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Rachel Maddow Wants Other Gay News Anchors To Come Out Of The Closet!

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Whether she was referring to him or not, we think she still makes an excellent point!

Although most have made the assumption at this point that Anderson Cooper is gay, the new anchor has never officially come out of the closet, and fellow presenter Rachel Maddow recently spoke out about similar people in their position, claiming that they have a responsibility to publicly acknowledge their sexual preference!

She's quoted saying:

"I'm sure other people in the business have considered reasons why they're doing what they're doing, but I do think that if you're gay you have a responsibility to come out."

However, she later took to her blog to clarify her statement, and explain that she was not SPECIFICALLY referring to Cooper!

She explains:

"I wasn't asked about Anderson Cooper, I didn't say anything about him, he literally was never discussed during the interview at all — even implicitly. I don't tend to be shy when I criticize — you wouldn't have to read between the lines if that's what I was trying to do. I did not in my interview with The Guardian say anything about or to Mr. Cooper, nor would I. Although criticism of Mr. Cooper was intimated by The Guardian and picked up everywhere — I did not make that criticism in the interview, nor did I imply it, nor is it what I believe. I also believe that coming out makes for a happier life, but that's not a matter of ethics, that's just corny advice."

Fair enough, and agreed on all counts!

Given everything that's happened in the past year or so, we frankly can't understand why anyone who actually is gay and in a position to help others would want to keep their preference private, but we suppose everyone has to do what they think is right for them.

We WILL however, keep our fingers crossed and hope that some will come around soon!

Be PROUD of who are you, and don't let anyone else make you question that!

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65 comments to “Rachel Maddow Wants Other Gay News Anchors To Come Out Of The Closet!”

  1. 1

    this is a bit rich coming from Mr. "let's out everyone in hollywood" himself. people lose their families over this shit, it's none of your business if people come out or not

  2. 2

    I don't think it is anyone's responsibility to "come out of the closet." Do people that are heterosexual "come out of the closet" announcing they are heterosexual? So why should Anderson Cooper? He's living his own life the way he wants to. No one should be forced to do anything with regard to who they like to have sex with. Simple as that!

  3. 3

    So shes saying, "Come out of the closet when I'M ready for you to come out of the closet, NOT when YOU are ready to come out of the closet." Sounds familiar.

  4. 4

    Whether anyone is gay or not is not anyone's business. Why is it that people do not want sexuality to define them or others not to care or make a stink about it, but they want everyone to open up and tell their preference. It makes no sense. No one should out anyone and no one should care. Your helping others by not having to out yourself and make it an issue. I don't care whose gay or straight. Neither should anyone else. This lady should mind her business.

  5. 5

    It was painfully obvious she was refering to Anderson pooper and now she's backtracking badly. Just another liberal hypocrite so what can we expect, no wonder you gave the big dyke a free pass Perez you piece of shit.

  6. 6

    Why do you have to wear your sexuality as a neon sign? I work in an environment where it is inappropriate to dig into peoples private lives, or judge, hire, fire etc based on any discriminatory practice. I have friends that are openly gay, and others that are not as comfortable discussing their private lives.. it is their personal choice, and the same can be said for my hetero friends, and egads… even the ones that are unmarried and unfortunately not doing anything. Not everyone has to have the same agenda as you.

  7. 7

    Maybe just maybe they are proud of who they are but want keep their private life Private have you ever thought of that? I don't think everyone has to know about their sexuality. It is or should be totally irrelevant to the public.

  8. 8

    I think it is wrong to out anyone if they wish to keep their sexuality private…it is as wrong as bullying….in fact it IS a form of bullying. He deserves his privacy just like anyone else.

  9. 9

    First of all, he's not in the closet. He has never pretended to have girlfriends or date women. He goes on Regis and Kelly and carries on how much he loves the real housewives franchise. Everybody knows he's gay and he's never denied it. He just doesn't want to be the story. He's a journalist, an newsman. He interviews the story. Why would he want to have his personal life become the news and overshadow what he does. It think he's doing it his way, living his life separate from what he does on camera.

