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Trump Reacts To Racism Allegations

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Donald On Racism

Donald Trump has been stirring fires for the past month. He had been on a campaign to get President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate to prove that he was a citizen. The President did, to no shock at all by what was presented, and that he is indeed a citizen.

The question is, why did Trump care so much? Was it truly because there was legitimate doubt as to our elected President not being a citizen? Surely that kind of information would have kept him from becoming President in the first place. And the fact that he released short certificate proof before.

So why the heated investigation from Trump? Just to stir things up? Is it because of race? Would a white guy that had white dad from Wales even be seriously questioned about his citizenship?

It's all speculation. And then Trump, after that "victory," as he claims, decided to make his next battle to see if Obama deserved to go to the colleges he went to. Why?

Some people think this is racially motivated too, that Trump is suggesting that "affirmative action" got Obama into these schools rather than the qualifications. It's entirely possible, yeah (affirmative action doesn't exactly help you survive and graduate, either), but once again saying that about Trump is all speculation without him saying point-blank, "Yeah, he's black. Let's really make sure he's supposed to be there."

But this hasn't stopped people from being very vocal about the potential racism. CBS Evening News said this:

"That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black. This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing."

So Trump responds:

"That is a terrible statement for a newscaster to make. I am the last person that such a thing should be said about. Affirmative action is out there. It's a program that is available. But I have no idea whether it applies in this case. I'm not suggesting anything."

You have to admit, Donald, it looks pretty fishy. Maybe focus on important issues, even ones that are about Obama and the job he's doing, just watch how you approach them. Just make sure they're absolutely important, otherwise leave'm alone!

Do U think he's racist??

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77 comments to “Trump Reacts To Racism Allegations”

  1. 1

    Fucking pig.

  2. 2

    He absolutely is a racist and making a mockery of our country. Its a shame. I actually was a fan of his but he is skum in my opinion now. Other countries are looking at us as a joke. Why cant we get our act together? This is ridiculous and embarassing. The parties alone are a joke but its gotten out of control… Shame on Trump….. Shame on Trump….

  3. 3

    Trump is a racist, plain & simple. He's also an arrogant crooked doubledealing piece of crap. Garbage. I don't want to sound too harsh or I'd tell you what I really think. The whole reason he did The Apprentice is because he was going broke. He has played a lot of games with financing and mortgages and bankruptcy laws. I bet he's under investigation and he is going on the offense so he can bully people into believing he's political. He's nothing but another asshole created by the media. He makes me embarrassed to seee how other countries look at our political discussions.

  4. 4

    Not only is he racist, he is a liar. He has been a liar for decades and gotten to where he is on other people's money. Cher called it right when she called him Mr. Chapter 11. Who knows how many banks would have bellied up if they didn't keep him afloat back in the 90's. His wife is now selling cheap shit on QVC and he has that ridiculous reality TV show. Why does anyone even listen to that scum. He is an UGLY man with an UGLY UGLY UGLY heart.

  5. 5

    Just because Trump's white hood isn't visible to the naked eye doesn't mean
    that it's not there. By the way, Meatloaf is the biggest asskisser on the show.
    I just about threw up when he said he would not only vote for Trump but
    would campaign for him, on the last episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

  6. 6

    And I must say, I find it amusing that Trump insults the newscaster for saying this yet he can go on tv and rant about the President of the US. Whether you like the President or not, we should be showing a united front to other countries. Lets just add hypocrite to Trumps title.

  7. 7

    When you can't argue facts then name call. Everyone who disagrees with Obama is racist. Even blacks. Jeeze. Get over it.

  8. eatit says – reply to this


    He's racist, a joke and making our country and the presidency a laughing stock. SHAME on him.

  9. 9

    I gave him a pass on the birth certificate thing and just called him 'stupid'. This new allegation smacks of racism because when it comes down to it this is a question that would not be posed of someone who was not Black. Mr. Trump has shown on many levels of his own life that he is morally corrupt and I'm sure we only know about the tip of the iceberg. What I'd like to call to everyone's attention is that Mr. Trump plans to run for the presidency on a platform of 'well the last guy didn't deserve to be here'??? WTF??!! It is so obvious that this man doesn't even deserve to be considered as a candidate. He is the king of the sound byte but has no substance behind anything he says. Running businesses, making money and having 'big business friends in many countries' does not make you suitable to attempt to run the free world.

