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The Club Goes Gaga For GaGa!

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Friday night at Tao Las Vegas was sooooo much fun!

ESPECIALLY when DJ Reach played Lady GaGa's new single, Judas.

Watch the amazing insanity (above)!!!

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88 comments to “The Club Goes Gaga For GaGa!”

  1. 1

    notice that he's the only fucking person dancing. the song SUCKS

  2. 2

    You act like that and the wonder why you can't get a man ? Think about it.

  3. 3

    must have been so fun! you look good! very cute!

  4. 4

    Perez, were you there by yourself?…do you have any actual friends? probably not since all you do is spread hate….feel sorry for you…oh well. maybe on your next life..

  5. 5

    hehehe, oh Perez, it looks like only you were going insanse for it lol

  6. 6

    ummmm they only went insane because it was the first song and he hyped the crap out of it. any song would of got people screaming sorry perez your party was a total fail, your crappy #pereztao hash tag got retweeted like 5 times hahaha

  7. 7

    whats up with the haters constantly in ur comment section? why do you guys even bother coming to his blog if you hate him so much?

  8. 8

    LOL its the haters that keep this website running and perez in business. pat on the back guys, hope youre getting what you wanted for this apparent 'enemy' of yours.

  9. 9

    oh please dJ was shouting make some noise…DUH!!! had nothing to do with the song JUDuas sucks ass!!! please song sucks

  10. 10

    SHUT UP PEREZ!!! for gaga's sake…you ruin her! You made her loose so many fans! and btw…judas sucks!

  11. 11

    Perez has no friends. Club is gay. DJ is horrible. Song sucks. Notice no one is dancing. FAIL FAIL

  12. 12

    Perez is the ONLY one dancing!!

  13. 13

    Retarded phag!

  14. 14

    Oh my god that DJ talks too much. Why would anyone go to a club where someone screams MAKE SOME NOISE all night? Fuuuuck that.

  15. 15

    Been there, done that. NEXT!

  16. 16

    i actually like this song, but NOBODY in that club was dancing except Perez.. he has no shame and he must think we, his readers, are really dumb or stupid to not notice it.
    Give it a rest dude!!!! its so annoying how much you kiss her ass.

  17. 17

    WOW, AMAZEBALLS, EPIC !!!!!!!! But I didn't see the actual video cuz it won't load. Maybe that's a good thing huh

  18. 18

    Wonder what party you were at, cause the only person going crazy for the song

  19. ick says – reply to this


    this dj does the worst funk flex impersonation…

  20. 20

    GaGa lipsynchs in concert!!! That's why her singing doesn't change when she falls down. She’s a fraud!!!

  21. 21

    Do you know how stupid you look when you're the ONLY one dancing?

  22. 22

    Perez, you have brought Caca down…….the hat's too small and your teeth are all over the place……curl up and die

  23. 23

    Re: wonderfulectric – actually there are alot of people dancing. Also, Perez has more of a life than you. At least he is at a party and not in the comment section of a blog being hateful. Get a clue.

  24. 24

    Lol, just because this site is a guilty pleasure for many doesn't mean we can't give the guy crap when he makes a blatant fool of himself. Besides, in exchange for those scathing comments Perez gets hits to his website that he happily takes to the bank. We get to release an urge to gossip behind the privacy/unaccountability of a computer screen, Perez makes a living, and everyone is happy.

  25. 25

    No one was dancing LMFAO

  26. 26

    The Frankenstein Monster tries its hand at dancing.

  27. 27

    Omggggg hahaha Perez is such a dork!!!!! I like the dancer though.

  28. 28

    Re: RyanD21wa – I agree..who CARES if people comment on here whatever they want to???!?!?!?

  29. 29

    Reminds me of my NYC days, when Studio 54 was in it's heyday.
    The "Mr. Big" and Gordon Gekko investment bankers we worked for, always got us secretaries in with them, as their limos dropped us off out front and waved all inside, without a wait.
    I've always loved gay nightclubs. Great loud disco music blasting away.
    Now techno rave stuff. LUVS IT STILL.

  30. 30

    Re: wiseguy – says somebody who is …sitting here… replying to a comment on a blog… now, while you go fuck yourself- I'm gonna head to the club I DJ at, and have a fantastic little night for myself XoXo

  31. 31

    How hilarious is it that this is pretty much just Perez going wild?? Other than that it pretty much looks like a normal club atmosphere. :P Oyyyy

  32. 32

    Re: luvs2tango – ha sounds fun! :)

  33. 33

    Damn, these are some harsh ass comments! Perez was having fun! No matter what any other people think, none of you were there! Get off the computer and hit the club up and see if you can get treated V.I.P. like Mr. Hilton!

  34. 34

    Dear Perez, YOU are the only one going "wild" over that song, did you watch your own video?

