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96 comments to “GaGa Unveils The Edge Of Glory Artwork! Single Drops TOMORROW!”

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    See this is a cool picture, why can't it be the album cover? The cover she chose is horrendous!

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  4. sm87 says – reply to this


    so what… did she take all of her "artwork" pictures in the same afternoon? looks exactly like Judas, Born This Way, and her cover art? Innnnnneresting

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    anyone noticed that the more she covers her face - the more beautiful she gets? .. xd

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    Lol, she's only doing this because Judas is starting to stall on radio already and is about to FLOP as a single. Perez, be fair. You are the first to call this shit out with any other artist but apparently you won't with GaGa. Just admit that everything she does isn't gold and Judas is a prime example of that. I happen to like the song but it is in fact a flop and the video has been panned as well.

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    I hope she's paying you quite the penny to promote her.

    Yawn inspiring she is.

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    So fierce, like she is.
    Re: sm87 – Of course, it's from the same album so why can't it look similar?

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    Re: sm87 – omfg what a dumbass.. if you're gonna hate at least analyze what you're saying.. the Judas artwork doesn't even has her face on it… lol ;)

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    "Blessed us with Judas"?!?!?!? Are you for real. Releasing a piece of crap and then charging people to download it is not a blessing. WTF. (Gaga fans fuck off)

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    See, I'd consider this to be single #4 due to "You and I' already being sort of out too. She's trying to release her entire album before it's even released!!!

  12. 12

    Oh, and she looks like a blow up doll on this cover art photo.

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    wanna know whats so weird? dont get me wrong, i love lady gaga…she's a genius but, does anyone remember Avril's new single cover for "SMILE"? well…this looks like it and last i recall, perez was talking shit, saying that she couldnt do any better…yet, its all better with gaga on it.

    grow the fuck up, get some common sense, and stop praising lady gaga like shes the only artist with talent.

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    Re: MJ0497 – The Judas video was pretty badass actually. The song is "meh"… it's number 10 on iTunes though so idk what constitutes as a flop… I guess by Gaga standards that is flopping.

  15. 1finn says – reply to this


    Oh God, another few weeks with many posts daily on the goings on of gaga,
    Perez you are really making people start to not like her, learn to be subtle and not shove these people down everyones throats. And you say "it will hopefully be" as hawt as the photo, but haven't you heard the whole album yet?? You contradict yourself all the time in many different posts daily, and finally learn TO SPELL.

  16. 16

    3rd single is released,but the album-not…..
    I think this album is gonna become this year's BIONIC,with millions of illegal downloads and POOR SALES

  17. 17

    bull shit her album is coming out soo why do you reales them early

  18. 18

    It seems like the time the actual album comes out, she will have released it all on singles!

  19. 19

    I swear Gaga haters look for EVERY. LITTLE. THING. to bitch about. She is so successful and you're all just waiting for that moment she falls apart. She has one bad single, so what? She'll have so many more to come. Get used to it.

  20. 20

    blow j. much?

  21. 21

    Eye of Horus blow up doll.

  22. 22

    Weren't you just ragging on Avril Lavigne for a boring single cover? This looks exactly like her Born This Way single cover…

  23. 23

    Re: merioo – You're absolutely right. Glad to see not all Gaga fans are as brainwashed and blatantly biased as Hilton.

  24. 24

    it don't get/like the hand placement it looks funny, it's like she is trying to hold her mouth open and keep her nose from falling off.

  25. 25

    she said months ago that promo singles would be released, cool your fucking jets, and give judas a week or 2 and see how it does, she can't always debut at #1

  26. 26

    Intelligent readers all know that this is "damage control mode" after the MASSIVE FAILURE of Judas! Happy Mother's Day to the Mother of all Flops!

  27. 27

    Well that's quick. But like was said, I guess she is releasing this since Judas has admittedly flopped as a single. That's cool though, you can't win them all. Even then, I don't really care how much public success she gets. As long as she keeps making her music, I'll continue to support along with her true fans. Love that cover too.

  28. 28

    I agree with OriginalRecipe though, this would have been so much better as the album's cover. The one she chose is absolutely heinous.

  29. 29

    She's starting to act desperate. Me thinks the only reason why she's releasing another single is because Judas was indeed a flop single.

    Putting everything aside, I hope this next song is better than the first two. I mean it's pretty pathetic.

