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LiLo Being Courted For TWO Crime Movies!

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LiLo Crime Movie Courtship

Do you get it?? We said "courted" because she's going to trial for real crimes, and now she's being sought after for two crime movies! LOLz!

All joking aside, we're glad to hear this, gurl!

We already knew that Lindsay was being enticed to play a role in the upcoming Travolta Gotti film, but now we're hearing that the producer of the project wants her for an additional role in another movie too:

The second project is Mob Street, a movie about the Mafia’s involvement in Wall Street’s high finance and written by The Usual SuspectsChazz Palminteri. And there’s a co-starring role being kept in a warm place for the 24-year-old Lohan.

Congrats, Linds! Let's just hope you end up winning that case so you can actually do these, because we are SO ready for your comeback into the film world!

Are U ready to watch LiLo in action again??

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “LiLo Being Courted For TWO Crime Movies!”

  1. 1

    First of all, the fact that she's just signing on for movies left and right shows once again how she really doesnt give a shit about going to court, since we all know her washed up ass is gonna walk again. And no, I will not watch her cause she hasn't made a decent movie in almost a decade, and all her new movies are screw ups since she can't even bother to peel her hungover carcass off the floor to show up to the set on time-Betty White was spot on: this miserable bitch has no respect for filmmakers or her fellow actors. Just wait and see, the headlines are gonna read once again: Lindsay fired from new movie. Either that or any future "films" of hers are gonna suck. I wouldn't watch them if you paid me..

  2. 2

    She's gonna win an Oscar…eventually! Love her!

  3. 3

    Is there even a script for these Movies?

  4. 4

    Most likely more of Dina's bullshit.

  5. 5

    Her hair does not look good… it almost looks so blond it looks gray if that makes sense… it makes her look a lot older, that's not a good thing for her..

  6. 6

    there's such a shortage of actresses, so thank goodness lilo is out there. having a "name" to promote a movie is nothing new. it's their movie(s) so let them do what they want.
    sems pretty desperate though. john involved because he cant get a starring role anymore, so he'd rather be a big fish in a small pond. where's quentin when he needs him.

  7. 7

    I'd imagine it's bad enough being Victoria Gotti (other than the money, which she blows anyway) but when people say lindsay lohan is spot on to portray you, that's beyond embarrassment.

  8. 8

    Its strange that Lindsay doesnt get that her mother is just like "the cool" mom in one of her only hit movies mean girls…..she needs to ditch her mom—-never mind she needs to go away—-we are all done with u —-guess we wont be seeing u in court on friday—-again—-

  9. 9

    Her people must know something the rest of the world does not know since she is supposed to be heading to court and perhaps jail. Well, anyways wish her best although I don't think that Gotti movie is gonna be a hit.

  10. 10

    Where did she get the old woman outfit? Those trousers are not a good look for her! The jacket doesnt go with it and plss ditch that horrible bleached hair on your head it does not go with your skintone linds sorry.

  11. 11

    she looks SO GROSS AND DISgUSTING, what is sad is she looks the same age as her mom and Victoria Gotti—and that's NOT a good thing.

  12. 12

    p.s what don't these bleached blond hooker looking types NOT GET about this look being T-R-A-S-H-Y, as in opposite of classy. UUGGHH!

  13. 13

    Ah, wasn't it you telling us how dead in the water her career was? Why, yes. Yes, it was. How's the crow taste? Lick, lick. Always wrong, I guess you're used to it.

  14. 14

    Two movies I will be sure to avoid. Sad there are talented undiscovered actors out there and this drip is getting parts. I predict straight to DVD

  15. 15

    haha lindsay & victoria are like bobbsey twins! i'm lovin the trashy goldilocks ;)

  16. 16

    what happened to her best friend kim k doing the Gotti movie too? total flob!

  17. 17

    Go Get em Lindsay You have the talent !

  18. 18

    LOL wow thats sad that you have to explain ur jokes….lol