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FOX Pulls Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show Hurricane Themed Episodes

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Family Guy Offensive

Smart move, FOX!

Due to the tragic storms that swept through six southern states, killing almost 300 people, FOX has pulled Sunday night's planned cross-over episodes of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show which see a hurricane come to town.

Replacing the new episodes with repeats, the crossover event will instead air next spring with the remainder of the season's episodes for each respective series continuing to air as planned.

The epic hurricane episodes were written 18 months ago and were called an "enormous challenge" by Seth MacFarlane.

That's a bummer fans will have to wait another year to see these episodes, but given the horrible circumstances, we think the network made a good choice.

Are U glad that the stormy episodes won't air this week?

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26 comments to “FOX Pulls Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show Hurricane Themed Episodes”

  1. 1

    SO, can't you get them downloaded from netflix or hulu or something? if not, is your life going to end? TURN ON FOX NEWS, its hard, I know, BUT SEE the devastation in alabama and the rest of the states. Last weekend, you actually saw one of the storm chasers trying to TURN PEOPLE AWAY…

  2. 2

    This is absolutely fucking rediculous. Is this country that politically correct that they can't even show anything involving weather disasters on TV because it might make other people feel bad? That's absurd. They refuse to show anything on TV involving a nuclear power plant in Tokyo (that means basically ALL Simpsons episodes) because of what happened there, too. Come on! I've been waiting all year to see these episodes. It's really heartbreaking that those Tornado's happened, but it's not like they're going to be able to watch these episodes. ;)

  3. 3

    Laughter is the best medicine. People are way too sensitive these days. It's terrible what happened down south and I don't think showing these episodes would make the situation worse in any way.

  4. 4

    i understand why they aren't showing them this week but why wait a whole year? and what if another storm happens between now and then?

  5. 5

    Some people are too sensitive. This sounds like something a lot of people would want to watch, but now we have to wait because of some natural disaster that happened MONTHS after the episodes were written. This is a shame. Anyone offended by this should probably go live under a rock.

  6. 6

    Wouldn't be my choice of decision, but I guess its understandable. Why a whole year though?

  7. 7

    I find it hypocritical that the media chooses to pull these shows in light of the recent tragedy. They seemed perfectly happy to put the story on hold to cover a wedding that had nothing to do with our country. Is it too soon? Perhaps, but given how hard he worked on these for sweeps week, it should be his decision to pull them, not the networks.
    I adore these shows. Yes, they are offensive, but they are smart and hilarious in the delivery of their well motivated jokes. Some people don't have that twisted sense of humor, that's cool, so don't watch. In times of hardship, laughter is a wonderful tool to take your mind off of something just for a little while, which is totally healthy. Also, as someone who lives in a state that was sadly effected by the storms, (a state also in which 2 of Seth's shows are set,) I, personally, would not be offended.
    These shows are known for their risque, contemporary humor, making offensive fun of recent events in pop culture. So in reality, these episodes would be no different from any other of their kind. Perhaps if the media had properly reported on the storms to actually inform the public of the magnitude of its' travesty, I would feel differently. And for that reason we have every right to think it's not as big a deal as a British wedding and airing episodes that mirror it's occurrence is totally fine.

  8. 8

    Re: madethisjusttosaythis – You are totally right. What happened in the south were tornadoes, not hurricanes. You can bet there will be hurricanes, as the season is approaching. Then who knows if it ever will be aired. He may as well stop writing episodes in the fear that life will happen and his episodes will somewhat resemble reality. So stupid.

  9. 9

    dammit cant they at least release them on dvd or something

  10. 10

    I can understand (I don't agree, but I can understand) pulling it from this week, maybe even for the next month until things calm down but a whole year?
    BULL…SHIT… Seth McFarlance's pretty much offended EVERYBODY in the country at least once between these three shows and they're still VERY successful. Obviously America can take joke. There's no reason an hour and a half of Family Guy-esque humor should throw the network in a tizzy and raise the ire of half the country…

  11. 11

    ….hey, its adele !

  12. 12


    They're alwaysssssssssss offensive, and it's their thing!!!!

