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Very Exciting News!

| Filed under: Personally Perez

We are taking steps to make PerezHilton.com FASTER so that your experience here is more pleasurable. We love to please!

We hope to roll out these improvements over the next few months!!!!

Can't wait!!!!!


Perezcious Pics: January 8 - 14, 2017
Perezcious Pics: January 1 - 7, 2017
Perezcious Pics: December 25 - 31, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 18 - 24, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 11 - 17, 2016
Perezcious Pics: December 4 - 10, 2016!

36 comments to “Very Exciting News!”

  1. 1

    Cool. Good to hear.

  2. 2

    what improvements? the only complaint i have is the comments when I comment it takes like 5 minutes or 10 to show up or for my respond to show up too.

  3. 3

    Leaving GoDaddy finally? Mr. I dont support Elephant killing, but I pay the guy that hosts my sight to kill elephants. Douchebag. So, what? you're leaving them or you're paying Bob Parsons even MORE money to upgrade your server? Which is it, Mario? Mr. PETA award winner. HAhah, hypocritical bully.

  4. 4

    i would love to see a perez iPhone app.

  5. 5

    Re: adg100 – Why are you so angry?

  6. rcs says – reply to this


    The best speed up would be ditching all the damn flash ads, but I know that ain't happenin!!

  7. 7

    Re: radzilla – There is an iPhone app silly! It's awesome!

  8. 8

    Perez can you please make your website more IPAD friendly!! Theres alot of video and other post u can not see or read!!

  9. 9

    Well thank God for that. I can boil water and make a cup of tea while I wait for a page to load. Hopefully comments come up faster too. Thanks!

  10. 10

    Excellent :)

  11. 11

    Re: adg100 – everything you just said is untrue
    so shut the fuck up

  12. 12

    tell us the details, I hope is that stupid comment wating period of 100 million minutes of waiting!

  13. 13

    cool, love that you are Cuban and look out for latinos/hispanics news too, that why i like this site…BUT please allow post to post without screening and NOT posting them…so communist…oh and if u can keep slaying Miley, Jennife Lowpez and them others that give me gas, we have the same thoughts lol xoxoxoxo

  14. 14

    I really want comments to come up faster as well but I am excited to hear that.

  15. 15

    Re: LyndseyLashae – oh snap. when did that happen? *runs to app store*

  16. 16

    Thank you!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Bonus. Is my hair going to blow back?

  18. 18

    Re: rcs – Yep you are absolutely right.

  19. 19

    Ah, I see the intern half-wit writers are jumping on the board because of PETA message… Yes, it is true. PerezHilton.com is a paying client of Godaddy/Bob Parsons. www.whois.org

  20. 20

    Well I do a lot of my perezing from my phone, so I would really appreciate it if the annoying pop up adds would disappear! I absolutely hate them, like i literally leave the site when one pops up. Also they don't just pop up once, its like every 5 seconds…its very annoying, interrupts the story im trying to read, and frankly its not doing you or them any favors.
    Also, I don't like how I can't see the coco perez stuff from my phone, like when i click on a story and it takes me to coco, and then i cant find the story…very frustrating………please tend to these pesky issues thanks :D

  21. 21

    When your background is an ad for Dentyne ice or a new movie and I'll accidentally click on it, I automatically get redirected to whatever it is you are advertising. I'm okay with your background changing to an ad for a few days from time to time but can you make it unlinkable?

  22. 22

    Nice! Could you possibly make it easier where one can access their own profile? Also would be nice if you can implement something that will notify us when others reply to our posts. Thanks :)

  23. 23

    are you removing all the ads?

  24. 24

    Well this is way over due. While your at it, fix the video downloads. Alot of times your videos don't work. It's an old saying Perez, you have to spend money to make money. Want to keep your viewers, fix what is broken.

  25. 25

    Fix the comments Please!

  26. 26

    It's fast enough. Work on the iPad app!

  27. 27

    On my blackberry, recently the posts have been shortened (like leaving out the half of the post). It's only been happening for about 2 weeks, but make it stop! Lol.

  28. 28

    Re: oxceranoid – That's a really good idea!

  29. 29

    You really want to give us what we want, get rid of all the gay posts. Read the comments, no one likes it. It's suppose to be a celebrity blog, not a platform for the gay agenda.

  30. 30

    It's all the flash ads that slow things up. I understand one needs ads to keep running, but damn……sometimes this site looks like the Vegas strip!

  31. Bree says – reply to this


    Remember when everyone was fighting to be first on comments like complete knobheads? Hes lucky he has a handful at least for each post now.

  32. 32

    So you're saying this won't be a half fast site? Will the improvements include spell-check? Will the reports become more current and up-to-date? Will there be less self-promotion? Will you be less wishy-washy (I don't lurve it, but I don't hate it)?

  33. 33


  34. 34

    YAY! that is great news. i always use your site when talking about celebs on my radio show, but if i wait to long to bring up the page, it takes too long and then i just end saying something about it off the top of my head!! not always the best way to go! so this is great news! love the site !!!

  35. 35

    Faster Faster Baby! Love you!

  36. 36

    Suggestion. Stop using BlogAds.com to manage your ad inventory. Their 1998 1st generation internet serving system slows up your page loads. So many better ad rep firms out there.