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Britney, Kesha & Nicki!

| Filed under: Britney SpearsNicki MinajKesha

Check out this just-released remix of Till The World Ends (above).

We prefer the original, but this is pretty hot too!

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83 comments to “Britney, Kesha & Nicki!”

  1. 1

    Not bad. Kesha & Nicki sound good in it.

  2. 2

    it's fucking hot!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    Britney and nicki slay that shit, love kesha, she did awesome :)

    britbrit has proven this song belongs to her though!
    go girls!
    can't wait for the tour!

  4. 4

    I heard this on Rap Up website this morning. I like it. Calling Lil Kim a chimp. I love it. I didn't know that Kesha wrote this song.

  5. 5

    perez what the fuck are you talking about this is better than the originnal this shit is hot love it

  6. 6

    nicki killed it. hot hot hot. love the breakdown.

  7. 7

    Can you please stop saying 'we?' We don't all have the same opinion as you..!

    Ke$ha sounds AMAZING! She should have kept this song for herself, it suits her voice so much better than Britney!

  8. 8

    Man this is awesome. Cant wait to buy it. Flipping amazing.

  9. 9

    perez fat ass is just jealous lady gaga ain't taking the number one spot for judas the song is already flopping on itunes i'm so sorry perez you know this remix is a threat to your lady caca

  10. 10

    It hooooot, let's make it NO.1

  11. 11

    thats alll you can say about it? if it were Senor Gaga you would be pumping that shit!!

  12. 12

    This is soooo coool! love it! :( someone's a LITTLE pressed? …. Flopdas sucks btw :)

  13. 13

    You Know why you can do this its because they all use the same people to write this bullshit..its all the same song.

  14. 14

    motherfucker stop saying we….. we all don't have the same opinion just because you don't like it because you know is a threat to judas which is already flopping on itunes and its not taking the number one spot next week because probably adele is…..don't talk shit we all love the remix….. stop sucking lady gaga she is tired of your shit

  15. 15

    Re: itsbritney (Anette) – It's ok… She's had enough hits though to make up for one song flopping on the charts. This is no way near to affecting her career. And besides theres still a good chance she can make it to the number 1 spot. :D

  16. Blunt says – reply to this


    woah that was sick! nice job brit,nicki,kesha

  17. 17

    So if Gaga did it, it would be Amazaballs right??? Fuck you perez this song is fire go head keep pushing people away from gaga because by the time your done trashing other artist to benifit gaga, gaga will have no fans! As you can see on itunes gaga song Judas is FAILING big time and some of that is your fault perez!! I can not wait to buy this song!!!

  18. 18

    It didn't really add anything special to the original, which wasn't special at all. Throw in some guest vocalists, call it a remix, and it shoots straight to #1.

  19. 19

    I like it!!

  20. 20

    Re: itsbritney (Anette)
    Annette, does your mommy know you're on an adult site?

  21. 21

    Why is everyone basing Perez? He said it was HOT, but preferred the original (as do I, and I'm not even a big Britney fan). He didn't say anything bad about it all.

  22. 22

    Nicki kills its, definitely SICKER THAN THE REMIX!! Love it :)

  23. 23

    Nah. Brit Brit is perfection on this song. This just adds nothing to the song.

  24. 24

    I like it but this song still proves it belongs to britney even when kesha wrote it.

  25. JCPR says – reply to this


    how come this song is not on itunes?

  26. 26

    I LOVE this remix!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Re: TheJoeHoskins
    It's "We" as in the writers of PerezHilton.com … There is more than one you know. Don't be so stupid, he usually says "What do U think?" at the end.

  29. 29

    This wa ok.. Now, I realized that the song should have sticked to Ke$ha… and not to some Spears

  30. 30

    I love this.

    Prefer the original? If Lady Gaga was on this track, you'd shit yourself and think it was gold. Shoot, if Lady Gaga pooped on your front lawn, you'd memorialize it and sell tickets. Get over yourself, Perez team. You're washed up, AND Pink is the New Blog posted this WAY before you. Get on it.

