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Alex Pettyfer Shows off His Disgusting True Colors To VMAN Magazine

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Never again will we refer to him as "Prettyface." We swear it, here and now. We're simply appalled with everything about him right now!

Many congrats to Dianna Agron for getting out when she did.

We've heard a lot of trash talk about Alex Pettyfer since he first came on to the scene early this year and was pegged the new "hottie" of young Hollywood. No one can deny that the boy's a looker, but in his new interview with VMAN magazine, he reveals just how unattractive he truly is. From bashing the biz to degrading women, we've finally come to realize what an egotistical, misogynistic slime this guy is.

Let's start off with this gem - did you know that Alex has a tattoo? No. Probably because you've never seen him naked. Alex reveals he has a tattoo above his crotch that reads 'thank you' "in case I forget to say it." Cue a gross wink in the direction of all you fine young ladies who may one day get the esteemed honor of seeing the ink for yourself. (YUCK!!!)

Then, he's asked his thoughts on La La Land and how he is adjusting to the El Lay lifestyle. Be forewarned - he doesn't censor himself at all. He says:

"L.A. is growing on me a little bit but it's still a s–t hole," Pettyfer spewed. "I think it's this insidious pool where nearly everyone lives in fear. Geographically it's fantastic, but socially it's disgusting. I wish they'd run all the c–ts out."

OMG! Not cool! Where's voodoo Mary-Kate Olsen when you need her???

This guy needs a reality check and an ego deflation STAT! There is no way he can say these things without knowing there are going to be some serious consequences…namely, the end of the career.

Hey, are you looking forward to starring in The Hunger Games? No? Oh, right, you were bumped for Josh Hutcherson, someone who doesn't walk around town like his shiz don't stink and treat people obscenely.

Deplorable! You're going to regret this!

[Image via WENN.]

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89 comments to “Alex Pettyfer Shows off His Disgusting True Colors To VMAN Magazine”

  1. 1

    Ugh, he's the perfect example of the stereotype for Englishmen.
    Arrogant, smarmy, and rude. And to top it all off, he's good looking.

  2. 2

    who is he:s who cares and hes not tht hot anyway

  3. 3

    im not sure what the problem is here. that's a totally accurate assessment of LA.

  4. 4

    He is rather hot!!

  5. 5

    This is exactly what most people out here in LA living here say though. Mabye tons of people are not fortunate to say it in an interview with a worldwide magazine lol but they utter Alex's groans quite clearly. But it's like life. sometimes we all don't like it but we put up with it, and work it out. Not every celeb should be happy little ponys in the media as regular people are not happy little ponys as well.

  6. 6

    I don't find him attractive. He has a buttchin.

  7. 7

    He's been talking shizz since he first came on the scene. Hopefully this will be the last nail on the coffin. Douche, sure he's hot but certainly not the hottest.

  8. eatit says – reply to this


    Wow just wow, someone needs a publicist stat!

  9. 9

    I kind of love his honesty. Everyone says what they think you want to hear. Yeah hes cocky, most celebs are, but hide it. He owns his cockiness. He isn't a cardboard cut out. He's the real deal. I'm sure the tattoo comment was a joke. I watched his interview on ellen, he has a sarcastic side to him. He has no shame. Leave the guy alone.

  10. 10

    Good looking? Not so much.

  11. 11

    Perez…you are such a retard, apart from the tattoo mention which was actually a joke! everything he said is true. Being a supposed *ucking anglophile i wd think that you wd know that in england the word c***ts refers to men and women so he wasnt being a mysogynist. Ive been to LA, its a beautiful place but my god 90% of the people there are shallow and fame hungry. Unfortunately for him he has to spend his time with these people to progress in his career. He's english, hes gonna say it like it is rather than kissing your arse. I agree with every word he said.

