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Jesse James Opens Up Further About New Life

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jesse james speaks again

Now that Jesse James' tell-all book American Outlaw has been released, he's been making the rounds and opening up about his "new life."

Here's what Jesse had to say about it:

"I think, you know, a marriage ending, all this crazy stuff…that was like a lesson to work on myself and fix what's wrong with me. So I don't transfer it and keep it going, like my parents did."

"I think I was just dad again. And like, eliminated all of the things that distracted me from being a dad…I think we're all connecting better. I think for the first time in their lives, they can depend on me to be there and I think the life here is better, you know, for the family."

"I don't need billions of dollars and I don't need licensing deals. All I need is my welding helmet, a box full of welding rods, and something to make and I'm in heaven."

"I need to come out of the shadows and regain what I do best. Just because I cheated on my wife and got busted for it, and it became a whole media s–tstorm, it doesn't mean that I'm not valuable. I'm sorry it happened. I'm sorry it went down the way it did, but I forgive myself and now I can move on."

Jesse on his affair during his marriage to Sandra Bullock:

"I don't know. I knew it was horrible. It made me feel horrible. [I] think I wanted to get caught, I mean I was trying to self-sabotage my life."

And here's Jesse on his current relationship with Sandra:

"[There's been] no contact at all for several months."

"I can't worry about her anymore. I think I've spent a good chunk of the last five or six years worrying only about her, and what she thinks, and what I should do…controlling all my movements and everything else…I think it's time to worry about Jesse and making sure Jesse's happy."

And more from Jesse on Sandra's adopted son Louie:

"I've never seen Louie since everything happened…"

"I could only cry so much about [Louie] until I have to suck it up and keep a stiff upper lip and realize, Hey, [there are] three kids that I do have. I need to take care of them and not worry about the one that I don't, you know, and I think that's the lesson."

Some of the things that Jesse's saying here certainly make sense to us, and we're all about second chances…BUT we still take issue with the fact that he's profiting by displaying the details of his marriage with Sandra for all the world to read.

Do U approve of Jesse James' new book? Or do U think he's exploiting his former marriage to Sandra for profit?

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Jesse James Opens Up Further About New Life”

  1. 1

    Well, its a part of his life so I dont understand the big deal in him talking about it

  2. 2

    Isn't that EXACTLY how you make your living? Printing private issues in other peoples lives? Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle rude.

  3. 3

    ughhhh shut uppp… we don't caaaaare, whatever your name is. he is using the personal moment when he told sandra to make money off of her low point in her life. which i actually think was a high point because it led to her leaving and living a great life away from him. still though, this guy needs to grow up. this morning he told howard stern dita von deese wanna be girl was 100% better than Sandra at sex? Who says that? She was probably not better, probably had to try a ton harder because Sandra is actually beautiful and classy.

    Also he said he forgave himself? We don't care. "i wanted to self-sabotage myself." Uhhh, no… you were just horny and at the time did not care about that bomber girl's intense likelihood of having STDs.

  4. 4

    My opinion? He didn't want to be a father to or raise a black child, and he sabataged his marriage to get out of it. He's a Hitler loving racist who hates Jews and blacks and only dates German women (his last 3 or 4 girlfriends and wives all have German roots).He's obsessed with Nazis. He's got issues. What kind of father says about his own child, "I can't worry about the child I don't have?" What kind of shit is that? Sandra's better off without him.

  5. 5

    Re: mistique – So do the majority of white people in this country. He's bound to date a couple of germans eventually, doesn't make him a racist though! Did you forget that his current fiancé is Mexican?

  6. 6

    I adore Sandra and I am not a fan of how her personal life was destroyed by this man. However, we were not there behind closed doors, so I don't know what he had to deal with, or her either. I just find it so hard to believe that he was basically living a double life and she had no clue. Just makes me wonder.

  7. 7

    He is a sack of shit. An arrogant piece of trash that feels he needs to air his dirty laundry in order to try to make himself look better. Well, he still looks and sounds like a big fat cheater. He actually feels sorry for himself because he had to confess to Sandra. What a piece of work!!!

  8. 8

    Re: starstrukk47 – I'm not saying he's racist for dating Germans. Only that his obsession with them is a little suspect because it coincides with his love and obsession for all things Nazi. Have you seen the pictures of him dressed up as Hitler? Yes his current fiance is of Latin descent, but Kat Von Drachenberg also had a German grandfather that was a Nazi officer. No wonder why Jesse fell for so hard for her.

  9. 9

    Hope he and his trash talking girlfriend Kat Von Whore marry and move to a big ole trailer park and no one ever has to hear from them again.

  10. 10

    Yeah.. the part about him worrying about her for the good part of the last 5-6 years.. WELL, you did marry her JERK. You were supposed to be more concerned with her than yourself.

  11. 11

    PEREZ, IF YOU BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANGES, THEN STAY OFF OF CHRIS BROWNS NUTS. This should not only apply to some people.

