proof of his citizenship was an insult to this country's people. that certificate means nothing at all. i am of the opinion that if there is nothing to hide, why continue the public outroar instead of just releasing the info that is being requested? but in the end, i severely dislike obama so the longer he doesn't supply the certificate, the more support he loses and i can't wait to have him out of office so continue acting shady, mr. president!!! you're ultimately doing us all a favor by not being re-elected!

  16. 16

    Come on Perez. You need proof of citizenship to be president. Obama could simply show it and everyone would shut up. Liberals just gets so upset when all the country wants is to see a simple piece of paper that all of us have that were born in this country

  17. 17

    Perez - You missed the point about Spitzer demanding Trump's financials. Anyone who seriously runs for President of the USA must put out to the public a statement of personal welath and holdings. to date Trump has always folded prior to becoming a genuine candidate when it came to that, he's nev er opened those details up to the public. He loves being the center of attention AND saying building is the answer to all economy woes.

  18. 18

    Your full of shit Perez…

    Obama should show proof of citizenship….just think….if he was a terrorist planted as our President……wouldn't that be the biggest joke…just like how we trained the terrorists from 9/11 how to fly planes from a Florida plane class…then we gave them citizenship AFTER they all died in 9/11.

    Our country is a joke…wouldn't it be the biggest one if Obama really isn't who he says he is and is giving the bad guys all our important information…..now that would make a great lifetime movie…."the demise of the US"

  19. 19

    Re: alexie silver – he is hiding something by not showing it….makes you wonder.

  20. 20

    Obama shouldn't be allowed to run again UNTIL he shows proof of citizenship.

  21. 21

    Obama's birth certificate is a serious manner, not silly. He either doesn't have a real one or doesn't want to show it for some reason, perhaps that it shows that he was born a Muslim. In order to be veted as President, he was supposed to have shown his birth certificate. He showed a "short form," which would not be accepted by any of the rest of us to get a social security card, driver's license, or other official state/federal document. His grandmother said (it was recorded) in a room full of official people that he was born in Kenya. One must be USA-born to be President. This is not a joke, Perez. It's a very serious matter. If he has a real birth certificate, why won't he show it? He has spent over 2 million dollars fighting this.

  22. 22

    Re: BELLA blue – You're a fucking idiot. IN ORDER TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES YOU HAVE TO BE BORN IN THE UNITED STATES (unless you were born on a military base which considered American soil like John McCain was). So yes Obama should prove he is a natural born citizen in order to legally be president. By him hiding this fact over and over and the fact his grandmother is on record saying she was at Obama's birth in Kenya that would make him ineligible to be president. So if he has nothing to hide then why doesn't he show it to prove all of his critics wrong? Maybe because if he does show it then he wouldn't be president.

  23. 23

    Maybe if trump were a communityorganizer like obama was, he would be qualified to be president. That was the only thing on his resume. Oh yeah and he was black.

  24. 24

    This President has not made this Country a DIME, but other countries are getting rich. Billions of dollars is being spent to Countries we are not fighting.
    Who do think got rich of the car stimulas! CHINA & JAPAN. He is giving out stimulus checks that you people have NO CLUE what he has been doing.. but you know everything about his B.C and other things first hand I AM SURE!! See it yourselfs!! The guy is feeding you crap and telling you its steak and you just keep begging for more!!

  25. 25

    Here is a guy we should be talking about REV WRIGHT. A white hater and ANTI AMERICAN. This is Obuma's MENTOR you fools!!!!! He is MUSLIM. He has been around the world with Kaddaffi and Chavez and other scums who hate America. He speaks the Koran perfect… WAKE UP

  26. 26

    This isn't even a witty response to trump, it makes spitzer look like an idiot. If you want proof of Trump's worth take a look at any Trump tower you fucking idiot. And the only reason everyone is making a huge deal out of the birth certificate thing is that Obama just won't show it. How hard is it to just take out your US birth certificate? It's only difficult for people that don't have one.

  27. 27

    If Obama has nothing to hide, why is he hiding his birth certificate, college records, ect.
    Apparently he doesn't have a USA birth certificate, or he would show it. It's that effing simple. I can produce my USA birth certificate, why can't Obama? If it were a Republican president pulling this crap, the liberal media would be climbing up his butt looking for a birth certificate! lol

  28. 28

    99% of the people commenting here are fucking idiots. Obama doesn't have to show you SHIT! He's already the president and has been for awhile. GET OVER IT!

  29. 29

    Spitzer, Ya here is a guy calling out someone!! To funny!! Love to see his acct and how he spent before he became a changed man and gets a job in the news.
    Just like Mayor Barry, its a joke who is running OUR house and OUR money.
    The people we allow and forgive is AMAZING!!!!!