  12. 12

    LA wouldn't be so bad if he left. He's the one shitting up the place XD

  13. 13

    OK the tattoo is stupid and well, stupid… but I find those tattoos above a girls ass pretty stupid too. And you calling him Prettyface is an insult and demeaning, so I don't think he will cry about that. And his comment on LA/Hollywood? I think others said it before me… pretty spot on assessment. I am certain he is an ass, in an asinine business. But then again, so are you ;)

  14. 14

    He is absolutely right. I moved to North Hollywood and escaped a year later. What a major shit-hole.

  15. 15

    Tell me what part of "hollywood is a shit-hole" is untrue…secondary to Guantanamo bay hollywood is the worst part of America. Its responsible for why girls now dream about getting their t*ts out or making a sex tape than becoming a politician, dr or teacher.

  16. 16

    Ugh. Please stop putting up posts about this loser - he's hideous inside & now outside.

  17. 17

    I live in Southern California and I agree with him!

  18. 18

    LOL, i agree with everything he said. And I love how perez calls someone else a mysogynist and deplorable…wait perez werent you the one trying to sell underage, pedophilic photos of miley cyrus' naked crotch. Thats like Adolf Hitler telling someone else that they should stop treating people badly. Perez, trust me its a sad day when a borderline pedophile is giving other people morality lessons.

  19. 19

    this was probably your best post since you decided to stop bullying. I'm not saying that I support bullying at all, but this is the first post that seemed genuine, wasn't littered with the words 'lol' or 'jk' , and wasn't preachy. I commend you for not being nasty anymore, but you also don't have to kiss everyone's butt either.

  20. 20

    First of all, he IS adorbs. Secondly, I like someone who speaks their mind. Too much PC bullshit is sooo boring. Thirdly, he SHOULD have been Peeta in the Hunger Games (if for no other reason than he is who I pictured when I read the books.)

  21. 21

    he was spot on in his description of LA…what's the problem?

  22. 22

    team Alex Pettyfer ! tahts sooo true!

  23. 23

    Honestly, LA is pretty lame, it hardly feels like an actual city when you're in it. Everyone wants to be famous, the tourism is out of control, there's all this fucking Moroccan pastiche shit all over the place, arbitrarily placed mansions, the streets have no one in them, everyone drives everywhere and expects all restaurants to have a valet, you can't hardly walk around and explore, everyone is positively addicted to SHITTY hair extensions there, it has exactly one year-round season….I only like the celebrities and the diners in LA.

  24. 24

    LA is a shit hole. Perez, do you want people to lie? If someone dares speak their mind you want to hang them. What a fucked up tight ass (not in ur case ) world we would all live in. LA'ers do all live in fear. It's beautiful but full of scum. Perez, your rant will have absolutely no influence on his career. Dont mistake celebs (you) for famouse (him ) people. He is a twat of course and should piss off back to the UK if its so awful here.

  25. dodo says – reply to this


    The only Cubans that live in LA are the desperate ones.

  26. sanaa says – reply to this


    Perez, c-nt is not a bad word in the UK like it is in the USA, it just means jerk and applies more then men than women over there!!! don't forget he's a kid. 21 your a kid.

  27. 27

    He's British, isn't he? They use the "c" word exactly the same way we use a**hole. And I've been to LA. I agree with him 100% - the Pacific and the rocky beaches are beautiful, but the city has an inordinately high percentage of douchebags.

  28. 28

    Sounds pretty accurate to me! Hey, when I lived in LA I was a c&nt. I had to move away to become nice. So I don't think he said anything bad!

  29. 29


  30. 30

    only cause he said it out loud and it was written down, how many people think it but keep their shit smelling like flowers, please! when he goes, another hot white guy will come up, it never ends.

  31. 31

    Yeah, he ain't all that.

  32. 32

    Misogynistic? Ugh. Aren't you the one that use to call everyone a slut?

  33. 33

    Sorry, Perez. I almost ALWAYS agree with you; no offense to your beloved la la land…but it's a poo hole. He's right.

  34. 34

    dude i live in LA and I essentially feel that way.

