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Details About Osama Bin Laden's Death And Burial.

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Wow. Truly such a historic day.

Now that it's been confirmed that after a nearly-ten year search, Osama bin Laden was found and killed by American troops, new details are emerging about his death.

The terrorist was located inside a large military compound in Abbottabad, an hour north of Islamabad, with no internet or phone connection. According to sources, American operatives have known about his location since last summer, and have been strategizing their plan of attack since then.

Finally, they descended upon him yesterday, and he was said to have "resisted the assault force" by using a woman as a shield against the attack and later with an automatic weapon. Special Forces Navy Seals then shot him through the head, finally killing him.

One of his sons, two couriers, and the aforementioned woman were also killed during the 40-minute raid.

In accordance with Islamic law, his body has been buried at sea.

Our thoughts are with all of the people who lost someone in the 9/11 attacks, as well as all of the innocent lives lost yesterday during the raid.

May they all rest easy knowing that bin Laden can't hurt anyone else.

[Image via AP Images.]

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94 comments to “Details About Osama Bin Laden's Death And Burial.”

  1. 1

    Boots on the ground… Obama's got big balls .

  2. 2

    According to Islamic Law you have to be buried at sea?

    That's a false statement right there. This is beginning to get more and more suspicious.

  3. 3

    Stupid, short synopsis. And silly. It's all over every website in the world. I guess your post is for the complete idiots of the world who don't get their news anywhere else? Good grief.

  4. 4

    A UK economy in decline & a US election coming up so we have a 'Royal wedding' & a 'dead Bin Laden' to pick up the morale. Suddenly every one is patriotic again proud to be British & American, forget the bigger picture. There has been no proof to say he's been captured or dead and conveniently he was buried at sea does none of this sound suspicious to all you celebrating idiots. You are being sold rubbish and you all lap it up like puppets on a string.

  5. 5

    umm i think you need to edit this to clarify the whole "in accordance with Islamic law" thing. The Islamic religion says that a person must be buried within one day of dying, but the way it is portrayed in this article makes it seem like they must be buried at sea.

  6. 6

    Leave the real news to the big boys. This is an entertainment website. You should know, you created it. Your synopsis is so pathetic.

  7. 7

    So amazing how no Americans were injured. I am blown away by the talent of our military, I could not be prouder to be an American. It is wonderful for the other countries as well, as he brought destruction to numerous countries and cultures. Although this is a wonderful victory, we still have to worry about his followers and still have a way to go in the war against hatred. I am sickened by his followers. Using a woman as a shield. So disgusting. Cowards. Although, you are who you hang out with. Still though, it's absolutely deplorable. - Putting positive thoughts out that no one is harmed as a result of this.

  8. 8

    I hope the talk about 'operatives' KNOWING where he was since LAST SUMMER is FALSE!!! because TAKING ALL THINGS INTO CONSIDERATION, meaning that HE WAS LIVING IN A MANSION without internet or phone, but just a large wall WITHOUT SECURITY (with could have been monitored and found out by satellite, cameras, espionage, etc, etc. WHY DID THE ORDER TO ATTACK AND KILL TAKE SO LONG? and I have doubts it was him, sorry, the US BURIED HIM TOO FAST. I don't care about islamic law, it hasn't been EVEN 24 HOURS and he is wrapped and dumped, ARE WE REALLY SURE??? I'M NOT, I WANT TO SEE PROOF, and you KNOW, there will be others, no matter what PROOF YOU HAVE, THEY WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT (and I am not taking Trump, I am talking about conspiracy theorist, like 9/11 truthers, and the moonlanding fakers)

  9. 9

    wow, you guys saying he shouldnt post about something going on in America are assholes. if u dont like what he wrote dont fuckin read it. get over urselves please. so what if he didnt write a long detailed article about it, like you said, other sites are writing about it so go get ur information from them if ur so damn un happy with what he writes. you a bunch of fuckin bullies who have nothing better to do with your time than to criticize someone else. go fuck urselves.