  31. 31

    Illuminati slaves.

  32. 32

    LOVE IT!!!

  33. 33

    Is it just me or does Nicki sound like she's dissin' Kim? Lmao

  34. frrf says – reply to this


    god damn kesha is one ugly fuckin ho bag

  35. 35

    The original is still the best. But this remix is AMAZING too. It's just pure fun!!

  36. 36

    Re: jellotime91 – So it takes a whole team of writes to put…"Sounds hot but we prefer the original."

    An by the way, I like Perez!

  37. 37

    Q: Did Ke$ha sing the 2nd verse when Nicki went and this is ke$ha if so she sounds a shit lot like britney

  38. 38

    IT'S HOT! Just like EVERYTHING else QUEEN BRITNEY does.

    Ke$ha doesn't sound too good though.

  39. 39

    Re: oxceranoid – but for perez is going to be the end of the world

  40. 40

    Re: Keven Mith – what are you talking about son of a bitch

  41. 41

    Re: Keven Mith – go fuck fat ass perez

  42. 42

    Re: TheJoeHoskins – who ask you

  43. 43

    Now that's what I call a freaking remix!! Nicki was amazing and kesha was right at home. Great instrumentals! I will totally buy this, this deserves #1 spot.

  44. 44

    Re: itsbritney (Anette) – Anette sweety… Perez is not even fat anymore and if he was that would still be a lame comeback to say to anyone. Did you get your parents permission to use the computer?

  45. 45

    Bow to Queen Britney!

  46. 46

    I love this version

  47. 47

    Re: miniman90 – Get your ears checked Kesha sounds nothing i mean nothing like britney fucking spears!!!

  48. 48

    I still think the best remix of this song is the Culture Shock Remix. I don't really like this remix a whole lots. I think it shows why Britney sings it and not Ke$ha. Her part was okay, I just think Britney sounds better singing it. That's all. But Nicki Manaj's part was awesome. I do like the original better.

  49. 49

    Re: SlaveMeh – you're right, Ke$ha sounds ten times better!

  50. 50

    better thana the original for sure…Britney can vbe so blah

  51. 51

    I wish Ke$ha had her own verse or something… she seemed kind of irrelevant to the song. :( NICKI SLAYED IT!!!!

  52. 52

    I love Ke$ha on this track!! I thought it would be good for her voice even before I knew she wrote it. I want her to release/leak her demo so I can bask in all it's Ke$ha-fied glory!

  53. 53

    Re: TheJoeHoskins – Maybe in your dreams!!!!

  54. 54

    Re: JCPR – It will come on itunes on monday

  55. 55

    I love this. It sounds awesome!

  56. 56

    I really like this!! Bt I think that Ke$ha doesnt really bring anything to the song. It should of jst been Nikki and Britney. Hopefully they do it on the tour! :)

  57. 57

    why is it when someone wants to get better song sells all they do is add someone else to sing it with them. Why because its all about the money? Til the world ends was already good now Brit wants more money so to resale it she decided to put nicki and Ke$ha on it really? wow this is why in the end they will never have more sucess than legends of before or reach that level they can't keep their own shit up so they have to get back up on sales and charts.

  58. 58

    Perez!! Musical Enjanu! I thought you were going to give a better praise for this song than you did. I hope the only excuse was that you were heading to or in the middle of a party or business meeting. This Triple Shot of a Collabo is hot as hell. Dubstep as you know is so hot right now at the straight clubs & after parties. this is an awesome remix collabo. less picky Perez! Oh my gays lol

  59. 59

    why is everyone pissing on perez? you people need to realise your the bullies, perez has stopped, its about time oyu guys stop too.
    he said the song is HOOTT, but he prefers the original.
    whats wrong with that?
    i.love.this. but i like the original better.
    i would like it even better f ke$ha had kept this for herself.

  60. 60

    THIS REMIX IS AHHHMAZING!!!!!!!! I am definitely buying it! Only one person missing .. Gaga lol

  61. 61

    Nicki ruined it.