  30. 30

    its called gaga trying to get her 4th number one, cause judas sure in hell wont be one. this was prob the most promoted album in history, if it flops im going to laugh!!!, with all this promotion if it doesnt do well thats sad. funny how your treating gaga tunes like fine crystal. When britney's album came out you were posting all her songs so no one would buy it hahaha.

  31. 31

    "for all of her devoted little monsters to enjoy"

    You a a joke pig-rez. You mean, all for Judas being a failure? Dropping to #20 on its 3rd week?

    BTW, the other single, you know, the "anthem of our generation" was #1 in only 16 countries.


    I'm so happy she's flopping. Thank you baby Jesus.

  32. 32

    Also, I think the picture looks pretty but i'm not sure why she's really doing in it. It's a little awkward.

    Let's just hope this song isn't gonna flop after the first week like Judas.

  33. 33

    Re: MJ0497 – UM…. NO any artist that is releasing a new album tends to release singles on iTunes for the three weeks prior to the release of the album.

  34. 34

    what the fuck is she so post to be doing?

  35. 35

    Re: sm87 – That's usually the point of a photoshoot, the looks have to be cohesive. I personally LOVE this single cover! It's GaGa Fierce!

  36. tasha says – reply to this


    She looks ridiculous. What is she going to keep throwing songs out there and hope something sticks?

  37. 37

    Re: 1finn – You can simply just not go on his WEBSITE if you don't like his posts. Such an easy solution.

  38. 38

    New single?? I thought Judas was just released?? That means Judas is not doing that great so quick hurry release something else!! Perez do your homework and tell everybody why she reallly has a new single coming out.

  39. 39

    Actually I don't think it is the 3rd single, but just a promotional track.

  40. 40

    Poor Gaga, the industry has so much invested that the have to play along. You just KNOW that there are a shit load of music execs shitting in their panties over the two flops she's released so far, not to mention the yawn many have for any new Gaga news.

    Face it, sheep, this bitch is not the real thing. A phony. I hope she dedicates this single to Whitney Houston!! LMAO

  41. 41

    hmmm reminds me of a piece of christina's art…she MUST be copying! /watch?v=k7HS0P8LOq8 … add that to youtube's web address and you'll see the photo i'm talking about.

  42. 42

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – As much as you wish it were, Born This Way the song was not a flop.
    Re: brunetshavmorfun – Wow, their makeup is similar and they are making that same face but this pose not distinct enough to be a blatant rip off. Like many of you commenters, at this point you are just looking for something to degrade Gaga.

  43. 43

    thats the same thing I was thinking about .. they (record execs. must be pissed .. so much money spent..) and the album will for sure flop xd
    SHES GONE IN 1 YEAR (Hoping less than a year) .. but lets see xD

  44. M: says – reply to this


    she is a flop.she will release the new single now cause JUDAS sucks and she failed. shes only start and already failing. say bye bye…. noone cares. this art is boring. so poor imigination.look at this art. looks exactly the same.poor album

  45. 45

    Re: OriginalRecipe – i was merely jesting at how perez assumed christina had ripped off gaga in regard to every single solitary thing she did on bionic when some of christina's photo shoots were similar in the SAME regard. i have no intention to degrade gaga, and don't actually think gaga ripped christina off in any way. it posted this in order to prove a point…that you helped prove for me, so thanks!!

  46. 46

    Re: OriginalRecipe

    Hey, i appreciate your enthusiasm for an artist but if you're saying gaga is here to stay then you shouldn't really care about proving anyone wrong, right. If she's really such a phenomenon, people will see it. People have the right to say whatever they want to say, so relax. Just because a few posters come back to say something about Gaga, that doesn't mean they're necessary trying to rag on her, or hate or whatever the fuck ya'll say.

    This is the reason people fight, agree to disagree? lol

  47. 47

    Re: OriginalRecipe

    If it is a promo single, i'm glad. I just pre-ordered her cd and if i'm already gonna hear half her shit before her album releases, i'm just gonna return it.

  48. 48

    i really hope she releases 'you and i' as an official single…i LOVE that song and i think it'll do incredibly well on the charts. her performance of it on HBO and on Oprah were fantastic - can't wait to download it!!

  49. 49

    Re: AshNrj – No, even though Bionic was a "flop", it had very GOOD songs, which based on the singles GaGa has released, don't even compare to those on Bionic

  50. 50

    at this point, I'm assuming she took all of her pictures and did all her photoshop on the same day. ugh. so disappointing. get ya damn hands out of your mouth, take the plastic off your face, and be REAL.