  10. 10

    i dont believe he's dead. i'm muslim and we have no such law that says dead bodies are buried at sea. wheres the body? there are usually videos of these things so where's the video? i won't believe it till i see it

  11. 11

    Ummmm, there's nothing in Islam about being buried at sea. How cultured are you Perez? You are over 30. You don't have to be a Muslim to know this.

  12. 12

    You're an idiot, Perez, and your attempt to cover real news are PATHETIC. Stick to what you do best: Going away and being invisible forever.
    He was NOT buried in accordance with Islamic law. In fact, his burial at sea can be seen as an insult; he didn't die at sea, he died on land. That's where he should've been buried, with his head pointing to Mecca, if his burial was in accordance with Islamic law. The village idiot could pick that up from the news; you need to copy and paste better or just STFU about real news. Because you, Perez, basically suck. You're lazy, you're ignorant, and you're a pimple on the ass of society that is in bad need of popping.

  13. 13

    I wouldn't exactly call anyone aiding in the hiding of the worlds number one fugitive "innocent," Perez, but maybe that's just me. Anyone in that house with him, in my opinion, sealed their fate when they pledged allegiance to a mass murderer. [Sidenote: I also think it's REALLY weird they burried him at sea after searching for him for ten years. WTF? Even if it IS "Islamic law" (which is news to me) why not bring him to the US first for proof/autopsy etc.. Strange]

    Regardless, as a native NYer, today is a GREAT day, and let's focus more on all the innocent people who died on 911, & in combat since, who now have some justice… & their families who now have some peace. Rather than on some murderer who died as he lived: as a coward. All these people go and die for him and he hides (behind a woman no less) til the very end. He deserves to be forgotten. 9/11/01 - We Miss You - We Remember - RIP.

  14. 14

    Re: justtfax – Yeah i agree! it took us 10 years to find this guy in a giant mansion!!?

    welp at least WE GOT HIM!

  15. 15

    According to Islamic law, a body must be buried within 24 hours of death… Not at sea.

  16. 16

    He was buried according to Islamic law!:((( The victims of 9/11 and terrorism everywhere, were they given that respect???? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! There is something so wrong with this: the news of his killing and that he was "buried at sea. What Mickey Mouse "the common people are sooo stupid, anyway!" tactics are the governments using now!!! Time will tell. God's Will Be Done!

  17. 17

    And can we talk about how bad ass Obama is? Kept that piece on the DOWN LOW. People talk so much trash but that man is one clever little trickster. We had no idea that whole thing was going down, he even made the choice to do it Sunday, not Sat because he didn't want people to worry or suspect something if he wasn't at the dinner. GENIUS. The man even had visual and audio play by plays of the whole thing in real time as it happened. Obama is the MAN! It's those quiet ones you gotta watch out for. Just cuz he's not out there running his mouth like Bush did doesn't mean he isn't planning, getting work done. He has showed he knows how to do the job and get results. He is just keeps it cool.

  18. 18

    THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT. perez you can't be stupid enough to believe this croc. you're just feeding into the mass media like you're expected to. this is bs. HOW CONVENIENT that he was immediately buried at sea. what a joke. he has been dead for years this is bullshit propaganda. makes me sick. Someone as wanted as bin laden , they're just gonna hand him over out of respect? how convenient that there is no body now. NO PROOF. those released photos are two year old FAKES

  19. 19

    Re: thisisme23 – they have photos but are reluctant to release them as they show his brains coming out of the hole in his head. And doughboy's article is misleading, the islamic law part is that he had to be "buried" within a certain period of time. The reason they pitched him overboard is to prevent any grave site from becoming a shrine for his fucked up followers.

