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Sarah Palin Mocks Katie Couric!

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Palin On Couric Leaving

Sarah! Not cool!

Are you STILL mad about her asking legitimate questions and you not answering them very well?? Shame on her for doing her job!

All sarcasm aside, Sarah Palin made some ridiculous comments about Katie Couric stepping down from her CBS job!

Katie in her leaving statement had said that she wanted to pursue an avenue with "multidimensional storytelling."

This is what the former governor had to say:

"Yeah, and I hear that she wants to now engage in more 'multidimensional storytelling' versus I guess just the 'straight on, read into the, that teleprompter screen storytelling.' More power to her. I wish her well in her 'multidimensional storytelling.'"

That's pretty uncalled for this late in the game, Sarah. Not to mention, pretty classy. Like, high school classy.

It's time to just let it go, statements like this do nothing to help your popularity if you do decide to actually run.

Why are we still wondering what she thinks, again? Is she planning on running? Is she doing anything?

If U know, let us know!

[Image via WENN.]

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69 comments to “Sarah Palin Mocks Katie Couric!”

  1. 1

    aww, she is still angry not reading any magazines!!!LOL Her and trump should be on the ticket together, what a great thing that would be:)!!

  2. 2

    Ahhahahahahaha. Thats funny! Couric and Lauer are such buffoon. Pure politically correct buffoonery. Nobody cares except 'New York Social Diary' members.

  3. 3

    Perez, stop running stories on this MOONROCK!!!

  4. 4

    It's Sarah, what do you expect!

  5. 5

    Oh PLEEEEEASE! Katie can dish it out but she can't take it. She's a "bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five".

  6. 6

    Finally Sarah pulled her head out of her ass to say spot-on. Katie Couric is a moronic dipshit.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    This put-down was pretty much on the same par as her Couric interview. She could use some help with her statements.

  8. 8

    How is it uncalled for when Katie Couric did a lot worse to Sarah Palin

  9. 9

    if its a dig, its not a very good one. aren't we past caring about this mental midget. she's too stupid to even name a news magazine, even if she doesn't read it. i guess she's mad at katie for that. so what.
    i read 'moose killer monthly' and i lile the puzzles in 'highlights'.
    no one cares about her anymore except fox new's "neidermeyer" sean hannity

  10. 10

    I'm not a Palin fan but , the attacks on her and her family have been anything but classy. Speaking of class Mario, you have no room to talk, AT ALL. you maybe the most unclassiest person on the planet, its one of the reasons your site is popular

  11. 11

    Hahaha!! Way to go Sarah!! You rock. So glad you don't take any crap from no-talent, jealous "journalists!" Good job!

  12. 12

    She is a fucking moron!! You need to stick with killing animals you sick bitch!!

  13. 13

    I think you mean *catty

  14. 14

    Former Governor Sarah Palin is a strong, independent. intelligent, attractive, articulate and accomplished conservatice woman. This poses a serious threat to liberals who prefer their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen {Actually, Sarah has been there too as evidenced by her five (5) beauitiful children). Katie Couric is a trong, independent, intelligent, attractive, articulate and accomplised liberal woman. Ever wonder why they are like oil and water?

  15. 15

    Katie may not have been the best journalist, but it for damn sure that Sarah Palin had no business being governor. At least Katie stayed for her entire contract, and didn't step down so she could hit the road to make cash.

    By the way, Sarah Palin majored in journalism, too, and was supposedly a sports news caster. That Bitch wanted to be in the press, too. Couldn't imagine having to watch her ungrammatical and unlogical statements on a daily basis.

  16. 16

    @MVPnis i couldnt agree with you more, everyone makes fun of Palin, shes a mother with a family its just wrong. But she says one bad thing about Katie Couric and its horrible. What she said wasnt even all that bad and theres truth to it

  17. 17

    Re: WhatWhat4454 – You must be related to Sarah to post something as stupid as that . . . As a former journalist, I have asked people what they read, too. It is not a big deal to ask someone what they read. She couldn't think of the name of any newspaper, L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, The Washington Post. She is a moron, especially since she studied journalism. I would question what the value of her having a degree is . . .

  18. 18

    katie sucks. its a fact. no one cared. shes not a jouranlist. but since she has your politics and you cant control your hatred of a real american woman, its no suprise that you dont care about facts. thats the new world we live in. if shes down w gay, youll carry her water. youre actually no different than the people at nbc, cbs, abc, cnn, ny times, la times, and on and on. journalism is dead. its all politics and hate. go boy bo

  19. 19

    you are giving palin a voice. don't write about her and she'll matter less.

