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38 comments to “Blacklisted Glee Extra Does Damage Control!”

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    Yes. You can't be blabbing about a film you worked on (or TV show) before it comes out. She is well aware of that, as is every extra on a set. Often, you have to sign non-disclosure forms on TV and film productions. So yes, she should be blacklisted.

  2. 2

    It's just a show and it's not like the plot in Glee is intriguing enough for someone to be pissed about spoilers. Give her a break!

  3. 3

    What is wrong with those Glee people? They are always going batshit crazy on somebody. If its not the Kings of Leon, its some poor young up and coming actress. They need to stop this nonsense. They take that show way too seriously and they really need to get over themselves. It’s not that damn serious.

  4. 4

    idiot. If she signed a non-disclosure then she hasn't a legal foot to stand on.

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    Glee.wikia.com is spoiler central for Glee, and that's who they got all the big info from… and probably where Perez got this from. Literally everyone on that site is there for spoilers, and people who follow her only do so for her infamous spoilers. I for one think they should have had a NDA from the start, but they let her go on for so long spoiling that I feel terribly for her. She wasn't legally bound not to say anything. She's foolish, but she doesn't deserve this.

  6. 6

    GUYS. SHE DIDN'T SIGN AN NDA. That's why they're slapping everyone on set with them now. I love Glee, but that was their own foolish overlook that spawned this.

  7. 7

    This is like my third comment, so I apologize, but this is one of the first things I really agree with Perez about… she should get cut some slack. If even Gleeks like the two of us agree, who are spoiler lovers, than ok!

  8. 8

    Blacklisted because of Glee? They take this show too damn serious its not that big of a deal geez.

  9. 9

    well, as usual, I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT. but, okay, let's say…what she is saying is TRUE..
    1) She should have not gone and talked AGAIN! She should have found from friends or called 1 of those ambulance chasers (lawyers) and SUED the co-creater of GLEE
    2) Co-creater of Glee should have found out IF THIS EXTRA WAS ANYWHERE NEAR THE SET when THIS, the prom show, was filming, or the ones previous to it, WHEN SCRIPTS WERE HANDED OUT and someone could have rehersed or TALKED ABOUT IT. If he did not do this first, before issuing a THREAT, which is what he said, (and again, did he really say this?), yes, he deserves to be sued.
    3) all PURE STUPIDITY. If this is true. Everyone will get up and go on. People will still watch that stupid show. The sun will still rotate the next day or if it doesn't it surely is not the fault of Glee and if it doesn't, well, no one has anything to WORRY ABOUT ANYMORE.
    4)maybe all of this is a stupid publicity stunt. Their ratings have dipped a bit. Would not put it past anyone in Hollywood to try anything to try to freshen up a show.
    and, again, if she did release by accident or not, true info, deny deny deny… film a different queen and king, slip a few seconds into a preview…. besides HOW MANY DIFFERENT QUEENS AND KINGS CAN THERE BE? would they throw in someone viewers don't know?

  10. 10

    Hey fatty, why no articles about the MTF that got beaten at McDonalds.

  11. 11

    glee fans arent twilight fans, me and my friends were happy with the spoliers

  12. 12

    If she is telling the truth and she hasn't been on the set in over 6 months than she is not in the wrong.

  13. 13

    it is really not that serious it's Glee its not like it's 24 or Vampire diaires ,smallville or supernatural I doubt that the fans of the show are that upset. The creators of this show and productions act like this show is so great in reality its not its funny but its no Buffy

  14. 14

    She completely represented herself as someone who was currently working on the show. Someone speaking as a witness.

    While I feel sorry for her, she is not entitled to keep her job in the entertainment industry when there are literally thousands of others who could do her job and NOT be so careless. She got her chance- as is young enough to go back to school to do something else.

  15. 15

    First of all this is just a show. Lets get real here. We have people killing people, and this Falchuk wants to "ruin" some young woman's career over this. Tell the guy to get a life. On a power trip much guy?

  16. 16

    Poor Nicole Crowther will never work in that town again. One must never piss off the Glee Gods or the wrath we be incurred.

  17. 17

    lol that jerk!!

  18. 18

    I completely wondered the whole thing- if this is just a big publicity stunt to throw people off.

  19. 19

    Brad Falchuk has probably been waiting to say "you'll never work in this town again" to someone since he was a lowly writer on 'Mutant X.' Congrats, Brad - it only took you 10 years to become a truly narcissistic, Hollywood douchebag.

    Okay, so he created 'Glee.' Impressive­. However, to paraphrase a great line from 'Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead,' that show will be like a mustard burp in the annals of television - momentaril­y tangy then forgotten in the wind. Brad Falchuk - you are not Robert Evans c1973… Get over it (and yourself) soon.

  20. 20

    Whether or not she was an extra in that particular episode she shouldn't have said anything. Maybe it's not as serious as the consequences, but she knew what she was doing. She can't backtrack now.

  21. 21

    I don't think he was threatening her or saying he doesn't want her to work there. I think he meant was that nobody will hire her because they would worry she'd do the same thing to them, so she should pick another career.

  22. 22

    black listed over this crap? This is sooo stupid. People really should be more concerned about other pressing issues… Who the fawk cares who the prom queen and king are for a fictional show… Stupid Drama for no reason.

  23. 23

    if she's telling the truth that about not being on the set since October then she has nothing to worry about. i've done some extra work on a popular tv show in the UK, and im a fan of it. If there was a plot story that i was not involved in on the show i would probably speculate with the rest of the viewers: which is basically what this girl has done. She shouldn't get blacklisted for for a rumour she heard from someone else. Anybody who is talking about contracts- you shouldn't really say anything about them unless you have read one!

