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Homophobic Oklahoma State Legislator Gets Reprimanded For Horrid Racist & Sexist Comments

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sally kern gets reprimanded

Last week, Oklahoma City Rep Sally Kern was living up to her reputation by supporting approval on a proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate Affirmative Action in state government.

Sally made horrendous comments to the press about the amendment passing. She expressed her warped belief that minorities earn less than white people because they don’t work as hard and have less initiative. She felt that stripping them of the ease of Affirmative Action will make them proactive.

She said even worse things about both African Americans AND women, and now we're VERY happy to learn that the Oklahoma House has voted to reprimand Kern for her horrendous comments.

Here's what Kern had to say about it:

"Last Wednesday night while debating a bill, I said some words that were not well thought out and that offended many African Americans and many women. That was not my intent, but sadly it happened, and I take full responsibility for it and I'm truly sorry."

"While my words were not expressed well and implied things I did not mean, they were not spoken with any contempt or malice."

Despite Sally's apology, the president of the Oklahoma chapter for the NAACP and the chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic party both are calling for her resignation.

YES! We think she should absolutely resign. As we said before, she's a narrow-minded, homophobic, sexist bigot, and we feel sorry that the people of Oklahoma have her as a representative.

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22 comments to “Homophobic Oklahoma State Legislator Gets Reprimanded For Horrid Racist & Sexist Comments”

  1. 1

    She's the real-life Umbridge!

  2. 2

    Any day now she'll be caught in a motel with her gay lover like every other self-hating closeted homophobic Republican politician

  3. 3

    For the record..I DO NOT agree with her, however, I can understand in a sense what she was saying..sort of. I would have used the arguement, If you want TRUE equality, then be equal. If you apply for a job and are a woman, or visible minority and get the job purely based on that alone, then how equal are you really????

  4. 4

    I would love to see her dressed in a black latex jumpsuit while being fucked with a 10 inch dildo….and don't forget the nipple clamps.

  5. 5

    Mario - Take down the first link (horrendous comments). Its coming through as SPAM site and harmful site, etc.

  6. 6

    Next, you'll be wanting to change the name to Oklahomo.

  7. Blunt says – reply to this


    lol she has a stare of a psycopath. eek

  8. 8

    Extra points for Oklahoma if they can get her to leave the country!

  9. 9

  10. 10

    However offensive her speech was, she is just as protected by the First Amendment as you are Perez! It cuts both ways and you are perfectly free to criticize her comments (and should), but she still has a perfect right to uncensored speech! That way not only can she be thought an idiot, she can open her mouth and prove it!

  11. 11

    i don't want her to resign…i want her sucking a big black cock on the floor of the oklahoma senate (or wherever she works) and then getting fucked in the ass with a 12" strapon from one of my tranny friends…

  12. 12

    This grown ass woman is all sorts of ridiculous. How do you not realize that what you say is hateful and insensitive? And if you do, maybe think of a better excuse for why you have oral diarrhea. And I absolutely think she should resign, whether forced or voluntary. We're in the year 2011, people. It's ridiculous to spout such shit when it's proven gays aren't gay for the fucking fun of it. That's who they are, so fuck you for trying to sweep them under the rug instead of working with them so we all live fulfilling lives. I pity a grown adult who's so narrow-minded. Look at things differently, try to find solutions, educate yourself. Then you won't be a waste of space.

  13. 13

    Re: savkobabe – I like your comment. But the con about free speech is there are some drones who don't think for themselves, who let themselves be educated by such narrow-minded, hateful bigots like her. But you're right, let her talk, she's only showing what an idiot she is.

  14. 14

    Don't give into them Sally. Fight for what you believe!

  15. 15

    YES!!! get her ass out of there! we don't need someone like her representing our state and making those who live here out to be a bunch of homophobic, racist jackasses. folks do that enough on their own without her help.

  16. 16

    I am from Oklahoma….and this creepy old, dusty bitch does not represent me. Sadly, she represents many ignorant okies, including politicians! As for freedom of speech…i suggest that she should indeed share her profound ideas…in the gay district or black neighborhoods! She herself could probably use a big ol' dick in the ass! lol

  17. 17

    Sadly Sally Kern did mean it!!
    Who does she represent????

  18. 18

    This bitch needs to get fucked up the ass by a member of every race, religion, sexual orientation, political orientation, and tribe. First in the line-up will be circumcised guys, then non-circumcised. Then a moose and then an elk, donated by Sarah Palin. Then let the Navy SEALS have at her.

  19. 19

    Im all for speaking your mind and I strongly believe in the 1st amendment, and I think is a good thing that she felt she had the right to say the things she felt. Now that the people of Oklahoma see how sick and twisted her mind and beliefs are they can vote her ass out!! Somebody her in position should smart enough to address the public with out spewing her hate and ignorance. Im shocked by hers and others offensive comments. I think our generation should stand up for whats right and do it in a manner that demonstrates how far we have come and how much better our country will be when these ancient people and beliefs are no longer in a position of power!

  20. 20

    I love how all the idiots on this site keep bashing her for her "hateful, homophobic, racist" comments and proceed to say how she should be raped, fucked in the ass, and done so by blacks, etc. Talk about hateful, homophobic, racist comments. Typical Democrats, hypocrites to the core.

  21. 21

    What a fuckin whore

  22. 22

    I don't support Affirmative Action either. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination. But her reasoning is truly obsolete, ignorant, and distasteful. Everyone is fully capable of achieving via their own merits.