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Captain America Will NOT Be Pleased, Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship In New Comic!

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superman renounces his us citizenship

Guess Superman couldn't handle the possibility of fighting crime under the leadership of Donald Trump. LOLz.

In DC's Action Comics #900, Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship when he's "scolded by a member of the president's security staff for appearing at a protest in Iran, with the notion that Superman's actions reflect the positions of U.S. government as a whole."

Here's what Superman had to say about his unpatriotic decision:

"I'm tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy."

Here's what Hollywood publicist/GOP activist Angie Meyer had to say about Superman's super-controversial decision:

"Besides being riddled with a blatant lack of patriotism, and respect for our country, Superman's current creators are belittling the United States as a whole. By denouncing his citizenship, Superman becomes an eerie metaphor for the current economic and power status the country holds worldwide."

More from Wired blogger Scott Thill:

"Superman has always been bigger than the United States. In an age rife with immigration paranoia, it’s refreshing to see an alien refugee tell the United States that it’s as important to him as any other country on Earth — which, in turn, is as important to Superman as any other planet in the multiverse."

Hopefully this doesn't put too many people off to the character when Zack Snyder's film comes out. We're not so sure he could handle another bomb of Sucker Punch proportions…

Does Superman's newly unpatriotic attitude make you dislike him? Or does it make you like him more? Or are you indifferent?

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30 comments to “Captain America Will NOT Be Pleased, Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship In New Comic!”

  1. 1

    Good. He's as sick of the fucking birthers as the rest of us only he did something about it.

  2. 2

    It's a smart position. Bravo to the writers.

  3. 3

    So Superman was a democrat?

  4. 4

    Mario….Captian America is Marvel…not DC…don't get them mixed up hahahahha

  5. 5

    Since Supermans creation he has stood for truth justice and the American way. This is a slap in the face of all the writers who have come before. They have the right to put anything they want on the page, but this is NOT Superman. Count me out as a reader.

  6. 6

    For all you dumb bitches out there this comic was in the makeing well before Trump entered the presidential fray. He's bailing during Obummers administation which has 2 years left on it. Guess the writers aren't so happy with the lack of hope and change.

  7. 7

    Re: glassasylum – The "American Way" is VASTLY Different today than it was in 1938! Then it was about Freedom and Justice for ALL! Now Freedom and Justice are only for Celebs and the Elite.. the rest of Us are just cattle. No.. the "American Way" today is all about watching Glee, drinking like Snookie, and doing everything You can to forget that we, as a nation, now owe more than we are worth. If You can't get that than Fuck Off, get in a time machine and go the Fuck back to the "Golden Age", BiTcH!

  8. 8

    Hah, I new he was Canadian.

  9. 9

    LOL, and the stupid shit people argue about gets even more ridiculous.

  10. 10

    Not only is Superman a Democrat, he is really a secret Muslim that believeds in bringing America to it's knees.
    Phew. Good thing the new Superman is just a comic book story!

  11. Stepy says – reply to this


    This is so fucking stupid. Cant we leave politics out of ANYTHING.

    Boo and hiss to the writers for this obvious media play/stunt.

  12. 12

    Sad that his creators would use an American icon to espouse their political views. The truth is that all of you wanting no borders and unlimited immigration better be prepared to fork over 75% of your paychecks to pay for the immigrants who will swarm our country. The vast majority are uneducated and impoverished and will need to be supported. Not so fun anymore, ay? Why do you intentionally want to pull the U.S. under by knowingly admitting people of this caliber? Yes, we can have compassion on them and help fund their own countries' regeneration, but we CANNOT continue to take them all in without sinking the entire lifeboat (i.e. the U.S. economy and life style as we know it.) Why can't you people see further than one block down the road in your liberal tirades for "justice for all". SOMEONE will get pulled under, and it won't be the newly immigrated.

  13. 13

    I didn know alien from outer space could vote, but then again that is how bush won

  14. 14

    I always thought that Superman was born on Kypton, and came to America as an illegal alien. So when did he apply for citizenship?

  15. 15

    BOO HISSS!!! Screw you DC COmics and Go to hell Time Warner! It wasn't bad enough you gave the job of playing Superman in the new movie to a Brit now you make Superman a traitor! Not only do I hate Superman - I'm not fond of Nic Cage's kid, Kal-El.

  16. 16

    Re: lenmom – And how exactly is "justice for all" a liberal tirate, dambass? What the the fuck kind of American are You? Read the Consitution much?.. or ever, for that matter? I'm willing to bet your ancestors didn't come over on the Mayflower, but they managed to work hard and become a valued part of our society.. No?

    And about your 75% tax bullshit, we're practically giving away most of our income right now from all the retarded and overlapping taxes we all have to deal with right now! The corporations have farmed out most manufacturing jobs to China and other countries, just so they can get an even FATTER Bonus in their paychecks! And on top of that, they find every loophole they can to get out of paying THEIR taxes.

    And lastly BiTcH, these immigrants that you're so worried about bringing down the country.. These people are actually willing to work and work VERY HARD for whatever they can, and I really can't see the same thing with most middle-class Sububian Americans. Yeah, tell one of 'em to go flip burgers at McDonalds.. They'll laugh in your face.

    Go Fuck Off and go back to your Ozzie and Harriet dream world of the 1950's.

