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How To Juggle Rehab And Being A Mom The Brooke Mueller Way

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Mueller Rehab Mom

So how does one be in rehab while your kids don't have a reliable father to take care of them? According to Brooke Mueller, you appeal to the judge and he'll kinda bend for you!

At least that's how we see it, because Brooke only has to do rehab part time — which doesn't make sense to us for someone who has had multiple relapses — so she can do the outpatient stuff during the day and see her kids at night.

This is, we'll admit, probably better for the kids to be able to see their mom. But it won't be better for them if the half-hearted attempt fails down the road!

To ensure that this doesn't happen, the judge also ordered BOTH the MaSheen and Mueller to take random drug tests once a week, which is much more frequent than they had been originally getting them. That to us is a pretty good move.

We just hope the kids can get through all this without being scarred! Always keep them in mind first, guys!

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7 comments to “How To Juggle Rehab And Being A Mom The Brooke Mueller Way”

  1. 1

    Yup, welcome to america, this is our family court system. The judge won't let Charlie have custody because he bragged about his PAST drug use. But allows her to keep customer even with her PRESENT drug use. If you need an example of how the courts are corrupt towards the mother, look at this case, and this sorry bitch, and it will be clear.

  2. 2

    why does he have to take the test? hes not getting the kids PLUS hes the BAD parent remember perez

  3. 3

    wow - now you're flat-out stealing the headlines from that other gossip site. could you please try to act like you don't just go there for your "research"?

  4. 4

    Man she could paass for linsay lohan in that picture easy!

  5. 5

    So, what's the point of these drug tests if the judge doesn't actually do something about besides award the crack mother??? You know what, she forfeited those kids when she refused a drug test. Charlie is the father and he should be able to be a father!

    What happens when she fails the next one??? obviously nothing! Good job Brooke, you got a pass to keep smoking crack, loser.

  6. 6

    Seems like a bs call to make Charlie take a drug test every week. He's not been the problem here. Un-equal treatment.

  7. 7

    Charlie KNOWS he has 48 hrs after doing drugs to show a clean test. He has been traveling & had not taken a test in weeks. He volunteered to take one yesterday because it had been over 48 since he used.Charlie has NO parenting skills. When I saw him at Disney with Denise & the girls, Charlie skipped along like the 3rd child and Denise did all the caring and parenting.Brooke's mom and aunt have moved in with her and she has nannies. None of them smoke. The twins are better off at a clean house with that support than at Charlie's smoke & porn filled house. Charlie wants to HURT anyone that disagrees with him. Charlie wants to hurt Brooke by taking away the twins and he wants to stop paying her child support. Charlie reacts the same way to everyone. He is suing CBS who gave him a wonderful career.