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Kerry Katona Gets Almost Three Dollars A Week In Child Support

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This is just unacceptable! How can a judge allow this!

Mark Croft and Kerry Katona broke off their relationship awhile ago, but they still share two children. It was decided by the courts that Mark pay Kerry child support as she will be taking primary care of the children. However, according to reports, it has been decided that Mark will only owe Kerry "£1.66 a week in maintenance for each of their two children."

Don't bother. The conversion comes out to about $2.70! A week! What is she supposed to do with that? Buy them some gum???

Supposedly, the Child Support Agency has accepted Mark's filing that he is on a fixed income and only earns £75 a week working in a café. However, you know how he gets to this job at the cafe? In a car…an Audi A4 red convertible with a personalized number plate to be exact.

Someone care to explain to us how he has that car, but not enough money to send to his kids? Logic in this, anyone? Anyone?

[Image via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Kerry Katona Gets Almost Three Dollars A Week In Child Support”

  1. 1

    Who gives a SHIT?! Fucking chavy bastards.

  2. 2

    Finally a male doesn't get fucked over in a divorce settlement WOO!

  3. 3

    This story is wrong, he's being made to pay another woman child support of £1.66 a week. The only relevance Kerry Katona has to this story is that she's the ex wife of Mark Croft.

  4. 4

    It's not rocket science. He took the lowest paying job he could find before the trial, so that the rates would be set based on his current life circumstance. It's reasonable to need a car to get to work, so they don't make you sell the one you already have. When you try to reduce the value of your income and assets, to get out of paying the costs of raising your children, then you have to live with the fact that you are, basically, scum of the earth. That's a heavy burden, but feels much lighter when you are not smart enough to understand how dispicable it is to steal from your own children.

  5. 5

    yoyoboo ~ the man paying 1.66 a week in child support, is Mark Croft, so how is this story wrong?

  6. 6

    The logic is that she whores herself out to enough reality shows and glossy papers to earn her own keep and pay her and her children's way, while her husband clearly doesn't.

  7. 7

    I can sympathize with her. I have full custody of my 2 kids. My son is autistic. My ex pays me a whopping $12.50 a week per child which is paid to me every other week (which incidentally had to be garnished) $100 a week on Long Island basically pays for their school lunches. It aint easy! Thats for damn sure!

  8. 8

    my ex was to pay $11.77 a week for my disabled son then racked up $21,000 in arrerages before he even made one payment. and no he's not been in jail. hmmm

  9. 9

    It's easier to have children than it is to buy a used car. If you can't afford to support them in a decent fashion until they are adults, then don't have them.

  10. 10

    Re: nverforgetsept11 – Oops!! thats $100 a month, not $100 a week.

  11. 11

    Whatever…this bitch should be paying HIM alimony!

  12. 12

    whether or not kerry earns her own money, the father of the children should have to pay! £1.66 wouldn't even get them a chocolate bar each these days! Isn't it a sign that he should have a job that pays more than £85 a week if you have 2 children?? Kerry is not an angel b ut is looking after those kids, Mark is scum.

  13. 13

    So? We got less and my dad was driving Porshe's, BMW's and Mercedes. Fuck this shit.

  14. 14

    Re: Jessica Hawthorn – Pay to support a family he will never be part of again? She has primary custody, which mean he'll probably see the kids every other weekend, which comes out to 4 days a month. I would support my kids, but no one should be forced to. In the U.S. a mother can abandon her kids of any age at any police station or firehouse, no questions asked. They're called Safe Haven laws. But a man is forced to support his kids no matter what? Sorry but that's not fair. Women have more choice and with more choice comes greater responsibility.

  15. 15

    Re: disk_eyes – Here in the Us people pay according to their earning potential not necessarily what someone makes currently.

  16. 16

    Do you just randomly make up names and stories and put them here - WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE?????????????????

  17. 17

    How much does she make per week? I'm sure this was factored into the judges decision.

  18. 18

    Re: jlenoconel – and you know this how? all I can say is….it takes one to know one m8

  19. 19

    Re: NookiesWA – aww boo f****g hoo!

  20. 20

    Re: jas781 – she got ripped off by that thieving tart, he wouldn't have any of the cars he has without her. Why should she be paying him anything else?? He lived off her scott free for 3 years….she owes him nothing m8 so suck it up jackass!!!!!

  21. 21

    Re: jas781 – you're response is typically male and I had a look at all your other comments on various subjects….you're quite toxic aren't you? what's the matter, did mommy not give you enough love and attention when you were a baby???

  22. 22

    It's Jerri Blank

  23. 23

    Re: chach411 – LOL

  24. 24

    I am sure she is not in dire need of his support. If you are really in need then you stop doing things like, getting your hair done, mani-pedis, wardrobe…etc. And she looks just fine to me, considering.
    If she didn't shove all of her money up her nose, maybe she wouldn't have to worry about it.

  25. 25

    Re: chach411 – Shut up you gold digging whore. (most women are so don't take offense to it). Women are better seen and not heard. Women are useless.

  26. 26

    Re: NookiesWA – Really? NOT taking any responsibility for your children - the ones you have helped create - is winning at divorce? Boy, you need help. I hope you won't or haven't breeded, because you shouldn't be spreading those genes around.

  27. 27

    Re: NookiesWA – Considering that you're the one supporting running from responsibility I'd say you're the useless AND WORTHLESS ONE. SCUM.

  28. 28

    erghhh even I don't care about Kerry Katona & i'm from England!