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How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Around?

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Wow! Although there shouldn't be a need to argue equality, this is a hell of an argument for anyone against same-sex marriage because of religious beliefs!

Before voting on a proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment to make marriage recognized as only a union between one man and one woman, Representative Steve Simon gives a very compelling argument to vote "no".

Considering the arguments to pass the amendment are largely based on religious belief (in a country founded on the constitutional right of FREEDOM OF RELIGION nonetheless), Rep. Simon raises the question:

"How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?"


Watch his eloquent argument to vote AGAINST this discriminatory amendment above and please take into consideration what he's saying.

Whether you're a person of faith or not, don't be afraid to open your eyes, your minds, and your hearts to change!

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86 comments to “How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Around?”

  1. 1

    I believe that God created marriage to be between a man and a woman, it says so in the bible! I fear God not humans. I love God and humans.

  2. 2

    I cannot believe that this issue has arrived in MN. I love this state and I am just so ashamed that the legislature there is run by stupid Republicans. C'mon now, we are still in a recesion and they come up with THAT! I guess they'll never learn…But thank you Rep. Steve Simon for maing such good arguments! Truly inspiring! I know many people in MN who are homosexual & married & HAPPY, isn't that all that matters?

  3. 3

    God doesn't create gays……sexual and physical abuse creates them……

    where's your dad Perez???? not an influence in your life?? or maybe you were abused also.

    The Bible states being gay is wrong….get over it.

  4. 4

    Believing in GODs is the problem… there is no such thing as God! The dummies that actually believe this nonsence are the haters. The bible was written by men of the bronze age… the earth/universe is NOT 6000 YEARS OLD people! Wake up from your religious comas, stop hating on gay people… they were just born that way. Get over it!

  5. 5

    Funny how he starts off saying you shouldn't use religion to influence the passing of a law that marriage should only be limited to just between a man and a woman, but then immediately starts using religion to influence the passing of a law that marriage between gays is ok….

  6. 6

    funny that all of you close minded religious freaks are so ignorant. god does create gay people just like he created white people and black people and chinese people. i would like to see how you would feel if they were trying to pass a law saying you couldnt get married because you believe in god. youd be freaking out. so why dont you stop putting your morals and judgment on other people and take a look at yourselves. oh but you wont because its what you do best. suck it.

  7. 7

    Re: BubblestheCat – What a sad life you must have! Not being able to believe in anything? Humans are evil and can't be trusted. There are only good ones around because they have the love of God in them. What a sad sad sad word where God and all of his love is involved. I feel sorry for you.

  8. 8

    The religious have convinced themselves that homosexuality is a choice in a vain attempt to force reality to fit their views. This argument won't have validity with most of them.

  9. 9

    What I still can't figure out is why gays think they were created that way? We were all created one way and we make choices! Even heteros. We all have different urges, we make a CHOICE on what we do with those desires. No one was CREATED one way. We were all made the same and we need to make decisions. So gays, heteros, we all make the choice to be who we are. Stop making such a big deal out of everything. It is getting really old.

  10. 10

    Re: kysoflyyy – If you look..God did not create all of that. It came throughout time. And God did not create gays. Do not ever say that. You are the ignorant one by saying things you do not know.

  11. 11

    not only is there freedom of religion, there's separation of religion and state!!! congress shouldn't be able to pass anything based on religious arguments!! if you believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, you can practice it in your own household!

  12. 12

    Thats a STUPID arguement…God ALSO created Osama bin Laden.

  13. 13

    I love all these anti-gay comments on Perez Hilton.com How much more in the closet do you have to be?

  14. 14

    I can understand where the god fearing Bible believers come from. They believe in what the Bible says and focus mainly on the old testament. Where homosexuality was/is an abomination. YET even though they believe this way, we live in a free country. A country where we are all entitled to our own religious beliefs. To a Christian, homosexuality is a sin just as divorce, abortion, lying, etc. are all sins. But since we live in a free country, I do not have any problem with those who choose to not be religious, or focus on God's equal love in the Bible. I think God should judge us and not humans trying to interpret what is just and what the negative consequences might be.

  15. 15

    Jesus had two dads and he seemed to turn out pretty well …..

  16. 16

    i guess by this logic… murderers, child molesters, rapists, those who like to molest animals, etc etc ARE ALL CREATED BY GOD too.

    what you prefer sexually is just that — a preference. it is not comparable to race or gender. get over yourselves.