  20. 20

    so he kills 2500 plus then we finally kill him and we're going to respect his religion by dumping him at sea ? i dont think so. OBAMA THE CONSUMMATE LIAR THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE 2 IS THE B IN OBAMAS NAME

  21. 21

    Re: JGirl1988 – Islamic law says that the body needs to be buried within 24 hours of the death, its not suspicious, just because Perez doesnt have his facts straight.

  22. 22

    This actually didn't happen yesterday at all. They just made the announcement yesterday. They said several times over the news conference that it was several days ago (hence how there has already been time for DNA confirmation)

  23. 23

    Actually, here's what some news outlets are reporting:

    After bin Laden was killed in a raid by U.S. forces in Pakistan, senior administration officials said the body would be handled according to Islamic practice and tradition. That practice calls for the body to be buried within 24 hours, the official said. Finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist would have been difficult, the official said. So the U.S. decided to bury him at sea.

    It's not necessarily that suspicious, Perez is just that stupid. You should all know that by now.

  24. 24

    Seriously I call all this BS.. I do hope is true and it might be, its just hard to believe it especially with burring him at sea and might I add so close to elections!! I think there should be proof I'm pretty sure alot of Americans would agree, don't ya'll?

  25. 25

    Re: mediterraneanRe: thisisme23 – The govt has issued a statement that he received a an Islamic, not Muslim (as he hated and killed many Muslims,) However, scholars are now reporting that this breaks with Islamic tradition. But Perez was correct in his reporting, as he was stating what was officially released. So if you want to be angry with someone, take it up with the US Govt, not a gossip columnist. However, the reason for this choice of burial was to avoid any type of shrine. Also, they doubt they would find any country that would want his remains. Would you prefer we brought him to America and posted his head on a stick for all to see? We did what we thought was civilized, something Osama had no concept of. And DNA has confirmed he is dead. No one would be stupid enough to make such a false claim, not involving the World's most wanted man. It's pretty morbid that you need to visual proof to believe a death has occurred.

  26. 26

    Re: blisss – Fuck you. Whether it's true or not… Let us have fucking peace. You're obviously not from NY, maybe not even the US, so you don't understand. TEN YEARS we've waited for justice of some kind… TEN YEARS. If you weren't THERE on 911.. then you couldn't possibly understand why we are so happy. So whether it's true or not, keep your conspiracies & mocking thoughts to yourself FOR ONE DAY, and let us celebrate that 3,000 lives weren't taken ENTIRELY in vain. Watch what you say… you may see all of this as grand news and statistics, but to us, it's our neighbors, our friends, our parents, our siblings.. So shut the FUCK UP about us celebrating. I was in NY on September 10th 2001 (& every day before) AND on September 12, 2001 (& every day since)… And let me tell you, they are two different worlds. We deserve to celebrate that the man who took everything away from us is gone..

    We're celebrating the lives lost… Showing that we remember each of them and what they gave so our eyes could open and we could be safe from that day forward (& hopefully from this one forward too)…. It's a small victory in attempt to help us move past a terrible defeat. It's not about some scumbag coward in a cave being dead. It's about us taking back some of what they took away. Don't talk about things you don't understand. Let us have today.

  27. 27

    mendo0320: When you learn how to read and write properly maybe someone will care what you have to say.

    Good grief. Did you get through gradeschool? Doesn't appear you made it past about 4th grade

  28. 28

    Melaniec — are you brain dead? Go read the news online or watch on TV. There is more than enough proof via tweets, photos, etc., that it happened yesterday. Are you really that stupid?

  29. 29

    If you don't like Obama, fine. But to doubt this or deny what happened is truly sickening. I have always been against the war, but I find your posts to be such an insult to the men and women who have fought and died, and continue to fight and die for this country. What those men did was so incredibly brave, I could never even be half that brave. When you make such statements, you insult not only their efforts, but also the families of those who have lost loved ones or have lost time spent with loved ones. Sorry that it's so hard to believe a man you don't like accomplished something incredible. But don't take it out on the people who risked their lives serving your country and ultimately, the entire world.

