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Sean Penn Makes A Scene At White House Correspondents Association Dinner

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sean penn acts inappropriately

Boo, Sean Penn!

While at the White House Correspondents Association dinner on Saturday night, Penn immediately caused drama when he wouldn't put his hand over his heart during The Star-Spangled Banner.

After that, a source says that he acted inappropriately with Scarlett Johansson:

"She plopped down in his lap, and they were kissing."

According to the source, they left their table, returned an hour later, and "Penn came back to the table with his tie askew."

NOT appropriate behavior for such an event, Sean.

…And why were you feeding into his behavior, Scarlett? You should know better..

What do U think about Sean Penn and ScarJo's behavior at this event? Inappropriate?

[Image via WENN.]

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57 comments to “Sean Penn Makes A Scene At White House Correspondents Association Dinner”

  1. 1

    He's just a rebound guy. She'll leave him when she gets out of line and he pops her over the head like he did Madonna. He's a great actor and activist but as a person he's a violent asshole.

  2. 2

    Why wouldnt he put his hand over his heart? How rude. Tell him to move to Haiti.

  3. 3

    Ugly couple screaming for attention. Get over yourselves. Way more important events happening. Grow up!!!

  4. 4

    I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Douchebag.

  5. 5

    More like irrelevant.

  6. 6

    She's pregnant with his child.

  7. 7

    The mere thought of these two together makes me want to puke. I thought she had some taste.

  8. 8

    ARE YOU SERIOUSLY trying to give advice on how to not act in public? What a hypocrit!!!!

  9. 9

    I'm going to go with Mojo Jojo on this one…

  10. 10

    Inappropriate, possibly.

    Dating a guy old enough to be your grandfather? Disgusting.

  11. 11

    he is a gross, grumpy old man.. she is an immature arrogant child! they are perfect for each other - they should just stop inviting them to things..

  12. 12

    Why was he even there? As if anyone wants or needs to hear his ridiculous opinions. He hangs with Chavez, for goodness sakes. And this proves that she must be an idiot too.

  13. 13

    Re: puddinallluvbaby – can you just comment on the story at hand.. your stupid!

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Penn's always been an assclown. ScarJo always looks like she needs a good scrubbing, a dirty girl in a ton of makeup that can't act. Now she's into old man's sac's. She's a typical Jew trying to move up in the money dept.

  16. 16

    He is an arrogant douchebag and she is a dim bulb. Too bad because she is hawt and a decent actress.

  17. 17

    She wants to be taken serious (so she thinks) and seeked out Penn for some publicity and to get better parts. He is loving the fact that she is young and horny and eager. He is a pig for not supporting his country. If he doesn't like it, he is more than welcome to leave

  18. 18

    i wonder if you geniuses realize it is NOT, i repeat, NOT required to put your hand over your heart during the national anthem according to all military and civilian conduct codes.
    this practice was only started by reaganite republican douchenozzles to give them yet another reason they think they're better americans than you are.

  19. 19

    He's a grumpy old man; a Sheen want-a-be. He wouldn't place his hand over his heart during Star Spangle Banner because he's a hardcore communist. Total Douche!

  20. IVIV says – reply to this


    This is the man that tied Madonna, his wife at the time, to a chair, hit her on the head with a baseball bat & beat the shit out of her, more than once. Great actor in my opinion, but has done some things in his personal life that are hard to just chalk up to celebrity behavior. He had alcohol problems when he was with Madonna but what he did to her was pretty intense. I think Scarlett is an idiot for being with him, & for leaving Ryan Reynolds in the first place. But she desperately wants to be taken seriously in hollywood.

  21. 21

    In America, you have the right to not place your hand over your heart during The Star Spangled Banner. It does not make you a bad person, less of an American, nor does it a scene create.

  22. 22

    She's disgusting, I'm so glad she's away from Ryan. He deserves MUCH better than her. As for Sean Penn, if that's true, he's the biggest douche on the planet!

  23. 23

    He may have talent, but hes never been known for his looks, intelligence, or class. Scarlett must be desperate for the mini-headlines to pick up with such an aging cretin.

  24. 24

    Re: mrsmartypants – can you please stfu….seriosuly no wonder the republicans later come in and talk shit about liberal people…it was not a political party discussion so dont fucken make it one…fuck

  25. 25

    she reaalllly needs to get past this phase. i've always thought she was amazing and had a lot of potential but she makes poor movie choices, and this choice in her life is gonna drag her down. just because he's a great actor doesn't mean he's going to help her career. she doesn't need to be the sidekick…i find it hilarious that he made a production of not putting his hand on his heart. then you see pictures of scarlett chatting and smiling with donald trump? to me he's just a massive tool who happens to have a lot of talent.

  26. 26

    Penn is your typical liberal Democrat who hates the flag and most everything the US stands for. He's probably sad that "Dick Cheney's assassination team" killed Bin Laden. As for Scarlett, she's a ho so not a surprise.

  27. 27

    Was he smelling his finger?

  28. 28

    What a gross couple! I don't see how anyone finds him attractive. Both him and his brother have down-syndrome faces.

  29. 29

    Since when do AmericansHAVE to do anything? Isn't part of being free,actually being free? I don'[t care where they went and what they did. They are adults and it surely isn't my job to tell them how to behave…and you don't even know that they did other than the lap sit and it may have been towards the end of the affair by then or who cares?

  30. 30

    Why the fuck does he live in a country that he doesn't respect or love. No one would miss his ass if he moved somewhere else, so Sean Penn don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  31. 31

    This girl needs to stop making such a fool of herself. From Ryan Reynolds to Sean Penn? What a trainwreck.