  17. 17

    Perez, honey, this whole "equality" thing is too big an issue. I suggest you worry about something more important: how YOU can find somebody to marry YOU. Only then can you worry about marriage and getting married.

  18. LCFB says – reply to this


    Re: ajmusic613 – that's sad you are so in your closet. if you are not gay and not God, don't say what was created or why.

  19. 19

    First off let me say I am a single (with children) straight republican woman…That said, current marriage status has NOTHING to do with the bible, it is a civil union and quite frankly allowing our gay and lesbian community to have the same same taxes and pitfalls as 'straight' people can only better our economy. This gay / straight political retardedness has been around since the beginning of time and it is NEVER going away, you don't like it look away…but I do recall the bible saying something along the lines of Judge not lest ye be judged yourself…so all the high horse bitter people, look in a mirror :)

  20. 20

    LOL… All you 'tolerant' and/or gay ppl are funny. you bitch and complain and call names. God forbid if anyone has an opinion that is different from yours. Thin skinned cry babies!

  21. 21

    Re: ajmusic613

    Humans are "good" because humans are capable of empathy. The idea of god only forces those that lack empathy to avoid hurting other people out of fear of punishment. That's why religion has constantly been used by governments to maintain power over the uneducated peasants up until relatively recently.

  22. 22

    Social engineering has the gay population growing helped along by the porn industry.

  23. 23

    Has this guy read the bible? The only thing worse than religious extremists are religious rule-benders. The bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination. Their rules, not mine.

    I think it's disgusting. And it's why I'm an atheist. Christianity (and all religions, really) have caused untold human suffering. Time to scrap the whole fantasy.

  24. 24

    To be clear… I mean I find the bible - and the teaching that homosexuality is an abomination - to be disgusting.

  25. 25

    God creates murderers and rapists too. Does that mean that he wants them around too?

  26. 26

    I would like for ANYONE to find one gay man in the bible that was a righteous man. Just one! Yes this country was founded with freedom of religion, but this was back in a time when people were actually serious about God. Now we have people who are trying to make up their own religion to fit their needs, not Gods. This is a joke! Marriage is between man and woman and that is exactly how God wants it, period. Why does man assume that he know's the will of God without even asking him first? Who cares what a million people think, it's about what God thinks

  27. 27

    Religion is just tradition, and the bible was created by Men, If gays want to be gay just let them be (and do) what they want to

  28. 28

    I think overall this is a good message, but i'm not in love with the idea that there needs to be a substantial amount of a minority group before they can feel validated, loved by god, etc. What if god created 5 gay people? I don't think that would mean he wants them around less. I'm afraid of the message this might send to less represented groups–we're all meant to be here.

  29. 29

    I'm so sick of hearing "well my religion says gay marriage isn't allowed". Well you know what? Not everyone believes in your religion. Just because you follow your religion doesn't mean everyone does. Everyone has the right to their own religion, whether that is God or not, so you should have the right to marry whoever you want. It's not like making gay marriage illegal is going to stop them from being gay in the first place so just let them get married and be happy.

  30. 30

    Re: kcb123 – Another good point. The fact of the matter is that gay men and women have been around since the beginning of time. Religion has just arbitrarily made it an "evil." Such absurdity…

  31. 31

    Re: ajmusic613 – Yes we can make choices but don't you think my "choice" to be gay was heavily influenced by the fact that i've only been attracted to men since adolescence? seriously, not one time have i been attracted to a woman… this is what this guy meant by the word innate. so which choice would YOU like me to make given that? how much of my own personal sexuality should I sacrifice for you? and how would that benifit me? you need to understand that while having sex is a choice, being gay is not.

  32. 32

    Re: CRIP4LIFE – I am not a murderer, child molester, or animal rapist(?)… I am an adult man who is sexually attracted to other adult man. I am also a human being. He included in his speech as long as they don't "harm others". You must have missed that.

  33. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: RWC888 – You realize not everyone believes in all that hocus pocus stuff, right? My god, I'm Catholic and I was brought up not to take everything in the bible so literal.

  34. 34

    Re: RWC888 – you keep reading the bible, i've already identified I don't want it clouding my life and my own belief of God. I don't need your comments to validate my own righteousness.

