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Guess Who Kissed The Momma O's Face!

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What an honor!

If we were her, we'd never wash that cheek again!

Oprah Winfrey recently took to the interwebz to show off a very special lipstick stain she had planted right on her cheek from none other than our beloved Lady GaGa, who made a visit to her show for a surprise performance, set to air next Thursday!

Check out the clip (above)!

Surprises can be pretty awesome, but a GaGa SURPRISE?! Damn, that must be epic!

We can't wait to see the show! Lord knows our Mother Monster is going to pull out all of the stops!

So exciting!

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64 comments to “Guess Who Kissed The Momma O's Face!”

  1. 1

    Awww Oprah LOVES Gaga!! She always speaks so highly of her! Queen Oprah and Queen Gaga this thursdayyyy :)

  2. 2

    wow she's such a publicity whore is gaga. Desperate to floh her new album she's turning up everywhere.

    sorry bitch but Adele has stole 2011 from under your feet!

  3. 3

    so this woman has billions of dollars and has seen things that only 1% of the world has EVER seen and knows things that only 1% of the world knows and lipstick from lady gaga's lips is something shes freaking out over? please.

  4. 4

    lol, haters are funny. Keep hating on her it only makes her more popular, Love you GAGA keep these haters hating, they are just jealous bitches who dont have a life.

  5. 5

    I just THREW UP my dinner, my lunch, my breakfast, and yesterday's bile…IN ONE HEAVE….

    Okra Panfry is one ugly Bull-Dyke!

  6. 6

    Re: scratchit – Who's Adele?

  7. 7

    i would have to seriously scrub my face!

  8. 8

    i hate oprah

  9. 9

    Re: wiseguy – Opera loves everyone dumbass!!!

  10. 10

    If Gaga took a shit you would call it EPIC!!!

  11. 11

    another Gaga post?! Perez, it's too much! I love your site but I'm starting to hate Gaga just because of you…you're feeding your fans with every unimportant step Gaga makes, where's the mystery?

  12. 12

    Re: SlaveMeh – Oprah has said that she listens to Lady Gaga more than anyone. I also don't see oprah posting videos like this about everyone. So, Oprah likes everybody but Oprah FUCKING LOVES LADY GAGA.

  13. 13

    CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks! CaCa sucks!

  14. 14

    Re: SlaveMeh – Gaga did drop a turd. Judas.

  15. 15

    Re: wiseguy – Believe me FOOL Opera is not sitting around listening to lady gaga!!! Opera loves the ipad too and she also loves to eat just look at her!!! Gaga could learn something from opera bout eating, gaga looks like if she gets any skinnier shes going to fall through her asshole!!! Now im done with your fake ass!!

  16. 16

    YAYA! We need more Gaga things to look forward to in May–there aren't enough! :)

  17. 17

    Intelligent readers all know that (un)Lady(like) Gadfly is a massive flop. Judas is a FLOP, and her acolytes are FLOP MONSTERS. It's true, and it needs to be said - anyone who derives their "wellness" from this phony cocaine addict is a FLOP MONSTER!

  18. IVIV says – reply to this


    didn't watch the video but wanted to say how funny it is that Perez hyped up Gaga's Ellen performance & once it happened & he saw what a shit show it was he isn't even bothering to post it on the site hahaha

  19. 19

    Re: IVIV – Is that because it was ALL lip synching?
    * Flop Monsters scream in unison "singing to a backing track"*
    Or was it because she appeared to forget the words a few times, and turned away from the camera (even though lip synching)?

  20. 20

    apparently he has a strap on for gaga, how could each of them get any otherwise?

  21. 21

    Gaga makes everyone happy…. except you same 7 or 8 trolls who comment on here daily about how much she bothers you or people that take her too seriously. You see what I don't understand is how someone can make a daily ritual of writing a good 4 sentences about someone they aren't even interested in or like at all. I on the other hand like Gaga so it makes sense when I check Perez for my daily dose of Gaga. It's almost as if y'alls hate for Gaga is stronger than my love for her, which is totally sad. Is she really that much of an impact to justify such extreme hatred!