  35. 35

    Why do you not like him - because he doesn't like LA? I've been there a ton of times…it's absolutely awful. I cannot stand it…it's vapid. Good for him for speaking the truth!

  36. 36

    Perez u are SUCH a fucking hypocrite. I don't like this guy but everything he said was true. And he was referring to people in general by use of the C word..No doubt people like you is what he mean't. Fucking fat piece of shit.

  37. 37

    I see you are still cherry picking your "love is louder" message. You also seem determined to stifle this young man's career. His character maybe far from glowing, but his choice of the word 'c***ts' is not as extreme as you make it out to be as it is not exclusively aimed at women - in the UK it's really a non-gender specific term. in fact, it's a pretty casual term in many circles.

  38. 38

    I just need to say C**t doesnt have the same meaning in England as it does in the US, we class it as an ordinary swear word used in everyday conversation. Its like f**k and s**t, so him just coming out with it like that is normal for us. Its used more to describe men than it is women aswell. If Im right, which I think I am, I dont think he meant it the way everyone thinks he did.

  39. 39

    haha love it - umm the tattoo thing is so obviously a joke. I have never been to LA, but everyone always says the same thing; beautiful but innevitably just as shallow. This hate on Petyffer campaign the media has going is so obviously a payback for him refusing to talk about his private life.
    BTW i'm English - c**t (if your sensitive to swear words) is the worst swear word you could say (mostly because it is misogynistic- it doesn't mean a**ehole).

  40. 40

    Re: Michael Thomas – Yeah he's fantastic, I especially loved the threatening messages to Dianna Agron, top notch, really…are you nuts? Seriouslu? Did he get his tattoo idea from you?

  41. 41

    just draw a heart over his cock and get it over with, you homo

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Alex was joking about the tatoo. It actually says his name in a different language -_- .. english humour is hard to understand unless your english

  44. 44

    wait? Perez hates him now cuz one of the reason is because he is degrading women?!?! u gotta be Fucking kidding me! wasnt he the one always calling vanessa "vaneXXXa" and calling her a slut and calling Leanne Rimes one too!? ugh i swear such a fucking hypocrite!

  45. 45

    Wow, what a charmer! He doesn't have staying power. He'll be out of sight, out of mind shortly. He might want to fix those big ass ears while he still has money.

  46. 46

    Probably mad because he's been in a couple of dud movies.

  47. 47

    oh come on. i'm a native californian. lived in SF, LA and SD. and i have to agree with his comment.

  48. 48

    Re: sumara – haha so true that was exactly what I was going to say, he is bang on about LA!!

    And Perez, your use of the word 'deplorable' is EXCESSIVE.

  49. 49

    I've to read all the interview. For some reason i think you hating him as more than meets the eye…

  50. 50

    maybe not the right choice of words but an accurate statement if ive ever heard one

  51. 51

    loads of rumours in England about how he raped a couple of girls, but he got away with it coz of his rich dad. just what i've heard as he was quite big over here for a few years before hitting America. always knew he was a twat.

  52. 52

    Re: Jackie Soto – I know..its just incredible how he can be so bare faced in his hypocrisy. He's the biggest woman hater going….God Perez..if I ever see u..seriously

  53. 53

    Re: perezretard – Your comment is so idiotic. You claim 90% of Angelinos are horrible. Really, you met 90 percent of LA residents? That's roughly 9-10 million people. You're making gross generalizations and that's incredibly stupid.

  54. 54

    Maybe Perez needs to Google more before opening his mouth because C**t is British slang which as many posters here have pointed out.

  55. 55

    Remember when Butters put that fake scrotum on his chin? Just saying…

  56. 56

    I really think a little research would have been a good idea before posting this. The tattoo in question is very visible in many of his pics online and easily googled to discover it actually says, 'Alex', his name, in Japanese. So he made a dumb comment about it saying thank you, big deal. Oh course it was crass, but he's a 21 year old male. Like many guys that age don't talk like that. And again with his use of 'c***', it's british slang. I think people are jumping to the wrong conclusions about this guy due to alot of reporters not looking into what they report on. Should he have said all that shit? Probably not, but either should it be shared to others by people who don't know what the hell they are talking about.