  35. 35

    Honestly who cares about the bible, I never understood why people to this day follow a book written forever ago. Things have evolved people have changed, ways of life have changed, we cant rely on a fucking book written god knows how long ago to determine the way of life now. This is brought into the argument so well, why would god ever make gay people if he didnt want them around, you people you follow god you worship god, so for you to hate on something that he has made, that he has put on this earth, is that not going against your own religion. I dont even say that cause I am gay Im saing this as a person, when you bring up the bible to act as a major point its invalid who cares no one! only all you crazy obsessed jesus freaks do. I believe in religion but I also believe that the quality of life should not be put down because of what people think. You all need to realize that no matter how much hate you put out in the world no one is going to give a shit no one is going to change you hating me isnt going to change me im still going to be the most amazing person I am.

  36. 36

    Im not a big fan of gay marriage, but he does have a point. (And to the poster wo said sexual and physical abuse creates gays - wise up; maybe meet some gay people. Neither I nor none Ive known ever experienced either form of abuse.)

  37. 37

    Also Perez, please don't publish this but I really love the growth you've made in your blog since this summer. I read you as a guilty pleasure but sometimes I just die of happiness when I see the issues you bring in to the mainstream. Good for you and I hope you become more and more recognized for what you are adding to the national dialogue.

  38. 38

    One random state representative says something kind and respectful on behalf of gay men and women and people just get pissed. Funny. Then they rip on us for getting pissed.

  39. 39

    You know what's ridiculous? You people who are trying to make religious people out to be the mean guys. We have something that we hold as ours, religious so to speak. You look at it and think it's wonderful and now you want to have it. We don't want to change what marriage is and now you are mad at us. All of a sudden we are the bad guys. Grow up! You can't have it! It is religious!!!!

  40. 40

    It really surprises me how many homophobic read perez hilton. Does Bill O'Reilly not have a gossip page? I thought he did! As a catholic I do not believe in the literal interpretation of the bible, which is l lucky because I hate to sacrifice goats, but you guys must have to do it all the time, believing in everything the bible says and all.
    The biggest confusion I have is how exactly does two gay people getting married actually affect you? The Jesus I know would never be bothered by the love between two people, he would embrace it.

  41. 41

    I find it so amusing that people come to PerezHilton.com who is a homosexual himself and say homosexuality is wrong amongst other hateful comments, but yet you guys support him by give him more views, which is essentially what powers this website through endorsements from companies because of his viewership. Good job.

    If you guys are so bothered by his constant posts about gay equality, don't come to this website. There are plenty of gossip websites out there. I'm pretty sure Westboro has a gossip site somewhere… Maybe? No? Oh well. Good Christians wouldn't be on a gossip site anyway since it is a sin, right? "Do not go about spreading slander among your people" (Lev. 19:16) - I guess Christians can pick and choose what is important in the bible. Bandwagoning is so 20th century.

  42. mbone says – reply to this


    Re: RWC888 – To say that our country was founded when people were serious about religion as opposed to now is completely ridiculous. All of our founding father's thought religion was absurd and had no place in the laws which is exactly what people who are anti gay marriage are trying to do. Benjamin Franklin said "Lighthouses are more useful than churches", John Adams said "This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it" and of course are first president George Washington made it clear that "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion" so in what possible way is saying God says marriage is between a man and woman a valid argument when its clear God has no place in law making. And FYI MARRIAGE EXISTED LONNNNG BEFORE RELIGION, it was just adopted into a religious ritual so this "God" that everyone's talking about has nothing to do it unless you make him part of it.

  43. 43

    It says in the Bible that God condemns homosexuality (1Corinthians 6:9)
    And plus, He created marriage to be between a man and a woman…it is clearly explained in Genesis

  44. 44

    Separation of church and state aside (which is a HUGE aside), well argued from an opposing perspective. Well spoken, Sir.

  45. 45

    I agree 100%

  46. 46

    No, actually not believing in God is tbe problem.

  47. 47

    People who are gay choose that lifestyle. They're not born that way. Science says there's a "gay gene" but it all comes down to the fact that people have a choice. They choose to be gay, they choose to believe in God, and well ultimately according to the Bible, they choose their own fate.

  48. 48

    Re: Holla_at_ya – Actually genius, God is not a religion. You don't even have to believe in any religions to believe in God. Religion has taught us that homosexuality is wrong, while God (if you believe in that sort of thing) has not said anything for a long time.
    The two can be mutually exclusive and probably usually are.

  49. 49

    Re: RWC888 – No, you don't hold my right or any other gay couple's right to commit to their partners under the law.

  50. 50

    Re: dryan1971

    I DONT choose to be attracted to men. The same way you dont CHOOSE to be attracted to the opposite sex. Trust me, i would have CHOSEN the easier path to be straight. But gay is a part of who you are.

