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12 comments to “Mariah And Nick Celebrate Anniversary And Birth Of Twins By Renewing Their Vows!”

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    My insiders have revealed to me that Mariah is already tired of being a mom and she wants to anonymously leave her twins on the door steps of a fire station; Nick is at his girlfriends house and hasn't got a clue that Mariah was even preggers….he just thought she was a BIG-FAT-GLUTENOUS-SLOB….

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    I'm not a fan of Mariah so I find it absolutely beautiful that Osama being dead is stealing her "thunder"!

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    Re: fabooirishgirl – How sad of you. I'm sure she doesn't renew her vows for publicity.

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    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – Are you joking me?!? Of course they wanted this info to be public, otherwise I would not be hearing about it! The entire pregnancy, to what car they drove to the hospital, to the birth has all been one publicity show after another. I bet Mariah is extremely peeved that her People cover has been snatched away for Bin Laden's picture and she now has to settle for the corner!

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    I think you people are fucking pathetic.

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    Re: Define Beauty – You are too since you jumped into the calamity as well!

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    Re: fabooirishgirl – If your pathetic ass is not a fan then move around and comment on something else. FYI Osama could never steel her thunder as you say.

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    I hate hating ass bitches who strive to hate on beautiful happy people because their lifes are a piece of shit.

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    Re: Define Beauty – Ah, then we arent talking about Whoria, cause she is damn fugly. She looks like a monkey. Monkey face with the body of a closet.

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    Re: Define Beauty – Dumb ass, this is a public forum with a wide spectrum of opinions! But you have to be all childish and resort to name calling cause you know I'm right! I am on the end of the spectrum that does not care for her egotistical ways and you are obviously the person that's so far up her ass that you can tell anyone that her shit smells like your mouth- nasty!

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    Re: Define Beauty – I hate hating on people that are so one sided and cannot see other opinions because their life is garbage and they must live in a fantasy world to deal with it!