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And Your U.S. X Factor Hosts Are…

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The hosts have been chosen for Simon Cowell's US version of X Factor.

Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones will host the new singing competition reality show, which begins shooting this Sunday in El Lay.

Jones is most well-known for hosting UK's T4 Music and the BBC's As Seen on TV.

Inneresting choice. Nicole seems like a right fit. And it looks like Simon really wants to give his fellow Brits a chance at stardom here in the U.S.

We're interested to see if they Steve and Nicole have chemistry.

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “And Your U.S. X Factor Hosts Are…”

  1. 1

    hahaha can't believe they got Steve Jones, he's lovely but how random!!! He's Welsh, so you guys in the States might have a tricky time with the new accents this year lol.
    I'm glad anyway, it means we get to keep Dermot! I would have been gutted if he ditched the UK for the US X Factor. I love him :')

  2. 2

    I think people are sick of Brits on American competition shows. I think thats why The Voice is doing so wel. Five AMERICANS.

  3. 3

    good luck to yanks trying to understand a Geordie & Welsh accent.

    though Steve isn't that bad…very good pronunciation…

  4. 4

    Congrats Nicole! I was praying for you! Get it girl!

  5. 5

    Gonna be awkward that the host is more renowned as an artist than one of the judges…Im looking at you Cheryl..


  6. 6

    I'd just like to say that we Brits (most of us) are very thankful that the Americans took Cheryl off of our hands. We had had enough of her chavvy, untalented ass. But consider this a warning, she may infect your ears with awful singing/miming and major use of autotune. Beware.

  7. 7

    OMG Nicole a host ????? She should be a judge on the show, Cheryl is untalented she can not sing,not dance just look pretty, Nicole can that to, she is gorgeous,she's a great singer and dancer she should judge………

  8. 8

    Oh god..Steve Jones is an awful AWFUL presenter….bad choice

  9. 9

    Oh awesomeeee just another singing competition on tv that i won't be watching…..seriously don't they have any better ideas?

  10. 10

    I'm surprised they didn't try to make Nicole a judge. At least she can actually sing.

  11. 11

    Nicole > Shityl Cole

  12. 12

    Re: ScareyC – Dude, i don't even want her. Take her back, please!!!
    ~On another note, wasn't Nicole on some other kind of talent show being a "judge" and what not? I'll tell you who should be the judges for the X factor, people with SPUNK AND TALENT. I no see thisz heyere.

  13. 13

    I'm happy about Nicole, but fucking STEVE JONES! Uggghhh. That guy is the cheesiest host ever! He constantly tries to be funny but just comes off like a douche. I'm watching this for Cheryl, but Steve isn't making this any easier!

  14. 14

    Too bad Simon is so in love with Nicole Selsingwhatever. She was a crappy guest judge on british Xfactor but you could tell Simon wanted to jump her. Shes Lame. And not very sucessful, especially as a solo artist. Not that I am a fan, but he should have paid Mariah Carey WHATEVER she wanted. That would be a guarentee hit.

  15. 15

    not to be rude but i really think for the US x factor they should have US judges. especially if these judges are "mentors". don't get me wrong i love cheryl on the uk show but in all fairness how can she mentor someone to be a star in the states if shes not even one yet? i'm actually really disappointed nicole wont be on the panel i thought she gave amazing advice when she was a guest judge, and the girl can actually sing! if half the people on this show are british then really whats the point of even launching it in US?

  16. 16

    Who, who and who? Never even heard of Steve Jones, the only things I know about Cheryl is because of what Perez posts here on this site, and Nicole?? Puh-lease! Talk about a no name-talentless lineup! I don't think the US is going to relate well to this at all.

  17. 17

    I also think that the judge should be someone who is big in the US not that I am a fan of Rhianna's but whatever she does is a hit and she knows what it takes to be a star with no much talent. She would probably cost a lot to pay but it could be worth it, Mariah is a talented singer but not the most recent.

  18. 18

    Cheryl is so beautiful, she be a huge star in America. She is a fresh face and will be on every cover of every mag, Jay Z will sign her because he knows the truth that there can only be 1 winner from every show and her album will be #1. The winner on X will be Cheryl. Cheryl will be having dinner at the white house and making zillions on endorsements and will marry a famous actor. Paula and Nicole will be getting more surgery, more botox and more diet pills before co-hosting a pool party with Perez in Jersey. Smart Move Cheryl, you won. Nicole, you just became Carson Daily, Simon says!

  19. 19

    Nicole should be a judge, not a host! Steve Jones is a good host, not sure Americans will like him though? I'm so glad we get to keep Dermot!!! It's a shame though because I think America would have loved him!

  20. 20

    who???? what the hell is with all these foreigners on an AMERICAN show?? shit pisses me off!

  21. rsvp says – reply to this


    How is this an American version? Two Americans and four Brits. This won't go down well in middle America. At best, they tolerate Sharon or Pierce as it is. Nothing against the UK, but Simon's probably going to end up with some bad blood before the first season is over. The X Factors in existence also haven't kept their age diversity promise, either. They've all turned into young pop star launches and nothing more. It'll be the same audience here as it is for AI, which is young girls and women of a certain age voting in huge blocks for mediocre but pleasant looking young men, with maybe a rare girl here or there. The format may change somewhat but the audience always stays the same for these shows.