  57. 57

    Wo dieeeee, Die ben koraaaa na eha wo Perez hilton… he said nothing wrong ya bum he was joking!

  58. 58

    never really paid much attention to this guy

    after reading what he allegedly said about LaLaLand - i FUCKIN' LUV HIM!

    so DEAD ON with his assessment of this DUMP!

    at the very bottom of said "shithole" is YOU Mario Laundromat

    i think you are über-bitter due to the fact he most likely ignored
    your fuggo pi-pi-pi-piggy faaaaayce at an event, and since you
    think he's a Prettyface, you got burned hardcore, and just can't
    give the man the same "respect" you demand of others - pffft!


    in any case, i now will take notice of this guys films

    nowhere near enough honest / blunt folks in this shithole city

    LaLaLand / Hollyweird needs more types like Petterfyr -and less types like you

  59. 59

    Well if he don't like it there, he can take his ugly ass back to the UK and act over there. What an English asshole.

  60. Helus says – reply to this


    I agree with every words he said!!!! I am from Europe and I live in LA 10 years now. Him, me and all who agree with him experienced life in another country, learned about different societies. LA is a very twisted city with the strangest weirdos on Earth.

  61. 61

    dont' care for him but his comment seems pretty valid to me about LA

  62. 62

    He's obviously not ugly, but I honestly don't find him to be ridiculously attractive or anyhting. Cute at best, I'd say.

  63. 63

    Yeah, I kind of agree with his L.A. comment. It seems like a bunch of egotistical assholes live there. If you're not in debt because of plastic surgery, then you're sucking someone's cock to get a job. I would never in a million years want to live there. I don't see what's so wrong with speaking what's on your mind. You do it all the time, Perez, and you are usually more annoying than he is.

  64. 64

    did you just learn the word "deplorable"? is that the word of the day and feel like you have to incorporate it into every post to show how intelligent you are?

  65. 65

    i'm gonna get a tat above my vag….'you're welcome'

  66. lolli says – reply to this


    ewwwwwwww lol wow

  67. 67

    ugh, everytime i have to drive through LA i feel like i need to take a shower right afterwards. what a shit hole. i try to avoid LA at any cost. so many people in LA think they are so cultured. plus the dining in LA sucks big time. gove me orange county and san diego anytime over LA.

  68. 68

    He sounds like an asshole, but what he says about L.A. is spot on.

  69. 69

    The tattoo thing was a joke. Admit it Perez, your just annoyed he slagged off LA.

  70. 70

    ahaha, this is brilliant. typical english interview.
    most people over here in england have that same feeling about LA/USA. why do people get bashed for having an opinion (albeit he didnt express it in the nicest way, but plenty of other people hate LA, it is a sham)
    if a bunch of americans come over to engliand and stayed in, lets say conventry, you'd all leave with the same feeling.

    i do not understand american people. its all pot, kettle, black.

  71. 71

    Ughhh what a douchelord

  72. 72

    Pot calling the kettle black, Perez. You've been spouting similar crap for years. That said, the guy IS, indeed, a disgusting sleazeball.

  73. 73

    Re: Starflower11 – butt chins are the worst!

  74. 74

    He doesn't even have a tattoo That was a joke which Americans are too simple to understand and it was a very accurate description of LA tbh. I don't see anything wrong with what he said. perez just flipped out coz he lives in LA, he's a fat ginger douche

  75. 75

    Kind of obvious that the tattoo thing was a joke…

  76. 76

    Oh for Gods sake people chill the fuck out!!! His portrayal of L.A. is spot on and we all know it, and as for the tattoo thing, if you can't recognise someone being cheeky for the sake it you need to grow up!! He's a young guy, good looking in Hollywood what do you expect?!!

