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Cover Of The Week!

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In a sea of magazines featuring the Royal Wedding on their cover, we have to give major props to OK Magazine for going against the grain!

Check out the cover story of their latest issue, paying tribute to President Barack Obama and the brave US forces who helped stop Osama bin Laden (above)!

Such a lovely display of patriotism during such a proud moment for this country!

May all the family and loved ones of the people lost in the 9/11 tragedy be feeling a sense of relief and peace in light of this massive victory!

You're in our thoughts!

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17 comments to “Cover Of The Week!”

  1. 1

    AND so the saga continues…….this is not over people

    follow @dantewuzzhere GREAT MUSIC!

  2. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Burn in hell “ Bin Laden!!! USA USA USA!!!

  3. 3

    um, no mention of Obama there buddy.

  4. 4

    Disgusting…if this is what you percieve of as "justice" it would also be the same degenerated kind of "justice" if someone from Afghanistan or Iraq killed Bush or Obama.
    Bin Laden hopefully burns in hell, but killing is killing, not justice!

  5. 5

    Its not justice, its revenge. Justice would have been a trial and answers for his crimes and injustices. I'm not denying that he was an evil in this world but what does his death bring? Relief? Change? Peace? I dont see how.
    "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr

  6. 6

    Re: BitchyBonbon – You're right. I find it disgusting that people are rejoicing someone's death. Not to say that he didn't deserve it, but the reaction is appalling. The loved ones of his victims can be relieved that justice has been served, but this "USA, USA!" mindset is the wrong way to respond.

  7. 7

    Hey, stupid….nothing about Obama there on the magazine.

  8. 8

    I bet Mariah is sad she didn't make the cover- I mean she was pregnant with those kids for what 2 years? LOL LOL. Love the cover tho, the picture is classic and beautiful. Unfortunatly and eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and there will be retalition i am sure.-

  9. 9

    Re: cait59 – I love your comment.. Nicely said. :)

  10. 10

    Lol the funniest thing is that Mariah didn't get the cover. Now she has to do a photoshoot with twins to maybe make it.

  11. 11

    Did Obama pull the rigger? Wasn't he on Letterman or Oprah that night. I can't keep his show schedule straight

  12. 12

    The cover doesn't even mention the president. Why are you giving him all the credit?

  13. 13

    I love how he says the US troops that "helped". Helped? Really?

  14. 14

    it's refreshing to see the cover and not about the royal wedding,don't get me wrong, i love the royal wedding but pleassse,this is way more important. Justice has been done and OBL is rotting in hell right now.

  15. 15

    You Americans are complete and utter barbarians. An eye for an eye never worked for anyone just look at Israel and Palestine! This is not justice, far from it. Stick to what you know perez, don't try and get involved in politics your simple mind can't understand

  16. 16

    I think USA was getting jealous of royal wedding attention or something..therefore they got their won bigger story :-) Im just kidding..but actually I saw a lot of remarks like: forget about royal wedding, read about killing of Osama… what's with the jealousy???
    as for the justice. I am sure people who lost loved ones in the 911 tragedy did not feel any relief … people who were dancing on the street did not lose any relative in that act of terror or in the war that lasted ever since…

  17. 17

    where's obama?