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Lindsay Expected To Plead No Contest

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In her attempt to "accept responsiblity" and "move on," LiLo will be pleading no contest next week in the stolen necklace case.

She's already been sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service for her probation violation, however, her lawyer, Shawn Holley, wants to make sure that Lindsay will not receive any additional time.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County says that Lindsay will most likely serve about three weeks of her sentenced jail time.

Let's just hope that no matter how much time Lindsay spends in jail, she's FINALLY learned her lesson this time.

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Lindsay Expected To Plead No Contest”

  1. rcs says – reply to this


    Thank you Harvey!

  2. 2

    She NEVER learns from her mistakes. She just lies, takes no responsibility and she moves on. she really annoys me with how she gets out of everything.

  3. 3

    How can pleading 'no contest' be construed as 'taking responsibility'? She will see it as the easiest way out and never plead guilty.
    Besides, I'm sure she still feels it's the fault of the mean ole' judge/jeweller/press that she walked away with a necklace and only returned it when the cops started sniffing around.

  4. 4

    the only thing shes learning from this is how to commit a felony and not go to jail for it.

    and this bitch needs to slow down on the botox…ugh…she looks older than demi moore.

  5. 5

    Taking responsibility?? Typical Lohan bullshit. She's pleading "no contest" because Holly has told her she will be found guilty if it goes to trial…in other words, she has no other option…same as pleading guilty. And why would she think that there will be no additional jail time? They are two different,separate charges.Theft and probation violation. She thinks the theft charge will be swept under the rug like her cocaine possesion charges?
    The judge should make sure that she does ALL her time!! 120 days WITH no early release for "OVER CROWDING". This "over crowding clause is bullshit, hey here's an idea, send her to anyone of the other 49 states where there is no "over crowding" clause.
    Oh yeah and Perez…why don't you grow a pair and stop acting like your on "Team Lohan". You trying to score points with DUIna? This manipulative,junkie,thief has been, deserves to get the same treatment that the rest of us would receive. It's not so much the retarded,idiotic bullshit Trollhan gets herself into that pisses me off, it's her arogant, better then anyone, attitude that burns me up. Did you see her on Leno? An Oscar in the next five years?????????????Did she really say that???

  6. 6

    …she wont learn jack shit……….

  7. 7

    Vomitous old-looking brain-damaged hag = Lindsay Lohan

  8. 8

    she's a twitchy-eyed liar. she'll learn nothing except she can get away with stealing. there's not an authentic bone in her body. she's been TAUGHT that the law does not apply to her. she continues to blame those around her. I used to really like Lindsay. but now I have absolutely no sympathy for her. she deserves jail. she deserves to spend every second of her sentence incarcerated.

  9. 9

    total loser…way too late 4 her…she needs to just pack it in already and disappear…so tired of her shit…

  10. 10

    Oh let this waste get off…she'll just eff up again soon. And again and again, until she finally causes some real damage. Eventually she will get what's coming to her and that WON'T be an Academy Award. What a retard saying that, let along thinking it. Smoke some more crack and meth sweetheart and die please.

  11. 11

    Eh, I guess this is the way it goes. I think most people would do this so I am not going to going to condemn her on this.

  12. 12

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – I think that you changed your name from White and Ugly because nobody was paying attention to you before. You are seeking so much attention it's sad maybe don't have parents.

  13. 13

    Quit injecting your freaking lips, they look like two overstuffed sausages

  14. 14

    No contest does not mean youre taking responsibility. That would be "guilty." No contest just means you dont want to pursue the matter. (ie. too busy, too important, too stupid, afraid any additional comments will lead to perjury….)

  15. 15

    That photo of her looks really bad! she looks 70 !! with that terrible yellow hair scrunched up and messy and huge lips. I beleive when she messes up she should be called Linsainty it was funny!!.I hope she get sentenced like everyone else!. what happened to her saying she didnt steal it? why plead anything if you defiantly didnt do it? im losing respect for someone who purposely goes out with ehr kind of money and steals!!

  16. 16

    poor girl she dont need this stuff.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – You're right about the twitchy-eyed.
    I've seen her do it more than once and knew right away that my b.s. meter was going off.

  18. 18

    The girl has more money than sense. She blows it all on a get yourself out of jail card constantly, she needs to learn a lesson and not just a day in jail. "Do the crime, do the time" is a concept herself and the judge need to be more aware of. Just because of her status she shouldn't be getting away with it. I feel sorry for the state she's got herself into but she's only got herself to blame and someone needs to teach her a lesson before she goes too far next time. Its only a shame to see someone go down such a path in which she has.

  19. 19

    Lindsays got the Twitchy Eye. Add that to the balding,the fish lips, the God awful hair extensions,the spray on tan and shes starting to make Snooki look good. Hey Now !!!

  20. 20

    Its Simple Lindsay is innocent so why should she plead guilty . Like she needs to take a necklace or anything else . This is the advice of her lawyers but thats right none of you would ever listen to a lawyer because most of you know so much more than they .
    Lindsay is trying to get her life together . You can do it Lindsay Go Girl !

  21. 21

    Re: TAYLORTfair – Was she innocent when she got two DUI's?
    was she innocent when she got caught with coke …twice? How about when she stole that mink coat? How about the dozens of other shady things Lindsay has gotten aways with? All innocent? I don't think so.
    What I do think is that she should take a sharpie and draw her eyebrows about three inches higher. That way her bald head wont look so bad !! Mabe hair plugs? She could always look surprised or "Blindsided". Yeah, you go girl!!

  22. 22

    Re: bulldoggydog – Ok so let me get this right because of DUI's and a fur coat that was not proven . That makes her guilty of the necklace ? Hmm don't think so … We have all made mistakes which does not make us guilty of new ones . Bald?
    I think not . People always comment on womens looks hmm wonder why plastic surgeons are making so much money today, not to mention women who starve themselves just to be thin . You ever wonder where that all comes from ? I see you also live the life of a saint , just amazing

  23. 23

    Re: TAYLORTfair – Look, all kidding and hating aside… clearly Lindsay has multiple phycological issues and you can place the blame where you wish. But yes, the last incident with the stolen necklace was clearly a planned theft. And yes, Lindsay has shown a pattern of disfunctional behavior that I personally think stems from her addiction issues.
    She professes to have stopped smoking, every picture you see her with a cigarette in hand, same with drinking and drugs, presciption or not. She hasn't stopped the party sice she left Betty Ford. She has let her looks go. Basically she is a mess. Yes, she can clean up momentarily for the constant court dates. And along with multiple addictions comes the attitude that she is doing nothing wrong. She can quit when ever she wants. Her attitude also includes that she is a big movie star and is intitled to ultra special treatment. This is very very wrong when it includes breaking the laws and rules of society. She contantly thinks that she is right and the world is out to get her. Constantly wrongfully accused. Wrongfully accused people are not in and out of court every couple of months year after year. And yes, we all do make mistakes, but an intelligent person learns form their mistakes and changes. Lindsay,sadly, has not gotten to that point and will not as long as people reinforce her bad behavior like her parents and attorneys.

  24. 24

    Re: bulldoggydog – I must say it is nice to read this without the hate. You must remember most of what we hear comes from the media , they will say anything to sell . Yes her behavior may look odd but do we really know the truth . She is such an easy target . When the media prints she was at a party and NOT drinking people dont want to believe this , they hang on to the negative which sells much better.