  10. 10

    He's implying that no black guy could be smart enough to get into Harvard. Sure it's racist.

  11. 11

    This is a classic liberal move: just call him and everyone a racist, because you've got nothing else. I'm really tired of this - liberals need to get over themselves and realize that calling someone a racist just because they disagree with them or question them, is truly pathetic and definitley UN-American.

  12. 12

    Re: Surfgolf – I'm black. I kind of agree with you but c'mon you have to admit throwing the affirmative action taunt is riding a fine line because the program is based on race. And why question Obama's past when there is sooooo much to question right now with what's being done? I'm just sayin'. It's not ALWAYS racism, but it's also not always NOT racism.

  13. 13

    would love to see his hair when he steps out of the shower

  14. 14

    Trump is disgusting in many ways.
    I voted for Obama the first time around n will not b voting him in for a second term.
    Trump racist? Idk? Probably.
    The man is simply asking questions, I c nothing wrong w that.

  15. 15

    Obama could have just produced the Birth Cirtificate months ago to avoid all this! But Obama said he does not have time for games then jumps on a plane to go on Oprah?? LOLz Worse President ever! $5 gallon President! Libya? Jobs? Ecoomy all BIG MESS!!!!

  16. 16

    what I don't understand is when Condoleezza Rice was being bashed no one in the media or anywhere was pulling the race card and saying had it been a white person in the same position it would be all good.

    Where was the media firestorm of racism when it was going around that the RNC didn't want Michael Steele anymore and basically forced him not to run for chairman again?

    Sorry, but not every negative comment or question about Obama from a white person is race based…enough of this sh*t already. Its "crying wolf" like this is the reason why actual cases of racism gets ignored.

    If half of these a$$holes knew anything real and present racism isn't put all out in the open like this. Real racism is hiding behind smiles, handshakes and hugs. It exist in phrases like "hey, there's no doubt your going to be great one day…just keeping working and you'll get there..you'll definitely be considered if another position opens up"

  17. 17

    I have to admit,watching Obama eat this dufus alive in a presidential debate has it's appeal.

  18. 18

    donald now has to DUCK…he's in such denial, and it ain't a city in egypt, dt.

  19. 19

    …And then Trump, after that "victory," as he claims…

    Sounds like he should run with Charlie Sheen as VP.

    Uh huh, like his kids didn't get into Wharton cause their name wasn't TRUMP.

    His entire vocabulary is "FANATASIC!, DISASTER! TERRIFIC!"


  20. 20

    and Melania would be the first first lady with nude to semi nude photos all over the place…that would be very interesting.

  21. 21

    Trump is NOT RACIST. He just put an end, AFTER NEARLY 3 YEARS, YES, 3 YEARS, of this Stupid Birth Certificate GARBAGE. STUPID, BECAUSE there was a person in the WHITE HOUSE that could have shown the DAMN THINK alot sooner. I am TIRED of hearing 'he is the president, why does he have to prove anything, to ANYONE?' Because a % of this country doubted he qualifications and HE DID NOTHING TO CALM THOSE FEARS! I think he enjoyed it! and I am a democrat! such a waste of time and money… We are a joke to the rest of the world, not because of Trump, but because of the last 2 years, we are no longer FEARED, NO LONGER RESPECTED, NO LONGER TRUSTED. We NEED TO BE ONE OF THOSE THINGS to other countries-either feared, respected, or trusted. No, we are now a second rate country. We are just a pocket book for others and THAT MUST STOP! Ex. the Middle East Countries have asked/demanded/told us that after this Libya 'problem' is settled that we, the UNITED STATES, are the ones to go in and rebuild it. We have the $$$ according to them…

  22. 22

    Trump is grotesque! he was created by the media and he spent a lot of money buying off the media, to market himself as a brand way back in the 70's. He is a perfect poster boy for everything that's wrong with American politics. He is an arrogant, selfish turd who never gave a damn about anything but living large and promoting himself. He's a crook with n9o compassion who'd step on his own kids to get in front of a TV camera. He has always been a blowhard and a buffoon. WTF makes people think he gives a fuck about what regular ordinary people face or what they need. He's an ass.

  23. 23

    just what the country needs right now…a messy loudmouth with a huge ego. THAT will fix every huge problem left under bush. why doesn't the situation join the race?…he's just as popular on tv.

  24. 24

    No for fuck sake. He doesn't like Obama.

