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Beyoncé And Jay-Z To Perform At The Royal Wedding?!

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Oh man. Our Royal Wedding Fever just escalated big time!

This is going to be EPIC!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have reportedly been asked to perform for Prince William and Kate Middleton at the couple's upcoming royal wedding reception!

According to sources, the couple are huge fans of both performers, who are already in Europe at the moment, and want the pair to perform at the reception for their loved ones!

The insider explains:

"Both William and Kate are massive fans of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They really wanted to make their big day even more special and what better way than by getting pop royalty to perform at the party? Will and Kate will have an official reception for hundreds of dignitaries before throwing a less formal bash for loved-ones. They both wanted to ditch traditions and make it more personal for them. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are both in Europe at the moment while she promotes her new single 'Run The World (Girls)'. So it's highly likely they have taken up the Royals' offer. After all, who would turn down a once-in-a-lifetime gig like that?"

No shiz! They must be freaking out!

What a cool opportunity!

Not to mention how amazing we think it is that Will and Kate are ensuring that this day is special for them and their loved ones, too! It's still their WEDDING, after all, and we're so glad that they aren't losing sight of that in all of the media craziness!

Congrats, again, guys! We are getting SO excited for you!

Be sure to watch Perez as he hosts "Will + Kate Forever," the only royal wedding special worth seeing, airing Friday, April 29th at 7pm/6c on Wedding Central and also at 9pm/8c on WE tv.

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Beyoncé And Jay-Z To Perform At The Royal Wedding?!”

  1. 1

    Yeah they clearly didn't get lost in the media craziness, that's why they're hiring BEYONCE AND JAY-Z to perform at their wedding.

  2. 2

    Hmm. I can't picture this, but I still think it would be cool.

  3. 3

    I am surprised the Royals would invite this filty skank considering she performed for Gadaffie famaily and took their $1 million of stolen money. Just wondering what she is charging the Royals filthy skank

  4. 4

    It's easter today and I am a real mess We bought a live lam from the farmers market I slit it's throat last nite The horror the poor thing creamed in pain blood everwhere I did not have the guts to butcher it So we end-up buring the poor little thing. What horror. I am a total mess today.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Right the Queen is going have them perform Big Pimping and Bootyliouse at the future kings wedding reception. Fucking idiot.

  7. 7

    Birds of a dark feather flock together.

  8. 8

    I never thought I would put the words Queen Elizabeth and Jay-Z together in a sentence..can you just imagine her mouthing the words to Big Bimpin??lol

  9. 9

    yeah, the "source" is the Daily Star..which is the definition of RAG MAG. Most likely NOT true

  10. 10

    Are you trying to pass off British tabloid stuff and not gossip magazines like US magazine or people but the ones in the US that have pictures of half alien half human babies on them as from your "sources"?

    Secondly, I wouldn't doubt that William's camp is putting out some false rumors to a) weed out those that can't be trusted and b) keep the paps off the real trail.

  11. 11

    Re: Reallynowcmon
    worried about what magazine it came from? since when you are so worried about a rumor when you jackasses believe every thing that is fed. You must be a jealous filthy stinky bitch. jealous much the most powerful black couple are invited to a royal wedding? What is so bad about that. I can see you typing with envy and hatred all over your white dotted ass. Whatever you try down jay and Bey they will reign in the history books. Yes the history books you can see them there already and they are not done yet?

  12. 12

    Dude, It aint got SHIT to do with cause they black, or what race.Come one people….who the fuck did Obama's have at the president inauguration? Them 2.There all connected to one Society…think about it.

  13. 13

    Beyonce I get… Jay-Z - WTF? All he does is flap his arms around and say Yeah, uh huh…. so friggin talentless! Ridin' Beyonce's big ol' coat tails for sure. What a way to D-Class the wedding!

  14. 14

    Re: renece – To think you have the name Jesus as part of your screen name. There's nothing Christ like in your nasty vile bigoted mindset that you spew forth on such a holiest of holy days.

  15. 15

    Yeah, I'm calling BS on this one.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Now that's pull.

  17. 17

    oh no, that's a downgrade right there.

  18. 18

    I'll believe it when more than an insider says it. Sounds totally made up.

  19. 19

    Lets just hope beyowulf doesn't embarrass the US & keep her legs closed.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ShiaLove – Well, you know how gangsta those royals are.

  21. 21

    Re: biana v – ha I'd like to see that!!

  22. 22

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did perform at the wedding. As long as the check clears, they don't care. If they can perform for dictators, they will perform for anyone.

  23. 23

    very unlikely, aren't these two a bit tainted now, what with performing for Gaddafi?