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Hanna Star Lands Lead In Stephanie Meyer's The Host!

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Saoirse Ronan Lands The Host


Saoirse Ronan, of Hannah and the Lovely Bones fame, has just landed the lead in the upcoming adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's other book, The Host!

Here's what it's about:

Planet-hopping parasites are inserting their silvery centipede selves into human brains, curing cancer, eliminating war and turning Earth into paradise. But some people want Earth back, warts and all, especially Melanie Stryder, who refuses to surrender, even after being captured in Chicago and becoming a host for a soul called Wanderer. Melanie uses her surviving brain cells to persuade Wanderer to help search for her loved ones in the Arizona desert.

Sounds pretty cool, but we're hoping the source material has a liiiiiittle more depth than the Twilight series did. (Just sayin'!)

However, there IS one other aspect to this project that has us listening (other than the wonderful Saoirse), and that is that the sci-fi tale is being adapted for the big screen by screenwriter/director Andrew Niccol, who did The Truman Show and Gattaca!

He could possibly be directing as well.

Combine him and Saoirse, and there just might be some awesomeness to be pulled out of it all!

Congrats, Saoirse!

Are U excited for this??

PS. "Saoirse" is pronounced "Searsha" if you were wondering!

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Hanna Star Lands Lead In Stephanie Meyer's The Host!”

  1. 1

    Any other author and I'd be even mildly interested, but this woman can not write and everyone knows it. You do too Perez, how else could 4 movies and 4 books lack depth?!

  2. 2

    I read the book and liked it but then again, I love the Twilight books as well. Saoirse is a great actress for the lead. I didn't even know that they were making this book into a movie so I'm really excited! I think it's different to Twilight because it's science fiction.

  3. 3

    Re: mattyvoyager – I've read The Host and it is NOTHING like the Twilight books (which, I agree, are teenage sap). It is for an adult target audience and is done brilliantly. If I didn't know otherwise, I wouldn't have believed it was the same author. But, obviously, form your own view. To be honest, I'm not sure how a story like that will translate into film so I don't have my hopes up… fingers crossed!

  4. 4

    Her eyes are ridiculous! She's beautiful :)

  5. 5

    Saoirse Ronan is one of the brightest young stars to arrive on the scene. Despite Meyers involvement I'm sure Saoirse will nail the part, she always does.

  6. 6

    She seems a good fit. I liked the Host a lot better than the Twilight saga and I hope the movie is a lot better.

  7. 7

    This is awesome, she's exactly who I imagened for the role. Let's just hope the movie won't be as long-winded as the book.

  8. 8

    Just letting you know that it's spelled Stephenie Meyer, not Stephanie. She was named after her father, Stephen.

  9. Twime says – reply to this


    This book was dull, dull, dull. I couldn't even finish it, but maybe the film will be good. Saoirse is a fantastic actress so she will definitely bring something wonderful to such a boring story.

  10. 10

    Why can't they just let Meyer and her terrible writing sink back into obscurity where it belongs?
    And yes, I'm being prejudiced, but after all I've had to put up with during this Twilight craze, I want nothing to do with anything connected to Meyer ever again.

  11. 11

    Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series are extremely hard to get through because of how badly written it is, but I have not read "The Host" so I can't say anything about it. Ronan is an excellent actress, and hopefully that will make the film watchable. On another note, I'm a little sad to see that she "fixed" her nose. Although I do get it, I thought the original nose helped making the characters even more "authentic". But she's a smart girl, and if she made that choice, it must be a well-considered choice. If she's happy with it, then good for her.

  12. 12

    Amazing book…looking so forward to seeing the movie. If you haven't read it yet…DO IT!

  13. 13

    i loved the host so much more than twilight, and i was a twilight-a-holic. it had so much more than just a sappy love story, it is so perfectly written to get the point of the story across. I think she is a perfect fit for the role, I think either her or Jeanette McCurdy would both be excelent fits but I am so excited to see this movie now!

  14. 14

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – Are you talking about Saoirse? She hasn't touched her nose.

  15. 15

    for some reason i thought the main character was older than that, like in her 20s but if their gonna go for younger actors than im glad they chose her

  16. 16

    Re: Donal Gallton – Yes, I did, and yes, she has. And the fact that you think she didn't proves that it was a successful rhinoplasty. Again, good for her.

  17. 17

    nooooo!!!!!!!!!! Not more of Stephanie Meyer's crapolla! Whomever gave this woman an opportunity to publish her anti-feminist "I'm nothing unless i have a man" crap should be ashamed of themselves. The last thing these kids (and sadly some adults) need is more crap written (and i do use that term loosely) from Stephanie Meyers.

  18. 18

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – How can you tell? Any pictures or articles about this rhinoplasty?