  20. 20

    Hi Sarah!! What an INGENIOUS way to stay in the media!! Talk shit about Katie Couric! What an intelligent class act this dumb bitch turned out to be. Go shoot yourself Sarah, do your children and this nation a favor. For once think about what is best for America rather than you :)

  21. 21

    So anyone else can say whatever they want about Sarah Palin and It's okay, but when she says something yall put 'classy'. Perez you need to change your site's name to — I'm a huge hypocrite!

  22. 22

    Do we still even take this women seriously?

  23. anom says – reply to this


    why is everyone allowed to mock her?
    I'm not saying I agree with her, but everyone deserves respect

  24. 24

    THIS RUDE BITCH NEEDS TO STFU AND GO AWAY! I am sick of her. She needs to grow up

  25. 25

    Finally. Katie Curic is GONE! Yeay.

  26. 26

    Re: anom – the people who are giving their opinions on this site are very different than Sarah in numerous ways including none of them are attempting to run for president of the United States. So yes, we are allowed to mock her because she wants so badly to get this attention and stay in the media and be a "celebrity" so this is basically her way of getting it.. although its not positive feedback it still keeps her going

  27. 27

    Couric is a waste of good oxygen. She effectively killed the CBS evening news broadcast which may never regain any of it's former credibility. Between Couric and Dan Rathers piece on Bush with the phoney documents CBS has been in the toilet for well over 5 years. It's wasn't until Couric arrived that people finally flushed it down into the sewer where it rightfully belongs.

  28. 28

    Katie wants so badly to be seen as cool… a wannabe. Not comfortable in her own skin. This makes her difficult to watch.

  29. 29

    I'd like to know who the fuck asked her opinion? LOL

  30. 30

    Please run for president Sarah. I could use a good laugh.

  31. 31

    you young liberal losers cant live off daddy and mommy forever and what ya gonna do when there's no jobs for you because of that pos in the white house ? waa waa waa give me give me well fuck you young little shits

  32. 32

    This brainless twit needs to shut it!

  33. 33

    Palin's still sore cause Couric made her look like such a fool… well Couric really didn't do anything except ask Palin about the bail-out. For a good laugh watch Palin's response on You Tube — she's illiterate!

  34. 34

    Stop being such a queer, Mario.

  35. 35

    Perez can dish it out about Trump, Bristol, Sarah etc, but god forbid someone say something about the liberal Media. He's gotta get on the "civility train". How about when Maher called Palin a "C" word. Were you just as upset. I am sure not.

  36. 36

    Sarah shouldn't be mad She's the one who couldn't answer a question like what do you read duh just shut up I don't care what you think only FOX news do I could care less you a quitter and useless!@@!!!

  37. 37

    Re: Candy Barr – Saying that I must be related to her in order to take up for her is laughable. Katie Couric had an agenda when interviewing Sarah Palin, it was nowhere near unbiased. I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, I'm a goddamn independent. But for liberals to slam conservatives, calling them "stupid" and for conservatives to constantly do the same is ridiculous. I think it's hilarious that parties can never see it from another perspective.

    I would never vote for Sarah Palin as President, and I think she should get out of politics altogether. But Palin made a few jabs about Couric stepping down, and of course Perez says it's "Uncalled for." When the woman (and her minor children) are constantly beaten up in the press, and I have never once seen Perez (or Liberals) take up for her or say it is "uncalled for."

    All-in-all, the party lines are lame, and so many on both sides are extremely close-minded.

  38. 38

    She's such a twit. I'm no fan of Katie either. I wonder who would be more fun to sling back a couple of beers with?

  39. Laura says – reply to this


    She wasn't reading a teleprompter when she asked you about your foreign policy experience! and she doesn't know what multidimensional means.

  40. 40

    I wonder if they are secret lovers?

  41. 41

    She's such a condescending b*tch -

  42. 42

    Took her long enough to come up with "I shoulda said…" didn't it? Tick. Tick. Tick. That mind is always working.

  43. 43

    Libs are petrified Palin will try to reduce the power of the welfare state. Just mention the name Palin and libs go into hysteria.

  44. 44

    Re: RachelSarahM – Excellent comment! Well said.

  45. cika says – reply to this


    Sarah Palin looked like an IDIOT when she was telling the "joke". I saw her on the video and she just seemed uncomfortable and STOOPID. This illiterate needs to GO AWAY, FAR FAR AWAY.

  46. 46

    I don't like Palin either but who cares if she mocks her? Other people mocking Palin is Not classy either….?????

  47. 47

    She's just sore she got proven a buffoon. And like Palin DOESN'T read teleprompters too!