  30. 30

    Let's see here Perez-one of those two things is in DIRECT VIOLATION of the United States Constitution. Article II, Section 1 states that
    No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.
    So, yes, showing a complete, ORIGINAL birth certificate is anything but "completely meaningless."

    For those that say it does not matter or that he shouldn't have to, you are essentially saying that all those Rights provided for you in conjunction with the Constitution are "completely meaningless." So Perez, next time you attempt to use the First Amendment Right when being sued for defamation-remember that karma will come back and kick your ass.

  31. 31

    Obama should just show his birth certificate to shut the naysayers up and if Trump can call out the president then he should accept Spitzer's challenge without any qualms.

  32. 32

    Client Number 9 as we know of him in NY is not and should not be taken seriously when it comes to politics. This piece of shit went after everybody and anybody all for his on self interest. Hell he even went after one call girl operation while he was the states Attorney General. He's a piece of shit and should crawl back under the sewer cap he crawled out of.

  33. 33

    Obama should produce his birth certificate.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Also ask Donald why he has to pay a dollar for his property taxes. He has his large estate filed under farm because he either has goats, cows or a horse so he gets a strong exemption. That is WRONG. Bonjovi does it and so many others. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  36. 36

    Once upon a time, there was a white woman from KS, and a Kenyan that that had a child name Barrack Hussein Obama.

    At this time the U.S. was really receptive about bi-racial couples and adored their children.

    Knowing this, Barack’s parents thought, their special child was destined to be President of the U.S. before he was even born.

    But wait, Barack was born in Kenya so what were they to do??

    Well, through much hustle and bustle, they quickly flew to Hawaii and convinced state officials to falsify a birth document and they also put out a newspaper birth announcement in hopes many would believe he was a native born citizen.

    After Barack’s father left when he was 3, his mother and grandparents used their fortune to bribe Hawaiian officials to go with the “plan” throughout Barack’s upbringing and well into adulthood.

    Eureka!!! On November 4, the plan of 47+ years in the making had come to fruition. Wow, what a triumph for the Obama clan, to the chagrin of many who sniffed out the “plan” and wanted to correct this heinous act.

    This is what Birthers believe. Ridiculous.

  37. 37

    Re: April_Rain – Being president and being a legal citizen are two different things, what I'm not understanding is that there is a certificate of live birth AND it was given in Hawaii. To imply that the certificate is not valid is what's a joke and if that's the case then that means that people born in Hawaii around that time are not legal citizens either.

  38. 38

    Re: Birthers – Aww did Faux news tell you that?

  39. 39

    Re: UhYeah – It's called sarcasm. Look it up.

  40. 40

    Re: UhYeah – BTW, I'm on your side.

  41. 41

    All you have to do is read Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories
    from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And google snopes.com and type in Obama Birth Certificate if you want the truth. Otherwise keep believing lies and rumors. I don't care who you vote for, just know the facts.

  42. 42

    @buck first of all it wouldn't have been fraud if he was a resident of another country… you are aware you can have dual citizenship and/or residency right?

    also, maybe we should just let it go already, there is documentation that he was born in hawaii.

    perhaps he doesn't produce it because he is a documented citizen that was born in the US, and pandering to the "Birthers" is weak and stupid, and just allows them to continue to be racist bigots. No other president has been held to the criticism about his birth like Obama has, and there is no valid reason why.

    asking him to produce his birth certificate when he is a proud born american citizen is like asking lighter skinned african americans to "Pass" as white, just because they can. its insulting and unfair. I applauding him for being strong and sticking to the truth instead of folding, and giving into his opponent.

  43. 43

    My beef and always will be is the REV Wright connection who Hates whites and the America!! This Obuma is a wolf in a sheeps skin and you all follow like little sheeps that you are!!!

  44. 44

    Re: April_Rain – Read the effing Constitution, you brainless twit! It's the LAW, not an option or a guideline. Besides if he had one, the NY Times would run it full page. Problem is, nobody has seen it. Oh, and it has to be real, not the crap up on the internet. You now like yours, issued by the state, with a valid authorized signature, and raised seal. I know that all 50 states will issue them off the internet, so why doesn't your Mr. Obama, order a copy of his? It's really easy to do, just click the mouse!

  45. 45

    Re: blsdjan – the only difference between Spitzer and Trump is Trump was dumb enough to marry his whores. do you honestly think Marla Maples or his current tranny looking wife, what's her name, MANlonia would have married him if he wasn't rich. think about it, he's ugly as shit, he's orange, his hair is a joke, and he's such an egomaniac i don't know how anyone could stand to be around him much less have sex with him.

  46. 46

    Elliot show us the results of your last venereal disease test before throw your dick around!

  47. 47

    Re: trophy wife 1 – He already did! Look it up! Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories from Wikipedia. Geeze do you people read or are you just a bunch of talking heads?

  48. 48

    Re: blitzie – Amen to that!

