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53 comments to “Welcome To GagaVille!”

  1. 1

    well this is just stupid.

  2. 2

    i NEVER understood what made farmvile such a great game but my stepmom plays it 24 fucking 7 its so fucking annoying!

  3. 3

    lame. what a waste of time and it makes her look like a fool. however, words with friends is amahzin!!!

  4. 4

    Other artists would never take social networking and gaming to this level, she's really savvy it must be said, kids'll eat it up too. No denying Gaga!

  5. 5

    -shakes head-

  6. 6

    Is there a virtual rehab centre for cocaine addiction?
    How about a high-tech facility to treat lupus?
    Are all the Flop Monsters rounded up and kept in a corral like sheep?

  7. Rohan says – reply to this


    Pretty pathetic, but not as pathetic as trying to hawk Ritz crackers lol!

  8. 8

    I think it reeks of desperation, & I will NOT be visiting "Gagaville"

  9. 9

    Great, now in addition to Farmville requests, I'll get Gagaville requests. Sounds like another way to milk money out of the masses, but who knows maybe all proceeds will be donated to charity, right? On a positive note, I am sure her devoted fans will be in their glory feeling connected to GaGa.

  10. 10

    guess this means I'm gonna have to start playing farmville…

  11. 11

    Pin the tail on the Luciferian corporate beast,only the unaware remain and you can have then.

  12. 12

    I know she embraces "digital culture" … but this kinda tacky.

  13. 13

    Britney needs to take a clue from Gaga's book. Britney look alive and take note honey.

  14. 14

    Re: pie107 – LMAO!!! I know right. But now Imma give that gamea try.

  15. 15

    Lady Gaga -> Lady Sellout

  16. IVIV says – reply to this


    $$$$$$$$$$ her #1 priority

  17. 17

    This is just dumb.

  18. 18

    Clearly an indication of her failure rising amongst us.

  19. 19

    This is wayyyy tacky.
    She's kinda taking this commercial thing for her album kinda far she might be shooting her own self in the leg right now…

  20. 20

    Re: TORTEZ – are you a prophet? you must be a prophet….your dedication is prophet worthy…crazy delusional prophet but still prophet.

  21. 21

    Perez you should go and live there with her.

  22. 22

    I really don't even have to troll her anymore. She's doing it quite well on her own. Lawl. Hot mess.

  23. 23

    Pathetic and useless just like Gaga.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    What do I think? I think its pathetic and desperate.

  26. 26

    Re: Ivybby – Wow, your first post without using the word 'flop' three times. Who is that in your picture, Taylor Momsen? you should be the expert on flopping.

  27. 27

    Re: Allen Daly – Lies Dr Dre released his new single on gang wars

  28. 28

    Re: chunkeh – this is not "desperate" … it's just a stupid business deal. Get over it, and get over her.

  29. 29

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Lol I think it's cute how you and others claim we have some feud on here. Honestly you're just an irrelevant mess to me. I barely responded to you until recently. Yeah I like The Pretty Reckless, their album is pretty descent to my surprise. Sorry if I'm not another pop tard fan who judges music based on the success of an album. Btw, i use the word flop quite often cause it pisses people off, worked didn't it FlopRecipe? ;)

  30. 30

    Re: Ivybby – hahah

  31. 31

    I love it :) I cannot wait.

  32. 32

    I've played Farmville for two years and in it's (and our) defense I have met people all over the world because of it. But, I have to say…my first thought was tacky. They've been doing this with corporations for a while. Gaga will only have a FARM we can go to. Stoufers, American Express (which is going on now) and Frito Lay, Megamind and Rio have all done farm promotions and apparently have made fortunes. Neopets has been doing deals with Nickelodeon promos for YEARS and finally bought the entire gaming site. As a whole there was over $1 million raised to build schools in Hatai through Farmville and money raised for Japan. A crop was added with money going to the Red Cross within hours. You may think it's silly but there are millions of Farmville fans and we aren't stupid.

  33. 33

    What do farmville and Lady Gaga Have in common? They're both OVER!

  34. 34

    OK- I remember when you made a post when all of this "internet cartoon money" craze started- particularly with Farmville. You said something on the lines of "Why would you want to give your 40-year old unemployed stepson a gift certificate to go and buy more stacks of hay?" Or something like that. You were making fun of the whole concept in general. But now that Lady Gaga has her own version, this $25 price is "not a bad deal"!! I'm usually not one of the people thaT trolls this site looking for your typographical errors and your fakeness and hypocritical ways, but I must saY, that is EXTREMELY hypocritical. What makes a basket of clown makeup (or w/e the hell she'll have on there) any better than a stack of hay?? That's ridiculous, Perez! Especially since you have made fun of the people that do that kind of stuff!

