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X Factor Love Affair! Guess Who Rebecca Ferguson Is Dating???

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Ready for this?

It's been confirmed, by Rebecca Ferguson herself, that the 24-year-old X Factor runner-up is currently dating One Direction's Zayn Malik…who is just 18.

Oh my!

It's scandalous news right now across the pond, with many questioning Rebecca's motives for wanting to be with the younger man. However, Rebecca explains that it was Zayn who pursued her, not the other way around. She insists that for the months they were on tour with the show, Zayn kept after her to go out with him. When she finally relented, she realized how good they were for each other and pursued the relationship further. Now, as she puts it, they are "really in love." She adds:

"I want people to know that I'm happy, he's happy and we're in a loving, caring relationship."


With the tour over, expect to see these two out much more often than before. They've already been spotted in London on several dates in the last few weeks and on Thursday night, they attended a charity concert by Paloma Faith at the Union Chapel.

But we have to wonder… is this an ill-fated romance? An age difference of six years doesn't mean too much when you are older, but right now, there is a world of difference between 18 and 24. We don't have much hope for them, but we do with them all the best while they give this a try!

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28 comments to “X Factor Love Affair! Guess Who Rebecca Ferguson Is Dating???”

  1. 1

    Man are you desperate or what………WHO THE HELL CARES????? WHO THE HELL ARE THESE DAMN PEOPLE?????

  2. 2

    who cares if theyre dating or not. aren't you friends with her? i always see u 2 tweeting back and forth, but now your here bashing her relationship. kinda shitty on your part.

  3. 3

    SO I've never seen Xfactor and don't know much about it.. But I know its a singing contest- but can someone please tell me what differentiates it from shows like American Idol.. like whats the difference?

  4. 4

    Don't forget that she has 2 kids as well. It's still wierd, and many people think it's for publicity.

  5. 5

    But…but…I don't get it!
    I mean, they're both pretty people, but she has 2 kids! I could almost get past a 6-year age difference (which only seems so big because they're under 30), but having children makes the difference so much stranger.

  6. 6

    if it was an 18 year old girl with an 24 year old guy, no one would say anything

  7. 7

    the fact she is 24 and dating an 18 year old and hes 18 dating a woman with 2 kids……both so young and giving up so soon. so pathetic and sad.

  8. 8

    It just depends on the people..I've met 18 year olds who are more mature than myself at 23. I've got friends where the guy is 20 and the girl is 24 and vice versa etc and they're all working out perfectly fine. If she was 28 and he was 18 then yeah it would be weird…

  9. 9

    If he was 24 with 2 kids and she was 18, would it be even topic for discussion?! I don't think so!

  10. 10

    That's just EWWWWW. As a mother to a 19 year old, I can tell you I would be very unhappy with this relationship if it were my son.

  11. 11

    Re: niveacreme – I have to agree if the guy was 24 and the girl was 18 people wouldn't be saying anything. It's six years big deal. Why is it always ok for a guy to date younger but not a female. One would think it makes more sense for a female to date/marry younger since women out live men by about 10yrs on average . I know that almost every woman (elder) in my family has out lived their husbands by 10-20 years.

  12. 12

    Re: jeanmarie – Ewwww? Really? I wouldnt be a 24 yearold WOMAN dating an 18 year old simply because it's not my thing, but I believe you're making too much of a big deal about it. How old are YOU by the way? The woman is ONLY 6 years older it isnt like she's 35 or 40 in which I have heard of much older women dating 18 year olds which is simply disgusting.

  13. 13

    Re: MsJules – No upper age limit, groups are allowed, contestants are split into categories and each judge mentors a category which kind of ups the tension. I can't really think of any more it's been years since I've seen Pop Idol.

  14. 14

    I AM SICK OF YOU PASSING JUDGMENT. who are you to tell people what to do, if something is gonna work? no one cares about your opinion. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU KNOW? I don't want to visit this site anymore, you stupid brat.

  15. 15

    If this was the other way around, him being 24, her being 18, I don't think anyone would say anything. Stop making a big deal out of nothing. What a shame.

  16. gezz4 says – reply to this


    this is NOT big news over here in London, i mean it was about 3 months ago! very late perez

  17. 17

    Freida Pinto and Dev Patel have the same age difference and have been together quite happily for a few years now so no need to pass judgement now… As long as they're happy and they're both legal, who cares?

  18. 18

    Re: Black Swan – Thanks!! I knew there had to be somewhat of a difference, although it doesn't sound like the difference is drastic enough for me to care to watch it.. or AI for that matter lol :)

  19. 19

    The uk knew about this MONTHS ago, come on perez you're getting sloppy! months late on this, two days late on the beckham crash, REPEATING articles ad just taking parts out the next day, get it together!

  20. 20

    Re: niveacreme – exactly what I was going to say!

  21. Sanz says – reply to this


    Wow is she really 24? I knew she had 2 kids but she looks 35+ :/

  22. 22

    Didn't see any of this type of "she's older than him" horror when it was a 19 year old Aaron Johnson and his now fiancee Sam Taylor-Wood who is 23 years his senior)…There's 6 years between them, 16 is the legal age of consent in the UK so they aren't breaking any laws.

  23. SF90 says – reply to this


    You complain about their 6yr age difference and him being 18, but not the fact that Selena Gomez is dating an underaged Justin Bieber?
    I would've agreed with you if you used the argument that Rebecca has 2 kids, but this is just childish.

  24. 24

    …and she has two kids

  25. 25

    Re: MsJules – The X Factor has 4 groups: Girls, Guys, Over 25's, and Groups. Each judge is assigned a group for them to mentor.

  26. 26

    Re: Raye_UK – Where the hell were you? Perez didn't approve of it and I'm pretty sure it was covered in magazines for a while.
    It shouldn't be a problem for them to date and if it was a woman of 18 dating a 24yr old guy it would be different, but the fact is she's got kids and 18yr old boys are immature. I'm 20 and I think 20yr old guys are more mature than I was at 18…

  27. 27

    I was 18 when I met my boyfriend and he was 25……been together 2 and a half years….nothing wrong with our age difference!

  28. 28

    I dont see why anyone would care, they are having fun, they're both adults and you're talking like they're trying to make this work for the rest of their lives!! Leave em to it!