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ANOTHER Man Shot And Killed In Chuck E. Cheese Parking Lot

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another man killed in a chuck e cheese parking lot


Last month, we were appalled to report that a man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in New Orleans.

Now, ANOTHER MAN has been shot and killed during a dispute over a parking spot in a Chuck E. Cheese in South El Lay.

A search is currently on for the man who killed 29-year-old Daniel Villanueva for an absolutely absurd reason. A woman is also being sought who has been connected to the shooting.

So disturbing. We can't imagine what parents would bring their children to Chuck E. Cheese at this point.

Our thoughts go out to Daniel Villanueva's family and friends.

…We miss the days of Discovery Zone…sigh…

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20 comments to “ANOTHER Man Shot And Killed In Chuck E. Cheese Parking Lot”

  1. 1

    are you on some kind of mailing list for these chuck e cheese stories?

  2. 2

    The CIBRIANS!!! That's who!!

  3. 3

    I've never brought my kids to a Chuck E. Cheese, & never will.

  4. 4

    Do you (Perez/his posse) and Chuckie Cheese have "beef" or something? did you have a bad experience? I have passed on these before but I'm mot familiar with the place because of your posts.

  5. 5

    I'm English so I don't know what Chuck-E Cheese is so can someone explain what it is? Perez always posts so I am just curious :)

  6. 6

    Re: TheJoeHoskins – It's where trashy families go for their kid's birthday parties. Kids get high off soda and play arcade games while the parents get loaded on beer and margaritas and start fighting. I haven't been in over 10 years. It sounds fun, but apparently its bad news.

  7. 7

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Exactly right, but Don't forget that as the parents are getting wasted NOT paying attention, the kids get robbed of their tokens by other more ghetto kids.

  8. 8

    Re: OriginalRecipe – You're so right. My son's first job as a teenager was helping in the arcade area. He loved the kids, loved the games, but he couldn't stand the parents. He didn't last 3 months before he was looking for another job.

  9. 9

    Re: OriginalRecipe – You can't get "loaded" on the beer. There are heavily enforced limits.

    Perez you are so transparent. I can find bad news for any store. There is nothing wrong with Chuck E Cheese. It's a great place for children. Too bad there are too many idiot adults in the world but you have that problem in every store across America.

    Let talk shit about parks to! Stop taking your kids to parks! Bad stuff happens there! Oh no!

  10. 10

    Re: BeNiceYall – lol, "heavily enforced limits". Not where I'm from.

  11. 11

    Where in the heck are all these Chuck E Cheese's? the ones where i've lived are seriously really not that bad. Ours don't have a ball pit, just the games and the crawl through thing that goes up to the ceiling. It's never that busy either, we always have a blast. Guess we're the lucky ones LOL

  12. 12

    Our Chuck E Cheese doesn't even serve Beer thank god

  13. 13

    I feel like all these situations keep happening in high-crime neighborhoods. It's not that Chuck E. Cheese isn't safe; these neighborhoods are dangerous period. How many similar crimes happen across the street from these locations? They go un-noted because they didn't happen at a "child-friendly" place. The Chuck E. Cheeses I have ever been to were in decent neighborhoods and there was never an issue. They weren't fancy but certainly weren't trashy. It's a place that thousands of kids tear up every day. What adults choose to do while they are there are their decisions and not reflections of a business. These are locations that are unsafe to begin with, the crimes come from trashy people not a trashy business.

  14. 14

    Discovery Zone was AWESOME!! I used to know a manager there, and a bunch of us would go in the place after-hours and get drunk as hell while playing with the laser guns. Wow, good times. But anyways, I'm not going to cut off Chuck E. Cheese completely just because some people have been killed in the parking lot of one in some unknown location. They have alcohol, and that could happen anywhere with an ABC license!! Am I going to not take my family to Applebees just because they serve alcohol?? NO. Of course we're still going to fu**ing Applebee's! Ruby Tuesday's, too. What about hockey games?? They have fights all the time, on and off of the ice! But i'd still go to those. It doesn't make any sense. People get killed in cars- am I going to refrain from driving?? You bet your minimum wage paycheck I won't!! As people have said for ages, I'm not going to stop doing something just because someone's gotten hurt while doing it. The ONLY exception I make to that rule is Bullet's. You know, that place that's set up drive-thru style, like Sonic. I remember back in the 90's people were getting killed there left and right in the Richmond area. But to be honest, if their food was better, and they didn't close down a billion locations because of the murders, I'd probably still go there, too.

  15. 15

    Re: Alina Leung – You're absolutely right. It's not like the manager's out there in the parking lot supplying the bullets, or anything. People are acting as if Chuck E. Cheese is some sort of gang leader.

    Oh, and TheJoeHoskins- Chuck E. Cheese is a child's arcade/indoor fun park. They're usually not very large, but they're a blast. They have arcade games where you can collect tickets and trade them in for prizes. And the best part about that is the fact that you can pay for stuff in the dollar amount if you don't have enough tickets. Example: a spider ring may cost 10 tickets, I could pay a dime for that if I wanted to. Or, let's say my kid had 7 tickets- I could pay 3 cents difference. Also, if a larger prize is 700 tickets, I could just pay 7 dollars. But it's not all about the arcade. Like alycat27 was saying, they have a crawl-through play area that extends to the ceiling. They used to have ball pits, but that was before they got rid of those things in the late 90's due to germs and what not. They also have really good pizza, a salad bar, and beer for the adults. They host child parties, and Chuck E. and his friends come out and say hello to everyone! Oh, and there's a stage, too. They have a t.v. on it that plays Chuck E. Cheese music videos, as well as dancing characters.

  16. 16

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – ahh okay, thank you. I just looked it up on Youtube and it actually looks great! Do the arcade games cost money?

  17. 17

    Where I'm from, ontario, canada they don't even serve alcohol at chuck e cheese, by the sounds of It that's probably a good idea.

  18. 18

    Thank you for the latest Chuck E. Cheese update, you totally own the topic, well done (I'm not being sarcastic).

  19. 19

    Re: TheJoeHoskins – Yes. But unlike all of the imitators, they only cost a token each (1 american quarter). And that's for the big games, too. Most other arcades, like Putt-Putt, charge 3 to 4 tokens for a "special" game, like DDR, or those rideable jet skiis. So you definitely save money by going there over somewhere else. But if I want an arcade with more of an adult setting, I go to Dave and Buster's. The one in my area is pretty small, and it costs more than Chuck E. Cheese, but they don't have as many children running around, so that's cool.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Chuck E's obviously a part animal. Do you think it's the name ChuckE?!? Run!