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Wes Craven Expects Neve, David, And Courteney Back For Scream 5!

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Excellent! We wouldn't want to see it if they weren't involved in some capacity!

Now that Scream 4 has premiered and rocked our world in the best way possible, series director Wes Craven has revealed that not only is Scream 5 most likely going to happen, but he expects its surviving stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox all to return!

He explains:

"I imagine the core characters will continue. I suspect they'll be with us until the end, because they just are the heart and soul of the movie and especially since we tend to kill off most of the other people. They'll be with us. There will be some continuation of the drama of Sidney Prescott's family and the ghosts that haunt it."

Poor Neve! How many effing serial killers intent on murdering you can one girl possibly have?!


As much as we liked the finality of the way this past one ended, we can't say we'd be too disappointed if they all returned for one or two more rounds - so long as the take was as fresh as it was for 4!

Good lord, they NAILED IT, didn't they?

[Image via Getty Images.]

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25 comments to “Wes Craven Expects Neve, David, And Courteney Back For Scream 5!”

  1. 1

    Spolier ALERT for us that have not seen it.

  2. 2

    Um, spoiler alert? It's only been out a week!

  3. 3

    Um, really? It's been out only a week, man! Thank God I've seen it otherwise I'd be kinda pissed.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    What the heck Perez!!!!!! I haven't seen it yet!!!!! Thanks for ruining it!

  6. 6

    Thanks for spoiling. Oh well, good to hear that they survive…

  7. 7

    Far out some people haven't seen it and would like to keep the suspense if these character will make it through the movie. Thanks Perez :(

  8. 8

    I loved scream 4 but I can't imagine a 5 - I can't believe that they could keep going and make it good. If they end now it's just perfect.

    p.s. Courtney I adore you but please stop your cheek injections, when you smile it's just wrong

  9. 9

    Well thanks for spoiling that you fucking idiot.

  10. 10

    I hope they return! It wouldn't be the same without them….but Perez you should have put a spoiler alert on this post. It's only been out a week and I'm sure alot of people haven't seen it yet. You just ruined the movie for them

  11. 11

    scream 4 was absolutely amazing! I loved loved it.

  12. 12

    well thanks for letting me know who didnt die.
    post a spoiler alert warning next time jackass

  13. Dale says – reply to this


    OH! thank god!!!! I grew up with scream… i want it to go on and on and on… It warmed my heart seeing them all together again. Where the hell did her dad go in all of this??

  14. Gmann says – reply to this


    Heres. Good spoler….. The killers are her cousin Jill and her friend with the long hair LOL ; ).
    Enjoy bitches!
    Stop hatin on perez for giving ya'll info….

  15. 15

    who's going to produce scream 5. is there a studio hoping to lose more money than weinstein is on scream 4.

  16. 16

    Is it my imagination for are Courtney's lips gettin' bigger and bigger?

  17. 17

    Thank you. I haven't seen 4 yet and now I guess I know who survives it.
    Please don't do this.

  18. 18

    loved scream4 cannot wait for scream5 !

  19. 19

    "Fresh"? There was nothing fresh about the 4th installment. It was exactly the same as the first 3. Which is why fans (such as myself) liked it, but didn't love it. That's why the movie bombed. Because even fans said, "Eh. Rent it".

  20. 20

    Mabe in Scream five they will film it in a haunted old folks home. That way the whole cast doesn't have to travel far.

  21. 21

    It was so good and so much better than other recent horror like Saw (which it bashes in the movie) and those stupid films about Japnese ghost girls.

  22. 22

    I really liked it and im not usually a huge horror buff. . great ending and didnt see it coming

  23. 23

    how about a spoiler alert, dickhead

  24. 24

    They need to stop. Really. 4 was great — but let's not push it.

  25. 25

    I see Scream 5 being about a 3rd killer that was never revealed in the 4th movie. And the only reason Scream 4 didn't do so well at the box office bc it's been like 11 years since Scream 3. I was only like 11ish? Lol so yeah, the 5th one will do soo much better.