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Bratz Winz!!! Mattel Used Corporate Espionage In Attempt To Steal The Dollz From Rivalz!

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Bratz winnerz

The justice system has had it up to HERE with these Bratz!

After Mattel was awarded $100 million in 2008 in a lawsuit against MGA Entertainment for stealing the rights of their Bratz dolls, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals threw the result out.

The favorable verdict left Mattel cocky and ready to hear the same verdict in the next trial, but they didn't expect the unexpected and MGA has WON, once and for all, the rights to Bratz!

The jury "completely rejected Mattel's claims of ownership" of the dollz and even found that the toy company STOLE MGA's secrets through a campaign of corporate espionage, awarding them with $88.4 million in damages.

Wow! Talked about a stunning victory in the eye of defeat that has totally tainted Mattel's brand!

Say it isn't so, Mattel? What other classic toy properties did you steal from others? Barbie? Hot Wheels? Apples to Apples?

Very disappointed in Mattel, but happy this matter is finally closed for MGA Entertainment (hopefully).

Were U convinced by Mattel's squeaky clean image at first or did U side with MGA the entire time?

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10 comments to “Bratz Winz!!! Mattel Used Corporate Espionage In Attempt To Steal The Dollz From Rivalz!”

  1. 1

    You know what Perez… you used to be right on top of all of the latest breaking stories. Now you always the "last" to report them. Start doing your job again and make your site more enjoyable like it used to be.

  2. 2

    Perez is an old single auntie trying to get anyone to tell her she's still "with it!"

  3. 3

    I don't know who would argue about who invented a toy that encourages little girls to act like snot nose brats and dress like prostitutes.

  4. 4

    Old news….luv these little whore dolls

  5. 5

    Somewhere, Paula Abdul is weeping over this story because her name isn't mentioned.

  6. 6

    Bit dodgy to be suggesting they might have 'stolen' other toy ideas. Might want to check that claim with a lawyer.

  7. 7

    Barbie forever bratz suckz

  8. blev says – reply to this


    Did ou not know that the orignial design for barbie was stole. From a german company actually.

  9. 9

    I won't weigh in on corporate espionage, but I will say that Mattel/Fisher Price is a WRETCHED place to work.They've downsized so much we're all working 4 people's jobs.Most of us are working @ 50 hours a weekhrs/wk. Fisher Price(Mattel's parent co.) will promote you to get you out of their hair rather than fire you because they don't want to pay unemployment &they don't want anymore lawsuits.Several times I've had coworkers apply for promotions w/i the company; the job posting stated the opening was in-house only,applicant must have a bachelor's degree, & 1 or more year(s) working in a related field. Each time, the position went to an outside male, with no degree & no experience in the field. A good friend requested a meeting of HR & staffing personnel to advise them she was lodging a complaint against F.P. because she'd been passed over 3 times for men who didn't work for F.P., didn't have a degree, and didn't have experience. She has a Master's in Business & excellent company reviews, & was passed over anyway. She was fired. Yeah, we've all learned to keep our heads down. We could leave F.P., but go where in this economy? And F.P. is located in a small town and employs mostly people who live in that town. Not many have the money or desire to move away from their friends & family in search of another job in this market. And that is exactly where F.P know's they have the upper hand.

  10. 10

    Re: blev – Please don't tell me this is a "Barbie" joke, b/c that's sick. Barbie was the name of the creator's daughter. That's it.