  25. 25

    trump "reacts" to everything. the man couldn't keep his cool if he tried…

  26. 26

    Whatever his motivation, I don't care. He has some nerve to make these statements. Trump got into Fordham, and transferred to Penn (Fordham is very good, before someone jumps down my throat!). The point is, Trump is always claiming he went to the best colleges…yes, he transferred. Who's to say his daddy didn't have anything to do with him getting into Penn? This guy is a piece of trash. I'm not saying I love everything Obama's done, but Trump for President is an absolute joke, like Trump himself.

  27. 27

    So not racist. Obama is a fall guy. Trump is sticking it to the administration. This administration and the previous admin under Bush 43 are the same tour de force and they are guided by the invisible hand of Western Europe though banking (the FED). If Trump does NOT bring up the FED or Wall street next then you know that Trump himself is full of shit. Let's see what happens.

  28. 28

    Re: funnygerl – Not to mention, if people actually know the facts about affirmative action, they'd know that females have been the main benefactors. Trump didn't even get into Wharton out of high school, he had to transfer. I tend to lean right nowadays, but I'm quickly going back to my old ways!

  29. 29

    Rebuild Libya just like Germany and Japan and who else? WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY! and Trump knows this! He is not going to run for president though. What he is doing is going for 1) publicity and 2) knocking Obama from the 'GOD' level he is at for oh so many people. I hit in IQ of presidents and get for the Republicans levels of Mental Retardation, hit in the Democrats names, all Mensa members, expecially Obama-I have seen his as listed FROM 180 ALL THE WAY TO 200! Einstein's level-PLEASE! AND I KNOW SOME IDIOTS BELIEVE THIS! Again, I am a democrat, but, we are NOT DEALING WITH REALITY WITH THINGS SURROUNDING OBAMA AT TIMES. and for some, like me, it is fustrating to see that NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE can criticize him, WITHOUT BEING CALLED A RACIST. We have sunk so low.

  30. 30

    Re: LadyJaimz – If he is simply asking questions then why he is 'probably' racist? Because hes wealthy and white? Please explain I'm just curious.

  31. 31

    Re: lemonbird – Usually I love your posts, they are intelligent and compassionate. But I disagree with you on this one. Trump is who he is. A brash New Yorker. He started out with money from his father, but continued because of an over inflated ego. New Yorkers like that. Challenging the President should not be twisted into "RACISM". If it is, then we have not come as far as we thought!

  32. 32

    according to someone claiming to have been his next door neighbor when they both were young…said the trump walk to the front door was lined with black faced jockeys…and had not a moment of hesitancy to say he was racist…one thing for sure he is a misogynist egomaniacal disgrace to humanity…

  33. 33

    this country is getting angrier and angrier….. and why? BECAUSE OF ALL THIS 'TRYING TO BE POLITICALLY CORRECT' , gotta make up for the past…. AND in doing that, and, for not knowing what else to say to republicans, LIBERALS YELL RACISM ALL THE TIME. I am a democrat/independent… I have attended some tea party rallies and as soon as THAT COMES UP in a conversation, OR post, I am called a RACIST.. People will not even know me, but I am a racist-don't know who my friends are, who I support BUT-SO STUPID, SO IGNORANT! I can just see, read, FEEL THE ANGER RISING! Then this 'you can't say this word, or that word and IF YOU DO, you don't apologize to the person you SAID IT TOO, OH NO! you apologize to SOME ORGANIZATION! and get suspended, fired, etc. Even if you were not at work! Meanwhile, you could have COMMITTED A CRIME, A BAD CRIME, AND THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN OKAY! THIS COUNTRY HAS GONE NUTS! Turn the time table back! We need educated people back in charge! NOT HOLLYWOOD TYPES

  34. 34

    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons! – He isnt just a racist, he is a joke.

  35. 35

    trump is trash. plain and simple.

  36. 36

    Trumps weave is too tight! What a giant Ass Hat!

  37. 37

    Re: justtfax – Thank you for that post. That was BEAUTIFUL. Well done. It is not the democratic voter….it is the ones in charge of selecting news and information and shaping the tone to their liking. Sorry just sayin. Excellent post.

  38. 38

    stop talking about him or give him all this publicity and Trump and his mop head will go away.lol

  39. 39

    Do I think he is racist?

    Yes I do.