  10. 10

    Right, Rachel. Sure you weren't referring to him. What other gay news anchors are there? LOL

  11. 11

    Perez, is there anything but sunshine and lollipops where you live? Because the rest of us live in the real world where coming out can possibly cost you your job, your health and possibly even your life.

  12. 12

    I don't agree that it's anyone's "responsibility" to disclose something so personal. We don't have a responsibility to disclose our faith, politics, etc. These are personal matters and if you choose to share them, fine. If you don't, that's fine too. There is no obligation for anyone, public figure or not, to share anything about their personal lives.

  13. 13

    Anderson Cooper is a gentleman and very professional. I dont need to know if he comes out of the closet or not.

  14. 14

    It's their responsibility to come out? It's not anyone else fucking business except theirs and the person they're sticking it to. Shut The FUCK UP! If they don't want to run around talking about their sex life to the world, then THANK YOU to them!

  15. 15

    Bullshit! If Anderson Cooper is gay he doesn't have a responsibility to anyone to make his sexual orientation or private life public.

  16. 16

    Could that be the worst pic of her, ever? She has a good big brain though-love her….Yes, it would be nice to have all gays come out of the closet, however it IS a personal matter…..I think it would help discrimination IF all did come out….But again, people have their reasons to stay in….don't agree, but to each their own…..

  17. 17

    What does being gay have to do with reporting the news. Your career is your job. Your personal life is separate.

  18. 18

    It's is nobodies business who the man prefers to sleep with. Stop prying into everyone's privacy.

  19. 19

    what an asshole this bull dyke is

  20. 20

    They look like twins there! If you made the pics black and white and gave Cooper some eyeglasses……..wow

  21. 21

    Just because The Coop doesn't want to hold a press conference proclaiming his hole of preference when boning, doesn't mean he's hiding in the closet or leading an inauthentic life!

  22. 22

    I understand what perez is trying to say; there is strength in numbers.

  23. 23

    Coming out of the closet could ruin someone's career. Does Rachel want to see the careers of gay news anchors ruined? What good is coming out if your ratings tank and you can no longer reach people?

  24. 24

    I don't understand- you're not helping the situation in any way by suddenly declaring that you're gay. Why are you so eager for people to make some big announcement that they're gay or bi or whatever. As a straight person, i don't have to do it, so gay people shouldn't need to feel that kind of pressure. I Hate the term 'coming out', it makes it sound so secretive like it's something to be ashamed of. People should just be who they are- gay or straight, it doesn't matter. I for one really couldn't care less!!!!

  25. 25

    Typical Perez bullshit. Maybe all gays should be made to wear a rainbow button or sticker on their clothes every time they are in public so everybody knows they are gay. Does that remind you of anything? Must you know everything about everybody???? Your message is getting very dangerous Perez. And whoever said strength in numbers???????? You are just as messed up as Perez. Gays DO NOT need special treatment. They are human just like everybody else. Why are you trying to segregate them????? If you want the same rights as everybody else quit asking for special treatment.

  26. 26

    If all lezzers look like her (and most do ) they should do gthe world a favor and stay in the closet. Literallly, come out and announce youre gay if you want, but for humanitys sake keep your face in the closet. Can u imagine going down on that? ewwwww

  27. 27

    I don't see 'straight' folks having to declare their sexuality. Why should anyone else? Stories like this infuriate me. If you want to say you are gay, fine. If not, that is your business. Stop posting stories like this Moorio

  28. 28

    Rachel Maddow should come out as Justin Beiber's dad.

  29. 29

    Thats right let others decide how you should live your life. I think Rachel doesn't have the right to make that decision for anyone and Perez you should be ashamed of yourself for taking it upon yourself to possibly 'Out" someone who hasn't decided to that for him or herself. You came out your way you both need to respect the way others decide to handle that position. SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU.

  30. 30

    I am insulted by the continued use of the word "preference." I really thought you knew better than that perez. Or maybe its just that you personally are Gay because you "prefer" to identify in that way.