  49. 49

    I am majorly disappointed in Donald Trump. First of all, I LOVE the Apprentice and never miss a show. I also love his economic ideals. His wanting to declare war on China is brilliant. But he just flip flopped on a MAJOR ISSUE, abortion. According to the Today Show this morning, he is now pro-life!!! WTH? Donald is a big "loyalty" guy and always bashes the other candidates when they change their position on major issues and then he goes and does it himself? He obviously wants conservative backing but flopping on key issues is a major flaw.

  50. 50

    Come on people Obama has shown his birth certificate this is just plain ridiculous. Did you hear that the State of Hawaii has come out to refute Donald's claim that Obama is hiding something and that they have proven over and over that Obama is a US Citizen. So please people enough of this craziness.

  51. 51

    Re: trophy wife 1
    When you go to Hawaii to investigate Obama's birth, what you're looking to examine are public records. They're easy to find. Fly into the Honolulu airport, rent a car, and drive downtown to the state library. Once inside the library, head downstairs where they keep the microfilm. Obama was born on August 4, 1961, but you'll want the August 13, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, because that's when the birth announcement appeared. When you've loaded up the film, flip to the back pages, to the section of the paper called "Vital Statistic." This is the record of births, marriages, and deaths provided by the Hawaii Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Statistics. When you get to Page B-6, scan down the lefthand column–there it is, toward the bottom:

    Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4

    Congratulations! You've located the birth announcement. Nothing indicates obvious Kenyan-Communist plotting or the nefarious handiwork of Bill Ayers. And the competing paper, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, also published an announcement.

  52. 52

    Re: trophy wife 1
    When you go to Hawaii to investigate Obama's birth, what you're looking to examine are public records. They're easy to find. Fly into the Honolulu airport, rent a car, and drive downtown to the state library. Once inside the library, head downstairs where they keep the microfilm. Obama was born (they tell us) on August 4, 1961, but you'll want the August 13, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, because that's when the birth announcement appeared. When you've loaded up the film, flip to the back pages, to the section of the paper called "Vital Statistic." This is the record of births, marriages, and deaths provided by the Hawaii Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Statistics. When you get to Page B-6, scan down the lefthand column–there it is, toward the bottom:

    Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4

    Congratulations! You've located the birth announcement. Nothing indicates obvious Kenyan-Communist plotting or the nefarious handiwork of Bill Ayers. And the competing paper, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, also published an announcement.

  53. 53

    Re: AttFinch – OMG! I think I love you. LMFAO! "Nothing indicates obvious Kenyan-Communist plotting or the nefarious handiwork of Bill Ayers." Priceless!

  54. 54

    Barack's half sister was born in Indonesia and also has a Certificate of Live Birth from the state of Hawaii. Just sayin.

  55. 55

    God, you're stupid. Being a natural born US citizen is a requirement of being president. Having a certain net worth is not.

  56. 56

    Andrew Jackson was the son of Irish Immigrants. James Buchanan also had an Irish father.

    And what about John McCain? He was born in Panama does that make him a non citizen? According to Wikipedia. "John McCain was born on August 29, 1936 at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone." Would he have to provide a birth certificate? I doubt it. You know why? Because he's white.

  57. 57

    Re: trophy wife 1 – Please post your Birth Certificate because I have a sneaking suspicion you are really a North Korean Spy trying to inflrate the PTA.

  58. 58

    Trump is an ass & is only causing an up roar for publicity…How many times has he gone bankrupt? Good money management skills! Obama is president & obviously he has been "checked out"!

  59. ctx3 says – reply to this


    HELLO, If Obama is not a legal citizen then he is NOT OUR PRESIDENT!!!! I say let Donald spend millions or billions of his own money to find this birth certificate. It's about damn time SOMEBODY LOOKS FOR IT! I fully support Donald Trump on his quest for the birth certificate. However, I would not vote for him as President of the USA. He is not the right person for the job.

  60. 60

    no one is questioning the Donald's "richness" (obviously he is loaded $$$). I do question Obama's citizenship just as much as I question his claim that he is a "christian"…..ONE thing I can 100% confirm ….Obama is NOT a bible believing Christian if he where a TRUE Christian as he claims he would put planed parenthood out of business…..soooooo since I know he is lying about being a Christian I question if he really is American (remember he refused to salute & pledge allegiance to the American Flag!!!!)

  61. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Birthers are Lame – U.S. naval stations anywhere are considered U.S. territory when it comes to births.

  62. 62

    Perez….I like you when you dont talk politcs. Comparing someones net worth and whether someone is a natural born citizen are two different things completely. While I believe that Obama is a citizen, he should have to show the American public if its called into question. He should want to show us to shut everyone up. Im amazed that when Obama is President, we all have to grin and bare it. Liberals say things like, he is our President whether you like it or not. YET when Bush was President, all those Hollywood people you ass kiss, were saying, he's not my President (ie: Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins). You idiots went as far as to compare him to Hitler! Really…practice what you preach. And Elliot Spitzer??!!!!!! You are kidding right???!!! Like anyone gives a shit what that piece of crap says.