  77. 77

    i agree with sumara

    i want to kick him between the balls for the tattoo part but what he said about LA was just true

  78. 78

    Re: Michael Thomas
    Shut the fuck up.

  79. 79

    I am from LA and only certain area's carry that stereotype they show on TV. He is just a ungrateful douche bag. And as for that thank you tat, I hope he is thanking the dude he's getting the clap from.

  80. 80

    Nice buttchin asshole!

  81. 81

    Look the guy gets his d$ck sucked by a bunch of prostitutes and free sluts and he bitch3s about LA… he's a douche. If he doesn't like it, why not do something about it? If we all just sit here and complain nothing ever changes.

  82. 82

    i would love to see that tattoo while i am swallowing his cum. he may be an ass but a hot cock is a hot cock!

  83. 83

    Well, first of all:

    His crotch tattoo is Japanese katakana and it actually spells out his name "Alex". He's just trying to be cool….and failing miserably. Typical guy.

    But he really does need to re-examine who he has become. =\ I still like him and all, and I hope he does make a change, especially because I'm still rooting for him to be Jace from "The Mortal Instruments".

    Seriously, I think Alex Pettyfer forgot that he's not filming "Beastly" anymore…

  84. 84

    Perez, after reading your article, I am also appalled, but not with Alex Pettyfer but with you and your article !
    Trash about Alex Pettyfer ? I think we don't need to go far to find that on this page.

    I liked the Interview on “Vman” and the fact that Alex Pettyfer has an own opinion instead instead of having an opinion composed by a PR-Agent.

    How can you say that he is degrading women ? First of all, that indicates that you don't know anything about Alex Pettyfer which is sort of strange !?! Aren't most people expecting that you know the celebs ?

    Secondly, it indicates that you don't know too much about the c-word either. If you'd use a dictionary you might find out that on the entire planet (maybe except the US) the c-word has a not gender specific meaning.

    Thirdly, you can tell from the context that Alex Pettyfer wasn't referring to women at all. But I admire how you publicists manage to turn everything into lies. You shouldn't be too surprised if one day nobody will believe the “facts” you report on your site !

  85. 85

    Of course nobody knows about Alex Pettyfer's tattoos, that is except ten-thousands of fans who could tell you exactly the position and meaning of all seven of his tattoos.
    But obviously some people don't seem to recognize jokes ! During the “Vman” interview there was obviously a misunderstanding: The “wink” was not supposed to be written down in the article, it was supposed to indicate to the interviewer that Alex Pettyfer was making a joke about his tattoo.
    He has in fact a tattoo on his lower waist. However, it doesn't say “Thank you”. It is his own name written in Japanese Kanji Signs.

  86. 86

    seriously perez? in the first place, the tattoo thing was a joke. it doesn't even say 'thanks', it says 'Alex', so before you start pointing fingers, check your info is correct. AND all the stuff he said about LA is the truth in his case; people like you've been gossiping bad stuff about him without even having proof. it's not like he's gonna love LA after that. he's being honest unlike most phony celebrities

  87. 87

    His attitude reminds me so much of Taylor Momsen. Not afraid to speak his mind, tells it likes it is and doesn't give a rats ass about what the media makes of it. And THAT kind of person can hang with me ANYDAY

  88. 88

    his tattoo says 'alex' not thank you. i bet he did it on purpose so people could see how you gossip sites say false info before making sure its right. if he did, bravo for him because you do look stupid

  89. 89

    I don't think a 'thank you' tattoo near the genitals counts as misogynistic LOL and I feel the build up the so called to his thoughts on L.A. was over the top I find that to be very realistic and true, L.A. is known for it's fakes and pricks so I don't see why he's so evil? I think Perez is pissed ’cause Alex has turned him down at some point, so he tries to bash him which doesn't work with us any more it's not 2006. Perez needs to realize if he hates someone we'll love them and if he loves someone we'll hate them. Game over Mario.