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IPhone 5 Coming THIS September!

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iphone 5 coming in september

Time to put up those iPhone 4s on eBay…

According to the latest reports from "three people with direct knowledge of the company's supply chain," the iPhone 5 will be released THIS September!

Details are scarce, but as one might expect, the new phone will feature a faster processor.

…Wonder if the iPhone 5 will have 3D capabilities

Are U excited for iPhone 5? What features would U like to see on the new iPhone?

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17 comments to “IPhone 5 Coming THIS September!”

  1. 1

    My iPhone 3 works fine. I'll wait until iPhone 6 comes out before I upgrade.

  2. 2

    No chance of it having 3D capabilities. And the fact that Perez thinks it might just goes to show that he has his head up his ass.

  3. 3

    Love my 3G - I'll wait until 6 come sout before I buy 5 - needs to get the bugs out first.

  4. 4

    I'd settle for a simple spam filter for email.

  5. 5

    wow this is just like a car new iphone every 10 months hahaha

  6. 6

    Seriously, they need to calm down. How do they expect the economy to spend money on a new phone every 6-12months. They need to stop feeding us with how great the next phone model is going to be because of a few new attributes. Just come out with a decent phone that's going to last in advance for the next couple of years.

  7. frrf says – reply to this


    Re: MikelMonroe – here is a little tip on how to avoid that idiocy…. DON'T BUY IT MORON

  8. 8

    give me a break, it wont even be 4g~ Get and Android… Faster and more support and wont cost you your first born..

  9. 9

    With all these phones coming out the iphone's technology will be updated within a month.

  10. 10

    Every Android I have owned I had to buy a spare battery in order to surf and talk on the phone all day with business. Iphone4 rocks just for this simple reason "Long Battery Life".

  11. 11

    I might buy it for Christmas then ;-)

  12. 12

    AT&T cell phone reception SUCKS in Palm Springs. MY IPhone 3 is always dropping calls from within my home. And I live on a golf course with no large building obstructions. I just don't get it.

  13. 13

    That's why I was never enamored with the iphone, it keeps changing too much! I'd always feel like an ass having what I think is the latest and greatest, only to have the rug pulled out from under me. Never owned one and never will! RIP OFFS!

  14. 14

    Wtf? Sheesh. I made the mistake of going to the mall in the next town over when the latest Ipad was released… WHY are people so obsessed with technology? 95% of the people that stood in line for hours were college aged and younger…. I'm 23 and can't imagine wasting my time and money for something that is going to be outdated in a few months.

  15. 15

    I was told by two verizon store employees, that the iPhone 5 will STILL be only on the 3G network. I was told July. Fuck this cannoli!

  16. 16

    Lolz , i'm sure my ex can't wait to lay he's hands on the next edition, and probably would do aything to get he's hands on this. Even went he's way of duping me to get the latest edition of the iphone lolz, seems he's girlfriend is the next victim.

  17. 17

    Why does Steve Jobs hate keyboards? If the iPhone had a physical keyboard (that virtual keyboard drives me NUTS), it would be So MUCH BETTER!!