  30. 30

    Now if only someone would put 2 in George Bush and pitch him over-board. THAT would be cause to celebrate!

  31. 31

    Re: JGirl1988 – Don't get your facts from perez fucking hilton. Stick to who Madonna is fucking. There is no such law. The Islamic law he's probably confusing is the one that say's they must be buried inside of a 24 hour window. They did it at sea because no one else wanted him buried on their land.

  32. 32

    Sixty six years to the day May 1 1945 the death of Hitler was announced,May day is an occult festival. This is all bullshit.

  33. 33

    In accordance to the laws of humanity and what he deserved, he should have bene buried under a steaming pile of pig shit.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    What idiot writes this shit? Muslims have cemeteries. Muslims bury their dead like most anyone else. Buried at sea? Well, that would explain every tsunami — the ocean would be vomiting up all the asshole muslims.

  36. 36

    Re: RoflcopterToTheRescue – SO GLAD someone knew what they were talking about. hopefully people actually read your post and not just assume that what perez says is true

  37. 37

    In Islamic religion it is required that a person must be buried within one day of dying. The U.S. officials were concerned about burying his body because others can recover it and who knows what they would do with it… his burial site would probably become a shrine for some.. So they thought the most appropriate thing would be to bury that bastard at sea!

    Since Obama is the commander in chief I would like to praise him for having balls and telling the military to go ahead and take action despite knowing there are alot of civilians living in that area. And I would also like to thank and praise all of those who made this possible.. IM SO DAMN HAPPY RIGHT NOW

  38. 38

    I am so sick of everyone saying this is a conspiracy theory, why does everything have to be a conspiracy theory? Why cant everyone just accept hes dead? lack of evidence? So you don't believe the PRESIDENT, and the photos of the bloody mansion? I'm sure they'll release pictures of his body soon, and people will either say its not him or that those pictures were taken years ago. Stop being so ignorant people

  39. 39

    USA! USA! USA! lmao Now that's what I'M talkin' about. Don't FUCK with us and don't FUCK with New York and you won't get your ass handed to you. Nice work soldiers. Good to see that bastard has FINALLY been dealt with!

  40. 40

    Re: TORTEZ – You must be sick in the head to think the government officials are lieing. Im sure they will release DNA testing results, videos, and pics soon… But even then I think some nut cases are going to think they are lieing. smh

  41. 41

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – you shouldnt be so quick to jump on someone…yes the news broke yesterday, but the actual raid took place days ago, which was her point…
    you could be a little nicer, especially when youre actually wrong…

  42. 42

    Perez I wouldnt call those people who die that were in the same mansion as Bin laden "innocent". News reports are saying that the woman Osama used to shield him was his wife. All of those who aided in protecting and hiding Osama should have been killed! I am glad they shot that woman. They deserve it for hiding that bastard!

  43. 43

    Honestly I am terrified of the retalliation and pray that no more innocent people have to get hurt or killed. :(

  44. 44

    Re: hocus pocus – 9/11 was done by your own Government it was an inside job in order to have a reason to invade iraq for oil. The rest of the world know it apart from you dumb Americans there are so many facts to support this but you can only see inside the box and at what you are handed on a plate as propaganda. You are celebrating nonsense.

  45. 45

    Once again Perez fails at reporting. He wasn't buried at sea because of Islamic law, but to avoid his grave from becoming a gathering place and because no one wanted him on their land. Burying someone whithin 24 hours of their death,however, is Islamic tradition. Conspiracy theorists who don't believe he was killed are morons. There is no way they would announce this news if there was any doubt he was dead. This is some of the biggest news we've gotten in 10 years, it would completely discredit the administration if it turned out to be false.

  46. 46

    Re: jaystarr – They're using the "Islamic Law" thing as an excuse to NOT show us the body. And since when are Americans sensitive to Islamic Law???

    LOL!! … I still don't believe it till I see it.

