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Smallville Actor Gets Nabbed By DEA, Has Like, Totally Legit Excuse, Your Honor

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Sam Jones Tries To Use Excuse During Bust

Sam Jones, from Smallville and E.R., is asking a judge to go easy on him for getting busted by the DEA on a major set-up even though he pled guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone!

Though, his reason, if true, could have been solved in other ways than slinging drugs.

Here's his reason:

"According to court docs, Jones says his childhood friend, a drug dealer named Tom Cataloni believed he was on the hook to a Mexican drug cartel to the tune of $90,000.

Jones says rather than let his friend get killed, he agreed to slang some pills to help raise the cash … only to find out, there was no Mexican drug cartel … and the whole thing was a DEA set up."

If all that is correct and Sam DOES have a friend in trouble, then it probably would have been better to go to the authorities for protection, maybe even witness protection, and possibly help the DEA bring down whatever part of the Mexican Drug Cartel this Cataloni guy was mixed up with!

We know that it would be infinitely more complicated than that, but hey, it'd be worth it to stay out of jail and perhaps stay alive.

Jones is supposed to spend 70 months in prison for this. Who wouldn't try and use an excuse to get that reduced??

We'll just have to see what the judge thinks is true or not!

Another option would be to not be best friends with someone mixed up with the Mexican cartel. Just sayin'. Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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3 comments to “Smallville Actor Gets Nabbed By DEA, Has Like, Totally Legit Excuse, Your Honor”

  1. 1

    So then, you believe that entrapment is legal. Hmmm… Did you know that the DEA has been kicked out of many countries for drug trafficking? Oh, not sure of the facts are you. Did you know that the DEA offers many many criminals the opportunity to entrap in exchange for their freedom? Oh, you didn't. Oh… You really really need to stop posting stories that are made up. Your judgement is slanted severely and your ignorance is probably swaying other people to believe things that just aren't true! It's a disgrace, Mario! We've met several times, and I really can't stand you anymore!

  2. 2

    Perez seriosly.. you are an idiot. For 1 entrapment is illegal.. and for two…. witness protection? Ugh I feel truly sorry for anyone who ever has to enter that program… Why don't you stick to posting celebrity gossip and stay away from the law and politics because clearly you know NOTHING about either subject…

  3. 3

    oh god him and his slut gf