  31. 31

    Doesn't everyone already know he's gay? So it doesn't really matter if he 'comes out' or not. He probably doesn't want to make his sexuality a big production. He doesn't have an obligation to be a role model in that capacity, he's a journalist. There are so many stupid people in America who would make a huge deal about it when it's not a huge deal, so I don't blame him for wanting to avoid that.

  32. 32

    Anderson is a disgrace!! Just another gay elietist living in his own bubble….

  33. 33

    No one EVER needs to come out of the closet just to make other gay people feel better. If Anderson is gay, he obviously doesnt want his PERSONAL and PRIVATE life to have anything to do with his journalism life. He shouldnt have to come out to appease you or anyone else, as no one else should.

  34. 34

    Ok, if Anderson comes out of the closet, what will it change in our lives? Why can't anyone just be fine without knowing every little detail about everyone else's lives.

  35. 35

    It's a private matter. Do we all need to disclose our sexual habits and have them tracked by the government or foreign governments? The news alarmists says that China is ready to take over in 2016. They don't take kindly to homosexuality. (Mainland.)

  36. 36

    i totally believe that if you're gay, straight, lesbian, transgender or what have you, you should be proud of who you are, changing who you are just leads to bad things theres no doubt about that. on the other hand for Rachel Maddow to say that if you're gay you have a responsibility to come out is a rather bold and slightly ridiculous statement. I am a straight female- no one asks me to come out about that. I think if we all focused on labels less and didn't make the idea of coming out mandatory it would be inferred before it is announced and i don't mean inferred in a we're going to talk about this person for their homosexual or otherwise tendencies rather in an assumed truth sort of way- although i haven't experienced it personally i have many friends who have come out in one way or another my friends who let it happen naturally rather than making it an announcement have owned it better rather than kind of appologizing for their sexuality-not saying that if you make an announcement youre ashamed just from my experience with my friends that seems to be the case. on another note why is it really any one's business- we don't have sex with people out in the open why does which parts we like need to be announced? why can't people just have relationships and society just appreciate those relationships. i hate to rant but reading this sparked something

  37. 37

    i'm gay and totally open and i respect the fact other gays rather stay in the closet cause the world is not a good place for gays to be, the situation out here is violent towards gay people and no one has to endure such suffering coming out in order to be an example.

  38. 38

    It's nobody's business. Straight people aren't expectd to make a public anoucement about their sexual preference why the hell should gay people have to. People should mind their own business.

  39. 39

    Rachel, get over yourself. "you have a responsibility to come out." - No, nobody has any responsibility to come out. It's not something that defines anyone. Nor is it anyone's business, as it's totally irrelevant to who they are. What's responsible would be you guys over at MSNBC start reporting actual news instead of constantly, adnauseum, using witless sarcasm and analogy to bash other networks. Both you and Fox News are actually no different. Both spend time using this witless sarcasm enough to make one chew their own arm off. People are tired of it. It's not even intelligent humor/sarcasm/wit. It's juvenile banter at this point. And it's super old. But as far as being Gay, no there is no responsibility by anyone, anywhere, to give their sexual preference. What's next? Knowing what everyone's desired sexual position is? Or their favorite drink? Food? The list can go on. And it's an irrelevant list. Anderson Cooper is way ahead in his logic. He is defined by his work, his moral compass and his ethics. He need not explain that he like men, or women, when it comes to his sexuality. This is why people respect him. They could care less what his preference is in the bedroom. And why is it that there's so much separation? So many "groups of people"? Makes no sense as we're all human beings. Fight for rights, sure, but don't segregate yourselves to a point to give reason to view you differently. It's totally counterproductive to what you're trying to achieve.

  40. 40

    I think a person should come out IF HE WANTS TO COME OUT. Stop forcing other closeted individuals to come out if they do not want to or if they are not ready! It is not their responsibility to come out. I think people should really mind their own business.

  41. 41

    Re: adg100 – perfectly said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. k-lee says – reply to this


    Your sexuality is your own private business. NOBODY is obliged to come out! Only gay people care so much about this.

  43. 43

    Why does Madcow think it is their responsibility to come out?? A person's sexual life is their private life. When at work are we suppose to discuss sexuality with our coworkers?? Give me a break.