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    All Couric did was ask Sarah fairly easy questions that she wasn't able to answer.
    On top of that, it was Couric's job to ask them. This here, though, is vindictive, evidenced by her crack. Couric isn't her field of competition; politicians were.

  49. 49

    In 2007 Katie Couric plagiarized the Wall St Journal and had to publicly admit it. Ironic, when you consider Sarah's opportunity to have retorted, "Just the Wall Street Journal," when Katie Couric attacked her. She is known as practically a democrat in government circles - why she was picked by John McCain. I don't know if she would be a great president, but she won't tolerate sleazy behavior, look at why she became so huge in Alaska. Read up! She's no dummy. She cuts wasted government funding. She's fired a whole staff before, dismissed them all because they were corrupt! Just get informed if nothing else. I need everyone as informed as possible because even if we don't agree, the basics we will, but our government doesn't care about health and school, just money, and that means, not us.

  50. 50

    Perez won't post my comments!

  51. 51

    Sarah Palin is a joke. Hope she knows that.

  52. 52

    …sarah, you are such an asshole kunt, go fuk yourself you classless pig. (with lipstick)

  53. 53

    Perez don't be a hater and have a hissie fit because YOU dont like Sarah and answer to your question : I care what Sarah thinks and also Katie Couric is an overpaid NOBODY and I am glad she got kicked off her show and your right on one thing Sarah is a CLASSY lady even you can see that Perez

  54. 54

    Come on it's Sarah Palin she is a prom queen, she writes her answers on her hand, she winks, she quit being governor, her daughter had a baby in her teens. She know what she's talking about. Palin should run for President oh wait she will probably quit that too.

  55. 55

    it's sad when stupid people are just smart enough to understand they are stupid. they remain bitter forever. bitter and stupid like silly supercillious sarat. heads up angry bitch, katie just showed you at your best. not able to answer a question then. unable to serve up a proper diss now. suck it cow and crawl back to wasilla.

  56. 56

    Why the fuck do new outlets even pay this dumb ass any attention? Shes an idiotic camera whore. Nothing she says should be taken seriously. Stop reporting on her so she can go away.

  57. 57


  58. 58

    i can't even handle how completely and blatantly biased you are. am i a palin fan? no, not really but god knows that family take enough heat on a daily basis that a normal person wouldn't experience in a lifetime, and when they dish it back THEY'RE in the wrong? how does that make any sense ..?! can you at least PRETEND to play devil's advocate and not push your liberal agenda on everyone that comes across your site. give it a rest already.

  59. 59

    That's right…Couric has been nothing but class to Palin. YOu are an idiot.

  60. 60

    Katie Couric is a has been and needs to just retired all together! No matter what Sarah Palin does or says, people will give her shit for it. It's really getting old….

  61. 61

    People like Trump and Palin are the ones that give good candidates in the Republican party a very bad name.

  62. 62

    Re: Tennessee 3501 – Actually it's conservatives that are holding back women's rights and expect for the barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen woman to be the norm. Liberals like everyone, not just women, to be independent, educated, well read and articulate. Palin doesn't even know what the Vice President *does*, so there goes your theory. I'm no fan of Katie Couric, but Palin is ridiculous. She's a circus freak as a media personality and she needs to *go away*. She and Donald Trump have nothing to do all day, that's obvious.

  63. 63

    she has EVERY RIGHT TO BE PISSED OFF AT HER. Couric SUCKS as a 'journalist' basically gives a blow job to dems, pulls apart rep. and as an example, this serious Jounalist, is hosting the royal wedding.

  64. 64

    We all know you're a hypocrite Perez, but that's just laughable! You telling her to "let it go", it's "uncalled for", "not classy"! hahahahaha …. You bash Sarah daily, you NEVER let anything go, and you wouldn't know class if it punched you in the face! FUCK OFF!

  65. 65

    Wow, Sarah Palin knows the word multi-dimensional.

  66. 66

    And please people, stop talking people picking on the Palin Family. 1) That is one of the hazards of celebridom, 2) SHE put them in the situation to be ridiculed, and 3) She's probably a terrible mother anyway.

  67. 67

    Re: Tennessee 3501 – LMAO your statement about Palin really gave me a great laugh. Please site a single case where she said ANYTHING that was intelligent or articulate. If you really want a challenge select something she said that was not written for her. The only thing more hilarious yet cringe worthy than hearing her speak is listening to her ad lib

  68. 68

    Is anybody surprised that Wailin' Palin is now being petty????
    Why can't she just go away!!

  69. 69

    well… people are always mocking her, so why is it so wrong if she gives it straight back at one of them? I don't want her to be president, but the hate against her is truly baffling to me. You don't have to agree with her views, but why HATE someone you don't even know? It's pointless.