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Book Of Mormon Is Taking Over Broadway!

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Good lord! As if this show even needed the 14 nods it received this morning!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's smash new musical, Book of Mormon, not only CLEANED HOUSE picking up accolades at today's Tony Award nominations annoucement, but also apparently sold out EVERY seat for every show last week - and then some!

According to statistics, the performances averaged out at 102% capacity, which means that there were audience members standing in the back of the theater watching!

We have a feeling that with the nominations, it's only going to become MORE in-demand!

Good lord! We need to see this one!

Congratulations, guys!

We're excited to see how the show continues to do!

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7 comments to “Book Of Mormon Is Taking Over Broadway!”

  1. 1

    And they didn't need to wear a meat dress or carried in an egg to garner attention. They relied just on their talent and genius.

  2. 2

    The mormon book is a piece of shit

  3. 3

    The book of moron - the latest "holy" book of fiction, the latest piece of garbage that gets human beings to treat others like garbage through the absurd threat of eternal damnation, and through denial of science, facts, reason, and logic. Mormons are anti woman, anti gay, anti non-white, anti human rights.

  4. 4

    Actually…. it's people like you three who spread hate and bully others. Mormons live their own lifestyle, respect it. They are so "BAD" they are the first ones to rush to hurricane katrina , or japan, or any other place that has been devastated but you dont see them advertising about helping people LIKE YOU do you? They do a lot of work and help a lot of people of all race, gender, sexuality. So before you idiots go on about something your CLEARLY dont know about. You might wanna shut your trashy hole before you make yourself look like more of an idiot. But since thats prob the only thing youre good at!!

  5. 5

    @pink Glitter , they help by spreading there own poison, they dont dontate any cash, its all just spreading the CRAP and BULLSHIT that is spoon fed to them from birth.

  6. 6

    Re: pinkglitter09 – you're a moron, mormons only help themselves and their narrow minded ways. Mormons lead the bigotted war against lgbt people and the entire religion is based on a lying POS who pretended to be the only person to be able to read a fake tablet. You have to be a complete idiot to believe in that BS

  7. 7

    This play is brilliant!