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Osama Bin Laden's Death Covers Time Magazine!

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We've seen that infamous "Red X" before over the faces of Hitler, Sadam Hussein, and Musab al-Zarqawi, and now…it's Osama bin Laden's turn.

Check out the cover of the upcoming issue of Time Magazine, which will detail the hunt for and killing of the terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks (above)!

A massive weight has been lifted off our country's shoulders this week, and we couldn't be more proud of everyone involved in this massive win in the fight against terror!

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17 comments to “Osama Bin Laden's Death Covers Time Magazine!”

  1. kardi says – reply to this


    Anyone who thinks Sarah Palin shouldn't have said Obama's name is just as misguided as she is.
    Had not OBAMA agreed to the operation….Bin Laden would still be alive today. He does deserve a BIG BIG BIG BIG thank you from all republicans.
    I agree that the millitary and Intel were the work horses in this operation and I give them all the credit and thanks in the world.

    Please do your research on what BUSH really did with regards to Bin Laden. If Sarah Palin really knew…she wouldn't have mentioned his name in her idiotic speech. Typical Palin response though. None of us should expect anything of substance or intelligence to come out of her mouth.

  2. 2

    "A massive weight has been lifted off our country's shoulders this week…" Really??? Cause you think al-Qaeda is done with? This killing will satisfy the people that want vengeance, but it will also fan the flames of this fatwa they have declared on the United States. It is obvious they will strike again. Sad to say, but it's clear that Sept. 11th will not be a one shot deal. A lot more Americans will lose their lives at the hands of these terrorists…

  3. 3

    Mario, you dumbfuck! You can't put your site stamp on an image thats been all over the web to pass it off as exclusive. Jesus, you suck.

  4. 4

    I had no clue that they still published time magazine

  5. 5

    The very statement of "the war on terrorism" or "fight against terror" might quite possibly be the dumbest thing ever said/believed. It would be like having a "war against jealousy". As long as there is something to fear, there will be terrorism. Also, Osama's death shouldn't be celebrated so soon, because there are a whole stack of folk in line to take his spot. And asRe: Marcus75YOW – stated…it's going to fuel the fire….

  6. 6

    This really isnt a huge weight lifted. This was just one douche that hated america. He was just super special cause he was their leader. There are still thousands of other douches who hate us. They will get a new leader and they will continue to terrorize the world

  7. 7

    Pres. Obama killed Ben Laden.

    Pres. Obama is the hero and king of the world.

    You teabaggers can go to hell now.

  8. 8

    Agree w everyone here… We should obviously feel relieved he's dead, but just as CIA Director Leon Panetta said: "Bin Laden is dead, but al-Qaeda is still alive"…

    …As for Palin not mentioning Obama, what a classless twit. Even Dick Cheney, who is notoriously disapproving of Obama, gave him credit. Yes it took over 10 years to track Bin Laden down and during this time 2 other Presidents & CIA members collected data on him, but Obama did take part on coordinating when the attack would take place and gave the final order to shoot him and the events leading to that moment as well. So Obama, as well as the navy SEALS and all military should be recognized.

  9. 9

    It doesn't change anything, but maybe it will be enough to convince people to stop willfully sacrificing our freedoms in a useless attempt to ward off the bogeyman.

  10. 10

    I didnt know Time was still in business! Given its leanings, if a repub was president, the headline would probably have been "Murdered!"

  11. 11

    Yet still NO dead body for proof!

  12. 12

    How can we go around chanting "USA USA USA" over the death of this man? Are we not the country that gave him money and weapons in the 80s? Had it not been for the US in USA, Osama would never have had the money he needed to carry out his terrible deeds. We can stop beating our chests now…we ain't all that.

  13. 13

    How do "we the people" really know that he is really dead. What was the big ass hurry to throw his ass in the ocean? Was that really him being dumped into the water? The government tells us what they want us to hear and believe and that is most of the time far from the truth. There are too many different stories going on in the media. Which one do we or should we believe? Do you really think that this is going to stop or slow down terrorist attacks and plans? There is more to all of this than meets the eye. Lets all open our eyes, ears and brains.

  14. 14

    where is the body?
    he made some videos years ago then stopped why would he stop maybe because he was dead years ago so noone to make anymore videos.. u expect people to beleive hes dead why should any fool beleive that hes dead now compare to dead before …show the proof

    what happened to the he was in business with the bush family tape by mike moore so now bin laden is dead right near the election what a joke country laughing stock of the world

  15. 15

    Re: perez posse member 777 – More Americans than you think do not believe that he was killed in the raid.

  16. 16

    For shame. Every statement you wrote is direct propaganda that has been fed to you by the ever-trustful US government. Congrats on eating it all up, and then spewing it all over us. Take some time and learn the truth: www.globalresearch.ca; www.prisonplanet.com; www.infowars.com

  17. 17

    Re: SimpleBear – Ben Laden? hahahahahaha, who's the idiot now????