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American Idol Vs. The Voice

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American Idol Randy Jackson

We knew there would be some friendly competition emerging between these two reality-singing competition television shows.

The Voice's Adam Levine was the first to fire a verbal shot when he said on the last episode:

"The people that we're not turning our chairs around for could win American Idol."

Oooo! Burnnnn! Ha!

Somehow, we doubt that, but it was a low-blow nonetheless!

Randy Jackson has quickly responded to the blow below the belt, saying:

"It's a great thing when talent can be simple, honest and revered as opposed to spinning around with gimmicky chairs. Maybe Simon Cowell should have people opening doors. Like, 'Knock, knock; Who's singing? I can't see you!'"

He's not taking Maroon 5's frontman's comments too seriously though because he knows American Idol started it all, explaining:

"Look, none of these other shows could exist without somebody forging the path before them. I'm happy to say that Idol did that and paved the way."

However, Randy seems to actually have a legitimate concern for his genre of reality show, as he continued:

"My only fear is that with all these shows coming is that people don't tire of the format. I don't know how much singing at you the public can take."

Good point! Just wait until X Factor gets in the fight! This could get messy, folks.

Do U think the talent getting rejected on The Voice would be accepted on American Idol?

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35 comments to “American Idol Vs. The Voice

  1. 1

    X Factor is the same thing as America's Got Talent and American Idol. At least The Voice brings something new. X factor most likely won't be any competition.

  2. 2

    i have never seen american idol and never will. it doesnt look exciting at all. the only stuff i have seen is the audition rounds.

    and i think the voice is great because they're not judging by looks, just their talent. and in american idol, if they see a hot girl, they'll pick her even though her voice stinks!! i remember one season some girl wore a bikini for the audition and she passed and her voice sucked!! that goes to PROVE that american idol isnt a talent competition!!!

    and in the voice, at least they have TALENTED judges, unlike in american idol, where they have jennifer lopez who cant carry a note, or like ellen, no offense, but she doesnt sing, shes a comedian!!

  3. 3

    The voice Is the best talend show in tv cuzz not only xtina is in it also ther singer s are pure talents and Randy is full of jealous cuzz the voice is taking over idol wich sucks ;( NBC the voice has the best voice in the show bizz XTINA rulles !! The best paying in the all network :D

  4. 4

    I'm in the voice team!! Fuck idol

  5. 5


  6. 6

    lol who watches The Voice? only a bunch of idiots do. Im sorry but i am & will always be an American Idol fan. No other show that just comes out of the blue can compete with American Idol. Idol will always be on top no matter what. Who ever created "The Voice" lol must of been high on something. You will never catch me watching some stupid wannabe show like "The Voice". Im an American Idol girl forever & always. Hopefully, "The Voice" lol gets cancelled. American Idol is just an awesome show looking for talent. American Idol started it all. Now, we have these copy cat shows trying to compete with American Idol.

  7. 7

    Everyone who appeared on the voice would have made it on American Idol. Can't say for sure they would have won because, you know, there's only one winner per season but they would definitely be major competition. I don't watch Idol. It's boring and showy and stupid. So far I've enjoyed the voice because 1) all the vocalists are legitimately top notch and 2) they aren't being judged, they're being coached, and that makes all the difference.

  8. 8

    I don't think Adam Levine's comment was below the belt.

  9. 9

    You are an idiot. Adam's comment wasn't a low blow or trying to insult American Idol, he was trying to make the people who were turned away from the competition to not feel bad. His comment meant that the people who were auditioning were good and could even win American Idol but they didn't have that "x factor" that the judges were looking for in THIS particular competition.

  10. 10

    Re: white_is_ugly – You are such a stupid black bitch the voice is the # 1 show in America about 13.000.000 peoplewatch it :D fuck A idol & FK you ;(

  11. IVIV says – reply to this


    oh please, Adam's comment was not "below the belt" it was a compliment…that although they didn't turn their chairs around, that doesn't mean they aren't talented & they could win American Idol. It was just an example. I respect Randy Jackson for his talents, but he was the rude one here. He launched his dance crew show or whatever & X Factor is coming, but he only chose to open his trap NOW & about The Voice. The Voice is the most different from all of the singing shows, it's trying to help stop exactly what HE'S "worried" about, the audience getting tired of it. They switched up the game by how people are picked, how they compete, & took away the judging title & replaced it with coaching & mentoring. If anything he should be looking down on X Factor but you won't see him doing that because Simon Cowell is involved.

  12. 12

    Pretty sure none of these shows would exist without STAR SEARCH. Jesus, American Idol wasn't around in the middle ages….

  13. 13

    Star Search started it all Randy. and adam is stating a fact. look at how many from AI are superstars, its because they have great voices.

  14. 14

    I'm pretty much over all talent shows - too many of them and the magic's gone.

  15. 15

    I'm on team Voice. I watched the first few seasons of AI and it got boring quick. And look at this season–the judges continuously praised Jacob when he wasn't that great. I think the Voice is fresh. Especially seeing the judges turn around and be upset they didn't choose that person based on their looks. I think it's important to choose based on voice first then to train them to be performers.

  16. Sam90 says – reply to this


    LMAO why is he talking as if american Idol was the original?…AI itself was copying another british show, so…anyways the voice is way better, it has an old school feel to it, and its great talent, not too much drama.