  17. 17

    Re: MLshocK – Love your classy swear words. You must be a twenty-something that doesn't pay taxes yet or is unemployed. If you want to pay for opening our borders to the millions of uneducated immigrants that aren't here already, you should go move to Mexico where the majority of them hail. So sorry to be politically incorrect, but that's the truth. In CA alone, immigrants are 6x more likely than natives to have dropped out of high school, and 1/3 of the adult immigrants (and 1/2 of the illegal adults) who settle here have no HS education. They have double the poverty rate of native born. This is only one of the reasons that illegal immigrants cost over $113 billion nationally, ANNUALLY. If you have that $113 billion to fork back over to the 46% of Americans who are paying taxes (again, I doubt you're one of them), then please do so. Until then, those of us who can reason correctly and see the long term effects are sick and tired of you bleeding hearts who want to open our borders to the world. If that's your argument why don't we invite all of impoverished African citizens, the middle-easterns in turmoil, half of poverty-stricken Asia, and all of the other undeveloped nations' citizens? We could rename our country the United Beehive of America, and you can feed, clothe, educate, medicate, and incarcerate (as needed) all of your newfound third-world inhabitants. Hope you've got a big house!

  18. 18

    Superman turns pinko commy. Seems to be the way our current leaders are heading. Trying to bring down this one great country. We need a leader, and we need one NOW

  19. 19

    Re: lenmom – Thanks, but I am an adult, I do work and I've paid my share of taxes all of my life. I'll also tell you that I DO understand the long term effects. Hmmm.. $113 Billion Annually, you say? Interesting. But I guess you don't have a problem with the $600 Billion+ annual budget that's just for the military alone, right? That's okay if we use all that tax money to fight nonsensical wars and use overpriced weaponry for purposes that have nothing to do with really helping anyone here at home.

    Just so you know, both my parents lived through the Great Depression. They learned have to live and get by on the very basics. And with that knowledge, they taught us the true value of a dollar and when to use it to help others in time of need. I bet if the Great Depression were to happen now, that you would be one of those people who would be jumping out of windows or in front of a moving train, just to avoid living life as a poor bastard among other poor bastards.. Yeah, I'm sure of it. Bleeding heart you say? At least I HAVE a Heart for which to bleed, BiTcH.

    I was actually being nice to you in my earlier post. I held back a great great deal seeing the "Mom" in your username. So may I ask, do you wear "Mom Jeans"? Do they provide a slimming effect or do they make your ultra right-wing conservative Fat Ass look even fatter?

  20. 20

    Superman was born on Krypton, and raised on Earth in the US. I haven't been reading the comics much lately. I remember Lex Luthor being President. If he is still President in the comics, it could explain something. But I have no issues with Superman taking this stand. He is suppose to be a global hero, not just an American one.

    Unpatriotic? I don't think so. Superman stands for what is right.

  21. 21

    Re: diamondheart – lame comment.

  22. 22

    He did it because he wouldn't show his birth certificate.

  23. 23

    I wish they would keep the political agendas out of my comic books. To me, they are supposed to be an escape.

    So much for truth, justice, and the American way…

  24. 24

    Now we know the Dems are running the comic industry too. They should have plenty of training, with the clown that's in the whitehouse.

    @MLshock - screw you moron. Everything you just said was bullshit, and your "great depression" comment was equally bullshit, but nice try to cover your liberal ass. If you had ANY knowledge of the value of anything, you'd know the immigration shot i a HUGE problem. And perhaps you'd like us to eliminate the militar6y budget so we can be overtaken by foreign powers. And all those immigrants in the past that made our country you speak of? You know, the ones like my parents? They all came here LEGALLY! And they are proud of doing so, and they HATE the "open the borders" bullshit stance of idiots like you.

  25. 25

    Re: MLshocK – You seem to be under some sort of delusion that you have no control of what you do say or watch. The American way hasnt changed, the American dream hasnt changed, but peoples greed, and envy has. You envy whose who work their butts off to earn the money that they have, which is how the majority of the so called "elites" earned their wealth. That IS the American dream. I know that because I was born in this country I have a chance to better myself. I work for little more than minimum wage, but through grants, and scholarships I am going to college to be a teacher. In the meantime I work in a refrigerated warehouse 70 plus hours a week. Do not lecture me about the American dream, and how we are all unable to do anything but watch the Jersey Shore. If you dont like it, try picking up a book. You can read right???

  26. 26

    I always laugh at the notion that Superman is so 'American', since he was co-created by a Canadian. ;)

    That said, I like this idea. I never thought of Superman as very 'American' anyway (at least, not for the past twenty or thirty years). I see him as a champion of humanity, period. Yes, he lives in the US- but I believe his character has always shown a love of people in general. He believes in what is right- he's not controlled by any government (like a weapon). His appeal is very global, and that's not a bad thing.

  27. 27

    It makes sense. If you were Kryptonian, you'd eventually get tired of the people of a country on a planet you weren't even born on claiming you as theirs and insisting that you represent them. It seems like a logical step in Superman's development. Haters gonna hate.

  28. 28

    :[ superman, to me, has always been the old school american hero- someone who, though the ages, was NEVER compromised by politics and was always fighting for the american way…. it was bad enough to cast a british actor as superman, but now they've made him appear straight anti-american. the real, superman and his creators would have never gone this direction… its depressing we have a bunch of writers that are thinking about what THEY want and their own opinions instead of how SUPERMAN REALLY IS.

  29. 29

    Re: MercuryBlue – That is the point though. America generally (not always) has stood for what is right in the world. These days we want to believe that it should be live and let live, and if another country has a culture of honor killings for rape victims or stoning, then who are we to say its wrong. OF COURSE ITS WRONG. Wake up, and stop living in your PC world and realize that there is good, and there is evil in this world.

  30. 30

    Re: Tsinakis – lame response