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Barack Is Into Bollywood Too!

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This must have been such an amazing experience!

Indian actress Mallika Sherawat apparently had the opportunity to meet with President Barack Obama while the two were on separate trips to Los Angeles this past week!

The actress recently wrapped her new film, Politics of Love, Barack, which is a compilation of love stories that developed during his Presidential election campaign, and sources close to her revealed that Obama even asked for an invitation to the premiere!

The insider explains:

"It's been Mallika's dream to meet America's President since his historic first election. Besides, during her work on the new film she has learnt a lot about the man himself and U.S politics.”

Wonderful! Talk about good timing, then!

We're so thrilled she had the opportunity to meet him, especially in light of her work on the film!

Congrats, gurl!

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9 comments to “Barack Is Into Bollywood Too!”

  1. 1

    Better Obama being hanging with celebrities then running the nation any further into the ground. Obama should move to Hollywood seeing he's just pretending to run the country. He so far in over his head it's scary. How's that hope and change working out for you bitches? Enjoying your skyrocketing gas and food expenses. It only gets worse and that you can count on.

  2. 2

    Life sucks and all this turkey can do is travel and read teleprompters in Hollywood and other cities as he fund raises to reach his billion dollar campaign goal. Wow this guy is really for the people-NOT!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    BO won't allow deep water drilling in the US Gulf. However BO just gave $2 billion dollars of your money to Brazil, so the state owned oil company can drill in deep water. Do you think BO should give away $2 Billion to Brazil when our country is bankrupt?

  4. 4

    I bet he's into Bollywood, pay attention to your own country. Guess this came about with yet another vacation costing millions of dollars. Lets be him "You hear me" "You hear me America" jive talking, misleading, bombastic I'm in California looking to raise 1 BILIION dollars for MYSELF not to help the country SELF. Go Hollywood all of you that have failed to take an economics or poly sci calss.

  5. 5

    First of all- this is a D list bollywood celebrity and not even worth mentioning.

    Second- What has Obama done?
    -Created programs to make it easier to pay off student loans
    -Signed financial reform law establishing a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look out for the interests of everyday Americans
    -Tried in the people's best interest to have health care for all, no matter the income level
    -He has cut prescription drug cost for medicare recipients by 50%
    -He gave almost $500,000 to charity last year
    -He is the one that tried to cut taxes for the middle class, where the republicans decided to give tax cuts to the top 2% of people in the U.S (who control 60% of the wealth)
    -George W. Bush is the one that created the deficit because when Clinton left office we had a 200 billion dollar surplus
    -During is first year as president he spent 26 days on vacation, whereas Bush spent 77
    learn your facts before you make comments

  6. 6

    Also- he made 1.7 million dollars last year, of which he gave $453,770 to charity and paid 14% of his income in taxes.

  7. 7

    Also the money to Brazil was approved by people appointed by George W. Bush in the export/import bank, not by Obama. The vast majority of that money came from commercial lenders and not taxes.

  8. 8

    All right!! hot Bollywood babe in the hollywood scene!!

  9. 9

    perez is finally showing interest to other celeb beyond gaga!!!! clap>clap>