  40. 40

    p.s. I would LOVE Oprah to rip him a new one

  41. 41

    Stop!!! This is not racism. This is politics. The claws are coming out early and Trump is just trying to destroy the opponent. If Obama wasn't the president, then the same wrath, with different hot topics, would be the exact same to whoever was in the position. Obama's race is not the issue, his past and perhaps shady dealings are. I'm so tired of race being used as a scapegoat.

  42. elRey says – reply to this


    TRUMP IS A RACIST. Straight up, no doubt about it, today a black journalist asked him a question and his response: "I know you're a big Obama supporter…" ALL of these birthers are racist, they just cannot get over the fact that an African American is in the white house and if they can't harp on his birth anymore, they will find some other conspiracy theory that Mr. Obama is unqualified to be president. Its sad and pathetic that there are so many racists in this country!!!

  43. elRey says – reply to this


    Re: JETHRO2 – hey dipshit, THE NILE is not a city in Egypt either its a RIVER!!!

  44. elRey says – reply to this


    Re: justtfax – He did show the only legal record of birth that is allowed in Hawaii- OVER 3 years ago. Nobody gets the longform birth cert. in Hawaii. Not even the president, by law, you are allowed to go and LOOK at the record but even you cannot copy your own longform birth certificate. Obama had to get special permission to copy this document… he didn't do it earlier because he DID PROVIDE A LEGAL RECORD OF HIS BIRTH!!! This lated move was to shut up morons like Trump.

  45. 45

    Umm….if Obama was a white, southern hillbilly, nobody would have been demanding a birth certificate or anything else. Did the other President's publish their's? Also, the Clinton's would have dug up info on where B.O. was born when Hillary & Obama were vying for the Democratic nomination. Another thing I'm curious about….if the U.S. promotes/practices the principle of "separation of Church and State" why do so many people care what religion the president is? Jew, Muslim, Christian…..it's no ones business…is it?

  46. 46

    Trump is a pompous asshole.

  47. 47

    racist? probably not. buffoon? oh yeah.

  48. 48

    he's just angry at obama because he didn't get into a good school for being a spoiled little rich boy like donny.

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    I believe the racism charges are a red herring. Wanting America to get caught up in that is a very convenient way to obfuscate certain facts. I like Barack Obama. Besides that, he's half caucasian.

  50. cdv says – reply to this


    Hmmm Trump starts making demands and suddenly Obama after how many years finally produces a Birth Certificate, something you me or anyone else here must do to get a freaking passport let alone become President. Just imagine if we sick him on China we could probably get all of our country Obama gave away the past 2 years.

  51. 51

    What I do not like about what Trump has been doing is that it is more to illegitamtize Obama as President. Calling to question whether legally he is President when he does have all of the facts and Obama as vetted just the same as any other candidate. I am offended as an American. Regardless of the party, it is more like Sedition than disrespect. The Media is helping by giving him air time.

  52. 52

    Trump is saying that Obama isnt smart enough to get in to Harvard, not because he's black but because HE ISNT SMART ENOUGH. The whole 'oh he's a racist, he's this he's that' — it's just a cop out. Obama took a telepromter to a 5th grade classroom, I'd question his intelligence also.

  53. 53

    Re: TorontoBitch – Are you kidding? Every President of the United States has been Protestant, with ONE exception, John Kennedy, a Catholic. Religion is a HUGE deal in the US, if you're not Protestant, you need to explain!

  54. 54

    Trump is a RACIST Pig.He has gone too far BUT thank GOD he is too dumb to know the difference.To speak and relate to people the way he has President Obama is definitely A plus student material. What bugs Trump (the fat ugly PIG) is that he himself doesn't have the wherewithall to EVER make President of the USA .EVER. He is a bankruptcy machine and a LOSER as well as a RACIST PIG.Soon the dumbass will be going after Michelle Obama and ask her to pull out her marks! He also can't swallow that an African American hasbecome President of the USA YET the FAT UGLY PIG KNOWN AS TRUMP WILL NEVER MAKE PRESIDENT OF THE USA. Trump…eatshit! Lastly pity ANY woman who has ever been with TRUMP! Girls?How could yougo for such a FAT Narcisstic PIG? I shudder to think!

  55. 55

    I hate it when people the race card. But, this is just crazy. I can't stand Donald Trump now he has really showed just who he is. I hope his show fails and falls off the face of the earth.