  63. 63

    Re: certifiedamerican – A certificate of live birth means nothing? That's completely untrue. I lost my original birth certificate in a house fire YEARS ago, and when I needed one, what I got WAS a certificate of live birth. It's what anyone who needs a replacement for a misplaced birth certificate gets! It's completely legitimate and can stand alone legally.

  64. 64

    Re: AttFinch – A birth announcement is not a legal certified birth certificate. Why doesn't your Obama order a copy of his legal birth certificate from the department of health from the state of Hawaii and show the world! You people and your smoke and mirrors are crazy if you think and "announcement" is a birth certificate! Do your research on legal documents! I don't care how many times you say it, it still doesn't make it real! Next time get your FACTS straight and have real information to back them up!

  65. 65

    First of all, 'the Donald' is not too smart to respond - he's actually incredibly bullheaded and won't take someone else coming him on and back down. Second of all, President Obama has had his proof of citizenship up online for well over three years for anyone who wants to check it out - educate yourselves before you take someone else's word for granted. Third of all, Spitzer is calling out Trump on his net worth because that's what he is basically running on. He is saying 'I can run the country because I can run a really good and successful business' so if that's actually true, showing his net worth should prove that he CAN actually run a company and therefore, in his words run a country. Educate yourselves people - look at other pages besides just perezhilton.com (sorry Perez you're not really known for being political beyond equal rights)….EDUCATE YOURSEVES!!!!

  66. 66

    Re: YaYaYa – You're a douche and that is terrible deduction. Many Christians accept abortions and many more Christians understand that Planned Parenthood isn't a 'Lenscrafters of abortion'. The president has nothing to do with shutting companies down and understands that the acceptance of abortions in growing in America…the only way he could shut it down is by signing abortions to be illegal in law (which they're not) and that would never pass the Senate.

  67. 67

    Re: buck – He has shown his birth certificate. I wish birthers would stop listening to idiots and go and do some actual research for themselves for once.

  68. 68

    It should not be so difficult. For a President not to show their birth certificate certainly screams NOT BORN IN THE USA…and for the majority of people to look the other way is a disgrace. Goggle Terry Lakin and see what happened to this poor man because he dared to question Obama's place of birth. You would think you were living in Lybia when you research this.

  69. 69

    Re: Yenkme – You are an ignorant racist…I can't believe the dribble that comes out of your mouth. If you had one educated response in this entire post I'd rightfully respond to it but unfortunately you have nothing more than heresay. Next time you want to be political…learn how to spell…

  70. 70

    Re: Yenkme – Because no racist white man has ever gotten into office before…your comments have very little meaning and Obama has been in office for almost 3 years. If he were really the terrorist all your racist birthers believe he is he would have done something to kill American's already - give it up!!!

  71. buck says – reply to this


    Re: josephwright – Congrats! you might be the key to this whole investigation. If he showed it to you then you need to step forward and put all this to rest.

  72. 72

    As American Citizens EVERYONE should and DOES FUCKING DOES have the right to see proof of his citizenship- he answers to ALL of us! IT IS THE LAW that the President of the USA is a US citizen- DUH! You proved once again how stupid and blindly biased you are, if you're gong to get polictical- stick to the facts and know what even you should be smart enough to question.

  73. 73

    Like Obama and support him as much as you want but be smart enough to owe it to yourself and your country to say " I wouldnt mind seeing that document since I gave him my vote." If he has NOTHING to hide, why is it such an issue? As a "journalist" slinging shit left and right, this should be a big deal to you! Also, how much has really done for the Gay and Lesbian community, healthcare, or our deficit that warrants you to support him so much?! You and your fellow gays and lesbians as well as the die hard supporters your your community has owns how much ground you've gained, not just some new a-hole with a political agenda! You and all the other Gays, lesbians and supporters are making the difference, dont hand the baton that you/we ( love my gay friends and fam!) worked so hard to grasp only to hand it over. Obama has made empty promises, doesnt want to offend people who dont believe in an "alternative" lifestyle, and he isnt doing nearly enough to support that particularly important cause. Keep and open mind, and ALWAYS ask too many questions, if you arent asking these questions, the next question you should ask yourself is why arent I?

  74. 74

    This is stupid, Obama obviously had to show someone in power his birth certificate to be able to run for president. Just because he doesn't want to wave it around for everyone to see doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

  75. 75

    Re: josephwright – If you believe abortion is ok, then YOU are not a Christian. Unless you are God, NO ONE has the right to take a life! I bet you read horoscopes and think that is valid too. The devil will blind those that are weak. Jesus opens your eyes, and if you were weak, he makes you strong!