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Dear Pakistan…THIS ROCKS!

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Groundbreaking! This is so HUGE!

Pakistan's Supreme Court ruled today that the country's transsexual citizens will be allowed to have their own gender category on official documents, including their national identity cards!

Such an amazing step forward! We couldn't be more proud of the government for for taking such a positive, accepting, and proactive step toward equal rights!

Thank you, guys! Hopefully other countries - including the United States - will follow suit!

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11 comments to “Dear Pakistan…THIS ROCKS!”

  1. 1

    You are an ignorant Perez, Pakistan has always been VERY supporting with transgenders. BUT STILL KILL GAY PEOPLE

  2. 2

    Re: angilala

    ummmm…and how many gays have been killed in Pakistan?? can u give me a rough figure or just an example??? u sound like an ignorant asshole.

  3. 3

    Re: angilala – you make it sound like they deliberatly go out and hunt gays. they think its offensive to there culture and they dont really agree with it and yes there are some extremists but no more than in the united states. there military and government sux but the people are generally really nice. i have pakastani friends and they are very conservative but really lovely people. they told me that it is frowned upon but they dont just go round beating up and killing gay people. its a lot like christianity . they dont like it but they dont go round killing all the gay people. keeping in mind that there are always the extremists who ruin everything. you dont really know anything about them or there culture so dont go around making racist comments about a race you know nothing about.

  4. 4

    Em is this really so great? I mean why classify them as a third gender? Why not class them according to the gender they reassigned to????? ie male to female trans should be classified as female…

  5. 5

    Re: blaise05 – Newsflash sister, Pakistani's aren't a race. Typical bullshit, if you have no real statement to make, then just throw the race card around as a weapon to try to silence anyone who doesn't agree with you. You show your own ignorance in doing so.

  6. 6

    And why would anyone think that transgender people would want their "own category"? The couple that I know want to be addressed and identified by their new gender, as anyone else of that gender would. Both have become women, and want to be addressed and categorized as such. Not as some ambiguous third option. If anything, this is insulting to many.

  7. 7

    Re: angilala – umm guys guys… woah.
    i live in pakistan and they have NEVER killed gays but yes there havent been many people who come out so they dont really make a big deal if someone is gay,dont you see gay people kill themselves after being bullied IN THE UNITED STATES, nothing like that happens in pakistan. therefore our government has taken a BIG step in recognizing their rights.

  8. 8

    Re: Unbelievable! – umm if they want to be known as any other people then they would never come out of the closet as everyone knows that once they admit they are always always reffered to as gays. i have a friend whose like that. he never said that ohhh i just wanna be called a gay.. because heres the FACT they ARE different

  9. 9

    I don't agree with Perez and some of the posters here who think this is a positive step for transgendered people in Pakistan. Creating a separate identity on national cards and other documents will only further marginalize citizens. Every time a government official, a police officer, an airline employee, an employer, a financial institution needs to see some ID, this issue will come up and might lead to discrimination or worse. A separate identity for transgendered people is only a step away from tattooing or branding them which is what the Nazis did in Germany to the LGB (no T at that time) community and to Jews. This was not that long ago; let us not forget history.

  10. jin says – reply to this


    being a pakistani i am very proud that the govt has taken this step to recognize other people.
    to those who do not know, transgendered or otherwise known as hijras have been in our communities for centuries. back in the day they used to dance. nowadays, they typically beg. however, some have taken up jobs. so no, we are not as backward as the media tries to portray us.
    also, Check out BEGUM NAWAZISH ALI. she is a man- very popular, has a television show. and she's open with the world about herself and she has not been killed.
    let's be proud of what the govt of pakistan has done- letting people choose whatever they choose fit instead of criticizing and one day we all shall live in peace and equality.

  11. 11

    If you are so0o0o into equality and sensitive language, then don't say "thank you, *guys*". I don't know who's in power over there, maybe they're all men, but in general, don't go calling everyone "guys"!