  51. 51

    Re: merioo – this one's "better" because it's in black and white and she has plastic stuck to her face and extension in her hair…..duh.(

  52. 52

    She looks like a blowup doll in a wind tunnel.

  53. 53

    Re: brunetshavmorfun – ha omg she totally copied her. freakin gaga needs to be ORIGINAL and stop saying everyone copies her

  54. 54

    Re: brunetshavmorfun – Oh I thought you seriously thought LG ripped off that ordinary picture. My mistake.

  55. 55

    Re: Chloe Canacalon
    So it just only went #1 in 16 countries? Yeah, what a failure! It's the 2nd most successful single of the year, yet you want to call it a flop. Pray to baby Jesus for some brains, as you seem to lack any.

  56. 56

    No thanks. I choose to live a Gaga free life.

  57. 57

    and by the way Perez, what ever happened to your TRAVIS GARLAND???? Lol. TOTAL FAIL! What a FLOP! GAGA is gonna FLOP bigtime.

  58. 58

    Re: Eliazar Rodriguez
    Not really sure what Christina has in her mouth in that cover shot but it looks like GaGa has a key in her mouth, much like the Kate Bush "The Dreaming" cover (the one in my avatar). Wouldn't say she was copying her; the whole concept is totally different. I don't really get this whole this person copied this person bullshit (not saying you personally, just in general). No one accused Annie Lennox of copying of Grace Jones 30 years ago with the androgynous look.

  59. 59

    Guys, this isn't a single in the typical radio sense. It is only a promotional single, prior to the album's release. Maybe it will get a video eventually, but not any time soon. Judas is very much still in the spotlight, and it is anything but a failure.

    Most artists nowadays do digitally release multiple singles prior to an album's release. I mean, look at Taylor Swift's latest CD, which sold over a million copies in its first week. I believe there were 4 promo singles, 1 of which was also a radio single, out before the album as a whole. It's very common.

  60. 60

    Re: YoungTaurus – i agree entirely. these artists have no reason to 'copy' from others and if they gain inspiration from artists of the past, that's just the way it is. i swear that there can be a world where we all support and cheer for each other…

  61. 61

    Perez is so BIASED that he censors out COMMENTS that are true. Stop kissing as perez! I loved how CARSON DALY put you in your place for trashing XTINA! youtube it guys!

  62. 62

    Re: brunetshavmorfun
    Great! I very much agree. :) I listen to all the artists that everyone on here fights each other over. Comment #58 was actually meant for you. I clicked on the wrong person's name.

  63. 63

    Re: merioo – Exactly. This is why a lot of people on here are turned off by GaGa and troll her on here. Glad to see not all of her fans are delusional like most.

  64. 64

    Re: Jake Mesina – LOOOL I just watched it. Love it. Lol!

  65. 65

    Re: marieclare89 – Majority of GaGa fans are hypocritical morons that make Bieber fans look sane. FlopRecipe clearly indicates that.

  66. 66

    I love GaGa but "Judas" is an awful single and sounds messy. The single has officially tanked so I am curious to here this 3rd single, her record label must be on edge that they are forced to release a 3rd single when the new the album isn't even out yet.

    Meanwhile, BRITNEY SPEARS "FEMME FATALE" album is selling well, the 2nd single TILL THE WORLD ENDS sits at #3 on the POP charts and her "FEMME FATALE" tour is selling out — Looks like its going to be Britney Spears summer!!!

  67. 67

    Re: mvvvvvvv
    They weren't forced to release a 3rd single. It's a promo single. Also, just for the record, "Til The World Ends" stalled on the charts as well until Britney's label released the remix with Nikki and Ke$ha, and THEN, the single shot up the charts. Not a Britney hater, but if doing remixes (i.e, "S&M" & "Til The World Ends") is the only way to get her chart success, then, yes, it will be a busy summer for her.

  68. 68

    Wow. She's "desperate" after Judas supposedly flopped? People clearly don't know how to read; this is a PROMOTIONAL single to countdown the album's arrival, NOT the 3rd single after Judas. Katy did the same with Teenage Dream, Britney did the same with Femme Fatale (which I think was just one promo single) and now GaGa is doing the same with Born This Way. But of course that'll mean nothing to people who look for ever little detail to bitch and moan about, even though you keep reading all GaGa related posts and commenting on them.

