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Chris Brown's Mom Wants Him To "Deal With" Rihanna Attack

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Maybe if he did that, he wouldn't trash dressing rooms and get so hyped up all the time when asked about it.

Chris Brown's mom has a request of her son. In a recent interview, she discussed her wish that Chris would "deal with" assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna two years ago. She believes that once he faces this demon of his past, he'll finally be able to move forward with his future. She explained:

"I think he really needs to talk about the situation in itself, what actually happened to Rihanna… so that he can get that out for himself. He has to learn to deal with it and go on with his life. This is something that happened; it was a huge mistake… it was not good at all. But he is still a human being and we all make mistakes and we live and we go on with it. But he has to own it, deal with it and move on with his life."

Now there is the operative phrase - "own it." Chris Brown needs to really own up to what he did to Rihanna, not just to the world, but to himself. Mostly to himself. We've already heard all we think we're ever going to need to hear from him about the attack, but do we believe him? Not really, but the real question is, does he believe himself?

Time to face the past directly, no excuses, nothing half-assing. Then, maybe you can start to move on with your life and the world will move right along with you. You have to take the first step. Listen to your momma!

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