  47. 47

    Wow 4 other people also killed…. (of theirs) how many casualities were US soldiers?

  48. 48

    Re: onesillyrabbit – Not only did Perez have this written but NUMEROUS websites had the same thing.

  49. 49

    Re: blisss – daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn lololol

  50. 50

    The government isn't just going to show proof of his death immediately to media outlets just to appease the masses so that we "can finally see proof" that he's dead. It's still a highly sensitive and classified operation that none of us still don't have any business knowing about every single detail that took place. The fact that the media is still rather vague on everything that's going on is actually a good thing. The last thing this country needs is for these men to perish because of people being too damn nosy- be thankful that these men and women have volunteered and sacrificed their lives to serve some justice and that we're able to freely express our opinion on a website that's run by Perez of all people.


  51. 51

    Re: La Vaquera – you're an asshole as well.

  52. 52

    Happy that he is dead but his body is not at sea. His body is next to the UFOs and information about JFKs death. His body is being autopsied and dissected as we speak. They are trying to find out what he ate, what his medical condition is and has been over the last couple of years, when they have exhausted everything then they will cremate his body. They just said that to appease the Muslims but brace yourself for attacks from those who saw him as a martyr. One down, couple thousand to go but we can do it.

  53. 53

    With my fellow conspirasists on this one. It's all too convenient and there is plenty to say he's been dead for years. check out Benazir Buto's interview with David Frost in 2007. This is mindless propaganda.

  54. 54

    this report is all wrong dummy.

  55. 55

    While I generally try not to feed the trolls, I cannot help but notice the overwhelming amount of people saying this is "suspicious." Do you all believe that the holocaust was hollywood magic as well? How about the moon landing? I'm concerned that there are so many people that genuinely believe such an idiotic, asinine thought (that this might be made up etc…). The fact that he was "buried" at sea is due to the fact that they do not want his body to become a terrorist shrine, or for him to be thought of as a martyr. On that note, there are pictures- and not the one circulating on the internet; it's fake- they will be released in due time, as were the photos of Hussein. Let's all just focus on the fact that our men and women overseas did a good job and deserve our praises.

  56. 56

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – actually melaniec is correct in that this happened a week ago and it took this long to announce it because they were waiting for DNA confirmation, Obama simply made the announcement that he was dead yesterday… you really think they would tell the world that he was dead on the same day they killed him?? not likely.

  57. 57

    Re: blisss – If you did not live; i'm sure nobody would be sad. Any response you make to me will not be read so don't bother writing one. I just wanted to let you know that you are a goddamn moron, and may God have mercy on your simple, insignificant soul.

  58. 58

    Re: JGirl1988 – No it is Islamic Law to bury someone 24 hours after they die!!! It was in the sea so that there could be no specific grave to become a shrine!!

  59. 59

    Re: JGirl1988 – It doesn't Islamic Law says that the body has to be buried within 24 hours of death! They buried him at sea so that there was no grave to become a shrine!

  60. 60

    Pakistan's army and police force have questionable loyalties to the Pakistani government.

    If US special forces and US personnel wanted to leave the town without a fight without casualties, they were going to have to compromise with ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) personnel. Given the word by the ISI a firefight would easily have broken out between Pakistani and US forces in the area.

    The compromise was this, the US were going to kill the head target (not yet identified as Osama) in the compound, Pakistani forces couldn't be trusted so they played back up and held back.

    Upon identifying the body was Osama, the ISI immediately requested his body stay in Pakistan and according to muslim tradition be buried that day.

    The US knew they couldn't take the body without ISI and Pakistani government permission, this was never a reality anyway, too many of them were in support of the islamists they pretended to fight.

    Compromise 1. The US would be allowed to verify Osama was killed and acquire further evidence.Compromise 2. To avoid overt retaliation from extremist forces in Pakistan and the rest of the world, the US would respect this particular islamic tradition and allow burial that day.
    Compromise 3. A burial site at land would have created a shrine, which would be out of the question for the US.
    Compromise 4. A burial at sea would allow the islamic tradition of burial on day of death to be followed without the creation of a shrine.