  22. 22

    FUCKING stupid

  23. 23

    Re: OriginalRecipe – if you're referring to me as one of the trolls i only check this website once every now and then and ALWAYS (seems so) see gaga as a top celebrity and click her picture and all her previous postings show up which then i go ahead and post my opinions. Don't act like you don't comment on britney, rihanna and etc's posts yourself.

  24. 24

    So what the big deal? Women like Oprah kiss men all the time.

  25. 25

    And then Gaga bent over and showed Oprah your lip prints on her ass.

  26. frrf says – reply to this


    Re: OriginalRecipe – I feel like doing specifically to piss you off.

  27. 27

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Ohhh shut the fuck up you have no right to call anyone out for being a TROLL!!!!!!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: Mad Dog – "Gaga did drop a turd. Judas." TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  30. 30

    Maybe this time around she won't fuck up the performance like the last time when she was on the car and couldn't break the window on the car, lolololololololo.!!!!!!!!! They had to edit that part out because she looked like an ass, lololololololololol!!!!!!! BTW, caca sucked on Ellen……lip synch much?

  31. 31





  32. 32

    Re: SlaveMeh
    we all know you are commenting from an isolated cave somewhere in Scandinavia. TROLL,TROLL,TROLL………

  33. 33

    Re: GayRay – GAGA never lip sync, she always sings the main parts u dumbass.

  34. 34

    Re: Mad Dog – Wow u have a lot of time on your hands to post all this stupid shit, and Judas will be a number one hit as soon as the video comes out, let me guess your a britney fan?? So sad

  35. 35

    Here is part of a review of LGG's pre-taped performance on Ellen :
    "Sadly for GaGa, she wasn't able to properly execute the heavy-duty choreography required for the performance, and the whole thing ended up looking like a bad Janet Jackson tribute show at a local nightclub. It was unbelievably awkward, and really made GaGa come across as much less talented than she actually is."

  36. 36

    Notice how now GaGa is going on every show in a desperate attempt to make her latest flop Judas move up the charts. The song is not even in the top 10 on Billboard in only the 2nd week. LMAO! She really is trying hard to make the song a hit, but people aren't going to be fooled again after Born This Way. She's done.

  37. 37

    LMAO, I forgot about Mario not posting the Ellen performance. He never posts anything that makes that tranny look like the fraud she truly is. This is a GaGa fan site and nothing less. Why did he hype it up for 2 weeks to not post it? I bet she paid him not to post it.

  38. 38

    Re: myles88 – grow up fuck face

  39. 39

    Re: myles88 – OMG, all the comments you make are about CaCa…….what an obsessed, fanatic fuck face you are!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOO EMBARRASSED FOR YOU, EWWWWWWW - once again, she sucked on Ellen and wtf was up with that make-up - she looks like she smells like vagina juice mixed with vinegar, icky

  40. 40

    Oh please, the Ellen performance wasn't bad. Dancing isn't her strong point but it went okay (a little over choreographed for my taste.) It wasn't a total BOMB like yall make it out to be… This anti-gaga team just see's what they want to see.

  41. 41

    Re: GayRay – the only person you should feel embarrassed for is yourself. all your comments are are so childish yet you have the nerve to tell someone to grow the fuck up. LOL!!! you are beyond ridiculous. and by the way i doubt that with a name like GayRay you would know what a vagina smells like.

  42. 42

    Re: AttFinch – Who the hell asked you to chime in asswipe? Go lick CaCa crack while the bitch burns because she's going down dweeb……WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! BTW, real perceptive about the name - you hit that vagina right on the head!

  43. 43

    Re: GayRay – Whats with all this "she is going down/the end gaga" talk?…. her first single that isn't smash hit and suddenly she is going to lose all of her fans and fade away or something. She isn't trying to recruit new fans with Judas, she is just going to continue doing what she does best. Entertaining and keeping her fans guessing and involved.

  44. 44

    Re: GayRay
    "Who the hell asked you to chime in asswipe?"
    The same person who asked you to chime in: Nobody.
    Perhaps you really shouldn't try so hard to be witty when you're simply just not good at it.