  32. 32

    Two assholes.

  33. 33

    he's an over-the-hill moronic mid-life crisis… in san francisco he is considered a total douche… i wouldn't touch him for fear of some sort of std… i recall a sordid night between him, anna nicole and van damme… nothing has changed

  34. 34

    Re: Whoaaa – He may be an assclown, but so are you with your anti-Semetic comments.

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Douche Lord.

  37. 37

    Sean Penn is a great actor and VERY attractive for his age. He did get divorced not all that long ago and here's this 20 something year old slut looking girl making moves… Do you blame him!? He's a man! I have friends who date much older men, i chalk it up to an absent father on her part. Ryan Renolds definitely deserves better..

    Now with that all said: No you DO NOT have to put your hand over your heart for the star spangled banner, and yes it is your freedom of choice… but… at a time like this, when our nation is at war, when our men & women are away from their families protecting us & even dieing for us & our country, dieing for the freedoms & rights of not only us but those who are helpless, when you hear that song, you SHOULD put your hand over your heart & SHOW SOME DAMN RESPECT FOR THOSE MEN & WOMEN! SHOW SOME DAMN PRIDE & SUPPORT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!! ASSHOLE..

  38. Stepy says – reply to this


    Was wondering who the next trainwreck was going to be….sounds like ScarJo is stepping up to the plate.

    And it may not be a requirement to put your hand over your heart…but when youre at the MOTHEREFFIN WHITE HOUSE, with the PRESIDENT…..thats a pretty appropriate time and place to show your love and respect for your country. He did it on purpose to raise eyebrows and get his name in the media. If I was Obama Id have Penn on close watch. He obviously has more love for Chavez than Obama and the US.

  39. 39

    both wankers.

  40. 40

    he has been a lame piece of overrated garbage since the 80s

  41. 41

    Destroy his career. He won't put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem? Then he should get the fuck out of this country. No, but ya' see. THIS country makes him millions of dollars!

    Destroy that whore Scarlos' career too. Lets show them we're tired of this crap!

    She is a vile, worthless, piece of filth pig-whore…and so is Sean Penn!

  42. 42

    Re: mrsmartypants
    And I wonder if YOU realize JAGOFF, that this is just one more example of his hatred for our country… you know… the country that made him richa and famous! Now piss off you unpatriotic twat!

  43. 43

    Turning into quite the stupid little slut, isn't she? Idiot. She deserves his STD's.

    And Him? Hey, he was born an asshole and just got bigger. And less talented.

  44. 44

    this good buddy to Venezuelen dictator Hugo Chavez should never have been invited in the first place-don't know what's wrong with Obama that he approved him …starstruck maybe?
    he is an embarrassment-don't care if he is a good actor
    and Scarlett….hope you wake up soon saying "what was I thinking"

  45. 45

    It's only proper to put your hand over your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, not while singing the National Anthem. In fact, you really aren't supposed to do that during the Anthem. Everyone get our your "rules" book and follow up so you arent the next person to get nailed for "not doing something" that you shouldn't be doing in the first place

  46. 46

    First off, I have lost all respect for Scarjo for hooking up with this douche. As for Penn, every knows how anti-American he is. Why does he stay in this country?

  47. 47

    I think I'm missing something I really don't see how any of this is 'inappropriate'…

  48. 48

    Re: Tink66 – I can comment on whatever the fuck I want to Stink66 now stop crying and if you don't like what I have to say simply don't read it. Dumbass Twat!

  49. 49

    Re: TruthSquad – You're so right!!

  50. 50

    "he wouldn't put his hand over his heart during The Star-Spangled Banner." who cares, he can do whatever he wants, and after all, this is "merica right, we can do whatever we want? Isn't that how it goes?
    but if they were making out during the song then that's just immature and stupid.

  51. 51

    Re: mrsmartypants
    Thank you. Patriotism makes people stupid most of the time so no, they probably didn't know that.

  52. 52

    Hope he doesn't get invited next time. There's nothing worse than being disrespectful to the country you live in.

  53. 53

    Hez a f***ktard and a communist. Ask his buddy Hugo Chavez, Castro, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He's anti American and his ass should be dropped off in Afghanistan. He would have buddied with Bin Ladin too but he's taking a dirt nap now.

    He's just another uneducated actor who thinks the world should sit up and listen to his opinions. Why does somebody with high school education (or less) get off thinking they are an expert on world politics. And why does Obama have him on his invite list…oh I forgot, SP probably dropped a big wad towards getting him elected. And by the way, what happened to his big humanitarian mission to Haiti with his drug buddy Charlie Sheen? That sure got dropped like a hot potato cuz Charlie only cares about Charlie-he cares not for the poor folks in Haiti. Doubtful Sean Penn duz either

  54. 54

    And…..it never ceases to amaze me at the number of actors/actresses/singers that disrespect the country that made them famous and handed them their millions. It figures. The people that capitalism benefits most, do nothing but spew hate about it.

    Scarjo is just an attention ho with the grandiose idea she can sing (vomit)as well as act, & screwing her dad(ew) for attention. Seriously Scarlett, act like that at the White House? Slizzut

  55. lolli says – reply to this


    absolutely gross. have some class.

  56. 56

    A quickie at the White House dinner? That's awesome! They won't be invited to as many classy events if they behave like this, but their choice!

  57. 57

    Just watching Buried, How the fuck could that thick tart leave Ryan Reynolds??? And now she's sleeping with an old man, yeuchhhhhhhhh!!!!!