  69. 69

    poor gaga is outta ideas..her songs all sound like madonna and kylie minogue, and her covers all look the same, this looks exactly like btw cover… 2 bad judas was released and flopped before the album release date…gaga now has 2 release a hit song inorder 2 insure better album sales…. finally gaga is starting 2 lose

  70. 70

    Re: Ivybby – Oh No you didn't, Bitch!

  71. 71

    Re: Ahmad S Kobeissi
    Sounding like Kylie Minogue? Seriously? BTW, before "Born This Way," none of her singles went to US #1 since "Poker Face." I guess she was "losing" during that time, too. She's also released promo singles from each of her prior albums ("Beautiful Dirty Rich" from THE FAME and "So Happy I Could Die" from THE FAME MONSTER). It's standard record company practice nowadays, just like releasing cover art similar to the original album cover, which has been done for decades.

  72. 72

    Re: OriginalRecipe
    Don't pay her any mind. She's stupid!

  73. 73

    What, another single release? It's not even been that long since Judas was out. Is she doing this because Judas is dropping on the charts?

  74. china says – reply to this


    better call it shitwork.
    with that model it`s bound to look crap anyway…

  75. 75

    Re: ScreamVengeance

    20 bucks says this time next year you'll be idolizing someone else

  76. 76

    ORIGINAl RECipe wow I thought the little monsters were all about love and peace and being who you are AND ACCEPTING OTHER PEOPLES BELIEFS but i guess thats only when it agrees with what they believe so yes IVVBBY isnt far off the mark with the hypocritical thing. moron ehhh i would say more lack of self identity and confidence if they allow someone to call them their little monster and buy into all the crap blindly. every artist lies to make money the ones I like down to gaga. the difference is gaga has little to no truth its all lies. face it if she saw you in public and your money was all she wanted she'd treat you like crap if she acknowledged you at all she's an westside manahattan-ite schoolmate of paris and nicki hilton. oh and she was on that mtv hidden camera show when she was just steph g. and she looked like and acted like a rich snob

  77. 77

    Re: Jake Mesina Lmao, your just a butt hurt XTINA fan. Did "Not myself tonight" Go to Number 1 for 6 weeks? I don't think so, your annoying so get over it. Not everyone has to be a huge flop like christina. :)

  78. 78

    Re: Sissy Burden – You do know that you're NOT suppose to douche your mouth, right?? lol

  79. 79

    Oooh…you're on a roll, girl..you're so FUNNY!

  80. 80


    "what is she throwing songs out there until something sticks"

    thats exactil what she is doing good call. she needs a hot song on the radio so people will get all pumped to by it and the hype coaster will begin but nothing has yet, so she is just tossing and tossing. if nothing works i bet another 20 she will re release the album soon after with either remixes, new songs, new artwork or any combo there of. it isnt' about the art as she so claims she had inspirations of its all about the cash. and right now she aint looking as bankable as before………you can't only take so much of the same old dance beat same old lyrics and jacking other peoples songs/melodies

  81. 81

    Re: toolman85
    Your argument is so tired. Being a GaGa fan doesn't mean you have to subscribe to her point of view. She doesn't control how or determine how I think or treat people any more than your favorite artist does you. People argue all the time on here and don't accept each others' beliefs. That's the nature of this site. And you name me one artist who wasn't the person before and after they got famous. The fact that she went to the same school with the Hiltons or was on a TV show is pretty irrelevant.

  82. 82

    JUDAS is total failure so she is forced to release another crappy single..GAG GAG ugh

  83. 83

    She looks like she is getting ready to throw up

  84. 84

    Re: Connor

    you articulate fine so yes i agree that disagreement is what this is here for, however im referring to the ones who blindly just say "oh no you didn't bitch" to someone who trashes gaga or the popular if you hate you must secretly love her or the very nice "fuck you gaga kicks brittneys ass" that ignorant crap but if you defend yourself with reason straight. but you may not be subscribed to a way of thinking but she has the term "my little monsters" and calls herself mother monster for a reason. and its a unified way to think …..
    the tv show and school are just more evidence she didnt just tweek her personality, she did a 180 i.e playing a character to sell. a lot of these entertainers are drama kids not musician the musicians are to ugle or not marketable and aren't given the chance for success. they have pride as well

  85. 85

    Looks like the same picture as the one where she looks like the devil with the motorcycle. Maybe someone shoved the motorcycle up her ass where it should of been to begin with along with her crappy new album.

    Can't wait to watch her flop. The time is near!