  56. 56

    Yes it sounds racist. ALSO, remember that Trump is homophobic - so he's already a bigot- racism is likely in his blood too. Another thing Perez, from one gay to another, Trump does not believe in gay marriage so please, from the bottom of my heart, stop posting about him in any way. The more you post about him wanting to be President, the less likely we will get our human rights…the same rights that Trump was born with and obviously takes for granted. No more Trump!

  57. 57

    Donald Trump has guts.

  58. 58

    If he wasn't racist, why is he playing to the most racist faction of the Tea Party? OF COURSE he's racist! "THE blacks" (?), puh-leeze.

  59. 59

    Anyone who has to constantly bring up the fact that the President is african american is a racist….oh that is what the dems and liberal media does anytime anyone critizes Obama..the bring attention to the fact he is black….example… The president has a bad economic policy…your racist you would not say that if he was white…..the presidents health care law is garbage…your racist you wouldnt say this if he was not black….ok who is the one always bringing up his race. THE LIBERAL MEDIA!

  60. cika says – reply to this



  61. 61

    Say what you want about Trump, but he's got Obama running defense. Doesn't say much for Obama's leadership that he's letting a businessman, calling the plays against him! Looks like Obama just got steam rolled by the Donald! Grow a pair Barry if you're going to take on the big boys!

  62. 62

    I will tell you what seems fishy, in 1961 they used the term negro on birth certificates, obama's says African. That is a politically correct 2011 term, not 1961.

  63. 63

    …trump the chump….keep it up pal, all yer doin is fucking youself in the ass.

  64. 64

    When some people don't have any facts to support a debate or to deflect an issue they resort to name calling. When they use the "name calling tactic", they are trying to divert attention away from the issue at hand, and place the focus on the person that has facts to support their side of a debate. It is the persons' responsibility with the facts not to be distracted by the name caller. So scream "racist" (or whatever name de jour) all you want 24/7 if you have to, but it still doesn't take the focus off the real issue.

  65. 65

    Um … I can't believe he actually said he didn't understand affirmative action, especially in this case. What a wonderful president he will (oops, just threw up in ma mouth a lil…) And as for the Lawrence dude supporting him: The US isn't a corporation. Well, at least it isn't yet and I will fight violently before it is. Aside from the fact that Trump has scandal written from the 70's on through today. The man only makes money through smokescreens and lies. Of course — that might just be the same thing we normally elect.

  66. 66

    people need to shut up about the whole thing in general. this is what trump does! he loves to start controversy with everyone. he always has something to say and something to do. and everyone talking about obama needs to back off. being a president isnt easy. people need to read the constitution again and realize the president doesnt have the power to get things done. everything has to go through the house adn senate before he can even say anything. and even then its a hard push especially with whats going on. these is so much that has to be taken into account for the economy. so pick up a business magazine or read the wall street journal before you start talking. and btw, trump is a complete joke. and if he really wanted to help the country he should spend is time and money elsewhere like japan instead of trying to investigate a president. last time i checked only the house of rep can impeach him.

  67. 67

    Re: mitzy5280 – i thought you were talking about obama until that last line

  68. 68

    Re: cika – who? trump? obama? perez?

  69. 69

    Re: moviebuff – who? obama?

  70. 70

    Re: Rubber Rat – who? perez? obama?

  71. 71

    Re: mitzy5280 – yeah I'm sure you showed a united front for Bush

  72. 72

    ok so how is it fishy for trump to want obama to show his birth certificate but it's not fishy that the president of our country has been keeping his birth certificate under wraps for almost 3 years of his term? race should not be an issue in this at all, obviously if he doesn't want to show it there's something he's trying to hide. couldn't renew my drivers license without my bc but this dude can be president?

  73. 73

    I its racist i at one time liked DONALD Trump now i dont what an asshole………………………………

  74. 74

    I don't think Donald trump is an American!
    If he is then he is an UGLY American!

  75. 75

    Didn't your previous president G.W.B. have a fully disclosed C-average? Being a poor student hasn't mattered in the past. Of course, I don't believe Obama was a poor student, but you get my point. Stop pointing cameras and microphones at Donald Trump, that will solve a few of your problems.

  76. 76

    Re: JETHRO2 – Carla Bruni did that first :P

  77. 77

    It is so funny to hear a man who was born with a silver spoon in there mouth, complain about a person having "advantages".