  62. 62

    Re: SS_Savannah – No bullies not so much. People here are people. Just agreeing to disagreeing. No harm no foul really. Obviously this remix is slower beat than the orginal because it's Dubstep and not everybody in the world is as familiar with dubstep ad they are with fast dance music. why is Ke$ha on there? because she co-wrote it and 200 other songs in the music industry. Agree to Disagree.

  63. 63

    Re: itsbritney (Anette)
    I said that because every post I see of yours, you post some kind of rant like you're 10 years old. Yes, I know this is Perez and I shouldn't expect a whole lot, but at least show some maturity in your comments.

  64. 64

    I like it better than the original.

  65. 65

    This just proves what we all suspected. That Ke$ha would have done this song justice and it would have been WAYYYYY better with her. Britney sucks. And this is what she has been reduced too; collaborating with the new artists cause no one gives a shit about her anymore. She is a has been. Her album is a flop. In 3 weeks barely sold 394,000. FLOP! I think so.

  66. 66

    Re: imgoingtobeGFF – This coming from a FLOPGA fan!! STAY PRESSED LITTLE MONSTER!!!

  67. 67

    This is AMAZING.
    I would love to see Ke$ha singing the whole song though, i just feel this song is best suited for her.

  68. 68

    God!! ! they would do just about anything to take this song to #1!!! just the rihanna & brit single. Remember when a song only need it ONE singer to Make it a HIT?! Madonna where are you!?! lol

  69. 69

    I thought this song was horrible. ORIGINAL ALL THE WAY!!

  70. 70

    Re: TheJoeHoskins – No it doesn't, it clearly doesn't, are you deaf? I love Ke$ha, but please…

  71. 71

  72. 72

    I quite liked it, though Ke$ha wasn't really needed. I know she wrote the song and all, but at least it makes sense to include Nicki as they're touring together. I love me some Ke$ha but I really think they should have layered her vocals more in the chorus, her voice sounds so thin compared to Britney's version.
    Totally forgot about the line "sicker than the remix" but I LOVE that they changed it to "this is the remix". Simple but clever!

  73. 73

    It's cool to hear Ke$ha on this track, you can tell it's something she would have helped to write :)

  74. 74

    i like nicki but honestly britney can do it better all by herself this song is soo hot without the added voices and it seems like nicki only wants to keep dissin lil kim over and over again and really has nothing new to say

  75. 75

    I LIKE IT :)

  76. 76

    Re: BritneyQueen90 – read the comments. 80% of people agree.

  77. 77

    Does anyone else think that the part were they go: "ohhh ohhh ohh ohhh…" sound like something you shout during a soccer match?

  78. 78

    Re: TheJoeHoskins – I don't think so, they're just Britney haters or deaf people…

  79. 79

    Re: hell2dno – That's stupid, Britney RARELY features someone on her songs and they're hits! It was Madonna's idea to be featured on MATM, because she needed from Britney! Sorry, but everyone knows that's true! Madonna should just go away, she's too old…

  80. 80

    I seriously don't get the big deal about Nicki Minaj. Her verse doesn't even make sense, and I don't know if that screaming is supposed to make her look funny, or cool, I really don't know, and she's mediocre at her best! But Ke$ha was actually good. It should have been Ke$ha and Britney, they make a good team.

  81. 81

    Clearly Britney needs help with getting back into the business but because most people under 25 don't know her well, she's using the most popular female singers with teens. Just annoying.

  82. 82

    "Clearly Britney needs help with getting back into the business but because most people under 25 don't know her well, she's using the most popular female singers with teens. Just annoying."
    W.T.F. ARe you kidding me? Beyonce is one year older than her. Britney doesn't need any singers to "get back" in the industry, gets your facts straight. She never did, and all her ICONIC songs are done by herself. Just annoying? without her, there would be probably no such thing as a female "pop star" because she was the first female "POP STAR". Kids these days need to learn the facts.

  83. Thaye says – reply to this


    Re: Lily Anna
    It's incredible how much bullshit you just comprised into one single comment.