  12. 12

    This is what i'm hearing - blah blah blah blah, womp womp womp womp *making Charlie Brown adult noises*

  13. Jai says – reply to this


    I have zero sympathy for that man. He's a self-absorbed pig.

  14. 14

    Uck! He is such a FOS POC! He moved on, NO PROBLEM! He doesn't attach to anyone! The question still begs of Sandra Bullock, what was she thinking? His previous relationships were with strippers and porn stars. Any sane woman would ask why? But maybe Sandra was so full of her own ego, that she could help this pathetic man, who for 40 years lived exactly as he wanted to, and post Sandra, is living that way again!

  15. 15

    He needs to stop asking us for forgiveness or having us understand him. He needs to move on and get back tow aht he did. Shut up now please.

  16. 16

    "I can't worry about her anymore. I think I've spent a good chunk of the last five or six years worrying only about her, and what she thinks, and what I should do…controlling all my movements and everything else…I think it's time to worry about Jesse and making sure Jesse's happy."


  17. 17

    Re: mistique – Louis is not his child. Sandra adopted him by herself. He isn't on Louis' adoption certificate.

  18. 18

    Sorry im late but i got the help i needed. My Mother taught me how to use it. I was going to turn in everything at once but i rather just give you the ones that are finish and the rest this week
    sorry about that. I didn't know i didn't even have access, i have been having my office since 2007 and i thought it had everything i needed. I just got access a few days ago and my mom showed me how to use it. So i got these assignments done and finishing up the rest. I appreciate all that you doing for me. I'm working as hard as i can with my other classes. I hope
    i did them correctly, please let me know otherwise. Thank you so much"

    WTF? I mean he never "worried" about her period!? He's been fucking around the whole marriage and "says it's time to worry about him"? What a selfish dick, I think him and his cock have been "happy" enough..

  19. 19

    I heard his interview on howard stern and he was going on about how kat von d is better in bed than sandra was. this man is a narcissistic pig, always has been and always will be. what man would complain about worrying about someone who they were married to?! sandra made the right choice by dumping this racist loser. also kat von d is a moron for wanting to marry this man, he will screw her over just like he did with his other wives.

  20. nobsn says – reply to this


    Imbecil!! when did you worry about Sandra? before or after banging the skanks? …so lets see… he moves to Austin to keep all their relationships going and then he springs Kat(another tat bimbo) into the family mixture and he expects Sandra to continue being Sunny's stepmom?!? The man is Insane! Of course SB is going to walk away, Sunny now has to bond with Kat so JJ, Kat & Sunny can be a family. The poor girl is confused as it is. How is Sandra suppose to fit into the family picture?
    And like water he has seeked his own level,with the type of women and company he keeps, so of course Sandra is not going to let Louis see him. Who would? Who would want this man to be their son's role model? What an a*hole! I for sure I'm not spending my hard earned money on his book.
    **I can't wait to see Kat living in rural TX in the same house compound with JJ, his 3 kids, his ex#1, three dogs, a cat, and being stepmom to Sunny haha!
    *PS- we latinos do not claim Kat as one of our own - we keep her on her German side of the family.

  21. 21

    He's a fucking selfish PRICK , he never cared about his family only about himself. He doesn't have any rights to see Sandra's baby and he should shut the fuck up and stop riding on Sandra's fame !!

  22. 22

    He is a selfish prick who is being paid for all these interviews! if he had any class he would close his mouth and go on with his pathetic life!

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    From what I can tell, it was always time to 'worry about Jesse and making sure Jesse's happy." Hence all the side orders. Are you kidding me? He never stopped. Then he'll say that the one after Kat is 'better in bed' than Kat. What kind of a lowlife would actually SAY that about a woman he already hurt enough? A scorpion of a man looking to justify his actions, that's who.

  24. 24

    This guy is a classic Aries. Me, my, I…it's all about him. Arrogant, self absorbed, narcissistic Aries.

  25. 25

    I suspect he just had affairs, hoping to get caught so he could get out of his marriage. That's what a lot of men do. Doesn't make it right, it's just the way a lot of them are. They can't confront the issue so they do something stupid, take the hit and get out. What he didn't forsee was the shitstorm that would erupt for cheating on one of America's most beloved and famous stars.

  26. 26

    My skin crawls when people profit from bouchebaggery.

  27. 27

    saying that he had to worry about her and his every move leads me to believe he was not authentic at tall while with her. He was trying to be something and someone he was not and will never be. In pictures and at awards shows, you could just see that he was holding himself together and not being who he really was. Both him and Sandra thought she could make him a better man but it was not to be. I don't like who he is but he is who he is and should be with people that are ok with that. Why or what Sandra fell in love with is a mystery. I love Sandra but honestly what was she thinking?

  28. 28

    Re: Julie Stone – They adopted Luis together. She said it in her People magazine article. They were married, remember? Why would she adopt him alone? They were just about to bring Luis home when the scandal broke.