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Danny Boyle's Next Pic Shooting Soon, No Release Until 2013?

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Danny Boyle's Next Film 2013

We have loved every one of Danny Boyle's movies. The man can basically shoot any genre he wants, and it turns out incredible. It's that proven consistency that makes us torn with the information that his next movie won't be released until 2013.

On one hand, we can wait because we know that even though there is a huge break in time, it'll be awesome. On the other hand, IT WILL BE AWESOME so we want to see it now now now!

But, the issue here is that Danny is going to be extremely involved with the 2012 Olympics. So his plan will be to basically shoot the new film, called Trance, shelve it until 2013, and then put it together for release.

Such a tease!!

To make the wait worse, the movie sounds awesome — it's apparently about an art heist gone wrong, and will bring the director back to the tone of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting!

Ugh! We want to see it so bad!

Maybe if we try reaaaaaaal hard we can forget about it until it's about to be released?? Problem is, we guarantee we'll hear about casting and plenty of more details along the way!

Dang, such bullshizz! LOLz!

Make it amazing, Danny! It's required at this point!

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