  35. 35

    *2nd part of previous post* As a user of "internet funny money" for over a year now on the Webkinz site, I understand that i'm "paying for nothing", in a sense. But I also understand that I am paying for my own form of entertainment, and there is PAH-LENTY of stuff out there that the masses buy everyday that you can't "hold in your hand"! What about music downloads?? People keep them on their computers, just like I keep my webkinz furniture. What aBout sex?? I can't hold that in my hand, and people pay for that all the time, whether they know it, or not! Movies on demand, internet service, cable tv- there are plenty of forms of entertainment that we can't "hold in our hand". But whether or not you agree with the concept, it's still very rude of you to all of a sudden have this "change of heart" regarding the subject matter.

  36. 36

    I guess since Judas is a fail she needs something to generate revenue. It's time to take a break and maybe find some obscure Madonna songs to copy.

  37. china says – reply to this


    if this doesn`t sound like a scenario straight out of dante`s inferno, then what does?

  38. M: says – reply to this


    this is so stupid.this was her ideia. what she thinks she earns with this??publicity??no dear. absolutely not.madonna is #1 ever and never needed a madonna ville .just ridiculous

  39. 39

    wow, this is really desperate and pathetic!! i'm feeling embarrassed for her

  40. 40

    she really is the major labels last gasp at trying to regain what they had in music. the problem is they don't know when to stop and cannibalize themselves do to greed….and gaga have you no dignity, pride or shame

  41. 41

    the haters are winning, all the flack and bad press she is getting if sending her record label in panic mode thus they are stepping up the promo's. the more they promote the shit out of it the more that says they are aware her fame is dying. haters haters haters!!!!

  42. 42

    I who have stopped playing farmville because I had an addiction before. Wont change, I'll wait for the album. She shouldn't do that (my opinion) but hey, it's a way for her to make more money and there is nothing wrong with that. If you had option to do something to make more money I'm sure you would take it even if you already had it. You can never get enough money.

  43. 43

    Why would anyone pay $25 dollars for a "FREE" music download for just one song?!?!?! Just wait for the stupid album to come out and get all of her "songs" for a lot cheaper!!! (Not saying I am getting her album. I am personally very disappointed in all of her new stuff)

  44. 44

    I really don't understand how people call her "desperate"? She has no reason to be desperate for anything. She's one of the most well-known & successful artists at the moment… a single she released 2 days ago is already number 1 in 10 countries lol. I'm a huge fan, love her, think she's incredible - won't be playing farmville though, I genuinely couldn't believe this when I read it. But then I just laughed and thought "only GaGa" lol

  45. 45

    Wow I love how this tranny claims to be about art and the music, but she literally sells out at each and every opportunity imaginable. She is the joke of the music industry.

  46. 46

    So stupid…..as if FarmVille wasn't bad enough already…

  47. 47

    this is just wrong

  48. 48

    OMG this cannot be real. SMH this is the worst display of promotion I have ever seen. Cmon even you little monsters have to admit that this is just plain stupid. Gaga has nothing to do with farmville so what is the point of tieing this in? Are they really that worried about the album that they are having to sink to these extreme lows in order to hopefully drive sales? I am definitely laughing now. Honestly, you couldn't make this ish up if you wanted to. Truly pathetic. Monsters you should be embarrassed to buy into this crap!!!

  49. 49

    Re: Rohan – lmao.. and imposter colognes ahhaha! I noticed that too and thought wtf is the correlation between ritz crackers and celeb gossip but then i remembered, all celebs eat are like 4 crackers a day lmao

  50. 50

    Awesome shit!

  51. 51

    Re: Ivybby – LOL!! I'm with you on that one.. I strategically type [say] specific things because I know how certain things trigger these little monsters to go crazy. its like pouring water on a gremlin.. you just watch them turn into crazed freaks lol

  52. 52

    i like her a lot but this was a tacky lame move

  53. 53

    I think it's cute as hell!

    Nice to see a fun rock gal' element added to FV, plus the Purple Pony-tailed Horse with studded punk style accessories is like the stuff I used to draw as a kid ~ Good going Zynga, love it! x x x x