  17. 17

    Re: cruhhjackus – you got it. Star Search.

  18. 18

    Star Search started it all!! BUT if Randy wants to be specific HE wouldn't be doing American Idol, because it wouldn't exist if POP IDOL hadn't been around first.

  19. 19

    In my country we got The Voice, X Factor, Popstars and Hollands got Talent….
    All of these shows are a hit, the one bigger then the other but at least 1 million people tune in and that is a lot for my country

    People enjoy watching these kind of shows so they'll probably all will watch it, they like to laugh at people with bad auditions and pick a favorite when they get to the final rounds… it's entertaining and you don't have to think a lot while watching it

    although I do not watch all the talent shows here, I ejoy to watch it

  20. 20

    Meh. As soon as the X Factor premieres, both The Voice and American Idol are done for.

  21. 21

    Hey Randy. Star Search was way ahead of American Idol. Dont give the show too much credit

  22. 22

    Re: Delite – "Vanity receives………..3 and 3/4 stars. Dennis Miller receives……….2 and 1/2 stars."

  23. 23

    randyisha jackson n his tired ass DAWWGG HEY DAWWWGG..HOW CAN JNO JUDGE WHEN SHE COULDNT EVEN GIVE A LIVE PERFORMANCE! vs the edited shit they showed last week, she's not even a singer for Christ's sake!! AI is caca! THE VOICE AT LEAST BASES IT ON THE VOICE..and they dont really belittle ppl like AI…AI is a thing of the past thank God!!

  24. 24

    team Voice :)

  25. 25

    team the voice! i'm hooked, even with just 2 episodes left. apart from it being awesome, adam and blake keep me going ;)

  26. 26

    The voice has kept idol rejects. Adam's statement seemed really odd. None-the-less I do like The Voice in addition to Idol.

  27. 27

    There are way too many singing shows. I got bored of Idol a long time ago and Randy was right… there is only so much singing at you the public can take and it's already too much.

  28. 28

    Honestly, I think that some of the talent on The Voice was wayyyyy worse than the talent on American Idol. Some of the people sang beautifully, but some were truly terrible. However, I admire the premise of The Voice. Not everything should be based on looks, if a person is talented but does not look the part of Hollywood they should not be immediately dismissed. On the same token, there are beautiful people who have absolutely no business singing…Fergie, anyone???

  29. 29

    american idol has run its course. its the voices turn now. plus the voice has judges that are more current and have made music within this last decade where american idol had judges that hadnt done anything in over 20 years. paula abduls career was absolutely over when she did AI. it was AI that brought her back into the limelight. randy was a session player for journey. i mean come one, journey hasnt done anything in a million years and what they did do wasnt all that grea. last season was my last season watching AI. now i watched the 1st 2 episodes of the voice and am hooked. i really like the format of the judges not being able to see the performers.

  30. 30

    I am from holland and the voice is the best talent show ever!!!!!!! EVER!!!!

  31. 31

    I watch American Idol, have for many years. I've also watched the Voice had some misgivings but found the show to be entertaining. Since Simon left AI has become a mutual admiration society. Everyone is great. I really haven't seen any critiquing going on, except for Randy once in a great while. Steven, I think, doesn't pay attention until its his turn to speak and then just lavishes praise. Casey Abrams, really couldn't sing, neither could Jacob. Hayley, in my opinion, is a marginal singer. James is a good singer and performer. I think James will win the whole thing. Laura is also a great singer. The contestants on the Voice, to me, have better voices then AI. Just sayin'

  32. 32

    Re: white_is_ugly – 12 million people (the amount of the voice viewers from last week) are high idiots apparently… keep your ignorant comments to yourself!!! the voice is a great show with a great premise, and american idol is great and has stood the test of time. i don't understand why there has to be this competition about it. there's room for both shows on primetime television. i don't think adam was trying to be mean, but randy was certainly trying to be negative and offensive. it's uncalled for! Re: tennisgirl123 – frenchie wasn't an american idol reject. she was praised for her voice on AI but was ultimately asked to leave by producers because nude (or just lude, i dont remember which) were released to the public. they kicked her off, not america…she might have gone incredibly far!!

  33. 33

    American Idol, as many times I watch it, doesn't interest me. :U I only used to watch part of it last year because Glee was next. But the Voice, omg. I can't watch it on TV, sadly, but watching it on Hulu made me realized how amazing it is. Dude, talent comes in any age and in any look, which i believe AI does an age limit and told this one chick once that "i don't think you have the looks for this show" on one of their audition. Seriously, that sounded mean. The Voice is just calling my name, plus they also allow duet singers, which i thought their faces were funny when their reacted to one of them. >W

  34. 34

    The voice is way better than idol and I would disagree with Randy that AI started it all…back in the day we had Star Search lol

  35. 35

    AM I the only one here who cant stand homos like Perez Hilton and the flamer in Brooke knows best or the other flamer on the show with Holly from Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Perez your the worst, GAY=AIDS. and Xfactor is awesome. Idol is dead since Simon left. Im sure Idol may have one more season and thats it. Aerosmith dude is coked out of his mind. The hot judge last year they let go and Simon was the only reason to watch the show. Now on the ironic side, Jacob who is Gay is the best singer and should of won it. Perez your a HOMO