  61. Ammie says – reply to this


    Used a woman as a shield - fricken coward.

  62. 62

    Anyone living with Bin Laden is not innocent…so scratch the "innocent" comment. Glad they got the SOB.

  63. 63

    Re: blisss – ok, freak

  64. 64

    With my personal feelings about the situation set aside, he was not buried at sea because of religion but because they wanted no burial ground to be worshiped or for him to become a martyr. It is in line with muslim beliefs to be buried within 24 hours. It is bs being that all the people who died because of him (american or not) were not allowed to have their religions or wishes respected.

  65. 65

    and not only did he use a woman as a shield, but it was in fact his youngest wife

  66. 66

    I'm so mad they dumped him in the ocean. I don't want to eat fish that nibbled on his body. Yuck!

  67. 67

    Re: La Vaquera – Umm yea they have burial place but if you actually read it.. they said they don't want a burial SIGHT for him because they don't want it to become a shrine or a place of gathering for Osama supporters… This happened with Sadam's grave sight.. and they did not want to have a place where people can gather and rejoice in his name… Please get your facts from sites other then P Hilton

  68. 68

    Re: Roccomagoo – Ok puppet!

  69. 69

    Re: hocus pocus – i'm from manhattan and my mother used to work on the 101st floor of the north tower. i'm also sickened by the insane amount of reveling that has been going on. yes, i'm elated that that evil psycho bastard is dead, but our society shouldn't be rejoicing at a death. there is a time and place for celebration, and i dont think we should mourn, but partying in the streets is crass and disrespectful.
    please don't attempt to represent all new yorkers with your own point of view. if you were a true new yorker, you would know and love the fact that everyone has their own ideas and responses to things. (i'd bet my life you're from long island or new jersey)

  70. 70

    Re: blisss – they have his dna, keep drinking your wacko koolaid

  71. 71

    Re: Roccomagoo – So they say, you just continue to believe every thing your told ignorance is bliss for most people.

  72. 72

    Half of this story is bullshit, but we'll probably never know what half.

  73. 73

    Re: blisss – Clever girl. Nothing is verified and even if it is this could have happened years ago. More over, they are building towards a 'close' election and creating a smoke screen for the bankers who will eventually pull the plug on the economy and start multiple news wars which could lead to a world war (Iran> china /russia). The powers that be (not obama) will then blame the economy collapse / depression on the coming WAR.

  74. 74

    Islamic Law states that you have to bury the body within 24 hours of death. The US military wasn't sure they would find a country that would take his body in time so they just buried him at sea.

  75. 75

    Re: stickk – Its BEYOND bullshit. And it is BEYOND THE SEA!!!

  76. 76

    This is a tremendous achievement for the USA, my thoughts are with everyone who lost a loved one in 9/11 and 7/7

  77. 77

    Its not Islamic law to bury a body at sea, Its Islamic law to bury the body within 24 hours. Get it right.

  78. 78

    perez. I love you but you are so wrong, the reason they dumped the body in the ocean was so martyr site was not made

  79. 79

    Thank you to the Special Forces who carried out a successful mission. You are the best of the best doing stealth and dangerous missions without glory or fame. I hope one day we get to know your stories. Thank to the Intelligence people who work to gather and dessiminate information so Obama Bin Laden could be taken down. This is a collaborativ job, it took ten years, but no one gave up. Just FYI, Hitler's death was alson announced on May 1, 1945. Crazy huh? Anyways, quit with all the stupid conspiracy theories. A DNA test was done to confirm it was Obama Bin Laden, he was buried in sea because they didn't want a gravesite where his follwers could amass and worship him. THis mission was quick and efficent. Geez, if the military was lying about Obama Bin Laden, they had almost freakin ten damn years to make up his death.