  19. 19

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – Saoirse is all naturel. Can't wait for this movie to come out!

  20. 20

    Re: Pickaboo Street – I saw it straight away. Her original nose was quite prominent, to the point where it would "distract" me, but this "distraction" was suddenly gone, and I could immediately tell that her bridge was finer, the end of her nose shorter and her nostrils smaller, thus that her nose as a whole was smaller and narrower. The "new" nose is more refined, effeminate and more in harmony with the rest of her features. It's a subtle rhinoplasty, therefore well executed. Albeit it was quite apparent to me, but for trained eyes, that is expected. You can compare for yourself, new photos to old ones. I hoped that she wouldn't succumb to the pressure of "perfection", but I fully understand her decision.

  21. 21

    Re: Everything popular is wrong.
    Yea, I notice it too from comparing pics and there's also youtube video on the comparison too. I thought it was very mean, though. I think I may ask the poster to take it down - not good publicity for such a young actress who is obviously well respected in the industry. I thought the video very inconsiderate. Are you a doctor? Just wondering because you mentioned "trained eyes." I mean, even she didn't fix anything (nose job still not a fact unless she confirms it, if ever. we can only make assumptions) do you think she would've done it later in life? I just feel a bit sad since she lives in Ireland and still Hollywood's vanity (or hers) got to her. I hope it was a choice she made on her own and that her parents didn't encourage it.

  22. 22

    Re: Pickaboo Street – Yes, I saw the video as well, but I don't remember what was said. It”s very considerate of you to ask the poster to put it down. You must be a very empathetic person, and that always makes me glad. To meet kindred spirits, that is. You seem very sweet. I was hesitant to mention it at all, but seeing as there are other sites that mention this, and there is no doubt that it will become a bigger rumour, I thought I could state my sentiment. I must say, I feel a little guilty now. No, I'm not a doctor (although I plan to be in the future, fingers crossed). I study psychology, and please don't take this as tooting my own horn, but when I said "trained eyes" I was referring to my ability to observe and see the tiniest detail, which is why I have excellent facial recognition and can spot micro expressions without much effort. And I'm not sure if I think she should've done it later in life. She seems very intelligent and definitely mature for her age, I believe she is capable of making serious decisions with great thought and consideration. I don't think this was done on impulse, and in a sense, it was a "perfect" time for her to have it done. Because she is just old enough to be considered a young adult, and she is on the rise as a star, and there is no doubt that the nose job would've gotten much more attention had she done it later in her career when more people had recognized her.

  23. 23

    Re: Pickaboo Street – And now there is more likely that it will not be big news, and that more people will just blame the change on "ageing". If that was part of the plan, then it was a tactical move on her behalf. And about her parents, I hope so as well. And I believe so. She might have been strongly influenced, but let's hope she wasn't pressured. And indeed, it is sad, yes, but I'm sure for her it was something that made her more pleased, thus happy.

  24. 24

    The Host was a much better book than the entire Twilight series. I have high hopes for this movie!

  25. 25

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – "I don't think this was done on impulse, and in a sense, it was a "perfect" time for her to have it done. Because she is just old enough to be considered a young adult, and she is on the rise as a star, and there is no doubt that the nose job would've gotten much more attention had she done it later in her career when more people had recognized her." That's a shame that Hollywood pressures young teenage actresses to change - even if it's indirectly. I thought she was so pretty with her "original" nose, and I still think she is pretty, but now every time I see a picture with her "new" nose I'm gonna want the old one back. Hahaha. I'm majoring in sociology so yea, I see where you are coming from. Learning about society and how it really works makes Hollywood feel like a joke, seriously.

  26. 26

    That's why I admire stage actors a lot more. Ronan is one of the very young actresses I admire. I just hope her surgery (I still refuse to believe it - but hey, your a psychology major so you know why I'm denying it) is a ONE AND DONE deal if you know what I mean. Whatever age she decided to go through the surgery I know for a fact I couldn't have done it. I guess her old nose bothered her so much that she felt she needed to "tone" it down. Shame she's wasn't happy with what her mamma/dad gave her. Like I said, I hope it's a ONE AND DONE deal. I just wished her self-esteem matched her talent. Oh, and I did send the poster a message about taking it down. I doubt it'll do anything, but it's worth a try.

  27. 27

    There's always the situation if she never had the surgery then she would have never had too worry of people "finding out" even later in life. Just keep it as it is - always so you would never be stuck in that position. Oh well. Like what you said I hope she is pleased with the result and that's the ONLY surgery she needs to feel confident.

  28. 28

    Screw the idiots who are spreading false rumors, Saoirse is all natural you freaking morons! Get a life instead of yapping your mouth off!