  35. 35

    All one has to do on this blog is to see the word "Gaga" or "Perez" and look at the comments to find the MOST judgemental, intolerant and hateful things you people say about these two….WHY ARE YOU HERE? take a walk, better yet, plant a tree….Stop coming here and bullying. Work on improving yourselves, instead of being critical of someone who clearly has talent and artistic vision…..Just because you may be failures, don't wish that on others due to your own insecurities…. Thank you.

  36. 36

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – It's called being secure and not caring what people think. ;)

  37. 37

    Oh and love the hat Perez. You are looking adorable.

  38. 38

    Ode to Lucifer.

  39. 39

    Umm…the DJ started the song and after a few seconds stopped it and screamed "MAKE SOME NOIIIIIIISE!!!" as confetti and bubbles flew about. I'm pretty sure even Rebecca Black's "Friday" would have gotten a warm reception to that kind of introduction. Not a hater, just sayin'…

  40. 40

    You can totally tell Mario is hopped up on meth in this video. God you are so hideous its no wonder you will never have a real boyfriend. BTW why would anyone want to dance with some loud mouth ni.gger screaming over the song?

  41. Bytch says – reply to this


    Beyonce is going to crush the hell out of Lady Caca on the charts. Enjoy top 10 while you can…

  42. 42

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF. what u said was so funny i had to type out LMAO. hahahaha

  43. 43

    im so glad that katy perry, rihanna, cee-lo, chris brown, jlo, adele and some other people are sitting comfortably on the hot 100. theres no way in hell that that stupid ass song judas is going to climb atop s&m and e.t. when theyre getting played non stop where ever i go and i only heard of this corny ass song on this corny ass website.

  44. 44

    Does NO BODY listen to song's lyrics anymore!??????????????????????­? NO, they don't. they only care if it sounds cool. If someone wrote a song about how amazing Hitler was, everyone would be in an uproar, no one would think twice about banning it. But Lady Gaga writing a song about a betrayer of whom most of the world worships????? No one cares because the sound is awesome…

  45. 45

    okay i absolutely love gaga, and i love judas. but this pisses me off how you sugar coat reality in favor of her. im sorry but the crowd is not going wild, i dont see any insanity…. only you… i love the song, and i love gaga, btu the truth is not many people are likin it.

  46. 46

    who will dance to a evil song.

  47. 47

    uuuuuugh, i hate this song. so below her usual caliber.

  48. 48

    Re: BeeLahhve – it TOTALLY sucks. definitely disappointed, not even close to as good as her other singles.

  49. 49

    you look like a fucking idiot, overexagerate god damn everything

  50. 50

    Looks like people weren't feeling the song. Don't blame them. The song sucks.

  51. 51

    wow that song is heaps better looks like great fun perez

  52. 52

    Re: NookiesWA – Hahaha you've never been to Tao I take it? Makes a lot of sense, saying a club is 'gay' and the dj is 'horrible' when you've never even been. The clubs are loving Judas: Tao, Jet, Haze, Tryst, Pure, The Bank, LAX, heard it everywhere. Guess not everyone hates the song.

  53. 53

    the club isnt going crazy! you're the only one who seems to actually know the song!

  54. 54

    Re: Maegan Weatherly – God, you're ignorant. The song isn't about Judas per sé, the whole song is one big metaphor about falling for someone and being betrayed. She could've used Star Wars' Lando, same thing, but Judas' betrayel is probably the best known out there. Besides, many people still question the Bible and many don't see it as a history book (rightfully so) whereas Hitler actually existed and did a whole lotta more harm than Judas. Comparing the two, a to some fictional character who betrayed Jesus and later repented and a truely evil dictator who killed millions of innocent people, is just plain dumb.

  55. 55

    Re: GayRay

    hahahaha, que me meooo!!!

  56. 56

    i was there and the song totally ruined my buzz

  57. 57

    No Perez, YOU went crazy - it seems like you were there on your own? ahahaha And that DJ was AWFUL. He would have pissed me off no end.

  58. 58

    PEREZ!! You was the ONLY idiot dancing to GAGA. People in the background was laughing and making fun of you. The club DID NOT go gaga for Gaga, YOU did! Plus there's 2 reasons why you are single. 1st You act like that in public and 2nd is you are fugly, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You look like a fat old pervert. You're face is just the most sickening shit ever. You kinda look like Miss Piggy's brother…blah

  59. 59

    Re: britishchick – LMAO…..PErez is a fucking IDIOT.

  60. JCPR says – reply to this


    There are 2 things that im gonna say. 1st i cant believe you dont know the lyrics of your beloved lady gaga perez! and 2nd you dance like a 80 year old woman! happy easter every1! :)

  61. 61

    You seem to be the only one digging that god awful song fool. Everyone else is standing around watching you act like a idiot.

