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Is Gossip Girl Glamorizing An Abusive Relationship?

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Wow, we have to say, this is pretty disgusting - AND IRRESPONSIBLE - even for the world created in this show!

If you've been following Gossip Girl for the past four seasons, then you're aware of the tumultuous, extremely unhealthy relationship that has developed between the characters of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf - you know, the constant scheming and manipulation in the name of 'undying love,' the fact that he pimped her out to his uncle - but on Monday night's episode, things went way too far.

Check out a clip of Chuck forcing himself on her, claiming her as his, and then punching his hand through window, which causes the shattered glass to cut her face (above)!

Now, we've all seen his character do pretty HOriffic, deplorable shiz before - assaulting Little J in the first episode, anyone? - and, to be fair, Blair is NOT innocent (although you can clearly see that she's genuine about making steps to mature), but what's most disturbing about all of this is that for some reason, the show's WRITERS seem to not only be rationalizing his behavior as "passion," but they support the two staying together!

In a post-episode follow-up interview, executive producer Josh Safran said:

"They have a volatile relationship, they always have, but I do not believe—or I should say we do not believe—that it is abuse when it's the two of them. Chuck does not try to hurt Blair. He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair. He knows it and she knows it, and I feel it's very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck—and what he might do to himself, but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that."

Volatile relationship?

Is that right? Because we're pretty sure in that episode we saw Chuck not only assault and objectify her, but also use physical intimidation to frighten her, and prior to that scene, humiliate and publicly degrade her in front of a woman she was trying to impress by discussing their sexual history!

In our book, and according to most definitions, that's an abuser!

Let's take a look, shall we?

According to signs of an abusive relationship:

"Does your partner see you as property or a sex object, rather than as a person?"

Last season, he not only traded HER BODY to his uncle for a hotel, but then blamed her by saying it was her choice to go. Check.

"Does your partner act excessively jealous and possessive?"

"You'll never marry anyone else. You're mine! You're mine, Blair!" Enough said. Check.

"Your abuser may use a variety of intimidation tactics designed to scare you into submission. Such tactics include making threatening looks or gestures, smashing things in front of you, destroying property…"

The video above. Check.

And this is a character we're supposed to want to get the girl at the end?! Is this what the writers and crew want to showcase to their audience?

That it's okay to treat the supposed love of your life like this because you're going through 'issues?'

We understand that this is a fictional drama in an extremely heightened and unrealistic reality, and we're not against Chuck being a flawed character, but to promote his behavior as acceptable, or worse, put him back together with Blair is just WRONG. And as we said, it's irresponsible.

Even from a writing standpoint! If Blair is truly maturing and aware of how unhealthy her relationship with Chuck is, then her character would know better than to get back with him! Which we sincerely hope is the case.

We've seen enough of this controlling, all-consuming, unhealthy and borderline abusive bull shiz in Twilight and between Sammi and Ronnie on Jersey Shore, and we expected more from you, Gossip Girl!

Girls need to know that there is NOTHING romantic or reasonable about being treated like this by a man. It's wrong, plain and simple, and should not be tolerated.

What do U think?? Did Gossip Girl go too far??

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105 comments to “Is Gossip Girl Glamorizing An Abusive Relationship?”

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  1. 101

    No, I don't think they went too far.

  2. 102

    There were many times where I wanted Blair and Chuck to end up together in the very end. That somehow they would both bring out the best in each other and not the worst. But, to see Chuck yelling at her, claiming that she is his property, grabbing her, smashing a window that ends up cutting her cheek. Is truly unacceptable. I don't care if he is drunk or if he is hurting. He should have not done any of that to her especially if he truly loves her…

  3. 103

    Chuck and Blair's relationship would be an amazing opportuinity to explore emotional abuse and show this to young people, educate them. But the way they've justified it seems wrong to me… :/

  4. 104

    I didnt mind Chucks outlash, yes it was abusive but the problem I had was it was all forgotten about the next episode. Chuck should of called to her apartment and tried to see her!?! IMO they didnt go far enough. They should of followed it up and addressed it. Stupid plot IMO.
    And this whole Prince and Blair is clearly a cash in on the Royal wedding in all fairness like.
    GG is going down the drain sadly =P Id prefer 3 seasons of quality then 5 seasons of fashion and music scene fillers cause thats all the show has turned into.

    I thought we were actually going to see a new aspect , bad as it was, to their relationship but yet again, GG writers let me down. Theyve ruined the series. The finale will be a dealbreaker for me.
    Id like to see a sacrifice happen! I mean you need sacrifice to make an epic series! I love TVD cause they arent afraid to kill off characters to give a story a bit of meat!

  5. 105

    It was obvious that the show was trying to show that this behaviour IS wrong. Did Chuck "win" at the end of the season ? No. He did something violent and wrong, and everyone knew he did. He was abandoned by friends (albeit briefly, but that's how GG works - quickly) and in the end had to grow up. I think this was well executed in showing a polar opposite action to the way his character ended up by the last episode.

More comments: « 1 [2]