  80. 80

    Re: sayitisntso – The Bavarian Illuminati was created on May 1st, 1776.

  81. 81

    Brain dead American sheeple. My god its actually sicking how naive people are..I should be living in a Utopia.

  82. 82

    Re: coolstory!!!COLON!!!bro – There was PROOF of the Holocaust. We had no PROOF of Bin Laden's death because we did NOT see the body. At least give us some photographs. And Re: MEGG1234 – I know what the Islamic Law says I AM SAYING that numerous websites reported that is Islamic Law to bury someone in the sea — WHICH IS FALSE and I know that.

    Holy crap. -__-

  83. 83

    Umm i'm not Islamic, but I dohappen to know that you have todie at sea to be buried at sea. I find it kind of odd that the military has shown no proof of his death. A little suspicious to me, but I tuly hope that mother fucker is DEAD!

  84. 84

    Re: Desiree Cisneros – "I'm not Islamic?"

    You mean to say you're not Muslim.

  85. nuage says – reply to this


    "IT'S NOT ISLAMIC LAW TO BURY A BODY AT SEA, IT'S ISLAMIC LAW TO BURY THE BODY WITHIN 24 HOURS" yes! yes! yes!… we get that already. Wether Perez messed up his post or wherever he copied his post from, it has been pointed out many times already. Don't expect serious news from a celebrity gossip site and whine if perez or his writer's messed it up. Whine if he messed up on breaking new like Kstew actually showing something more than being stoic or other showbiz stuff.

  86. 86

    America, FUCK YEAH!
    Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,
    America, FUCK YEAH!
    Freedom is the only way yeah,
    Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
    America, FUCK YEAH!
    So lick my butt, and suck on my balls!!
    America, FUCK YEAH!

  87. 87

    I knew from the moment they said "buried at sea" that this was all complete bullshit. I want to see a body or I don't believe it.

  88. 88

    Im sorry but this is dodgy. why did they have to basically dump his body into the ocean? all of a sudden they respect Islamic traditions?? very suspicios..no body, no evidence..hm..probably a bit fat lie

  89. 89

    I'm very grateful that this - pardon the term - "person" has been killed, but I won't belive it until documented proof which is beyond a shadow of a doubt has been provided by this government.

  90. 90

    So far the US Military have changed their story concerning his death four times, some nice fuel for conspiracy theories.

    Perez, being buried at sea is not needed under Islam. If he was buried under Islamic law he would be buried in the ground with his head pointing to Mecca.

  91. 91

    I know this will probably be doubted by some, and I'm not trying to get in anybody's face, but I'd like to add that I did see a picture of his body here in european media. It wasn't splashed all over the place, I ran into it on a credible German news website, in a small photo gallery on a news article. If I could remember the article name id go back and search for it to link to it, but theres so many articles now to search through.

    It was a close up of his face, not the entire body, like a passport photo almost. direct front. and i have to say, it was osama bin laden. shot in the side of the head, with some of his brain matter lumped out of the other side, and what looked like one eye to be open yet eerily melted looking. The face was a bit….deformed, but not as much you would think. The shot was in the side of the head, not the face, you can clearly tell its him, even with the damage. There is a reason it is not just splashed around all over the media to "prove" anything. It was very disgusting to look at, and for me the matter is settled. Even with a picture, some would yell photoshop!, but this was not photoshopped. it was very obvious this real. But I guess some groups no matter what will never be satisfied…don't people still debate about the Kennedy assasination and such?

  92. 92

    Re: mendo0320 – The misinformation he spreads is dangerous. The truth is, a LOT of people read this website, and one false fact here could spread. This is how rumours start! Perez is an I.D.I.O.T.

  93. 93

    Re: LizardKinG – OMG you are so right!! Ding Dong the Monster is gone. God Bless America!

  94. 94

    His being buried at sea had nothing to do with Islamic law. It was because no country wanted his body buried there out of fears of what his followers might do