    Ask yourself, can you yourself CHOOSE to be attracted to the same gender? NO. The same way I CANNOT CHOOSE to be attracted to women. The attraction to who ever is just a part of who you are.

    The sooner people understand its not a CHOICE - the better!! FFS!!

  51. 51

    saying that gay is a choice is as stupid as saying you can choose to be black (at birth).

    Can you choose to be black skinned? Can you go to the shopping mall and line up to the booth that says "choose to be black!" NO OF COURSE NOT FFS.

    FOR EVERYONE WHO SAYS GAY IS A CHOICE: do you REALLY think gays would CHOOSE the hard road? to be marginilized? to be outcasts? to be abused or worse? NO FUCKING WAY. we would want the easy normal way like you straights have it!

    But because of fu*kwits that hate - we have to be punished for something that we are born with. Get it thru ur fucking brainless skulls that its NOT A CHOICE!!

  52. 52

    RE: I'maDiva -
    Oh, it's explained in Genesis, huh? Genesis…hmmm…I think I recall something about the world being created in seven days? Maybe something about God creating Eve out of Adam's rib? Ya know, like magic! So kewl. So I guess Genesis does make perfect sense. You know, since humans definitely didn't appear approximately four billion years after the creation of the earth. And evolution definitely is NOT scientifically founded. You're like, so right! So, since the Bible is like, totally right, then we should probably go gouge each other's eyes out, sacrifice goats to God, talk to a couple burning bushes, and maybe then we can go live for hundreds of years without any apparent signs of aging! I already do all of these things (I'm older than Abraham), because God told me I should in the Bible! LOL, KEWL!

  53. 53

    Re: NeutralBitch – I was just about to say that! Thank you!

  54. 54

    Re: STLborn38 – yup they only know the parts of the bible that discredit gay people, because learning about the rest of the bible would discredit the bible.

  55. 55

    urgh homophobia. Why do you homophobes go out of your way and put so much effort in hating other people and keep them from happiness? Last time I checked, hating and discriminating gays was not the point of the bible. What happened to 'treat everyone as you would like to be treated'? no?

  56. 56

    Re: ajmusic613 – First off you are the most ridiculous person I have ever heard. Someone having a sad life because they don't believe in god and the bible? It's their choice is it not to figure out who they are and find something they can believe in even if they come up with nothing at all, and didn't Jesus say people are suppose to be forgiven for that sort of thing aren't they? People always fall back on the old testament saying oh well god said this and that he made these rules and that rules…hell if you listened to the other rules you wouldn't be using the toilet on certain days or showering or eating like 99% of the foods you eat. People that do not believe in God are not Satanist, they not sad they are living their life by what makes sense to them by what feels right to them. The only rules that god made are the 10 commandments everything else was man made rules.

  57. 57

    Re: ajmusic613 – . Before Christianity and Catholicism existed their were homosexuals and lesbians all over the world. In fact in Greece and many other counties even after they believed a man would lay with a man because they wanted a partner of equal strength to them and they believed that women should just have the children, and that's exactly what they did and the women usually were lesbians. And even though that is actual historical fact when people didn't care about your sexuality and their life spans and knowledge was far less of what we have today, you gay bashers and god lovers have some how regressed instead of progressed.

    The fact that you are so narrow minded about this honestly makes me sick to my stomach. You do not make the choice to be gay or lesbian transgender or bi. THIS IS NOT A CHOICE. Yes their has been occasions where people have heard stories like well I didn't have a father figure and I was abused but if you took a moment to listen to the rest they would most likely tell you that those experiences didn't change their sexuality and didn't control them into something like that. I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends who have said to those exact situations it has helped them from a confused child into being a confident person, it helped them discover who they really are instead of keeping them miserable because they can't understand why they are different or weird or what have you.

  58. 58

    Re: ajmusic613 – Do you even realize how hard it is for these young kids who don't understand what's going on with their bodies and why they like this gender instead of that gender how hard you are making this for them? The kids/teens that are innocent in this and are trying to figure themselves out? Honestly people you are literally bullying people you don't even know that don't know you to change who they are.

    Their sexuality and what goes on behind closed doors hell even hand holding on the street is no body’s business and it's not very Christian or catholic or Presbyterian, or what ever religion you are to do harm to another human being. Didn't Jesus come back so he could re-write what the old testament said because he said this wasn't the word of god and god loves all his children and we should all love one another.

