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Anne Hathaway Gives A British Accent A Try In One Day

| Filed under: Film FlickersAnne Hathaway

We've heard better…we've heard worse.

Judge for yourself!

Check out the trailer (above) for Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess' (YUM!) new movie, One Day!


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30 comments to “Anne Hathaway Gives A British Accent A Try In One Day

  1. jonno says – reply to this


    NO! she sounds terrible! not good

  2. 2

    This is an awkward british accent, it would have been better if she'd mimicked the queen! hints of northern england all over the place but completely inconsistent.

  3. 3

    its good when its good. but when it faulters, its BAD!
    however, i love this book and cant wait for it to be a film…..i will also cry - ALOT.

  4. 4

    I think my accent is better. And my British accent sucks.

  5. 5

    I wasn't for her being in the film at all, because it's one of my favourite books and I love the character of Emma Morley. However, considering the director is behind 'An Education' and the author of the book wrote the screenplay I'm going to give it a chance.

  6. 6

    When will people realise that there is no such thing as a "British Accent". Great Britain is made up from 4 different countries, each with profoundly different accents. IDIOTS.

  7. 7

    It doesn't sound natural, other actors have at least made there english sound natural.

    But I agree w/ ELFSLAYER

  8. 8

    I LOVE this book, I really hope she doesn't spoil the film with this accent…shame they didn't use an English actress…

  9. 9

    Hey that sounds way better than mine and mine sucks

  10. 10

    not good at all!!! totally inconsistent! Why not get an actual english woman in the role and then we wouldnt have to listen to this!!!

  11. 11

    That's a pretty pathetic accent but she's a good actress so I don't think anything will be ruined. No one can touch Renee Zellwhatever in Bridget Jone's Diary

  12. 12

    I dont even hear anything!! She was pretty bad.

  13. 13

    Are there no actresses left in England these days? Must be a real shortage problem if all these types of roles go to Americans.

  14. 14

    Didn't she have a (not-so-bad) Brit accent in Alice in Wonderland? It's not her accent that's the problem, it's that this movie looks so damned boring.

  15. 15

    I've heard better, and I have heard her do better when she played Jane Austen in 'Becoming Jane'. I think that it was highlighted even more when she said certain words in teh promo and they were repeated and sounded totally different despite the actor also being 'English'. Also, as someone else has said it's "ENGLISH" not "BRITISH" when it comes to accents. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (the other parts that make up Great Britain) all sound totally different.

  16. 16

    It was quite bad, to be honest. I like Hathaway, she's a good actress, so I'm not really worried, but the obviously "phony" accent can be a little distracting.

  17. 17

    In a word, crap! Her accent is crap. You can completely tell she's an American attempting to fake a British accent. With all her talent, I would expect better from Annie.

  18. 18

    How nice I am not a native enlgish speaker. I can't really tell if its a good or bad English accent :) will watch the movie for sure

  19. 19

    Kind of awkward and inconsistent, don't know what she was aiming for. And the voice over makes a good book sound so cheesy…

  20. 20

    it ok, a bit up and down! I am English though so I suppose I can hear the imperfections a lot more. Also as mentioned before she is atempting an English accent not a British one! But she is a great actress so I will let it slide!

  21. 21

    I guess no one saw Becoming Jane otherwise they probably wouldn't have cast her in a British role again. Her accent was the absolute worst part of that movie, and as someone slightly obsessed with James McAvoy, it was so bad it made it hard to watch.

  22. 22

    LOVE Jim Sturgess…nothing against Anne Hathaway but they should've gotten an english actress for the role. Her accent is distracting and makes me cringe.

  23. 23

    Re: wheeto – I completely agree! Within those four countries there are so many variations as well, even for those living just a few miles apart.

  24. 24

    Re: Nearrr – Yes, but those are dialalects and sociolects, which of course are accents as well, but she was aiming for a specific sound associated by most with Britain, or England specifically. Thus the correct term would of course be "English accent" and not British, but I get your frustration.

  25. 25

    Look at Jim Sturgess going all Hugh Grant! Love him.

  26. 26

    Her accent is pretty bad. I couldn't even pay attention to the trailer because I was so distracted by it. Even if everything else about this movie was perfect, I still wouldn't be able to watch it.

  27. 27

    Butchering the accent also butchers the movie. I won't be going to see it. Krappy accent to distracting.

  28. 28

    I'm really surprised at the lack of When Harry Met Sally comments

  29. 29

    Ugh I'm getting so sick of Anne Hathaway. She's not pretty, she's not likeable, she's overrated, and I don't buy her in absolutely any movie she's in. I don't see the character, I see Anne Hathaway. I'm sorry but, I can't believe Romola Garai is in that movie and is not the star. Why not use her as the main girl? She's so beautiful and talented and charismatic. Only because she won't draw audiences in, because she's not Anne Hathaway. Gosh they could've used freakin Carey Mulligan at least! There are so many good English actresses! But noooo they had to go for the "it" American girl…

  30. 30

    She is soooo wrong for this role!!!!