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The Situation Is Resolved, Mike's Getting His Own Show On MTV Too!

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When Jersey Shore stars Snooki, JWOWW and DJ Pauly D were all given spinoff shows a few weeks back, we imagine most of the remaining cast was kind of jealous, but no one more so than The Situation. Being the cocky kind of man that he is, he would take offense to not being considered one of the most marketable faces of the franchise.

We assume it took a little convincing, but as of today, Mike Sorrentino, has finally signed a series development deal with MTV. Nothing will come of it until after the crew heads to Italy, so for now, the pilot presentation is expected to be filmed later this year.

Oh, Sitch. What could you possibly show us about your life that we don't already know all about. You're not a very, oh how should we say this, dimensional guy. What you see is what you get and there is very little we haven't seen of you on the Shore.

But congrats none the less.

Ronnie? Sammi? What are you two doing now that everyone is flying the coop???

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10 comments to “The Situation Is Resolved, Mike's Getting His Own Show On MTV Too!”

  1. 1

    he is fucking ugly!!!!!! eeughhh

  2. 2


  3. 3

    They haven't even been showing much of his "conquests" on the show anymore…because it is more of the same. Also, a bit gross.

  4. 4

    who gives a flying f…this ass..is soooo gross his fifteen minutes should have been up a long time ago!!

  5. 5

    No offense Perez, but how can you say we've seen everything he has to offer? Do you know him personally? Have you known him forever and know this for a fact? no, you're just hating on a regular dude who happened to find instant success. I find that mean and trite. I think you should stop judging people and getting people to pile on the hate-bandwagon that you're so happy driving. Perhaps you're a little green with envy because you've been begging for your own show for so long and no one is coming to you with offers. Honestly, I think you would be great on your own show - so long as it had nothing to do with gossip. I'd love to see you have a show that helps people, not hurts people. And WITHOUT any celebrities on it. You're very interesting and I think helping people through their struggles would perhaps humble you. xoxo

  6. 6

    Im so not watching that

  7. 7

    Whats it gonna be call.. "The situation: Hating; Cockblocking and Creeping on the Roofied Shore"??

  8. uyeah says – reply to this


    Like you're a 'dimensional' guy? Perez, you've been increasingly smarmy and nasty lately. So much for your new attitude. He's got way more going on for him than you in your clown hats and faulty posts. What, did he snub you?

  9. 9

    sweet, he's the only reason ive watched the jersey shore in the first place!

  10. 10

    Re: bring it – people have been saying this since jersey shore season 1 aired, and look at them now, still on tv, still making big bucks and still with haters like you