  24. 24

    Eh just get a legal name change and you'll be back working in no time.. haha

  25. 25

    kick the the skank out who was looking for cash…it's always about more money….Shows always want privacy….she broke the rules everybody knows about…

  26. 26

    Only a totally stupid person would do this….now she's looking for more money…

  27. 27

    considering ryan murphy releases like every fucking detail of what's going to happen next on glee, i don't see why everyone's all pissed off.

  28. 28

    Re: understudy3 – Haha I thought about that too while watching GMA this morning and reading Perez at the same time, then I realized it would probably be on here like a week from now

  29. 29

    This isn't unique to the entertainment industry. You bleat confidential info to all and sundry, not only will you get fired but you will usually have to explain why you got fired from your last job, meaning you are unlikely to get work in the same field again. In this case its not 'just a tv show' - its the livelihoods of about a hundred people - cast members and crew. you don't mess with that.

  30. 30

    I'm guessing she forgot she had been tweeting a lot of spoilers about that episode prior to this dinner party. And she said she knew but wouldn't reveal the info about prom king and queen. She had been revealing spoilers (some right some wrong) for a long time as well as answering questions from people about the cast. Nicole also claimed she was working regularly on the show. I wonder if she realizes that by deleting your accounts, you don't always delete what you've said. I guess she's a habitual liar that thinks a Press Release will create a new truth.

  31. 31

    After reading most all of the comments it really makes me wonder what this world is coming to. I know Nicole Crowther personally. She is kind, honest, trustworthy, smart, overly trusting and would give anything to someone in need. She is truly a good person.

    I believe this has spiraled out of control because Mr. Falchuk didn't think, consider or even check to see if Nicole was on the show. Let's face it, Nicole had some followers but not the kind of numbers following Mr. Falchuk. I'm sure if the clocks could be turned back he is really wishing they could be too. If anything, this is getting the show more exposure. This season isn't as good as the first. Nicole is NOT a creeper, creepy or anything else.

    Nicole admires many actors and directors, that doesn't mean she wants to follow them around, sneak into their homes or whatever weird misconceptions some people on here may think. ew. Is there anyone on here that IS in the business?

  32. 32

    I worked as an extra the days they shot the prom episode, and no one had to sign a non-disclosure, which surprised everyone I talked to. The background was not even told not to tell anyone. That being said, it is expected that you will respect the everyone's work, time, and effort. If she truly was not working on the prom episode, then someone should be looking for the person she spoke to. Still–no non-disclosure means it was their own fault.

  33. 33

    I live in Hollywood, and occasionally work as an extra. I've worked on Glee numerous times, as well as other shows. Here are the facts. 1) GLEE does NOT present any..nor require any extras to fill out ANY non-disclosure agreements. NONE. (However, I wouldn't be surprised if they do so after this) 2) If anyone that watches GLEE didn't already see Kurt being prom king then you must have had your eyes closed since the show began. The creators and writers of GLEE "milk" the gay plot line like its going out of style, and the show is getting old, and predictable because of it. Seriously…move on, we get it he's gay (so am i) BIG DEAL!!. You're trying to bring homosexuality into the forefront of the media and be trendsetters, but your show is seriously lacking interesting plot twists.

    Brad needs to get over it. So she released some information about the show. She wasn't working that day. Blaming her and threatening her with blacklisting her from the show and the industry is illegal. I hope she takes them to court and wins big.

  34. 34

    Sounds like another fucking bully to me!!!!!

  35. 35

    Also, It is true there was NO Non-Disclosure agreement and she hadn't even been on the show since October of last year. What does that mean? She obviously heard the spoiler from someone else and carried on the message…just like majority of people would do. So finally, Move on and find a new show.. one with at least some original thought and a co-creator that's not on an ego trip.

  36. 36

    This Brad Falchuk is a douche. He really needs to get over himself. This threat that this young girl would never work in entertainment again is a straight out power tripping move on his part. He needs to realize that he is only a tv show producer and nothing more. It's really a childish move on his part. Perhaps he should look at this as a plus, as it creates publicity. The viewers dont care about spoilers, in fact it probably makes them want to watch to see if the spoiler is true. I have stopped watching the show after last season, as its just rehashing old shit over and over. Brad, you are no Speilberg, Copolla. You are just some hack that is experiencing his 15 minutes of fame. To even try to ruin a young girls career aspirations is clearly a self centered act on your part. Blacklisting is such a thing of the past, lets be adults and allow people to make up for their mistakes. Brad, your credibility has been compromised. You just lost one more viewer.

  37. 37

    I have been picking up from a few other sites following this story that there is an orchestrated smear campaign going in from some "somewhat less" than intelligent folks to discredit this girl. I am noticing these same comments on this thread here. Since i agree with whomever is trying to expose this fraud after seeing the comments, i must say they really are transparent and of course no one agress with them. THis girl wasnt on set and didnt disclose any confidential information, i would feel different if she were, but since everyone is conceding that she is not, this story is a "wrap" ……. she didnt do anything wrong and Falchuk did, probably inadvertantly, but nonetheless did and HE is the one that should now suffer some consequences for his actions. Let's all watch for strong negative comments to the contrary and recognize them for what they are.

  38. 38

    Re: Demode – well you say this right but as she said she was not an extra since October and from what I heard on other reports she ended the contract until further notice so thus she was not singed to a disclosure therefore she could not legally get into any trouble.