    Air it!!! And screw the world, like they always do!!! GO SETH

  13. 13

    The network did the right thing! I am from Tupelo, MS and the small town of Smithville is 30 miles or so from there and it got completely wiped off the map by an F5 tornado. Have we become a nation of insensitivity and selfishness? Is there no more empathy or care for your fellow man? It saddens me that all these comments seem that way. If you really want to watch something on tv, turn to any of the news channels and see how many lives have been destroyed. Wondering how they will pick up the pieces. Then maybe you can understand why it was the right thing to do by not showing the programs. I'm sure the networks will work something out so you can see your shows, but please people, show some sensitivity and empathy. Even if it is a year from now you have to wait to see your shows, some people will never see some of their family members or the life as they knew it before the tornado a year from now…

  14. 14

    Pray for Alabama. We are hurting.

  15. 15

    I dont think our wanting to see a CARTOON is insensitive. It was written 18 months ago, and they are talking about hurricanes, not tornadoes. It's very unfortunate and sad what happened to the people effected, but I think this was an extreme measure.

  16. 16

    Wow, sometimes I feel ashamed to say I live in this country because everyone's skin has become so thin, everyone's offended by everything and they all cry when things don't go their way.

  17. 17

    Let's hope there are no natural disasters next spring. Otherwise, we'll have to wait another year. And another.

  18. 18

    Re: Michelle Deaton – Not a fan of political correctness but you make a good point.

  19. 19

    Plain retarded. I agree with "madethisjusttosaythis" 1 year is stupid. They could have at least done it as a season finale.

  20. 20

    I was programming my DVR earlier this morning anticipating the crossover episodes of the 3 shows, and when I noticed that they were showing reruns instead, it took me a bit to realize why before I came on here. I'm devestated over the tragedies that have occured as a result of the storms that have hit this country, but I'm sad I have to wait a year to see the episodes. It's not like they do these shows within a week before airing like South Park. It takes a year from writing the episode to when the show returns from overseas before these episodes air. It's a pain in the ass whenever there's a natural disaster that occurs and one of the Fox shows have a case of bad timing and they have to postpone the episode as a result.

  21. 21

    Re: Michelle Deaton – @Michelle Deaton….obviously everyone feels horrible about all of the lives lost. At the same time, though, people need to laugh, and in no way does an episode of Family Guy diminish the empathy we feel for what you are going through. I lived through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and I know from firsthand experience how it feels to suffer terrible damage, but I would have never taken it as a personal attack if a tv show aired an episode created 18 months earlier that happened to have a hurricane in it.

  22. ash87 says – reply to this


    I'm from Alabama and this wouldn't offend me. What happened down here was horrible but they don't make these shows to offend anyone. But on a side note, the storm has killed almost 300 in Alabama alone plus almost 400 still missing in Tuscaloosa, AL so your numbers are way off for all six states. This was the worse storm we've seen in a while so pray for all of us because there are a lot of people still missing!

  23. 23

    I live in Alabama & work as a TV news producer. Because of my career I'm on the 'front lines' of the devastation these tornadoes left behind. We were live on the air with weather warnings for more than 15 hours Wednesday & as a result have 4 of these twisters live on air as they picked up homes, businesses and yes-even people. Until you've lived through this kind of disaster you can't possibly understand the emotions that come with it. My emotions right now are nothing compared to those who survived. As I worked my 3rd double shift in four days it hit me, as a journalst I have a responsibility to those survivors to tell their stories with dignity & respect. You've all seen the images on TV. Let me tell ya from a first row seat to this historic event: It's 500% worse.

  24. 24

    Whats wrong with you people? Instead of worrying about watching cartoons on t.v. you should get off your asses and help your neighbor. This is reality and now is when people need help. These shows will air over and over and over again.

  25. 25

    I understand that this was a terrible tragedy that happened but if a network decided to pull a show everytime they thought someone would be offended then we wouldnt have anything to watch on tv. We see on the news the horrible destruction that happened and while its heartbreaking people need a break, and need to be able to laugh. Its not like this was written to intentionally hurt people and did not even have anything to do with what happened. I mean if you paid the slightest bit of attention in school you know that hurricanes and tornados, while devastating, are two different things. It is not like Seth was poking fun at what happened, and it should have been aired.

  26. 26

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