  62. 62

    Perez, lose the fucking hat already…you look RIDICULOUS!

  63. 63

    Uh, Perez I know you like Judas and all, but is it really worthy to put on a celebrity news blog when a club plays the song? I guess maybe because you were there but still… Where's the post showing Gaga's interview where she called people "retarded" and started crying because Born This Way sounds like Express Yourself? Instead of posting just the "positive" posts about Gaga, how about you post some of the negative ones too… just like for every other celebrity on this site.

  64. 64

    LOL Perez went crazy over Judas. I sure didn't notice the crowd going crazy.

  65. GIO says – reply to this


    welcome to www.perezgagahilton.com FOR GODS SAKE ENOUGH

  66. 66

    why is everyone being so mean? really is that necessary everyone? jealous haters

  67. 67



  68. 68

    Is it me or everybody think the same? That as a Gay man you are a freaking disaster you can't dance, can't dress, can't get a date and have a personality of rotten egg!

  69. 69

    You guys are so pathetic
    in stead of commenting on every gaga post perez writes
    Just Leave it's fucking dumb'
    Lady Gaga is a friend of Perez
    so ofcourse he writes positive posts
    really dumb 4reaal

  70. 70

    lady gaga is creepy. she cant sing,she cant dance and her performance is like drunk old lady try to sing madonna in chinese karaoke room.
    cmon people….where are all good music goes?just kill ga ga already,send her back to brothel house where she bolongs

  71. 71

    lady gaga is creepy. she cant sing,she cant dance and her performance is like drunk old lady try to sing madonna in chinese karaoke room.
    cmon people….where are all good music goes?just kill ga ga already,send her back to brothel house where she belongs

  72. 72

    Re: Juan Gonzalez – LOL…not nice but funny as hell…Miss Piggy's brother!!! hilarious! never thought of that

  73. 73

    I was at the event and this was the only song that NOBODY went crazy for. It is a total abortion of a song. Perez you need to stop with the lies and as everyone can see from the clip you were the only knobhead in the joint dancing (Well….when I say dancing….I meant having some sort of seizure)

  74. 74

    Hahah. Everyone's right, the only one screaming and dancing like a prepubescent girl is you.

  75. 75

    why would the dj restart a song 3 times saying "MAKE SOME NOIIIISSSE" ? thats gotta kill a buzz… FAiL

  76. 76


  77. 77

    I have no idea why you posted this, no news GaGa is being played at the club.

  78. 78

    Re: Maegan Weatherly – Because Hitler was real ! Judas along with jesus are just fictional characters in a dusty old book.

  79. 79

    That doesn't look like a good time, and you were the only one rocking out lolll

  80. 80

    LOL! I love how your the ONLY ONE in the club to go crazy over the song and dance to it. Everyone else was just standing there, totally unamused . #FAIL

  81. 81

    The people looked more interested in the girl hanging from the ceiling and the bubbles.. Lame.

  82. 82

    Damn,Perez your a shitty dancer

  83. 83

    This song is just not a radio single. I like the song of course but I'm a big fan of hers… this is an album filler song. I don't blame the crowd for not dancing, this is no Pokerface or Just dance….. it does sounds kinda like a bad bad romance, lol. it's okay, it's one that had grow on me. I doubt it is on the Top10 list this week. Plus her recent HBO preview of her crying and saying she feels like a loser in high school is totally unfierce and kinda immature. And I can't get over the album cover for Born This Way… I don't know whats gotten into her lately.

  84. 84

    Uuuuummmmmm…..you are the only one who looked like they even cared. NO ONE else was dancing. I love the song, but seriously? I wouldnt call anything about that club fun or insanity….except for you. haha…wow….stupid….

  85. 85

    JUDAS sucks.. BTW sucks.. bring back the old fun I am just a girl dancing around and doing it because I love music gaga. Not this new I need to push my agenda- act like a freak and make all these dumb political statements Gaga. YUCK

  86. 86

    Re: MsJules – I love gaga do death as you all know, but I understand where you are coming from. I'm as pro gay as it gets, but I think its unrealistic to think that someone like gaga (dressed as a Nun with tape on her nipples and blood on her face ready to take it from behind) is going the change the minds of critics of the Lgbt community………………
    lol, sorry Gaga…. You know you are the HBIC, don't fret.

  87. 87

    Re: OriginalRecipe – LOL.. Yea I was a big time fan when she first came out.. loved all her songs.. and was always interested in her performance.. the Elton John duet with her was beautiful… But I think unfortantly she's strayed from who she is & myself (along with i'm assuming a fairly decent amount of her former fans) feel like she should have kept true to her original form :)

  88. 88