    I'm agnostic (use to be serious catholic) and even I can see you are just causing all of gods children harm. That is not very Christian of any of you and seriously people read all the old testament before just using the one quote that god doesn't like gays. That was written by men not god a long long time ago and the bible is the most hypocritical book in the entire world. Also probably miss quoted a lot to, to fit other people want to hear and not the damn truth.

  59. 59

    Re: ajmusic613 – IT'S NOT A CHOICE THEY WERE BORN THIS WAY, AND THEY HAVE NO REASON NOT TO BE PROUD AND FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS. THEY ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS YOUR SEXUALITY DOESN'T DEFINE YOU! Also Christianity is not the oldest religion in the world so technically their have been other gods and other ways of life before that (OMG SHOCKER!). Hell Hinduism is suppose to be the oldest religion in the world dating back for almost 50,000 years! If you felt Christian instead of Hindu would you not try to be what you are and not what you have to be?

    Have an opened mind people think for yourselves for a change. realize what you are doing is hurting people and sometimes causing them to end their own life because your words even though you can be insignificant in their life can be the final straw. For the people in support I'm beyond words on how happy I am for the amount of people that will stand up to this nonsense and defend people who truly deserve and need it. I wish I can thank you all.

  60. 60

    God does not exist.
    Gays are a genetic fuck up. Science/nature basically screwed up.
    That said, Our FOUNDING FATHERS continuously stated that religion and state should be SEPARATE. Religion should have NO PLACE in politics.

  61. 61

    Re: ajmusic613 – People who believe in Gods, and the horrific crimes they commit in the name of their God is the only thing in my life that make me sad! God doesn't = love, god = ignorance. You have no idea how wonderful life can really be when you let go of your fairy tales and start living in reality… without Gods.

  62. 62

    Re: Team Kim Richards

    That's funny considering I have a brother who is gay and he was neither sexually or physically abused. Our father was always in our lives and was an excellent dad. This is why I am against religion…it was created to conform people and people use it to spread hate. Look how terrorists use their religion to justify what they do. Pathetic!

  63. 63

    its not about god its about bigoted people pretending to be religious they hate gay people so they say they are against god that is untrue they are just eveil twisted people who wont accept people are born gay and stay gay their whole lives and need equal rights to non gays

  64. 64

    no im not gay i just believe in equal rights why should gay people not get the same rights as others that is ludicrious

  65. 65

    Re: Team Kim Richards – Wow, just…wow. You are so uneducated. I feel really bad for your bigoted and close-minded opinion. It's people like you, who judge others so harshly without knowing anything about them, who are tearing down your wonderful country. You are filled with so much hate. How awful it must be to be like you. I hope some day you never have to be judged the way you are judging others. Actually - I hope you are, so you can understand what you are doing to others. Have a little bit of sympathy and understanding for those who are different from you.

  66. 66

    it is so sad that we even have to have THIS argument…i just wish some people would wake up and realize we're human beings no matter color shape form religion ethnicity sexual orientation preference what have you…we're humans first. i wish all people had the smarts to just be open.

  67. 67

    Re: Team Kim Richards – I'm sorry plz do NOT speak for gays if u aren't one. I'm gay and NEVER was i abused in anyway, had BOTH parents in my life and STILL do. If u wanna believe in that crap called the bible be my guest, however don't make comments on issues u know nothing about ’cause as a Psych major, those theories u posited are wrong not to mention outdated. I suggest u get some facts b4 u open your mouth again…

  68. 68

    Re: Team Kim Richards – Clearly, you're well informed. Don't be so ignorant.

  69. 69

    Re: ajmusic613 – So you feel that because homosexuals have urges to be with a man or a woman has urges to be with a woman, they should stop themselves from feeling this way and not act on it? So going against everything they want and need. You want them to live the life that you want them to live because you think they should make that choice. Question: would you be able to stop the urge to want the opposite sex? Could you go your whole life without any sexual experiences with the sex you are attracted to? I highly doubt it, so no, you're argument isn't valid. It's not as easy as switching a lightswitch on and off, it's the urges that make us who we are and our human rights states that we can live our lives the way we are meant to live them.

  70. 70

    Bravo Steve Simon!
    It is about time more people in your position started telling the truth.

  71. 71

    Too bad there is no god. And these morons seem to have forgotten the separation of church and state

  72. 72

    the bible also states that lying is wrong and sex outside of marriage is wrong … who here has NEVER told a lie of any kind???

