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Vintage Seinfeld! Jerry's FIRST Appearance On A National TV Show!

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OMG look at him! He's SO young!

Check out the video (above) of Jerry Seinfeld's first appearance on a national TV show from 1977.

Too bad it was all downhill from there for the comedian. Ha!

What do U think of vintage Jerry? Was he funny from the start?

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16 comments to “Vintage Seinfeld! Jerry's FIRST Appearance On A National TV Show!”

  1. 1

    what do you mean it all went downhill from there? seinfeld has amounted to more than you have, please.

  2. 2

    I loved, and still love, the Seinfeld series, but for any other reason than him. He was the only thing that I either didn't care about or didn't like. I love the observational humour, it's right up my alley, but Seinfeld's delivery just isn't funny to me. Ironically enough, when you consider his status, he is the least funny successful comedian that I know of. Anything he has said outside the scripted Seinfeld series (his stand-up in the series excluded), I have never laughed at. And it certainly doesn't help how incredibly cynical and arrogant he is. A very unpleasant person with an inflated ego of unimaginable dimensions.

  3. 3

    Gold Gerry Gold!

  4. 4

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – Just because YOU don't find him hilarious, doesn't mean he isn't funny. I personally find him hyserical when I watch him on tv or on youtube.

  5. A-Dub says – reply to this


    there is something wrong with the video

  6. 6

    Just as annoying than as he was on his horrible show

  7. cozmo says – reply to this


    I wonder if he's happy he turned out rich instead of good looking! ?

  8. 8

    He got rid of this NY accent which is so evident here. Jerry Seinfeld is a pretentious and arrogant bully. He doesn't seem like a good person at all. And neither does his empty-headed pretentious wife. They just don't seem like good people. Shoshanna, OTOH, seems sweet….which is probably why they didn't end up together.

  9. 9

    DOWNhill? I think not, I still watch Seinfeld on TV! :3

  10. 10

    Seinfeld would be nowhere without Larry David.

  11. 11

    Re: whaddupwithme – Go look up the word "sarcasm" in the dictionary.

  12. 12

    Re: BatchStoleMyID – Ditto my comment to @ whaddupwithme.

  13. Eggie says – reply to this


    Damn — I can't even recognize something purporting to be a "joke" in there. Jerry Seinfeld is not a comedian. The reason he's successful is because he's Jewish, and Jews own the entertainment industry. I'm starting to wonder whether the Holocaust happened solely because the German public was sick and tired of seeing sh*tty entertainment.

  14. 14

    Wow talk about GAY looking!

  15. 15

    Re: My black circumcised baby! – I agree completely with you.

  16. 16

    He was hysterical in this clip, that last joke about ppl screaming at the flat part of the ride - I actually loled.His show is my favorite of all time, but I think George is my favorite character, anyway, he is very funny, just because some don't understand his humor, it doesn't mean he's not. Go watch bi momma's house or something