  45. 45

    Re: OriginalRecipe – awwwww……hit a caca nerve?

  46. 46

    Re: Sissy Burden – Obviously witty enough for your lame ass to comment, LOL!

  47. 47

    Re: GayRay – You sound like PopDictator's douche bag little brother.

  48. 48

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble
    Fail! I think you meant to say, "Obviously you're witty enough to comment on my lame comments."
    Again stop trying. While you're at it, stop breathing! You're an embarrassment not only to gays, but to humanity.

  49. 49

    Re: OriginalRecipe – LOL, I am - caca licker

  50. 50

    Re: Sissy Burden – Poor wittle wittle sissy, can't even respond to the right gay :(

  51. 51

    I don't understand why people assume that anyone who doesn't like Lady Gaga must be a Britney fan? Since when was there a fued between these two? I've only heard them say nice things about eachother so the fact that their fans think they're rivals only proves that they each think that the other one is a threat to this invisible pop throne. Newsflash-there is no real throne in music and even if there was it's not like any of you would be a part of any kingdom & it wouldn't affect your lives at all if either artist claims this invisible throne.

  52. 52

    Here are some excerpts from the Guardian UK about whether LGG can capture the #1 spot with the religiously themed Judas and its release around a religious holiday (Easter).
    "..GaGa's answer to Like a Prayer."
    "..like a demented remix of Bad Romance - verses of angry metallised shouting,"
    "..new single has been met with a comparative shrug."

  53. 53

    Love her, she is one of the most amazing artist today. Love her, she is the greatest, can't wait for her album. This is her time, her year/s.

  54. 54

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – Yeah, ”the greatest” in her own mind — which is a whiskey soaked METH sponge! LOL

  55. 55

    It's funny seeing the same troll names posting in Gaga news Perez post.
    Not only do they hate her blindly with all ignorance.
    They just can't seem to get over the Lady Gaga either.
    It's like the same as reading conspiracy theories!
    How many years have they been saying …no praying for Gaga to flop now?
    It's not gonna happen trolls.

  56. 56

    Re: GayRay – GayRay keep posting about your new idol, Lady Gaga. We appreciate the support and popularity you give her. Thanks!

  57. 57


  58. 58

    Re: Bran1616 – Well my little Monster, I appreciate all the love and unity that you express and I try and rejoice with the love that I have as a once bullied girl planning on resting on the laurels of every other stars vison, …..wait, wait? Hi, , , , Madonna….ummmmmm …… anyway. Just Like a Prayer

  59. 59

    Re: Glamour_is_the_Life – LMFAO, this is her time? You're fucking delusional. The world is laughing at Gaga for being such a successful failure. If you think any artist wants to be remembered as that, you're stupid. It's absolute humiliation, and funny as hell because she deserves it so much! LOL! Karma!

  60. 60

    Lets be honest… This was no "surprise" visit.. its all planned.. oprah is doing things to drum up the viewers before her show goes off the air….If you believe Gaga just randomly dropped by Oprahs set during a taping.. you need your head examined. And nothing about a "surprise" visit from gaga is epic perez.. please stop using that word.

  61. 61

    Re: ilovejoomayun – What the hell? One single that's not a top 10 hit and she is complete failure with no future, as the world laughs? You are delusional and in you're own little world. Judas isn't her best song but you need to slow your roll with those bold comments.

  62. 62

    Re: Meggie246624 – Who's Adele? I usually like your posts, but you ought to be pinched on the toosh for asking sucha silly question…. I am a little embarrassed for you… download Adele 21 on itunes andget in the know LOl

  63. 63

    Re: IVIV – omg i know right!!!I broke down and watched her Ellen performance.. (blame my roomamte) and I must say I was very confused.. She looked a mess.. her hair looks horrible she needs to lay off the bleach and the sharpie drawn on eye brows… The dancing was lack luster and looked like she was spastic… or like stuck in a jello jiggler or something.. The crowd didn't even seem into it… And the song is just painful to listen to, it makes no damn sense!

  64. 64

    Re: GayRay
    Well, you're both equally pathetic, I kind of thought you two were one and the same. It's not my fault you don't have any originality and that you blend.