  22. 22

    chemistry is the least of their problems - idol is kicking ass without Simon, The Voice is kicking ass without Simon and the British "thing" is starting to wear thin. Wuh Woh!

  23. 23

    Hahaha, I'm British and I love that American is getting these two. Simon Cowell is so arrogant that he has to have his own way whether it is good for the show or not. Steve Jones is a huge asshole, his presenting skills are shit and he no charisma - such an unbelievably bad choice and well Cheryl Cole, thank you America - please DO NOT return to sender!!!

  24. 24

    haha Steve Jones is an absolute prat, he behaves like he's been having a mid life crisis since he turned 20. How does it feel to only get a job because of the way you look??

  25. apbur says – reply to this


    I think it's amazing that the US are getting Steve Jones, he's definitely a really good choice. Plus they get our wonderful Cheryl, although im not sure shes the right choice (accent, could be a problem) but that might just be jealousy setting in! I want her on the UK version :( i do think that to all these people slagging them off that wait and see, most of you will change your opinions when the show airs

  26. 26

    Nicole is an American. She was born in Hawaii and raised in Kentucky. She said that when she was a judge on The Sing Off.

  27. 27

    That's all the confirmation I needed……won't be watching THIS shit, good God TV really really sucks now!

  28. 28

    What the heck is going on here in America? We are accepting all of these Brit's over here. It seems like they are taking over and we are letting them. If we STOP watching the shit that they are putting on American tv channels maybe they will go back to where they belong. Let them stay across the pond. I will not be watching this show or any other show that has the Brit's in it when they use their accents. If they speak on the show without the shit in their mouth accents then I will watch. Otherwise I use the change channel button alot. We are being invaded by the Brits. Trouble is brewing.

  29. 29

    Nicole when she took over Cheryl on the UK X Factor, was a really good judge, i was hoping she was going to do the UK judging when Cheryl left. :( oh well.

    oh and good luck Americans haha with those accents, Steve's should be good i guess if you're not used to a strong welsh accent it maybe hard.

    But he can make it easier to understand, he appeared in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging appearing with an easier accent. May wanna check out that scene on youtube………… topless Steve is always best ;)

  30. 30

    Yeah you Americans needn't worry about Steve Jones, when it comes to presenting he's a complete natural!

    Wonder if he's going to have accent lessons like cheryl cole is supposed to be having????


  31. 31

    Re: buggadaboo – Invaded by the Brits? Ha ha, brilliant. have a wee read of this section about the United States from wiki "The United States was founded by thirteen British colonies located along the Atlantic seaboard."
    Given that the US has such a diverse history of different cultures from across the world, I'd have thought you to be more accepting. You don't hear us complaining when we get American hosts/judges on shows. In fact your very own Nicole Scherzinger was a guest judge on our X-Factor. Oh and we also have the wonder Danii Minogue who is Australian, then the Hoff on Britains got talent. We wgive everyone a chance to prove themselves before judging them, perhaps you should too.

  32. 32

    Yay! One more unknown Brit!

  33. 33

    I suppose they're better than someone like David Hasselhoff.

  34. 34

    Will they even be able to understand Cheryl Cole and Steve Jones?

  35. 35

    Re: imprettierthanyou – stop stealing British shows then, whoever owns the format can pick who they want, when you have your own format you can do what you want.

  36. 36

    Re: rsvp – How are there four Brits and two Americans? There are three Brits (Cheryl, Simon and Steve) and three Americans (L.A., Paula and Nicole) I think you Americans need to be a bit more open-minded and need to stop being so, well racist because at the end of the day you are discriminating based on peoples ethnicity. I also think it's about time the US got more British shows ’cause in the UK we're constantly force fed them and we don't complain.

  37. 37

    for god's sake America stop being arrogant for one second and look at the big picture: we love your movies, your TV shows, your music…we love your EVERYTHING basically and we let you take our awesome tv shows and adapt them (Skins, anyone?) so I think you can live with a couple of Brits…although I would have chosen different ones because I don't much like Steve Jones and Cheryl Cole is literally what you see is what you get. Yous are missing out with Dermot O'Leary not presenting :/

  38. 38

    Re: pearl chavez – The real problem is not that they are Brits, Americans use that excuse, but that they are not even good ones. If they had put Mel B on the American version I doubt as many people would complain. The fact that Cheryl got a judging position of Nicole is unbelievably ridiculous.

  39. 39

    Re: Black Swan – Stop stealing your shows? No in the US asked for X-Factor thank you very much, you sound as ignorant as the rest of these people.
    Re: LittleDisaster. – Racist is not the right word to use at all, I think you might want to invest in a dictionary. Also, as and American now living in the UK, US shows are in no way forced on you here, they show what people watch(Scrubs and Friends are on all the time), but you still don't get everything. And the only decent show that you guys have is Come Dine with Me, the rest is shit.

  40. 40

    Re: LittleDisaster. – oh, except the inbetweeners which is not even on anymore.(STill have to try out Shameless and the Misfits, but that only adds up to 3, which is sad)