  86. 86

    steph uses art as a acting gig to get cash and fame and that isnt how its has always been. im guessing you could be mid to late teens you probably arent aware it hasnt always been drama kids playing the part of musicians.. you do have to play the game a bit but damn so here is you one kurt cobain look at pics before the fame basically same guy. dave mathews same guy, metallica, muse , radiohead same guys pink minus her first albums image was that chick in high school, the beastie boys, their style has change slightly from punkish to less punkish but basically same guys, its hard to name current entertainers because the industry is so image based and drama kid filled corp wont touch a genuine muscian

  87. 87

    the 90-minute, incessantly hyped Lady Gaga episode of "Glee" turned out to be a serious flop.

    Not only was it beaten by the first episode of NBC's new show "The Voice," it was the lowest-rated episode of the season.

    A "Glee"-Gaga collaboration seemed unbeatable until it wasn't.

    And the episode's failure is an equally bad sign for both of them.

    Here's what it means for Gaga: her rise to hysterical, ubiquitous star status happened with incredible speed. Now, she's plateauing — or maybe even slipping. (If "Glee" fans won't tune in for her, who will?)

    Plus, the criticism long-hurled against the singer — that her fame comes from outfits and controversy, not musical innovation — is finally catching up with her.

    Case in point: she releases "Judas" during Easter week to roil up the Catholics. Meanwhile, the only thing anyone has to say about the actual music is "sounds like Madonna."

    Failing to reel in a "Glee" audience should teach Gaga that she's got to work as hard as any other artist to keep her fans — and the recording studio, not the person-sized-egg-factory, is where that work should take place.

  88. 88

    I like the black and white look, really makes the lipstick pop. This actually works for her… aside from the prostetic shoulder horns or whatever they are. She should eat tho, she looks like shes getting to skinny. Must be that coke diet. LOL. Still shocked shes dropping another single already, but i guess thats what you have to do when your "big single" (judas) fails right before your albums expected to release.. whatever helps drum out sales right lady sellout?

  89. 89

    Re: toolman85
    Actually Ivvybby and OriginalRecipe have had a running feud on here (and Ivy isn't all that innocent either). It had nothing to do with OR disagreeing with what Ivy said about GaGa.

  90. 90

    Re: OriginalRecipe – You are quite correct, this is a promotional track and not a single per se, its hardly unusual, both Rhianna and Beyonce have had multiple songs in the charts at the same time and with Rhianna in particular some of them have been album tracks rather than singles. I think Judas has done badly here in the UK because it was leaked early so there was no video, more of us watch music on MTV and similar channels now rather than listen to the radio all the time and no video means that track doesn't get played. I think she needs to take a leaf out of the book of some UK artists and release the single and video to MTV and radio stations a couple of weeks before the single goes on sale, this raises interest and pretty much ensures a lot of sales in the first couple of days, releasing singles on a Friday doesn't help either when sales close for chart purposes (UK) at the end of Saturday, I think a lot of it is bad marketing strategy and she needs to do more personal promotion of her singles and the new album here in Europe, we are more open to eccentricity than Americans ;o)

  91. 91

    Re: mvvvvvvv – Not here in the UK it isn't (a Britney summer), both the singles and the album have flopped, hardly surprising, I like Britney (although I think her constant lip synching is disgusting) but this is far from her best work and the girl looks tired and like she doesn't want to be there anymore, why doesn't she do what she obviously enjoys the most and spend time with her children and get out of the music industry altogether? I loved 3, the last single she did before this "comeback", her new stuff really doesn't do it for me ;o)

  92. 92

    Re: toolman85 – WOW i just looked up gaga on the reality show…it's the first time i've seen her completely dressed down and natural looking. it makes me wonder if her fame is really that she was "born this way" or if it's a marketing ploy to sell albums. you've opened my eyes to the fact that perhaps she is just a complete gimmick.

  93. 93

    looks like she's yawning,just like the rest of us….btw song is meh

  94. 94

    love it lol

  95. 95

    Re: toolman85 – It's not a serious thing, calm down. being called "bitch" on the virtual world is hardly as offensive as calling one to their face. Besides I was kidding, we never get along.

  96. 96

    I dunno about anyone else, but I think I like GaGa better right now. I mean, she's not making hits like she used to, but I think the songs have more substance to them than the ones about getting drunk or having sex like a lot of the other top 20 artists these days. Even if she does 'flop' I hope she powers on like this, because it's great to hear her actually SAY SOMETHING with her music. :)