  73. 73

    if you're going to jump on the old "the bible says being gay is wrong" bandwagon, you might want to brush up on the other things the bible deems sinful and wrong such as lying (of ANY kind, there are no "white lies" in the bible) and sex before/without marriage … i highly doubt there is a single one of you who can claim he/she has NEVER told a lie … no sin is greater than any other sin according to the bible … so before you go passing judgment on others you may want to make sure your own life is free of all sin first … just sayin'

  74. 74

    Re: Team Kim Richards – Have you tried the shrimp?

  75. 75

    Okay I am all for gay marriages but that's a bad argument. That's like saying "How many more murderers will God make before we understand he wants them around?"

  76. 76

    UGh all I can say is that the title of this post is just stupid. I mean… "God" is still creating murderers, pedophiles, molestors, rapists etc… I mean I guess he must really want them around as well… I AM FOR Gay rights.. I just find this title very off putting and lame.

  77. 77

    Re: ajmusic613 – 76 % of the people who are in prison are christians! Your argument is so damn stupid! I know many Deist, Atheist or non christians who are good people and have better morals than those hateful christians!

  78. 78

    It is so ironic to me how so many people will attack the LGBT community which is a minority in america. And will use religious ideals to try to say that a unity should be between a man and a woman, sure the baby said it but the bible can change at any time.
    John 4:8 whoever does not love does not know god because god is love.
    Matthew: Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see the kingdom of heaven.
    God creates all children and he loves as all as long as we can love the bible itself has said so, I am the GSA president at my school and a proud gay. Furthermore for all you religious freaks I will not go to hell I will go to heaven with the father because he loves me and always will.

  79. 79

    I have always felt that we need to look at our National Constitution, not any "state" constitutions, when regarding Same-Sex marriage. I am a FIRM believer in Separation from Church and State. I.E. Don't bring religious beliefs into a POLITICAL argument. I'm straight, but have always seen Homosexuals as PEOPLE. I know that for some people, it *may* be by choice to be homosexual, but that's usually after traumatic pasts involving the opposite gender. But for about 98%, it is just innate, natural, and meaningful for them to be with someone of the same gender. When I first saw this video, I started to cry for what he said, religious part aside (I don't have a religious belief) this man, Steve Simon voiced much the very same thoughts that I've had about the topic since I was old enough to understand that there was such a thing as homosexuality, and believe me, that's not that old. I root for all homosexuals and their Partners 100% It is unconstitutional to provide the Rights of marriage only to people of one type of sexuality, and not the other.

  80. 80

    Re: tj0003 – When you talk about choice of sexuality, two cartoons popped into my head. American Dad's Stan Smith attempting to choose to be gay, and sucks at it; and Family Guy's Peter Griffin testing out the Gay Gene, which turned him gay for several weeks. I say Fox Entertainment has it right portraying these two tv dads in the "nature/nurture" argument. Both shows pointed to "NATURE". ^_^

  81. 81

    lol that's funny ASk yourself "how many more murders, rapist, adulterers, liers etc does God create before we accept that he wants them around?" God creates people with free will, It's up to us decide what we want to do in our lives, that doesn't mean what ever we decide to do is right…

  82. 82

    Go equal rights!!!!!

  83. 83

    Re: Team Kim Richards – please research more bc you have no idea what you are talking about. Just bc you are gay does not mean you were sexually abused. Thanks!

  84. 84

    Ha! What a joke and a stupid argument…it's the same as saying, "How many Pedophiles must God create before we accept that he wants them around?” God's written Word says Gays are going to Hell. Period.[1 Cor.6:9,10]. And of course he loves gays…enough to DIE for them! But they better repent! I write this with love and respect.

  85. vila says – reply to this


    If that statement is true then "How many murderers and rapist must God create before we accept that He wants them around?"
    Just because people are created a certain way does not mean it is meant to be..
    Think next time..

  86. 86

    I don't know why this argument hasn't been brought up before, but if marriage is "between a man and a woman," what about the rights of people born as hermaphrodites?
    Supplosedly people think this is so rare it's not worth the argument, but those born neither XX nor XY happens 1 in every 1666 births. Regardless of the frequency, these people deserve the right to be married. And since they are both man & woman (or neither), then they would be breaking the law if they were to be married to either sex.
    I don't think we can place laws around marriage between sexes when there are clearly exceptions! Please don't forget about these poor people who don't fit the the definition of conservatives in political power!