  44. 44

    I personally do not care who is gay or not, I wish and pray that some day as people we can look at others and view them for the people they are by the work they do not who their partner is.

  45. 45

    There are too many nasty people to gays, but there are strength in numbers too. If you live in NY or San Fran you might be insulated to the idea that there aren't nasty people, but in the real world there are. I wouldn't push anyone to come out, and Rachel is a female. It is a lot easier for her because lesbians are a lot more accepted. Look at just about every television show. They can't wait to show a lesbian relationship for ratings, but they don't often want to show two men. Lets get real here.

  46. 46

    I disagree completely. Never mind the personal implications for these news anchors, when is a good opportunity for Andy to go off the teleprompter and go "Hey, I'm gay!" Hint: never. It's not appropriate for a news show and its none of anyone's goddamn business. Do you want straight news anchors to clarify that they're straight? Is that their responsibility? No.

    It's not about hushing it up, it's simply about it not being the public's right to know everything about everyone on television. But you wouldn't know much about that, would you Perez?

  47. 47

    its so easy for a lesbian to come out of the closet as its way easier for a woman to be out as a lesbian than it is for a man to be out as a gay man. society is way more accepting towards lesbians then gay men.

  48. 48

    Who hasn't fucked the shit outta Anderson's hot ass at the West Side Club in NYC????? That cock hungry bitch LOVES black meat!!!



    As for Rachel. Shit, that DYKE is scary. She didn't have to come outta the closet! When you look like Pee Wee Herman's Butch Brother everyone knows you LOVE a face full of MUFF. LMAO

  49. 49

    Re: AynRandy – LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Too fucking funny.


  50. 50

    That's easy for her to say, she looks like a dude and there is not confusion as to if she is gay. She didn't have to come out, one look at her and you knew she liked the vadge. Nasty ass idiot.

  51. 51

    F&ck off Perez!
    I thought you stopped outing & helping people out gay celebrities.

  52. 52

    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons! – That was some much needed comic relief, and perhaps the funniest thing I've seen all week! LOL!

  53. 53

    WTF?! Should all straight people "come out" too?! AC360, if you listen to that moron, you're an idiot. Be who you are and let people figure it out along the way. I cannot believe "people have the Responsibility to come out"?! WTF?!

    Okay, everybody, we all need to start declaring our orientation! ROFLMAO!!

  54. 54

    If I were gay, I would be offended by that cow!

  55. 55

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – LOL, love it! :D

  56. 56

    This Mad Cow is minding everybody's business for them - how rude, arrogant and insulting of her. GO AWAY PLEASE . . .

  57. 57

    Also - I think it is her responsibility to STFU and NOW.

  58. 58

    Anderson Cooper isn't in the closet. He lives a happy life. He keeps his professional life professional and his private life private. That is how it should be. I don't give two shits if a news person is gay or straight. Why do we need to know this information. I like Rachel Maddow but not because she is gay.

  59. 59

    Rachel Maddow is a stupid cow.

  60. 60

    Okay, it's nobody's business what goes on in the bedroom. It's personal business. Aren't news anchors supposed to stick to the news, unbiased?

  61. 61

    Who says they're not proud of themselves if they don't come out to the public. The more well known you are the more people you come out to, why do you owe that to millions of people?

  62. 62

    she's being ironic or safe. probably ironic.

  63. 63

    It's not up to her if other celebs or news anchors come out… She should remember that its a personal decision whether you're a celeb or anyone else. Why is she trying to pressure others? Kind of high and mighty of her.

  64. @v@ says – reply to this


    I love Maddow + politics. She's a pistol. I also think she's dead wrong if she thinks anyone has a responsibility to publicize their personal bedroom business.
    They absolutely don't. I don't mind if I know or don't know; but I don't need nor want to know. People have a right to personal privacy. Take that away, and there's nothing left.

  65. 65

    being gay or heterosexual isn't your personal life–who your dating or not dating is. Heterosexual people let people know what they are everytime they say "he's cute" or "she's hot", etc

    I do think that outing someone is a form of bullying. coming out is a big deal and people do have to consider their jobs and their safety. Everywhere is not nyc or san francisco